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电影鉴赏 期末论文(英文)

Sleepless in Seattle Review

Abstract: There is a classic romantic comedy directed by Nora Ephron, with Tom Hanks as a man named Sam heartbroken after the death of his wife, and Meg Ryan as the woman called Annie who decides he's the guy for her -- without ever meeting him. Here is some reviews about this film.

After enjoying the classics movie “You've Got Mail,” I found it was so similar to one film which I had ever seen before — “Sleepless in Seattle.” Both of the two movies are played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Directed by Nora Ephron. These two movies give me many thinking about what the true love is and how to face love. “Sleepless in Seattle” is a story of Sam and Annie who "meet" through a radio call in talk show. Sam's son, Jonah, called to the show as a Christmas wish to try and get the Dr. on the air to help Sam through his depression. It's been about a year and a half since Sam's wife died and Sam's not handling it all too well. The radio show is broadcast nationally and Sam's story is an instant hit with the listeners, who want his phone number and address. Unknowingly to Sam, Annie hears his story and has an instant rapport with him; but she dismisses is because she's already engaged to allergy-prone Walter. It’s interesting to watch this film with the perspective of the 12 years that have passed since its making. We're all funny about the things we love, seeing virtues that are visible only to those who also love them. In "Sleepless," though, we're as stuck on these people as the director is, and it puts us in a receptive, forgiving mood. We fall -and I think a lot of people will fall hard for this movie -- even though we know we shouldn't. Actually, this is what the movie is about: Should we follow our hearts or our heads? Heed our passions or be sensible? For Sam, though, these questions are moot. His adored wife, Maggie, has just recently died of cancer, and since then his


expectations of life have fallen off a cliff. He and his Maggie were perfect together -he knew it from the minute he first touched her hand. It was magic, he says. You don't get that lucky twice. Annie, who works as a feature writer for the Baltimore Sun, doesn't believe in magic. That's just corny movie stuff. And so she is about to do the rational, reasonable thing -- marry Walter, a steady, unimposingly above-average guy who's crazy about her and wants nothing more than to make her happy. At least that's what Annie keeps telling herself. Then, driving home one night, she tunes in to Dr. Marcia, a Sally Jessy Raphael-style radio shrink whose call-in guest is a little boy in Seattle named Jonah . Jonah is desperately worried about his dad, who seems down all the time and never sleeps. He thinks it's time his dad got a new wife. The doctor is concerned too. “Dad sounds seriously depressed”, so she asks Jonah to put him on the phone. Dad obliges, and then, with thousands listening in, he talks, very simply, about his wife and how great she was and how much he misses her. It's a beautiful, sad, quietly emotional speech, and for the women in the radio audience -- Annie included -- it's like an arrow to the heart. This, they decide, is the dreamiest man on Earth. It's Sam, of course, and immediately huge bags of mail appear on his doorstep -addressed to "Sleepless" -- each stuffed with proposals of marriage from single women around the country. To the extent that Jonah will allow, Sam tries to ignore this outpouring of affection. But Annie can't ignore the buzz in her head. Sam's words have changed her. Maybe she's just crazy, maybe it's just prenuptial nerves, but she wants what Sam was talking about. Not Walter and stability, but magic. Do you believe in love at first sight? If love at first sight is a reality, then in this information age there should also be the possibility of love at first cyber-contact. When people meet through computers or phone-in radio shows when their first sight of each other is through a communications medium, isn't it still possible that some essential chemistry is communicated? That the light in an eye can somehow be implied even over thousands of miles? That's the hope explored in "Sleepless in Seattle", an unapologetically romantic

movie about two people who fall in love from opposite sides of the continent, through the medium of a radio program. It’s worth to see it. Just enjoy it!




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