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江苏省扬州梅苑双语学校 2012-2013 学年七年级英语 4 月第一次周练试题
成绩 一、单项选择: (15 分) ( )1. Nanjing is_____ beautiful city. It is_____ capital of Jiangsu and _____city has many places of interest. A. a,; the; a B.

the; the; a C. a; the; the D. the; a; the ( )2. Is there ________ with your computer? A. something wrong B. wrong something C. anything wrong D. wrong anything ( )3. We read 10,206 like this: ________. A. one thousand, two hundred and six B. one thousand, two hundreds and six C. ten thousand, two hundred and six D. ten thousands, two hundreds and six ( )4. If it________ next Sunday, ________you still ________the Great Wall? A. will rain, do?visit B. will snow, will ?visit C. rains, do?visit D. rains, will?visit ( )5. My dream is __________ a doctor __________ the sick people. A. to be, to help B. will be, help C. will become, to help D. be, help ( )6. —________do you go to school ? —I go there ________. A. What; by a bike B. How; on bike C. How; on my bike D. What; by bike ( )7. Jim is________ at Maths, so he needs ________it. A. good; help B. bad; help with C. well; help in D. bad; to help ( )8. —How will they celebrate their father’s birthday? —There ________a small evening party on that day. A. will have B. are going to be C. was D. will be ( )9. — “We will have a school trip next week.That sounds ________.” — “I’m sure we will have a good time there.” A. well B. badly C. bad D. great ( )10. —What _________ Lily and Lucy going to buy? —They’ll buy some apples. _________ we buy some, too? A. will, Will B. are, Shall C. is, Will D. will, Shall ( )11. This is ________English class. I hope you can enjoy English. A. our the first B. the our first C. our first D. first the our ( )12. Beijing is the capital of China, many people want to visit it ________. A .some days B. sometimes C. some day D. some time ( )13. My flat is________ from the park. A. ten miles away B. ten miles far C. ten miles far away D. ten-mile-away ( )14.—________? — Well, it is a large and bright house with 20 rooms. A. What is your dream home like? B. How is your dream home look like? C. What does your dream home like? D. How much is your dream home? ( )15. —Excuse me. May I speak to Jill, please? — ________ A. Yes, I am. B. I am speaking. C. This is Jill speaking. D. Who are you? 二、完形填空: (15 分) 1 Johnny is one of the laziest boys in his class. His homework is always 2 and it is usually wrong. He only does half the number of math problems that the other children do and in his compositions(作文) he 3 half the number of words. And usually he spells the words 4 because he is too lazy and he can’t use a 5 . One day his class goes on a bus trip. The 6 does not want to take Johnny with them. But there is no one to look after Johnny at the school so she has to take 7 . “Now, children,” the teacher says, “On o ur bus trip we will 8 old buildings, some


beautiful countryside, and many other things. I want you to write about 9 interesting you see on the trip.” The bus trip 10 . The children look out of the windows at all the interesting things. They take notes 11 their notebooks. The teacher is very 12 to see this. Then she sees Johnny 13 on the floor of the bus and goes up to him. “Are you 14 ?” she asks him. “No.” he says. “Then 15 are you lying on the floor?” “If I can’t see anything,” he said, “I can’t write about it, can I?” ( )1. A. Ten-year-old B. Ten years old C. Ten-year old D. Ten-years-old ( )2. A. late B. early C. good D. fine ( )3. A. learns B. makes C. writes D. reads ( )4. A. badly B. well C. good D. nicely ( )5. A. radio B. pen C. library D. dictionary( 字 典) ( )6. A. driver B. mother C. father D. teacher ( )7. A. him B. himself C. his D. he ( )8. A. hear B. listen to C. see D. feel ( )9. A. nothing B. something C. nobody D. everybody ( )10. A. start B. begins C. finishes D. closes ( )11. A. over B. by C. in D. under ( )12. A. angry B. happy C. patient D. careful ( )13. A. standing B. sitting C. eating D. lying ( )14. A. busy B. sick C. happy D. glad ( )15. A. where B. what C. how D. why 三、阅读理解: (30 分) (A) Here is a poster about a two-day trip between Hong Kong and Macao. Two-day tour between Hong Kong and Macao Date: July 15 th -16 th Travel: The bus in the city and the ship/boat between Hong Kong and Macao Places to visit: Hong Kong: Ocean Park and Victoria Peak Macao: Mazu Temple, the Ruins of St. Paul Cost: HK $600, including(包括) travel , three-star hotel, meals and tickets. Half for students or children under 1.4 m. For more information, call 852 3881 3502 or 852 3882 3503. Bill is a student in J iangdu Sunshine Secondary school. Last week he joined the two-day tour between Hong Kong and Macao with his parents. ( )1. Bill enjoys the beautiful views in the city by . A. ship B. boat C. bus D. speedboat ( )2. In Hong Kong you can visit . A. Victoria Peak B. Mazu Temple C. the Ruins of St. Paul D. Moon Lake ( )3. How much does the trip cost Bill and his parents? A. $1800. B. $1440. C. $1560. D. $1500. (B) Britain Today Food British people like good food, and more than half of them go to a restaurant every month. Fast food is also very popular— 30% of all adults(成年人) have a hamburger every three months, but 46% have fish and chips!


Sports British people don't do a lot of sports. Only 17% of people go swimming every week, about 9% go cycling and 8% play golf—and only 6% of people play football( but 32% go to watch it ). Cinema and TV Films are very popular in Britain, and about 60% of people between 15 and 24 go to the cinema every month. At home, men watch TV for about three hours every day and women watch TV for two and a half hours every day. Holidays British people love going on holiday. Most of these holidays aren't in the UK—27% are in Spain,10% are in the USA, and 9% are in France. Maybe this is because the weather in Britain isn't very good! ( )4. Which food could be more popular of British adults, a hamburger or fish and chips? A. A hamburger. B. Fish and chips. C. Both. D. Fish. ( )5. Those who are interested in movies are _____ ______. A. men B. women C. old people D. young people ( )6. How long do British women spend watching TV every day? A. Three hours. B. Three hours and a half. C. Two hours. D. Two hours and a half. ( )7. British people's favorite country for a holiday is ____. A. Spain B. France C. America D. Australia (C) An old man dies(死) and leaves his son a lot of money. But the son quickly spends all the money, so that soon he has nothing left. Of course, when that happens, all his friends leave him. When he is quite poor and alone, he goes to see Nasreddin, who is a kind, clever old man and often helps people when they has troubles(麻烦). “My money has finished and my friends have gone,” says the young man. “What will happen to me now?” “Don't worry, young man,” answers Nasreddin. “Everything will soon be all right again. Wait, and you will soon feel much happier.” The young man is very glad. “Am I going to get rich again then?” He asks. “No, I doesn't mean that,” says the old man. “I mean that you will soon get used to(习惯) being poor and to having no friends.” ( )8. An old man dies and leaves his son_______. A. nothing B. some gold C. much money D. a big house ( )9. When the son is________, he goes to see Nasreddin. A. short of money B. ill C. happy D. quite poor and alone ( )10. The young man is very glad because Nasreddin says that he will ________ soon. A. become rich again B. feel much happier C. become clever D. have more friends ( )11. This story tells us ________. A. that misfortune(不幸) tests the sincerity(真诚)of friends B. that money makes the mare(驴) go C. that money is everything D. to save each penny (D) Joan works in a hospital as a nurse. One evening there is a big dance at the hospital. Most of the doctors and nurses will be there, but it is Joan’s turn to look after the sick children. She likes dancing very much, so she feels very sorry for herself. She goes to each sick child one after another and says good night, until she comes to one little boy, Dickey. He is eleven years old, but he can talk like an adult(成人). Poor Dickey has a very bad illness, and now he can’t move any part of his body but his hands can move. Joan knows he will never get any better, but he is always happy and always thinking about other people instead of(代替) himself. Dickey knows that Joan loves dancing, so now when she comes to say good night to him, he greets(问候) her with the words, “I’ m very sorry that you have to miss(错过) the dance because of us. But w e are going to have a party for you. If you look in my drawer(抽屉), you’ll find a piece of cake. I save it from my supper today, so it’s quite fresh. And there is also a dollar there, You can buy something to drink with that. And I’d get up and dance with you myself if I can,” he says.


Suddenly the hospital dance is very far away and not at all important to Joan. )12. Joan feels unlucky that evening mainly because______________. A. there isn’t a dance ball at the hospital B. of her bad job C. she can’t look after the sick children D. she will miss the big dance ( )13. Poor Dickey__________________. A. is a boy of eleven B. has a bad illness C. is clever at talking though he is very young D. all the above(以上全部) ( )14. Dickey is lovely because______________. A. he is a sick boy B. he can dance with Joan C. he often thinks about other people instead of himself D. he can foresee(预知) that he will never get any better ( )15. Which of the following is not true? A. Dickey can’t walk. B. Dickey doesn’t know the dance party at all. C. Dickey can only move his hands. D. Dickey greets Joan when she comes. 四、词汇运用: (10 分) 1. Can you guess where the __________(宝藏) is? 2. There are quite a large number of ___________(森林) in Canada. 3. Every year thousands of people are killed in ____________(交通) accidents 4. There is a coffee shop at the ____________(拐角) of the street. 5. Please put the books on the bookshelf _____________(在??之上) the bed. 6. They are ___________(prepare) food and drinks for the farewell party. 7. Can you tell a ___________(fun) story than the one he has just told. 8. You must slow down at ____________(turn). 9. Every time Tom ____________(cross) the road, he can see the beautiful park. 10. We are going to raise much money for the schools in the ___________(west) areas. 五、任务型阅读: (10 分) ‘USA? Britain? Which country is better to study in?’ We often hear such talks. As China opens its door, it is a dream for many Chinese students to study abroad(出 国学习). They want to learn a bout the outside world. It’s true that studying abroad can help students develop(发展) themselves. Their foreign language skills will be improved(提高) and it may be easier to find jobs. But there are also some problems. Language is the first. Students must spend a lot of time learning another language. Students must also learn to live without parents’ care and do all kinds of things they haven’ t had to do before, like looking after themselves. When they have to take care of themselves, it is hard for students to study well. Finally, studying abroad brings a heavy burden(负担)to the family. For most Chinese parents, the cost of studying abroad is very high. But is it worth(值得) it? We know that there are many famous people who have been successful(成功的) through their hard work in China. Liu Xiang is a good example. Once an American teacher invited him there, but he refused(拒绝). He kept training hard with his Chinese teacher. He surprised the world when he won at the Athens Olympic Games. So when you wonder(疑 惑) which country is better to study in, think again. Title: Studying at 1 or abroad Phenomenon(现象) Studying abroad has become a 2 for Chinese students. ◆ It is 4 to develop Chinese students. 3 ◆ It helps to improve foreign language 5 . points ◆ It is 6 for Chinese students to find jobs. ◆ It 7 Chinese students too much time to learn a foreign language. ◆ It’s hard for Chinese students to get used to(习惯于) the life Bad abroad 8 points parents’ care. ◆ Parents may be under pressure(压力)because studying abroad is very 9 . (


Purpose(目的): Liu Xiang’s example tells us studying abroad is not the only 10 to be successful. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 六、缺词填空: (10 分) Michelle Wie, from America, is like a lot of other young girls in many w____1____. She is a good student, and she l____2____ reading, drawing, and computers. But she is very d____3____ in some ways. She doesn’t s____4____ much time going out with friends or shopping or going to parties. She’s very busy p____5____ golf(高尔夫). Michelle Wie is the best woman golfer for her age in the world. In 1999, at the age of 10, she b____6____ to win games twice. At 13, she c____7____ hit the ball further(更远) than most of the women in the Ladies Professional Golf Association(LPGA) (女子职业高尔夫协会). At 14, she shows she can hit the ball further than most m____8____. Wie begins playing golf at the age of four. When she grows older, she plays about four hours a day on w____9____ and seven hours a day on weekends. Another thing that helps her is that she is tall. By the time she is 13, Wie is six f____10____ tall. She has the ability of a dancer and also is very strong. And it’s clear that she loves the game. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 七、翻译句子: (10 分) 1. 扬州是位于江苏西北的一个小城市。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. 记得不要嘲笑戴眼镜的同学。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. 过了那座桥,你就会看见沿着河岸有许多梨树。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. 要到动物园,你得到马路对面乘公交车。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. 一直朝前走,在第四个路口向右拐,你会发现“长颈鹿家园”南面有大象。 _______________________________________________________________________________




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