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Unit 2 Ⅰ.单词拼写

English around the world

1.You can find much information available on the ________ (官方 的) website. 2.Just as Premier Wen Jiabao puts it, China is ________ (实际上) a developing country in the world. 3 . The achievements the city has achieved have been widely ________ (认可) by the public. 4. After months of discussion, a peace agreement is ________ (逐渐 地) taking shape. 5.He closed his letter with ________ (表达) of grateful thanks. 6.The guard asked me to show him my ________ (身份) card. 7.We had ________ (经常的) snowfalls last year. 8.Are you a ________ (本地人), or just a visitor? 9.He speaks with an American ________ (口音). 10.Shall we go ________ (直接) to the hotel? 答案:1.official 5 . expression 10.straight Ⅱ.句型转换 1.Some of the students in my class work hard at all the subjects. ________ ________ ________ ________in my class work hard at all the subjects. 2.When the birds in the tree heard the gunshot, they flew in all directions. When the birds in the tree heard the gunshot, they flew________ 2.actually 3.recognized 6.identity 7.frequent 4.gradually 8.native 9.accent

________ ________. 3.She suggested our going to the park this weekend. She suggested that we________ ________to the park this weekend. 4.Many people watched the opening ceremony of the 11th National Games on TV. ________ ________ ________people watched the opening ceremony of the 11th National Games on TV. 5.The two cars are of the same size, but are of different colors. The two cars are of the same size, but are different________ ________. 答案:1.Not all the students 4.A number of Ⅲ.单项填空 1.—Did you get________part that you tried out for in the play? —No, someone else got it, but I got________better part. A.the; a C.a; the B.the; the D.a; a color every direction 3.should go

答案:A 句意:——你得到了那个在戏剧中试演的角色了吗? —— 没有,别人得到了那个角色,不过我得到一个更好的。前句 part“角色”后面有修饰语限定,故前面用定冠词 the;后句泛指“得 到了一个更好的角色”,故填 a。 2.Only one student passed the exam,________John. A.such as C.namely B.especially D.equally

答案:C 这里空后的 John 就是上文所说的“only one student”, 所以选 namely(也就是,即)。句意:只有一个学生通过了考试,也就

是约翰。such as“例如,像??这样”,常用来罗列同类中的几个例 子;especially“尤其是”;equally“相等地;平等地”。 3.Many questions________in today's maths class, which was more than the new teacher had expected. A.came up C.rose B.raised D.was come up

答案:A 考查 come up 的用法。句意:(学生们)在今天的数学 课上提了很多问题,这是新老师所没有预料到的。come up 在此意为 “被提出”,不能用于被动语态。 4. (2013· 高三武汉市部分学校联考 )The long absence of rain ________ leads to a serious drought in the southwest of China, which draws the concerns of the whole country. A.immediately C.accidentally B.gradually D.undoubtedly

答案:B 考查副词。句意:在中国西南地区,长期缺少降雨逐 渐造成了严重的干旱,这引起了全国人们的关注。 gradually“逐渐 地 ” ; immediately“ 立 刻 , 马 上 ” ; accidentally“ 偶 然 地 ” ; undoubtedly“毫无疑问地”。 5.Good use________the natural resources to improve people's life in this area. A.has been made of C.has made B.has made of D.has been made

答案:A 考查短语 make use of 的变式及语态。句意:在这一地 区, 为了改善人们的生活, 自然资源已经被人们充分利用了。 由 make good use of 这一短语可知,选带 of 的选项;再由语态可知选 A 项。 6. David said that it was________his strong interest in literature that

he chose the course. spite of C.because B.because of D.instead of

答案:B it was...that...强调原因状语,由于“his strong interest” 为名词,故用 because of。句意:戴维说就是因为他对文学有浓厚的 兴趣,他才选择了这门课程。 7.—How can we go to the island twenty miles off the coast, sir? —I'm afraid you can't get there________by boat. A.more than C.other than B.rather than D.better than

答案:C other than 意为“除了”,此处表示“恐怕除了乘船以 外 你 无 法 到 达 那里 ” , 即 “ 你 只有 乘 船 才 能 到 达那 里 ” 。 more than“多于,仅仅”;rather than“而不是”;better than“超过,好 于”,均不符合题意。 8 . The professor can hardly find sufficient grounds______his argument in favor of the theory. A.which to base on base on which B.on which to base D.which to be based

答案:B 考查“介词+which+to do”结构。句意:教授几乎不 能找到足够的理由支持他的理论。base on 意为“基于,作为??的 基础”。 9.It was raining hard. Little Tom felt cold, so he stood______to his mother. A.close C.closed B.closely D.nearly

答案:A 考查 close 的用法。close 和 closely 均可用作副词,指

“接近,靠近”,但使用场合不同;close 多用来修饰由介词引导的 短语,如 get/stand close to...;而 closely 则用来修饰动词或过去分词, 意为“紧密地,密切地”,如:I'm following the matter closely.。 10. Have you realized the part the computer has________in the daily life? A.made C.caused B.given D.played

答案:D 考查动词与名词的搭配。play a part in...表示“在?? 中起作用”, 此处 the computer has played in the daily life 为定语从句, 修饰 the part。句意:你意识到电脑在我们的日常生活中所起的作用 了吗? 11.He commanded that all the gates________to search for the spy. A.should shut C.shut B.would be shut shut

答案:D 考查 command 后跟虚拟语气。command 后跟 that 从 句, 从句要用虚拟语气, 即 should+动词原形, 其中 should 可以省略。 12.—Do you think it's a good idea to make friends with your students? —________, I do. I think it's a great idea. A.Really C.Actually B.Obviously D.Generally

答案:C really“真实地”;obviously“明显地”;actually“实 际上”;generally“一般来说”。 13.(2010· 安徽,29)The engineers are so busy that they have zero time for outdoor sports activities,______they have the interest. A.wherever B.whenever

C.even if if

答案:C 句意:这些工程师太忙了,以至于即使他们有兴趣, 也没有时间参加户外活动。even if 是“即使”的意思,符合句意。 14.Though I hadn't seen John for five years or so, I________his voice as soon as I picked up my phone. A.recognized C.realized B.knew D.discovered

答案:A 句意:尽管我和约翰已经有五年左右没有见面了,但 是我一接电话就辨别出了他的声音。recognize 强调从记忆中搜索到, 辨认出人、物、声音、方位等。最大的干扰项 realize 强调潜意识中注 意到、理解、领会。 15.—What do you think of my work, Miss White? —I'll come to the point________—your work isn't good enough. A.friendly C.rudely B.politely D.straight

答案:D 由后面的评价“your work isn't good enough”可以看出, 这里是对对方的工作直接发表看法。答句句意:我直入主题——你的 工作不够好。straight 在这里用作副词,意思是“直接地”。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 A (2011· 锦州期末) Do you know what really troubles me? For some reason, words with silent letters have always bothered me. For example, consider these words: know, design, island, school, wrist, naughty, and salmon. All of these words have at least one letter that is not typically pronounced, and these words are just a very small part of words with silent letters in them.

Some words are even worse, consider this word: colonel. Not only are some letters not pronounced, but letters that are not even there are pronounced. Even foreign languages, especially French, are guilty of this needless complexity and confusion. I know there must be some main historical reasons why the words are spelled and pronounced the way they are, but that does not mean bad traditions must continue to survive. Especially if they are no longer logical. Unfortunately, there is very little that anyone can do for it, because there's no group of people who can change or have the right to change the English language for everyone. However, the only thing we can do is make changes in the way we talk and write in hopes that it catches_on. For example, I pronounce the letter “l” in salmon on purpose to make people annoyed and to sound more different or complicated. I even pronounce colonel the correct or French way. I can only hope these two minor changes to the English language make sense to you, and you will help to keep up these minor changes forever in your everyday life. 文章大意: 不知道你注意了没有?英语中有些单词中的字母是不 发音的。这是由于长期的历史原因造成的。我们该怎样对待它们呢? 1.We can learn from the passage________.

C. all the words with silent letters come from French D. linguists will solve the problem of dumb letters 答案: B 推理判断题。 由第一段第四句话“All of these words have at least one letter that is not typically pronounced”可知,“know, design,

island, school, wrist, naughty, and salmon”这些单词至少有一个字母不 发音,再由第四段第三句话“I pronounce the letter ‘l’ in salmon on purpose”可知 salmon 单词中的字母 l 不发音,所以 B 项正确。由第 二段可知,colonel 单词的发音规则是有一些字母不发音,但是不在 该单词拼写之中的有些字母还会发音,所以 A 项错误;由第三段可 知,法语只是这一现象的主要原因,所以 C 项错误;由第四段 “Unfortunately, there is very little that anyone can do for it, because there's no group of people who can change or have the right to change the English language for everyone.”可知,D 项错误。 2.Which of the following is the main reason for silent letters? A. French language. B. Historical reasons. C. Some linguists. D. Bad traditions. 答案:B 细节理解题。由第三段第二句话“I know there must be some main historical reasons why the words are spelled and pronounced the way they are...”可知,造成英语有些字母不发音的主要原因是历史 原因。 3.The underlined phrase “catches on” probably means “________”. A. becomes popular C. follows the fashions B. gets across D. doesn't fall behind

答案:A 猜测词义题。所在句句意“但是我们可以在我们说或 者写的时候做些变化,希望会让这些变化流行起来”。 4.Which of the following is the best title for this passage? A. Troubles in everyday life B. Traps in English words

C. Words with silent letters D. Necessary changes of languages 答案:C 主旨大意题。由文章大意可知,全文讨论了英语单词 中的字母不发音的原因和我们对此的态度。 B

Some people say global English is no longer just controlled by British or American English, but is running free and developing uniquely local forms. Can you figure out the following terms? “I like your smile, but unlike you put your shoes on my face.” This is a way of saying “Keep off the grass.” Or “people mountain, people sea”, which means “very crowded”. These examples are what we call Chinglish. When it comes to Chinglish, if all you know is “good good study, day day up,” you will be considered “out man”. Nowadays, more Chinglish words have been created, for example, a Chinese idiom is translated as “smilence” , a English word smile and silence. Chinglish usually offers a humorous look at misuses of English language in Chinese street signs, products, and They are favored by some English speaking the advertising. combination by the

tourists and visitors.

Dominic Swire has been living in Beijing for a couple of years. “I think many Chinese people complain about the Chinglish and badly translated English. But you know, sometimes for us foreigners, it's actually quite charming to see them. I think if the translations of English in China

were all perfect, then something would be lost from Chinese culture.” However, Chinglish will probably become a “cultural relic” in the near future. Beijing has made a comprehensive plan to improve foreign language services and correct Chinglish within five years. “It is very ridiculous to see Chinglish on the signs in some scenic spots. And they are a kind of barrer for communication between Chinese and people from other countries,” a Beijinger said. Some Chinese university experts side with Chinglish. They argue that English has absorbed elements from other languages such as French and Spanish in its growth, and now it's Chinese's turn. 文章大意: 如今, 世界英语不单单受美式英语和英式英语的影响, 英语词汇和汉语语法的结合出现了越来越多的“中国式英语”。 5.What can we call Chinglish? A.English words which get new Chinese meanings. B.The Chinese words which are difficult to translate. C. The words combining English vocabulary and Chinese grammar. D.The local words preventing foreigners to learn Chinese well. 答案:C 推理判断题。根据第二、三、四段所举的例子可以判 断中国式英语是由英语词汇按照汉语语法形成的英语。 6.What does“smilence” most probably mean? A. Saying nothing but to smile. B. Smiling without being noticed. C. Laughing at somebody. D. Knowing little about speech. 答案:A 细节判断题。根据第四段结尾 “a combination by the

English word smile and silence”可知答案为 A。 7. Who will be called“out man” according to the passage?

A. A person who knows little about Chinglish words. B. A student who hates learning foreign languages. C. A tourist who fails to understand local translations. D. An expert who doesn't support Chinglish at all. 答案:A 细节判断题。根据第三段可知,如今中国式英语很普 遍,不知道反而落伍了。 8.What is the Swire's attitude to Chinglish? A. It can show the humour of Chinese. B. It will attract more foreign tourists. C. It helps him to learn Chinese well. D. It seems part of Chinese culture. 答案:D 细节判断题。根据第五段中 Swire 说话的内容可知, 他认为中国式英语是中国文化的一部分。 9 . Chinglish is likely to become a“cultural relic” in Beijing because________. has become a unique bridge between Chinese and English B.Chinglish is a chance to enrich Chinese and English C . it foreigners D.Beijing is determined to get rid of Chinglish signs 答案:D 细节判断题。根据倒数第二段中的“Beijing has made a comprehensive plan to improve foreign language services and improves the understanding between Chinese and

correct Chinglish within five years.”可知答案为 D。



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