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M7U1 project正式

Unit 1 Project Making a list of
advantages and disadvantages

1. How many of you have a mobile phone?
2. Can you list some functions of mobile phones?

Different functions of mobile phones

making a phone call

taking photos surfing the Internet

sending text messages listening to music (pictures)

playing games

Do you think high school students should use mobile phones in school? Why or why not?

affect their study

damage hearing/sight


Unit 1 Living with technology

Reading strategy
a newspaper article

the title the first paragraph

readingreading Careful
Structure of the passage
Part One(Para1)

Introduction of a Christian group. ______________
attitudes towards phones. The group's _________ Main points _____________________ of their view.

Part Two(Para2 )

Part Three( Para3-6)

Disadvantages of the telephone
Conclusion/ ___________________of the passage.

Part Four( Para7-8 ) possible solution

Careful reading

Part1~2 ? Which group of people are talked about? (no more than 5 words) ? Why do they reject most modern technology ?

Para1~2 ? Which group of people are talked about? (no more than 5 words) ? The Amish in the USA.

Why do they reject most modern technology ?

1)…having tight communities 2)…have no electricity 3)…don’t think it necessary and dislike dealing with strangers

Use one sentence to describe the Amish people

Part 3(Para3-6)

About the use of the telephone The disadvantages Supporting Details

There is something important about being From line 31 together and sharing to line 41 life that cannot be found over a telephone wire.

The disadvantages Destroy the peace one has

Supporting Details From line 46 to line 52

The disadvantages waste one’s precious time.

Supporting Details From line 64 to line75

The disadvantages Using the mobile phone for text

Supporting Details Relationships are

nearly always

messages is the worst. quite shallow.

Part4 (7~8)
1. What does the author suggest at the end of the passage? …throw…in to…; …rid … of … and return to simpler times.

2.What is the tone of the last sentence? A.Hopeful. B. Humorous. C. Depressed. B
3.What might be the writer’s attitude

towards mobile phone use? A. Approving B. Doubtful C C.Cautious D. Disapproving

Discussion and writing
advantages and disadvantages?

Group work

Suggested structure
Some inventions have changed our lives, especially cellphones. However, different people have different opinions on them Some people agree that cellphones have made our lives more convenient….because… On the contrary, some people hold the opinion that cellphones have some disadvantages. For one thing,…for another,… In my opinion,…


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