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英语:Module 7《Revision- 过去分词语法总结与练习》学案(外研 版必修 5)
一、过去分词作定语 1.单个过去分词作定 语,常放在被修饰词的前面;过去分词短语作定语,常放在被修饰 词的后面。 English is a widely used language. This is one of the schools built in 1980s. 2.过去

分词作定语时,可转换为一个定语从句。 (注意两点:首先,在被替换的定语从句中,主 语必须是作从句主语的关系代词;其次,定语从句中的谓语动词通常使用表示已经完成的时 态或被动语态.) He didn’t turn up at the meeting held yesterday. I found it hard to understand the English spoken by native villagers. 3.辨析:过去分词做定语与其修饰词之间是动宾关系且过去分词表示的动作已完成;现在 分词作定语表示动作正在发生,与修饰词是主谓关系;不定式作定语表示将要发生的动作。 The Olympic Games,___ in 77 6 B.C. did not include women players until 1912. A. first played B. to be first played C. first playing D. to be first playing first played in 776B.C. = which was first played in 776 B.C. 4.练习: 1. Did you attend the meeting ______yesterday? A. to be held B. having been held C. held D. being held 2. Do you know the name of the play___ in the hall now? A. to be put on B. being put on C. put on D. putting on 3. I bor rowed a book ______ by Mark Twain from the library last week. I like it very much.. A. written B. writing C. was written D. to write 4. Please don’t forget him. He is one of _______. A. t hose invited B. invited tho se C. those inviting D. inviting those 二、过去分词作表语 1.用作表语的过去分词被动意味很弱,主要表示 动作的完成和状态,此时相当于一个形 容词;被动语态的过去分词动词意味很强,句子主语为 动作的承受者,后面常跟 by 短语。 ① The glass is broken. The glass was broken by Tom. ② The windows are closed. The windows are closed by Jack. 2.一些表示“情绪变化”的动词,它们的动词-ing 形式和过去分词形式相当于形容词,可 在句中做定语和表语, 如:interest, surprise, excite, frighten, disappoint, bore, tire, puzzle 等. ① She was very disappointed to hear the disappointing result.. ② The audience were all moved to tears by th e moving film 3.除了系动词 be 以外,get, seem,look, appear, sound, feel, remain 等其它系动词 也可接过去分词作表语。


The girl seemed frightened at the sight of the snake. The problem remained unsolved. Cleaning women in big cities usually get ________by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay 4.练习: (1). The rooms are ____, so you can’t move in. A. painted B. paintin g C. being painted D. to be painted (2). As soon as he entered the city, he ____. A. was losing B. got losing C. grew lost D. got lost (3). What he has done is really ____.Now his parents are _____ him. A. disappointing; disappointed at B. disappointing; disappointed about C. disappointing; disappointed with D. disappointed; disappointing by 三、过去分词作宾补 1.表“希望,要求”的动词:want, wish, expect, like, order+ object + (to be) done I want the work (to be) finished by Sunday. Jim ordered the room (to be) cleaned. 2.表“感官动词”的动词:see, hear, feel, watch, notice, find, think 等+ object + p.p. We saw the thief caught by the police. People found the water polluted. 3.使役动词 make, get, have,let+ object + p.p. I want to get my hair cut tomorrow. = I want to get the barber to cut my hair. = I want to let the barber cut my hair. 4.介词短语作宾补 with/ without + n. + p.p. They left without a dish touched. The murderer was brought in , with his hands _____ behinds his back . A .being tied B .having tied C .to be tie d D .tied 四、过去分词作状语 过去分词作状语,修饰谓语,大多说明动作发生的背景或情景,表示时间、条件、原因、 让步、伴随情况等。一般说来,这一结构的逻辑主语是主句的主语。 1.表示时间 Seen from the space, the earth looks blue. When it is seen from space, the earth looks blue. 2.表示条件 Kept in refrigerator, these vegetables will remain fresh. If they are kept in refrigerator, these vegetables will remain fresh. 3.表示原因 Deeply moved by the story, the children began to cry.


As they were deeply moved, the children began to cry. 4.表示伴随情况 She walked out of the house, followed by her little daughter. She walked out of the house, and was followed by her little daughter. 5.表示让步 Beaten by the enemy, he refused to let out the secret. =Although he was beaten by the enemy, he refused to let out the secret. 6. 练习: (1)___ in thought,he almost ran the car in front of him. A. Losing B. Having lost C . Lost D. To lose (2)________ a reply, he decided to write again. A. Not receiving B. Receiving not C. Not having received D.Having not received (3)Before _____, the machine must be checked. A. being used B. using it C. being used to D. using (4)____ better attention , the vegetables could have grown better with the sun shining brightly in the sky and ____ them light. A. Giving; given B. Given; given C. Giving; giving D. Given; giving




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