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洮南一中高一、高二 外语教学研讨课

Unit 4 Sharing
--By Jo (a volunteer who works in Papua New Guinea)

A Letter Home

Two parts:
Something about the school Part one(1-3): and Jo’s experiences as a teacher Jo’s visit to a student’s Part two(4-9): (Tombe’s) remote village

Scan the text and then choose the best answer
1.Why did Jo write the letter to her friend Rosemary? C A. To encourage her friend to work in Papua New Guinea. B. To warn her friend not to come to Papua New Guinea. C. To describe her working experience in Papua New Guinea. D. To introduce a new country Papua New Guinea to her friend. 2.What did the author do in Papua New Guinea? D A. She engaged in research there B. She was studying a new language there C. She worked as a journalist there D. She worked as a volunteer there 3. Why did the boys hurry out of the classroom when they saw the mixture was bubbling? C A. They thought it was not fun. B. They thought the mixture was poisonous. C. They were terrified. D. The author told them to .

Scan the text and then choose the best answer
4.How did Jo get to Tombe’s home? D A. By train By bus. C. By ship D. On foot 5. How were Tombe’s family getting on with the other villagers? A. Very well B. They didn’t speak to one another. C. Not well at all D. It’s not mentioned 6. What was Tombe’s house like? C A. It was rectangular like the school buildings. B. Its doorway was very big. C. It was dark inside and there was fresh grass on the floor. D. It had a lot of furniture inside.


Detailed Reading Answer questions
Part one(1-3): 1.What can you learn about the students according

to the text and photos 1 to 3?
Boys Poorly dressed Building and repairing the school A strong desire for knowledge

2. Describe the classrooms according to the text and photos 1 to 3 bamboo walls and grass roofs no enough desks no textbooks no glass in the windows

Part two(4-9): What have you learned about the customs and lives of the people in Tombe’s village? Read Jo’s letter and look at her photos. Then complete the table below.

Type of houses
The villagers Possessions Diet

Small, round huts,grass roofs, no windows, small doorway Friendly, harmonious One broom, a few tin plates, cups and a couple of jars Sweetpotato, corn, greens,peanuts

Cooking methods In the open air, hot stones,steam
Basic tools, eg a digging stick (no machinery) Dry up the leftover food to drive away the evil spirits.


dying to ? I’m glad to hear from ________you. I know you’re_______ adapt to hear my life here. I’m still trying to ________the conditions here. The other day I visited a remote ________village with another teacher. We walked for two and a half hours________there. to get The hut was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to ______.We also had a meal there. I adjust could not __________in their conversation. participate Luckily, Tombe could act as our_________. We interpreter left the village the next morning. It was such a privilege ________ to have spent a day with Tombe’s family. I’m thinking about the question whether I can make any difference to their lives. _______________


1.Would you like to work as a volunteer? Why? 2.If you were a volunteer what would you like to do?

We are not alone. Let’s share! Let’s help! Let’s get moving!

Write a passage :
An Experience of Helping Others(80-100 words)


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