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Unit2 Attitude to Life careful reading

纯阳中学生命课堂导学提纲高一英语 Book2


Attitude to Life


Unit 2 Attitude to Life (第三课时)

Careful Reading
Class_____________ Name_______

______ Team_____________ 学习目标 1. Improve students’ reading comprehension. 2. Master the key words and expressions. 3. Master the use of some sentences structures. 重点难点 The understanding of long sentences and the use of some sentence structures. 导学流程 一.了解感知 Underline the new words and expressions in this passage. 二.深入学习 1. Sure enough, within a few weeks the young man’s tears had turned to joy... 果然,没过几个星期,年轻人就转悲为喜了… sure enough turn to 【拓展】turn 常见的短语: turn on turn off turn out turn down 【活学活用】How could you such a fantastic job when you have been out of work for months? A.turn off B.turn to C.turn down D.turn out 2.The farmer ’s mare was coming home, with a handsome Mongolian stallion running beside her.那匹走失的母马正自己跑回来,而且旁边还跑着一匹雄壮的蒙古骏马。 with 的复合结构:with+宾语+宾语补足语。在句中可充当原因、时间、条件等状 语,也可充当定语。宾补可由名词、介词短语、形容词、分词和不定式等充当。 E.g. He lay back in the chair with his eyes closed. With all work done, we went to play basketball. With a lot of work to do, she doesn’t have time to go to the cinema. 【注意】在 with 复合结构中,用现在分词表示宾语主动发出且正在发生的动作, 用过去分词表示宾语承受且已完成的动作,用动词不定式表示将要发生的动作。 【活学活用】① With spring (approach), many cold-blooded animals are coming out to hunt food. ②John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work (finish), he gladly accepted it. 3.Within a month the enemies attacked from the north, and all able-bodied men were called upon to join the army.不到一个月,敌军从北边大举入侵,所有健壮的男人 都应征入伍。 ①call upon sb to do sth=call on sb to do sth 【拓展】call 常见的短语: call up call back call for call off call on call at ②join the army

纯阳中学生命课堂导学提纲高一英语 Book2


Attitude to Life


【辨析】take part in, join in, join 和 attend 的区别 1). 加入某党派、某组织或某社会团体,用 join,不可用 join in。 E.g. He will never forget the day when he joined the Party. 他永远也忘不了他入党的那一天。 2). 说参加某种活动用 join in, 如说“与其人一起做某事”, 则用 join sb in sth/doing sth. join in 多指参加小规模的活动如“球赛、游戏”等,常用于日常口语。 E.g. May I join in the game? 我可以参加这个游戏吗? Come along, and join in the ball game. 快,来参加球赛。 3). take part in 参加(群众性活动、会议),往往指参加者持积极态度.起一份作用。 E.g. A great number of students took part in May 4 Movement. 大批学生参加了五四运动。 4. Slowly his broken thigh mended, but it still ached whenever a cold wind blew. But each time he felt the pain it reminded him of his good fortune in being alive.慢慢地, 他的断腿也康复了, 但每当冷风吹起, 仍然隐隐作痛。 但每次的疼痛都让他想起, 他还活着,这就是福气。 whenever 引导让步状语从句,可以与 互换。 remind sb of sth remind sb to do sth 翻译:他提醒我参加会议的时候带钢笔和笔记本。 being alive 做介词 in 的 (主、宾、表、定语). 【活学活用】请判断下列句子中-ing 形式在句子中做什么成分。 ① Eating vegetables is good for our body. ② We must prevent them from making trouble. ③ Her job is interesting. ④ There is a dancing hall. 三.当堂训练 1.Here .Where is Tim? There . A.comes the taxi; is he B.comes the taxi; he is C.the taxi comes; is he D.the taxi comes; he is 2.You look upset. What’s the matter? I had my advice once again. A.turned over B.turned out C.turned off D.turned down 3. When you are done with the book, just give it to Lucy or Helen or . A.whoever B.wherever C.whatever D.however 四.迁移运用 1.基础过关 remind sb of sth come from gather round sure enough turn into belong to
2. Translation.

1).春天到了,树变绿了。(with) 2).富人应该同情穷人。(have sympathy for ) 3).我对目前的工作很满意,不想换工作。(be content with) 4).无论你什么时候有困难都可以找我们。(turn to)



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