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牛津版高二英语模块3 U2 知识点检测3

M3 U2 知识点检测3

1.Mum told her not to pick __ 不要挑食 __ ___ at her dinner, but she didn’t listen. 2. Despite/ __ spite of 尽管his illness, ______/ In _____ __ he is still working in the

workshop. raised 3. We ______抬起our heads looking at rising the national flag ______升起slowly. 4. She was disappointed, for she had turned ____ found his suggestion ______ down 拒绝 sign 5. She made a _____ 手势to me that there were dirty marks 污迹on my face. ______

1. Don’t worry. __ __ ____ ___ __ At no time will I give __ _____up the struggle for my dream.任 何时候我都不会放弃为梦想而奋斗。
in ____ 2. I was very lucky __ that 因为I was able to do whatever I wanted. take 3. We should ____ the possible results

into considerationbefore we ____ action take ______. ____ __________ 采取行动之前, 我们应该考虑可能的后果。

simplify 1. We should try to ________ the instead problem _______ of _______ it more making complex ________.使问题简化,而不是复杂化
2. 听到脚步声, 鸟儿向四处飞散了。 Hearing flew ________ the steps, the birds ____ away in __ __________. __ all directions 3. 汽车无法到他家。

access __ There is no _______to his house.

1.你是谁并不重要, 重要的是你能为我们 的社会做些什么。 What _______ is not ____ you are, but who ____ matters
____ you can do for our society. what

2. 尽管他生病了, 他还是非常关心国家大事。 ________ his illness, he still cares much _____ Despite _____ state affairs. about

1.His parents used ___ they had to buy C him a computer.
A. that B. all what C. what D. what that 2. Do you know how many countries the UN ____of? D A.are made up B. is consisted

C. is made

D. consists

1.As his best friend, I can make B accurate guesses about ____ he will do or think.
A. which B. what C. whom D. that 2. ___ is no good surfing the Internet C all the time.

A. As B. That C. It D. What

B 1._____ it rains while we are a long way from shelter?
A.What about B. What if C. So what What 2. ______ made me happy was ____ he that

passed the driving test.
3. Eating too much contributes to 造成 ____________ heart disease and causes high blood pressure.

1. The old Tom has to work hard to make a living, because he has two raise sons to _______.抚养
2. Although they are from the same part of the same country, strangely in they differ ____ accents.在。。。方面

1.Hangzhou is ___ most beautiful tourist a a city and I’ll come for ___ second time. 2. The train is due to leave at 6:00.火车6点开 ___ occurred 3. It suddenly ______ to Tom 忽然想起that money couldn’t make up for 弥补all Bob __________ had suffered in the past five years. wish 4. I sincerely _____ 希望you had a very pleasant marriage.

as 5. We look up to Yang Liwei ___ 作为an example who managed tolive his dream __实现

improving 1.A proper approach to _________ 改善 your learning is important. 2. Now the world’s attention is being _________ fixed on 正集中在the stocking markets. 3. My car has broken down,. Would you please help meto get the car started发动车? _________________ 4. News came from the headquarter of that what the UN ________ China had suggested to project the environment was strongly supported by the developing countries.

1.--- Where did you get to know her?

--- It was on the farm where we both _____ once worked in the 1980s. 2. --- When I hurried to the party, everybody has gone.
must have been --- It ______________ 一定是well past 10:00. 3. --- I want to be a great businessman like Bill Gates in the future. --- Then you must beas sharp as a spear ______________.

1.While shopping, people sometimes being persuaded can’t help ________________(persuade) into buying something they don’t really need.
2. --- What a good cook your sister is! can --- Yeah! We ____ never have enough of her cookie. too 3. You can’t be _______careful while crossing the road.

A. What if B. How come C. So what

1.--- Mile, you’ve got a D in physics. _________? How come --- Well, I find the subject hard and I think I’ll drop it for History next term. What if 2. _______ aliens should invade the earth? 3. --- Your room looks a real mess, Tim?

So what --- ________? I’m not a girl.

Besides 1.________ 除了working as a doctor, he also writes novels in his spare time. 2.However, the IOC is looking at the revising the number and types of sports _________ (涉及到 ) in the involved Olympics in the future. 3.Chinese athletes have made important _____________ (贡献 )to contributions the Olympic Games. 4. During this period, there was much confusion ___________(混乱) and fighting.

1.He always seems so self-confident, but eality in r_______, he is extremely shy. 2. They found the r_______ of the emains buildings buried under the sand, together with a lot of treasure.

3. The chances 机会of being attacked by _______ compared _____ a shark are very small ________to/ with other dangers.比起
4. In both China and Rome at this time, poetry, literature and philosophy ____________________. 正在发展 were being developed

1. People are wondering who is going to take over ____ ____ 接管when the old president of the board retired. written 2.Write down the notes _______ 记在on the blackboard.

Avoid 3. ______ 避免writing down every word said in class.
4. Compare ________比较what you wrote with what the readings say. 5. Give your mind a chance toabsorb吸 _____ 收the material it needs to learn.

1.______ he needs ____ some books. What are

2. Children who live in the country’s
rural areas are very likely ____可能 to be poor. 3. It is said that he is _____________忙着 occupied with a translation of a French novel. beat 打败Dayron Robles at the 4. Liu Xiang ___

men’s 60 meter hurdles on 2/18, 2012.
5. Rising sea levels and drought caused by global warming could result in _______导致 large migrations.

variety 1.A _________ of 各种各样的cold viruses exit everywhere.
2. The body’s blood as well as its rises temperature _____上升 , causing a fever. 3. There are many ways of dealing/coping _____________ with解决 the common cold. 4. Drinking chicken soup can help you recover __________.康复

5. Taking medicine when having a cold harm will do _____ to the body.对身体有害
6. Taking medicine or not will take you rid/ cure one week to __________治愈 the common cold. Advice/ Tips/ Suggestions 7. ________________________ 建议by scientists

1.A lot of college graduates went to the poorest areas to work asvolunteers ________志愿者. 2.They came up with three ___________ approaches 方法to the problem.

observed 3. He was _________ 看见playing football this morning.
4.I attached a photo to my application _______ form.我把照片附在申请表上。

attracted 5. The new generation is very _________ 吸引by electric products.

chance 1.It gives me a _______ 机会to pay back ___ ____ that 偿还the help _____ people give me when it is sunny.
that too 2. The truth is ____ it is ___ foggy for to that the bus ___ run ____ far.事实上雾太大 汽车跑不了那么远。 3. Polly found herself staring up _______ __盯着 at he face of an old man with a beard.

4. ________ to what many people Contrary __ ____ might assume,与许多人假设相反 evidence shows that sharks seldom ____ attack humans.

Attaching to 5. __________ the message ___ 把。。。附在its leg, he sets the bird loose ______.释放



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