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1. For some reason, a ___________ mobile phone call is nearly always given greater importance than a face-to-face conversation.

2. However, these relationships are often quite ____________. 3. Many people assume the Amish must have ____________ reasons for their many rules, but this is not true. 4. In the USA, the Amish - - a Christian group –are famous because they drive __________ instead of cars, do not use TVs or ____________ , and do not have personal telephones. 5. The Amish _________ cars beacause they like having _________communities where everyone lives close together. 6. Since the Amish value seeing each other face to face, they _________ having telephones in their houses. 7. However, maybe the Amish have a __________ point. 8. For example, no matter what the ___________ ,when the phone rings, everything stops so that the call can be answered. 9. However, the person calling is often __________ a salesman or someone who has __________ the wrong number. 10. Meanwhile, real relationships are often __________, and whatever personal peace one has is destroyed wnenever the phone rings. 11. Maybe we should throw all our phones into the _________, along with our cars and TVs for good measure. 12. Maybe we should ________ ourselves of modern technology and return to simpler times.


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M7U1 translation

M7U1 PROJECT 打电话还是不打?在美国,阿曼门诺派(一个基督教团体)很有名,因为这个教派的教徒不开 汽车而使用非机动车,不用电视和冰箱,也没有私人电话。许多人...


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