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正保远程教育旗下品牌网站 美国纽交所上市公司(NYSE:DL) 高考精品班理科综合寒假特训班辅导《英语》第二章第四节讲义 应用文 类型: 书信、通知、日记、海报、便条、启事、欢迎词、欢送词、告别词、广告 书信 书信类型: 事务书信和私人信件 (求职信、投诉信、慰问信、建议信、说明信、感谢信…) 基本写作格式: 信头(Headings) 、称呼(Salutation) 、正文(Body) 、结束语(Closing) 、签名(Signature) 高考重点考查的几类书信: 建议信、求职信/申请信、抱怨信/投诉信 几种书信常用的表达式 ①建议信 You have asked me for my advice with regard to… and I will try to make some suggestions.I would like to suggest that… It is important to…/ It helps to …/ It should be a good idea to… I think it would be a good idea/ more beneficial if you could… Why not…?/ Why don’t you…? I hope you will find these proposals /suggestions /recommendations practical/useful/helpful. ②求职信/申请信 I learned from…/ I read…in (the newspaper ) … I am thinking I am suitable for the job/position. I graduated from …/ I have rich experience in doing… I will devote myself to it if I can get it./ I would appreciate it if you can give a chance. I’m looking forward to your reply (interview). / Hope for an early reply. ③抱怨信/投诉信 I am writing to make a complaint /to express my dissatisfaction about… I would like to get this matte settled by the end of this month. I hope you can give me a satisfying reply and deal with this mater seriously. I trust you will take my complaint seriously and do something to this matter. I must warn you that unless you do something about the situation, I will be forced t take legal action. 例文 1 假定你是李华,你的英国朋友 Peter 来信向你咨询如何才能学好中文。请你根据要点写封回信。 要点:1.参加中文学习班 2.看中文书刊、电视 3.学唱中文歌曲 4.交中国朋友 注意:1.词数 100 左右 2.可适当增加细节 中小学教育网 ww

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