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Lady of camellias

亚历山大 小仲 马
? Alexandre Dumas,fils(July 27,1824-November 27,1895) was the son of Alexandre Dumas,pere,who followed in his father's footsteps becoming a celebrated author and playwright,he was best known for The lady of the camellias.

? 《茶花女》是小仲马 的第一部扬名文坛的 力作,小说所表达的 人道主义思想,体现 出人间的真情,人与 人之间的关怀、宽容 与尊重,体现了人性 的爱,这种思想感情 引起人们的共鸣,并 且受到普遍的欢迎。

? 小仲马其它有名的戏剧作品包括 《半上流社会》(1855) 《金钱问题》(1857) 《私生子》(1858) 《放荡的父亲》(1859) 《克洛德的妻子》(1873) 《福朗西雍》(1887)等。 ? 小仲马的剧作是法国戏剧由浪漫主义向现实主义过渡时期的产物,话 剧《茶花女》也被视为法国现实主义戏剧开端的标志。他的剧作不以情 节的曲折离奇取胜,而以真切自然的情理感人,结构谨严,语言流 畅,富有抒情意味。1897年,翻译家林纾翻释《茶花女》,当时译名 为《巴黎茶花女遗事》。

? The lead heroie is Marguerite gautier,a young beautiful girl who was born in a poor family in the country .However,she has to go to Paris for life ,she has become a kept woman .The story changes one day when a young middle class man named Armand meets her,after that,they fall in love with each other,at that time ,people think highly of the status and power in society.

? Armand's father objects to their love,he forced Marguerite to leave far away from his son,she does it without explaining,although she loves him deeply.Then,Armand thinks that she does not love him anymore and begins to looking down on Marguerite.He launches a crazy revenge for her.It is not long before she gets a badly disease,finally,she died in

? despair and pain,she does not see Armand before she died.When Armand knows the truth,he feels regretful and painful.

? 茶花女影响确是不小, 作为一种流行,却是 一百年前的事情,当 时正赶上“戊戌 变法 ” 失败,人心沮丧,改 良的路行不通,大家 只好将就着胡乱看小 说,茶花女在中国的 本土上诞生,是生逢 其时。 著名诗人 舒婷

? For not only was each indignity(侮辱) proof that you still loved me,I also felt that the more you perecuted (迫害,折 磨)me, the nobler(高 尚的) I should appear in your eyes on the day you finally learned the truth.

? Who are you , tell me how to love, and who am I tell you how to live.
? 是你教会我怎样去爱 而我应该教会你怎样 去生活

? As far as I am concerned,She is beautiful ,clever and kind girl,though she is an unfortunate woman, she still maintain a pure,noble heart,she pursuit real love with full enthusiasm and hope

? but reality shatters the hope of her,she is still willing to sacrifice herself to achieve ? other's aim.

? From this story ,I don't draw the conclusion that all the women of Marguerite's sort are noble-hearted(有着高 尚心灵的)as she was .But I have know such a woman ,who had once in her life experienced deep love,suffered for it and died of it.

? Thanks for your listening



摘要《茶花女》这部经久不衰的小说向我们讲述了妓女玛格丽特的悲惨命运,以 及她与阿尔芒的坎坷的爱情, 以女权主义思想为主线, 探讨作品本身的女性思想, 分析女性...


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