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高英 Unit 3 Language Work

1) It is not profitable to provide bus services in districts where the population is widely scattered (分 散;零星出现). 2) Sand is to glass as clay is to bricks. 3) His test results for the whole term were not very consistent. He did well one week and badly the next.-

4) The novelist is a highly imaginative person with great talent. 5) Mary is so sentimental that she cried for days when her pet died. 6) The rainbow dissolved ( 消失) as the sun came fully out from behind the clouds. 7) Now Norman has put himself into the patient contemplative state of mind of a chess player. 8) It’s a good thing to spend some time seeing your own country from the outside: it helps you to get a sense of proportion.

9) Mary gave a long and stagy laugh, wiping away imaginary tears. 10)In my younger and more vulnerable ( 易受影响的) years my father gave me some advice that I ’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. 11) Away from the busier roads, the prevailing atmosphere remains one of calm meditation and contentment. 12) The cathedral, one of the loveliest and richest in architectural(建筑学的) interest in English, erected in 1382. was

1) The crowd swelled (grew) until the noise made could be heard for miles. 2) Thus our conviction/belief is reinforced that only socialist revolution can really solve the problems of the people. 3) Having studied your report carefully, I am convinced that neither of your solutions/ answers is correct.

4) Aside from the resolution to have more international conferences, the greatest accomplishment/achievement of the group was that it met at all. 5) The United States Constitution mandates two houses of Congress so that the large states will not be disproportionately/unequally represented. 6) With its power of displaying a reality that has no tangible/material existence, the mirror could symbolize the mystery of the universe. 7) The marked land shortage in some of the developing countries has precluded/prevented the building of more sophisticated detached and semi-detached houses. 8) The young couple spent hours finding a secluded/ out-of-the-way place for their picnic. 9) The small child was unknowingly tormenting/torturing the puppy as he played with it.-

10) At Boston's Quincy Market, dilapidated/run-down buildings were converted into a lively complex of shops and restaurants.


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