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sit still all of a sudden gratitude hunt homesick cause and result culture shock get used to give rise to a solution to sth a sense of safety

intelligence self-taught image shut cut off rescue dizzy in low spirits draw one’s attention enter inform

passage release collapse give birth to severe blame it’s high time that… help yourself___ retire Provide sth___sb. Ashamed former

Tornadoes can pick ___cars,trains and even houses and put them____ in the next street– or even in the next town. They can take the fur ___ the back of a cat and the feathers off a chicken. They can destroy houses but leave the furniture inside exactly _____ it was. _________(平均),there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, ____(cause) about 80 ____(die) and 1500 injuries. The worst tornado___(有史以来) occurred in 1925, ____(affect) three US states. By the time it ended, more than 700 people _____ (kill) and 2700 had been injured.

China is situated__ one of the most active earthquake ____(region) in the world. It covered___ area of 800 square kilometres. In some communities, 60 percent of the population ___(kill). ____(总计), 830,000 people lost their lives. The California Earthquake is the worst earthquake ___ has ever happened in the US. It lasted for only a minute.______, it caused the ___(bad) natural disaster in the nation’s history. Fires ___(cause) by the California Earthquake did the most damage. The fires burned for three days, _____(destroy) a total of 25,000 buildings.



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