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【师说】2017届高考英语一轮复习 Module 3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema课时作业 外研版必修5

Module 3

Adventure in Literature and the Cinema

一、单元扣点 Ⅰ.根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空 determine establish romance biography create fantastic disturb review terrible shelter 1.We tried to find a ________ from the rain. 2.I prefer ________ to fiction. 3.She closed the door quietly so as not to ________ others. 4.The film got excellent ________. 5.Many westerners believe that God ________ the world. 6.Have you ever heard of the ________ love story between the professor and a farm girl? 7.His second film, Ideal Husband, ________ his fame as a film director. 8.The young man lives in a world of ________ and would not get into touch with the workers. 9.I am ________ to major in law when I go to university. 10.We felt ________ by the bus accident, which caused 56 people dead. 答案 1.shelter 2.biography 3.disturb 5.created 6.romantic 7.established 8.fantasy 9.determined 10.terrified Ⅱ.完成句子 1.这个金色镜框把你的油画衬托得很美丽。 This gold frame ________________ your oil painting very well. 答案 sets off 2.这些人虽然已经水尽粮绝,但情绪都很好,并且深信他们很快就会出来的。 Though they __________________ food and drink, the men are cheerful and confident that they will get out soon. 答案 are running out of 3.已经告诉过她,汽车这个样子开起来有危险。 She has been ______________________ driving the car in that state. 答案 warned of the danger of 4.我真想知道她说了什么。 ________________ to know what she said. 答案 I'm curious 5.我要你说明你所花掉的每一笔钱的用途。 I want you to __________________ each sum of the money you spent. 答案 account for 二、阅读理解 (2015·北京卷) Revolutionary TV Ears

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推荐,这为广告增加了说服力,故选 A 项。 三、完形填空 (2016·广西南宁测试) It was a hot summer day and I was longing to go swimming at the local pool. __1__, I was riding in the back seat of the car as my parents __2__ to a friend's house. They were going to __3__ a hand to a church work camp repairing her roof and porch. As an eight?year?old boy I knew that there wouldn't be much for me to do and I was __4__. I ended up sitting in the yard, __5__. The work camp was mostly made up of __6__ who had given up part of their summer vacation to help others. They were managed by the pastor (牧师) and a few skilled carpenters who also worked free of charge. Most of that afternoon, I __7__ in the shade while they sweated in the __8__. They cut boards and hammered them in place. They __9__ rotted tiles (瓦片) and nailed in new ones. They cleared off the old paint and __10__ with the new. They did it all __11__. They shared stories and smiles. They shared jokes and __12__. Finally our friend asked me to help her pay them with the two things she could __13__: sweet tea and smiles. I carefully carried the __14__ to the workers who downed the tea with joy. By the end of the day the three gallons of tea were __15__. The workers were out of nails, paint, and lumber (木材) __16__ the job was done. There was one thing left, however. It was the one thing that you would never run out of. It was the one thing that you couldn't give away __17__ having even more of it. It was love. It lightened our __18__ and smiles. I went home with a heart __19__ of it and was happier than any day at the __20__ could have made me. 1.A. Therefore B. Moreover C. Besides D. Instead 2.A. walked B. hiked C. drove D. ran 3.A. lend B. take C. borrow D. bring 4.A. right B. wrong C. clever D. stupid 5.A. working B. watching C. reading D. singing 6.A. seniors B. parents C. teenagers D. adults 7.A. stood B. sat C. slept D. directed 8.A. day B. storm C. light D. sunshine 9.A. pulled out B. pulled down C. pulled over D. pulled in 10.A. drew B. brushed C. cleaned D. wrote 11.A. sadly B. joyfully C. curiously D. carefully 12.A. tears B. experiences C. sweat D. laughter 13.A. buy B. gain C. offer D. afford 14.A. glasses B. nails C. paint D. hammers

15.A. missing B. lost C. gone D. cooling 16.A. but B. so C. or D. though 17.A. through B. with C. without D. from 18.A. eyes B. tears C. family D. spirits 19.A. aware B. careful C. full D. afraid 20.A. house B. pool C. school D. yard 答案与解析 语篇解读 本文是一篇记叙文, 主要讲述了作者与父母一起去工作营的所见、 所做以及所感。 1.D 文章开头提到一个炎热的夏天,作者非常想去游泳。第二句话告诉我们,作者与父母 一起去朋友家。前后句表示逻辑上的转折关系,因此用 instead“相反,而”。 2.C 由“I was riding in the back seat of the car”可知,作者的父母开车去朋友家。 3.A 固定词组 lend a hand to sb.或 lend sb. a hand 表示“帮助某人做事”。 4.A 根据本句以及下一句的内容可知,作者的猜想是正确的。 5.B 根据语境可知,父母干活时,作者无所事事,只有坐在院子里看他们干活。 6.C 根据本句的后半部分“who had given up part of their summer vacation to help others”可知,这个工作营大部分由十几岁的青少年组成。 7. B 根据上下文可知, 作者那天下午大部分时间在阴凉处坐(sat)着。 第 5 空前的“sitting in the yard”也是提示。 8.D 根据文章开头“It was a hot summer day”可知,人们是在阳光(sunshine)下汗流 浃背地干活。 9. A 根据常识, 对于腐烂的瓦片应抽出来(pulled out)以便钉入新的。 pull down“拆毁”; pull over“车辆停靠在路边”;pull in“到站”。 10.B 根据常识,清除旧漆后应刷(brushed)上新漆。 11.B 根据后面的“They shared stories and smiles”可知,他们干得很愉快。 12 . D 根据语境可知,这些人一边干活,一边说笑 (laughter) 。前文的“smiles”和 “jokes”也是提示。 13.D 根据本句话中的“pay”可知,朋友能承担得起(afford)这两样东西。 14.A 根据常识,茶应该装在杯子(glasses)里。 15.C 在这一天结束时,三加仑的茶全被喝光(gone)了。 16.A 本句话前半部分句意为:工人们用完了所有的钉子、油漆以及木材。后半分部句意 为:工作做完了。根据语境可判断出,前后两部分为转折关系。 17.C 没有(without)更多的爱就不能赠送爱。 18.D 爱使我们的情绪(spirits)和微笑变得轻松。 19.C 固定词组:be full of“充满”。 20.B 此处是对文章开头的呼应,在工作营的经历要比在游泳池(pool)的任何一天快乐得 多。


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