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词以类记 list 1 arroyo brook canyon cape cavern crater creek crest eddy fluvial ford geyser gorge grotto insular isthmus marine maritime marsh mesa mire oasis peninsula pinnacle precipice ravine ridge rivulet shoal strait stratum swamp whirlpool cascade crag estuary gulch knoll lagoon moor morass quagmire scarp tundra arid avalanche balmy barometer blast diurnal bleak blizzard bluster centigrade cloudburst cumulus cyclone damp deluge

desiccate downpour drizzle drizzly drought frigid frigidity glacial gust hail halo humid humidity hurricane icicle inclement landslide meteorology monsoon perishing piercing precipitation seismic snowdrift stuffy sultry sweltering tempest tremor zephyr aureole aurora gale gloaming leeward mistral scorching sizzler teem torrid typhoon vernal hibernal gusty down-to-earth abut adjacent antarctic archipelago arctic bog contiguous coterminous curb delta doldrums domain equator horizontal landlocked latitude

outskirts polar terrestrial hinterland littoral chasm ambience obsidian savanna adobe aquifer bauxite boulder brink clay dune fault ferrous fissure gem granite graphite gravel girt gully lava limestone lode marble ore petroleum plaster rhinestone sapphire shale silt slag terrain turquoise amethyst emerald rubble list 2 aerial aloft apogee constellation cosmic cosmos empyreal ethereal galaxy lunar meteoric nova observatory planet spatial stellar supernova aeronautics

empyrean celestial horoscope reflect agglomerate aggrandize airborne axis axle band brake buoyant chafe circuit cord cryogenic decibel diffuse dynamo fathom friction gallon galvanize generator gravitational lumen nucleus odometer quantum refraction resound sextant spectrum thermal velocity carat centrifugal centipede assay inelasticity lever mechanical metrical projectile resilience tensile trajectory rake rotundity sonic reflective strength mechanics elastic torque additive alchemy alkali aluminium amalgam analyze

bromide calcium carbohydrate catalyst caustic cement clot coagulant coagulate coagulation combustible compost compound concentrate concrete condense congeal corrode corrosive curdle decomposition defoliator dehydrate deleterious detergent dilute disinfectant dissolve distill emollient emulsify evaporate explosive ferment fermentation filter flammable gasification germicide herbicide hydrate ingredient inhibitor insecticide insoluble iodine isotope leaven liquefy lubricant molecule molten mote nonradioactive noxious ointment ossify oxidize permeate pesticide pigment

precipitant preservative reactant saccharin soluble solvent thaw toxin vaporization yeast defoliant desalinize icing miscellany saliferous nicotine list 3 herpetologist ornithologist anthropoid caterpillar gaggle amphibian antenna badger biped brood canary canine carapace carnivorous carp centaur carp centaur chameleon chimera chipmunk clam cocoon cohabit cougar crab croak cub den dormancy dormant down drove duckling equine ewe falcon fang fawn fell ferret filly firefly fledge

fledgling flock flounder gadfly generic gorilla grouse hawk herbivorous herd hibernate hide hive hoof incubate incubation inhibitant invertebrate ivory jade kangaroo kennel larva low magpie mammal mare marsupial minnow mite molt mongrel mosquito ornithology ostrich otter owl pack panther parasite pen pest phoenix plankton plume porcupine predator prey primate pullet quarry pullet quarry ram reptile reptilian roe ruminant salmon school scorpion

slough sow spawn squirrel swine tadpole tarantula talon termite unicorn vulture warren walrus weasel aquiline arachnid cheetah colt condor cygnet eaglet ecdysis embryonic farrow feline gander gosling gull hedgehog hippopotamus locust mangy mermaid mutton nestling pony quadruped simian skunk ursine vermin whelp lair pterodactyl rodent menagerie proboscis wallow ichthyology plumage fauna behemoth aerie perch apiary aviary coop corral fishery fold glade

habitat leviathan list 4 acorn arboreal arboretum asparagus aspen bark botany bouquet bud bulb capsule chaff chrysanthemum cob cone conifer core cypress elm eucalyptus fern fig flax flora foliage forestry frond fungi gardenia genus germinate ginger greenhouse grove gum herbaceous hull husk kernel maize maple melon menthol mushroom needle nestle oak orchard pecan petal pine pod pollen raisin reed resin rhubarb sap

scion scrub seedling shoot shrub sod spear sprig sprout spruce stem tare thicket timber trunk tuber twig vanilla violet willow whorl xerophyte almond beet blossom bough cursive defoliate florescence heliotrope oatmeal orchid sapling windfall pollinate cactus ecology seaweed agrarian agronomy atrophy barren blight blighted cereal cultivate cultivated fallow fatten fertile fertilize fertilizer flag flaggy forage graft grain graze husbandry irrigate manure

plough provender reap scythe sere sow spackle sterile terrace tiller weed wilt wither acarpous fecund fodder granary loam shrivel thresh wizen irrigate horticulture humus plantation prairie list 5 depressant abscission acrophobia ail alimentary allergic allergy amnesia analgesic anatomical anemia anemic anorexia antibiotic antibody antidote antihistamine antiseptic apoplectic arthritis aseptic asphyxiate asthma astringent balm blotch carcinogen cauterize clinical collapse coma comatose concussion contagious

convalesce convalescent corpuscle deranged diabetes diagnose dissect dose dyslexia dyspeptic epidemic fester fracture frantic frenetic fumigate gerontology heal hemophilia hemorrhage hemostat hypertension hypnotic hysteria immune immunity immunize infection injection inoculate insomnia irremediable lancet laxative mania measly monomania morbid myopia myopic narcotic neurology orthodontics overdose opium painkiller palliative pallid panacea paranoia paranoid pasteurize pathogen pathological pathology palpate pediatrics penicillin pharmaceutical pharmacology plague

podiatrist prescrible prescription psychology purgative quarantine rabid rabies recuperate relapse salubrious salutary salve scalpel sedative septic soporific stammer sterilize sterilization stethoscope stimulant stutter suffocate syndrome syringe therapeutic tourniquet ulcer unguent vaccinate vivisection vaccine wan wanderlust wholesome ailment albino amputate anemic anodyne canker cordial derangement dietetics dipsomania dissection elixir gastritis hamstring hepatitis hygiene hypodermic insane lesion medicate mesmerism misogamy nephritis neurosis opiate

parturition phobia sanatorium spasmodic transfuse ulcerate vomit anesthetic fungicide ligature nostrum nurture nutrient placebo reagent eviscerate febrile inflamed geriatrics hydrophobia pestilential poultice psychopathic malady palpitation list 6 animate aquatic assimilate bacteria bacterium biosphere breed calorie chromosome colony coloration control cytology digestion disinfect enzyme excrete gene genetic genetics genome germ histology hormone insentient latency membrane metabolism microbe microorganism microscope moldy mutate organism paleontology

photosynthesis physiological propagate propagation recessive synergic tissue viral virus vertebrate anaerobic accrue approximate audit augment axiom boost breadth budget bulk calculus calibrate calipers census circumference cone diagonal diagram diameter digit dimension diminution elliptical equation exponent exponentially factorable formula frequency hexagon hypotenuse increment indices irreducible multiply parabola parallel parameter radius rectangle tangential vertex vertical numerology quadrangle accentuate argot articulate bilingual cant circumlocution

colloquial dialect discourse drawl elocution eloquence enunciate enunciate equivocate equivocation etymology euphemism harangue idiom incantation innuendo irony jargon linguistic linguistics loquacious malapropism misnomer neologism oration parlance phonetic preposition pun rhetoric rhyme terminology semantic tirade verbal vernacular cadence cognate monograph lexical lingual locution philology interjection alphabetical glossary lexicon verbatim monogram orthography spoonerism oxymoron alliteration apostrophe asterisk colon comma ellipsis hyphen parenthesis list 7

anachronistic ancestor ancestry annals antediluvian antique antiquity archaeology coeval derivation descendant excavate extant genesis glacial hieroglyph hieroglyphic neolithic paleolithic prehistoric preliterate provenance unearth abolish abolition acquit acquittal alibi amendment appeal apprehend arrest attorney authentic bail bench commit constitution constitutional convict court defendant detain enact exculpate exonerate felon felony guilt guilty illegal illegible illegitimate illicit immure incarcerate inculpate indict infraction intern infraction

intern judicial jurisdiction legislate legislation legislature illegitimate litigation malfeasance nefarious ordinance penalty penalize perjure perjury prosecute prosecution reprieve respondent statute statutory subpoena treason tribunal barrister culprit edict forensic jurisprudence maleficent manacle mayhem litigant plaintiff malefactor retroactive judiciary penology recidivism indictment anarchist anarchy arbitrary ascendancy authoritarian autocracy autocrat autonomous autonomy ballot bureaucracy cabal cabinet candidacy caucus centralization coercion despotic despotism filibuster gerontocracy

hegemony imperious interregnum malpractice monarchy oligarchy oratory plutocracy reign suffrage theocracy tyranny gynaecocracy matriarchy polyandry plebiscite referendum franchise municipality commonwealth district list 8 anthem ablution apocrypha augur cardinal cathedral chant chapel cloister conformist cult devout gospel heresy heretical mosque pagan recantation redeem redemptive religion renegade sacred sectarianism sacrifice sacrilege sacrilegious saintly sanctify scripture seminary shrine vestment atheism idol investiture malediction monastery oblation

pantheon sacrament sect voodoo arabesque avant‐garde bust calligraphy cameo cartoon carve ceramic ceramics charade chase choreography collage conjure crockery daguerreotype emboss embroider enamel engrave etching figurine filigree fresco jigsaw puzzle mime minuet montage needlework pantomime petroglyph pirouette pottery sampler sartorial sculpt sideshow statuary stitch travesty versatile woodcut opus pictorial tango rococo pitch acoustic aria arrhythmic atonal ballad bravura cacophonous cacophony cello choir

chord chorus clarion coda composer concerto conservatory crescendo dirge discography ditty duet elegy ensemble finale harp harpsichord jazz lullaby medley mellifluous melodrama melody movement off‐key operetta oratorio orchestra overture piano quartet ragtime reprise reverie scale score sonata staccato symphony tenor timbre trio troupe trumpet vocalist witticism bassoon cantata carillon cornet croon fantasia gamut percussion serenade unison legato list 9 allegory anagram anecdote

annotate anthology aphorism asteroid astrolabe astrology autobiography backdrop bibliography canon canto carol climax comparison compose dissertation doggerel encyclopedia epic epigram epitaph eulogy exclamation figurative folklore hymn hyperbole lampoon libretto limerick lyric madrigal memoir metaphor monologue motto ode paean panegyric parable parody precept prose recital revue satire script sonnet stanza trilogy valediction verse alliterate apothegm disquisition eclogue foreword maxim potboiler psalm saga

screed simile aggressive aggressor armada armistice armory arsenal battalion bellicose beleaguer belligerence besiege capture cavalry combat conflict conquer conquest conscript duel feint firearm flak fortify fusillade grenade legion martial martyr massacre militia munition musket ordnance pistol posse recruit shell truce warmonger artillery carnage decamp holocaust militant torpedo aorta artery bile capillary cerebral cuticle dimple dorsal elbow epidermis esophagus fetus freckle furrow

gail gristle homeostasis insulin kidney knuckle limb lobe molar muscle muscular palate pancreas plaque rib rind ringlet saliva semblance sinew skeleton stature sturdy vascular vessel wrinkle wrist auricular cadaver cephalic complexion crinkle gastric incisor intestine puberty pulsation tresses ventral visage wig callus cavity girth ocular pulmonary tendinous list 10 anthropologist demography ethnic ethnology ethos genealogy academician accomplice acolyte acrobat adherent adolescent aesthete

alternate amateur anathema antecedent apostate apothecary apprentice architect aristocracy ascetic aspirant audience avant‐courier ballerina bard beholder bellwether benefactor bibliophile bigot blowhard bodyguard boor bore braggadocio braggart brat bricklayer broker buffoon bully bystander cadet canary candidate cardiologist carpenter cartographer cavalier chameleon champion chancellor charlatan chef churl civilian clam clientele clown cobbler colossus comedienne companion compatriot connoisseur convert cosmopolitan coward critic cub curator

curmudgeon custodian cynic dandy daredevil defeatist delegate demagogue denizen deputy dermatologist descendant deserter despot devotee diehard dilettante disciple dissident diva diver doctrinaire donor doyen drudgery dummy dupe dwarf ecologist emissary encomiast entrepreneur cipher epicure errand exponent extremist extrovert factotum faculty fanatic faultfinder feminist fidget figurehead fledgling forager forger fraud freelancer functionary galaxy gargoyle generation gentry geometrician gladiator gourmand gourmet groom guru

gusher hack hedonist heir heretic applicant constituent consul entourage piscatorial veterinary counselor ghostwriter observant theologian list 11 hermit highbrow huckster hybrid hypocrite iconoclast idolater illuminati imp impostor impresario incumbent infant infantry ingé nue ingrate inhabitant insider instrumentalist intercessor intermediary intern intimate jockey killjoy kin knave laity lexicographer libertine literati loon lumberjack luminary lunatic magnate magpie malcontent mason mate maven maverick mentor mercenary mimic

minion misanthrope miscreant miser mogul mollycoddle monarch musicologist mutineer mystic narcissist neophyte nomad nonentity novice numismatist octogenarian offspring opponent optimist oracle ostrich pacifist pagan pariah partisan patrician patriot pauper pedagogue pedant pedestrian peer percussionist personnel petitioner philatelist philistine pilgrim pilot pirate plumber pollster populace poseur potentate practitioner predecessor presenter proctor prodigal profiteer profligate progeny prophet protagonist prude pugilist pundit quack quisling

rabble raconteur rabble raconteur ranger reaper recipient recluse referee refugee renegade resident retainer retinue rider rival rookie rudder ruffian saboteur savant scion screw scrub sculptor sentinel servitude sheriff sibling sibyl silversmith simpleton forebear freebooter hireling hothead inamorata ingé nue intelligentsia masochist misogynist opportunist optician optometrist padre paramour pharisee prelate proxy purveyor rank‐and‐file scapegoat shrew list 12 skinflint sluggard spectator stickler stoic stowaway subject

suffragist supplicant surgeon surveyor sybarite sycophant taxonomist technocrat tenant tenor testator tinker toady traitor turncoat tyrant tyro underdog underling understudy vagrant waif vendor ventriloquist veteran vicar vintner virtuoso vocalist votary wag wastrel windbag witness wrangler xenophobe yokel aboriginal archer aristocrat artisan baron bather bohemian celibate cineaste confidant cripple dabbler dastard daubster desperado dictator electorate equestrian escort fag fop forebear fury gnome

greenhorn gull hawker helot herdsman howler imbecile informer interlocutor interloper lackey laggard lapidary layman lout maestro mariner matador megalomania menial midget mountebank multitude naysayer neonate niggard nonesuch nonpareil nude nymph pastor pawn personage pesky plebeian poltroon polyglot polymath prig progenitor pygmy pyromania racketeer rapscallion regent riffraff ruck sentry sequela shipwright signatory sloven snob thrall treasurer truant tycoon upstart urchin vagabond valetudinarian

vanguard versemonger virago warden witch wraith yeoman shyster solicitor somnambulist soothsayer supernumerary ichthyologist illiteracy liberalist martinet pachyderm proponent skeptic outlaw philanthropist sleeper mathematician patron plodder professional crone list 13 luster incandescent illumination bask beam clairvoyant coruscate crepuscular diaphanous dim effulgent emit flare flicker fluorescent gleam glimmer glisten glitter gloom gloss slow illuminate incandescence insolate iridescence iridescent irradiate lustrous magnitude murky nocturnal opalescence

penumbra sepulchral sheen shimmer showy spangle stygian tarnish translucent transparent astigmatism auroral conflagration extinguish pyre arson barbecue broil char douse extinction flint furnace gridiron grill igneous ignite immolate incendiary incinerate kindle nonflammable parch quench scald scalding scathe sear singe solder spark stoke tinder weld aerate airtight effervesce exhale gaseous inhale miasma vent ventilate waft whiff winnow air draught audible auditorium saccharine

siren snore warble whistle clapper euphony damper dulcet earsplitting euphonious fanfare hoarse husky jarring modulate nasal quaver rasp reedy repercussion resonant reverberate rumble rustle shriek sonorous stentorian strident submerge ooze decant desiccated anhydrous backwater bedraggled billow billowy bubble caulk colander debacle debouch fluctuation list 14 drain drench drenched dribble droplet exude flush gush immerse impermeability impermeable infiltrate influx instill inundate itinerant lactic

leak leakage meander milk mobility natation nonporous osmosis overflow overwhelm percolate permeable pervious porous purge purify purity reconstitute rinse ripple saturate saturated seep sift skim sluice soak sodden soggy sopping souse spout steep stream sublimate surge swill torrent torrential trickle undulate whelm rapids riffle seethe sip cataract awash alluvial effervescence billowing debris oddments remainder remains remnant residual residue shavings soot stake

clout crumb detritus dregs dross filings fraction sawdust scrap sediment shard shred wreckage scrap stump flotsam cinder fleece hirsute mitten peel pelt shear shuck tonsorial toupee ciliated caliber broach bucket caldron carafe chalice cistern ewer flask goblet phial receptacle skillet list 15 asphalt chip coffer collection gossamer granule landmark ligneous loop lump noose plank portfolio projector pulley reminder rung sage scooter slab

slice souvenir strip surrogate trove vat circlet floe gazetteer roster signature alias anonymity anonymous appellation byline cognomen denominate denomination designation pseudonym nomenclature coronation coup crown é clat kudos caste championship hierarchy lofty puissance sovereign scepter status throne tertiary vantage degraded counterpart differential synonymous affinity amoral analogous bearing dictatorial egalitarian equate equivalent extraneous extrinsic germane hierarchic parallelism parity pertinent pertinence reciprocal relate relevance tantamount

interrelated correlation consanguinity avuncular consort lineage lineal maternal affinity monogamous matrimony betroth conjugal connubial dowry marital monogamy nubile nuptial bazaar piazza plaza detonate detonation phalanx pugnacity regimental fastness fort fosse moat rampart trench array barrage beacon blade bombardment catapult cavalcade centurion chivalry dagger dart enlist espionage fencing file foil formation helmet herald holster lance levy loophole maneuver missile mortar parley quiver

reconnaissance reconnoiter regiment reinforce rifle scabbard sheath trespass volley wage waylay deploy bastion cohorts metallurgical galvanic meliorism petrography draftsmanship gastronomy horology interdisciplinary logistics metallurgy metaphysical mnemonics numismatic nutrition petrology speleology entomology eclipse ecosystem demographic astral atavism clime ecliptic carcinogenic aphasia apoplexy cathartic contagion effusion autopsy clavicle dysentery emetic euthanasia arable list 16 ceremonious ceremony civil civility comity decency decorum etiquette formality propriety

protocol rite tonsure unction apotheosis archetype epitome exemplary exemplify paradigm paragon personification prototype quintessence specimen sacrament atypical appropriation proprietary actuarial advertise asset auction bargain barter belongings bullion commodity dealing default defray disburse discount exchequer freight gratis inventory invoice lien mercantile peddle raffle rebate receipt reciprocation remunerative retail rog securities suborn transaction underwrite usury barterer capitation emolument expend finable fiscal gratuity honorarium

ledger lucrative lucre monetary pecuniary pelf pension perquisite premium proceeds remittance royalty remuneration subsidy subvention surrender tariff toll tithe revenue annuity alimony arrears bucolic environs idyll purlieu rural rustic sylvan meadow contract covenant deed indenture mortgage muniment pact pledge treaty concerted agenda consign entrust rendezvous troth tryst chauvinism chauvinistic cosmopolitanism dogmatism dogmatist eclecticism egoism empiricism epicurean existential hedonism jingoism metaphysics nihilism

patriotism pessimism pragmatic surrealism radicalism reciprocity revisionist totalitarian conservatism jingoist irenic chauvinist fatalism canonical code codify ethics gauge norm creed disbar eligible flunk ineligible slate diocesan lectern proselytize reincarnate impiety orthodoxy seraph sacrosanct chaplain ecclesiastic list 17 shelter asylum haven haft handle helve hilt pitcher sledgehammer archive barn cellar crypt hoard vault warehouse mast pennant scuttle skiff stern tugboat apparel attire bonnet

bracelet brooch collar costume cravat cuff denim doff epaulet fabric fascia finery flannel garment girdle insignia lave linen lint parka patch robe sandal sash scarf shawl shroud tan tapestry tuxedo vesture wardrobe cope don coiffure dé colleté toga cape frock outfit baste grease linoleum mackintosh margarine poncho tarpaulin unctuous anoint baton clamp clasp cramp cutlery die drill facilities gadget gavel hammer harpoon

hawser helm hoe hoop implement kaleidoscope lathe mallet nippers pestle pincers plane pliers razor reticulation spatula tongs trident utensil wrench tong crayon anvil trowel hatchet scissor scoop screwdriver seine sledge spike stencil stylus tack aqueduct conduit ditch duct gutter sewer culvert trough attic garret guy dike lattice loft minaret pylon spire steeple turret arena awning bleachers blinds bower breezeway construct cubicle

cylinder domicile dwelling egress embankment jamb kiosk mural pane pillar skyscraper subside shack shanty arbor amphitheater arcade dormer arch memorial obelisk rafter refectory staircase paraphernalia pinion lariat rotunda kiln list 18 ballast barge buggy clipper drawbridge flatcar gangway limousine nautical navigate oar pantechnicon pedal pier quay seafaring vehicle viaduct yacht dinghy amazon conveyance disembark galleon pinnace gong horn tambourine apron badge bandage

bin cane canopy chandelier crate crutch earplug folder four‐poster lasso leash saddle sleigh banister hone mattress padding periscope rucksack suitcase tureen wick appetizer beverage carrion comestible condiment confection crust cuisine culinary dainty entré e fillet flavoring foodstuff hodgepodge hunk lap ladle loaf mint morsel nectar omelet pastry porridge potation prune pulp recipe seasoning sustenance tipple viands waffle condiments ambrosia bouillon raisin oatmeal

mutton gruel junket repast sherbet pepper onion affidavit minutes archives chronicle credential acronym blurb brochure caption catalog charter clause context dossier draft doggerel episode holograph log manuscript missive monograph pamphlet periodical poster preface reportage scenario thesis tract treatise bibliography testimonial palimpsest rubric gazette playbill repository dome galley girder hangar hold hut larder mansion mill pantry refinery scaffold shingle sill studio thatch

microscope calipers odometer sextant gyroscope apparatus automation gear list 19 maculate maculated mottled piebald speck brindled defect foible brim flange fringe margin shoulder verge sidetrack criteria criterion emblematic ensign touchstone denotation earmark guideline embodiment embody incarnate materialize mechanism phenomena produce productivity susceptibility generalization pedigree immaterial bout ream pixel wisp swath locale locus venue acme apex culmination epicenter milestone nadir perigee watershed zenith

climactic equinox solstice aperture crease crevice gash hiatus incision indent interstice nick notch orifice rent seam serrated slot suture deduce deductive dialectic generalize platonic principle ratiocination deducible dialectical premise syllogism daunt flaunty gaunt haunt jaunt vaunt corporal corporeal entity faucet fender filament heirloom hemisphere hydrant matrix memento miniature monocle papyrus somatic substitute virtual worldly specter fiend satyr spectral vampire demoniac atheistic

elysium anthropomorphic brand imprint spoor stamp typographical vestige impression abstract summary docket compendium conspectus epitomize generality gist jot motif outline panorama pith pré cis summation syllabus synopsis synoptic corrugate corrugated frill pleat pucker rumple wizened list 20 extricable nonthreatening secure unthreatening bedraggle taint puddle besmirch blemish contaminate dappled decrepit defile dilapidation dingy dowdy drainage filth flaw fleck foul frowzy hovel impeccable jagged litter

muddy profane ragged seamy shabby sleazy sloppy smear smirch smudge soil sordid squalid squalor stain stigma stigmatize astray sully tattered tatty threadbare unkempt unspotted variegation ragamuffin seedy run‐down dent fluted projection alcove concave convex groove protrude protuberance protuberant recess promontory bungling cumbersome elephantine hulk ponderous unwieldy unemphatic bauble chore circumstantial dispensable fractional fustian futile gnat inane inappreciable inconsequential marginal microscopic minuscule

minutia niggling nonsensical nuance nugatory overshadow paltry peripheral periphery petty piddling piecemeal slight specific trifle trivia trivial venial shallow absolute abysmal categorical comprehensive consummate dissolute drastic egregious entirely exceed excess exhaustive exorbitant finite gross inordinate inquisitive intact integral integrate maturity officious omnipresent overexposure overreach overwrought pamper partial permissive plenary plenitude plentitude plethora premature prudish rampant redundancy redundant sheer satiety stark supreme

surfeit surplus synthesis unconscionable underbid unmitigated unqualified unreserved utter thoroughgoing unabridged untempered sophomoric immature overly chronic coherent duration earthly enduring epoch eternal everlasting heyday hitherto immortal incessant infinity lasting lease millennium perennial permanence permanent perpetual perpetuate perpetuation serial sustained tenure unremitting reserved list 21 disgorge effluvia fetid flagrant fusty gruesome malodor mawkish musty nausea nauseate noisome notorious putrid queasy rancid reek stale

stench coarse coarsen crudity gnarled harsh raspy raucous roughen scabrous amplitude astronomical colossal enormous gargantuan immense immensity impregnable irrepressible mammoth massive metropolis metropolitan mighty monolithic monstrous monumental mountainous peerless predominate predominate prodigious puissant stupendous titanic aspect capacious commodious compass earshot ecumenical endemic inclusive indigenous interminable ken limited panoramic perspective pervade province realm scope spacious span sprawling subsume tether unidimensional unilateral vista

precinct milieu list 22 abreast concentric delimit demarcate distal grounded interpose juxtapose lateral nethermost niche obverse occidental offstage outlet proximate snuggle subterranean superimpose ulterior underlying vicinity nether accessory addendum adjunct appendage auxiliary byproduct collateral derivative provisory subsidiary tributary adjutant append complement codicil postscript tag appendix subaltern subordinate byzantine complicate elaborate hermetic indecipherable opacity profound aboveboard disinterested equity even evenhanded impartial objective equitable

unbiased impersonal lubricate lubricious satiny slick slippery smooth prank preposterous weird fantastic chimerical buffoonery discrete interim intermittent recession remittent spell sporadic apt facile foolproof legible lucid readily straightforward superficial superficiality undemanding homespun compact concise laconic pithiness pithy plain recapitulate schematic schematize sententious succinct terse brevity antiquated artifact artifacts conservative conventional conformism dilapidated fossilize hoary immemorial moralistic moth‐eaten obsolescent outmoded pristine reactionary

shibboleth shopworn stereotype timeworn decrepitude dogmatic cliché archaic passé devoid disembodied fluffy frothy incorporeal insubstantial intangibility jejune quixotic tenuous theoretical vaporous void fanciful list 23 sojourn squall adlib ephemeral extemporaneous extemporize fleeting imminent impend impending impermanent impromptu improvise improvised instantaneous moment offhand pending provisional temp transience transient transitory ad‐lib evanescent improvisational fugitive arcane clandestine closet conclave confidential covert cryptic declassify eavesdrop encipher

furtive indicative occult prowl scheme secretive sidle sneaking stealth surreptitious uncanny wiretap biennial frequent quotidian rhythmic vibrate garrulity garrulous periphrastic pleonastic prolix rigmarole tedious verbiage verbose belabor circuitous circumlocutory drivel long‐winded prolixity sinuous superfluous voluminous winding windy verbosity loquacious screed harping litany loquacity ductile ductility floppy lank limber lithe pliable yielding readership inexhaustible iota modicum smattering ubiquitous whit bevy eon coordinate

abound abundance abundant adequate affluence affluent ample chunk considerable copious cornucopia corpus dual exodus fecundity fulsome glut infinitesimal luxuriant manifold myriad nil numerous opulent otiose packed pittance populous prolific rarefaction scad scads segment serried significant slew solo spate suffice sufficient superfluity throng unfailing untold hub perimeter devoid inestimable potion quorum munificent profusion replete list 24 garish gaudy meretricious tawdry trumpery antic birthright

cranky quirk characteristic exceptional expertise feature hallmark individual know‐how lineaments originality prerogative privilege unique physiognomy ciliate circular configuration erect fa? ade facet guise linear osseous ostensible patina perpendicular plait unsightly hackles ovoid portly sinewy incrustation profile addle incense ambrosial appetizing aroma aromatic brackish cloying full‐bodied gestation gustatory luscious odoriferous olfaction redolent redolence scrumptious tangy tasty unscented fragrance succulent musky saline palatable savory

savor cozy (cosy) calorific lukewarm snug tepid labile spongy unsound abiding constant ingrained limbo plateau ramshackle steadfast homeostasis unfaltering immutable immobile antecedence antedate anterior belated continuation ensue heretofore natal overdue overriding penultimate posterior precede previous prime priority queue sequential simultaneous subsequent synchronous ultimate untimely foreword hindsight preconception terminal antecede antecedents yore publicity celebrity arresting celebrated conspicuous dignitary discredit disrepute distinctive distinguished eminence

eminent forfeiture illustrious nominal notability phenomenal preeminent prestige prestigious prominent proverbially renown reputation repute salient signal telling titular transcendent unnoticed unnoticed unobtrusive reputable reputed reverend gentility infamy preeminent list 25 auspicious delectation fluke fortuitous propitious prosperity providential beatitude felicity buff fade achromatic alabaster azure blanch bleach blush canvas chromatic easel glaze hue maroon monochromatic monochrome motley mottle palette pastel pied rubicund ruddy

suffuse swarthy tawny tinge tint verdant verdigris turbulent magenta roseate contrast liken eccentricity escapade fancy disparate disparity distinction diverse fraternity heterogeneous homogeneity homogeneous kindred multifarious multiple sundry variegate unsalubrious mischievous bane bootless deactivate futility ineffectual lethal unproductive injurious pernicious pestilent poisonous toxic venom virulent expedient makeshift optimum rewarding superlative validate salubrity authenticity factual particular reportorial truism unaffected verisimilar veritable inviolate natty

prim immaculate innocence sanitary shipshape tidy trim well‐groomed compilation collation indispensability fateful brunt consequence crucial crux earthshaking elementary elite essential far‐reaching fatal fundamental hinge imponderable import marrow momentous paramount principal staple substance substantive substratum thematic unprecedented breakthrough pivotal imposing magnificent refulgent resplendent splendor edifice grandeur majestic pageant palatial pageantry pomp list 26 comport conduct demeanor deportment mien posture rationalize august bourgeois choice

ennoble genteel imperial magisterial numinous regal snobbish supremacy arbiter authority diadem aristocracy stratum blooming boom dynamic exuberant flourish full‐blown hyperactivity lush mettlesome palmy passionate prosperous snappy verve vibrant vim vital vitalize chivalrous initiative psyche spiritual visceral ethical psychological aloof distant estrange exclusive forbidding impassive impervious indifferent nonchalant offish snub stolid apathy hard‐boiled ungrateful charisma charm glamorous personable stunning affordable artistry caliber

competence craft excel forte impuissance incompetent inept ineptitude knack omnipotent recollection viable vocation contrivance legerdemain empirical full‐fledged passive precocious ripen seasoned senility senile superannuated transcendental unimpassioned callow filial fledgling green incipient infantile juvenile nascent puerile rudimentary debutante ardent avid fervid fervor perfervid regale zesty zeal ardor ebullient effusive enthusiasm fervent congenital flair immanent inborn innate instinctive serendipity encyclopedic erudite erudition informed

literate omniscient maven savvy auspice craving desirous disposed hankering intentional involuntary longing prospect willful yearn reluctance candor forthright committed consecrate dedication fealty guileless loyal dependable piety fidelity list 27 allay aplomb appease bland composed composure deadpan dispassionate imperturbable impolitic leisureliness levelheaded methodical nonchalance phlegmatic poise rational sane sangfroid sanity sedate sober staid unflappable unmoved acumen acute adroit alacrity ambidextrous astute calculating canny

conversant deft dexterity dexterous expeditious hardheaded ungenious ingenuity intellect intellectual judicious judiciousness nimble outfox outwit perspicuity proficient proficient provident ready resourceful sagacious sage sagacity sapient scintillate sensible shrewd sleight smart tact virtuosity wit applicable efficacious efficacy operative effectual impotent affable affability amiable amicable amity benevolent benign bonhomie catholic charitable clemency clement compatible congenial equable even‐tempered familiarity fraternal gentle goodwill gracious humane

leniency lenient outgoing prepossessing sociable subdued beneficent geniality animated animation brisk enliven expansive graphic perky puckish racy vibrancy vivid spry lighthearted hard‐bitten intrepid inviolable invulnerable stouthearted volition abstemious austere austerity chaste frugal homely ingenuous na? ve naivety prudent retrench skimp sparing spartan stint thrifty economy frugality moderate list 28 assiduous cautionary chary cogitate conscientious deliberate discreet discretion earnest engross engrossment foresight gingerly improvident

intent mature measured meditative meticulous modest pious preoccupation prudence punctilious rapt sedulous studied visionary wary circumspect beware scrupulous prudery assertive enterprise mettle morale strive bounteous generosity hospitable impassioned liberality magnanimity magnanimous munificence ungrudging unstinting bountiful aesthetic alluring comely debonair delicacy delicate engaging enthralling exquisite florid gorgeous grace lissome ornate pulchritude seraphic superb taking transfigure winsome ineffable subtle polished celerity acuity clairvoyance

perspicacious perspicacity responsive sensitive sensitivity sensitization sensitize incisive trenchant condescending humility self‐abasement unassuming courteous delve diligence industrious painstaking sedentary sedulity toil lucubration diligent exertion altruism altruistic conscience egotist agile agility dapper fast fleet flit gallop lope scamper scud scurry scutter sprint swift pluck dauntless audacious collected exploit gallant hardihood nerve spunk valiant valor valorous venture gamely genuine outspoken probity rectitude sincere

unfeigned upfront upright veracious veracity heartfelt disingenuous assertiveness assure confidence cinch diffident confident assurance diffidence list 29 imperious vainglorious arrogance bloated bumptious conceit consequential contumely haughty hauteur headstrong hubris insolence narcissism overweening perverse pertness pomposity pompous pontifical preen pretension pretentious primp self‐absorbed smug supercilious unscrupulousness upstage vain vanity virtuous egotism barefaced base blatant brassy brazen despicable effrontery harridan ignoble ignominious scurvy sneaky

underhanded vile misbehave abase abject currish grovel hangdog humble inferior mean mendicant serfdom servile sadistic brutality cannibalism sadistic atrocious atrocity barbarous bestial brutal brute callous cold‐blood feral ferocious grim gruff inhumane outrage pitiless relentless riotous rowdy ruthlessness satanic savage severe truculent turbulent vicious ferocity half‐baked slipshod abrupt bandy brusque compulsion cursory curt facetious flippant forward frivolous giddy headlong impetuous impudent impulse

impulsive levity liberty lowbred perfunctory precipitate skittish temerity gloss‐over indiscretion asinine awkward blunder botch bovine bumble clumsy crass daft dotage dote dull fatuity fatuous folly fritter fumble gauche gaucherie heavy‐handedness ham‐handed ignorant illiterate inert infatuate lackluster lethargy maladroit muzzy numb oafish obtuse purblind refractory uncouth unenlightened ungainly uninitiated vacuous dolt dullard dunce moron insensate insanity lumber gawk maladroitness list 30 artless bedizen

dashing earthy flamboyant foppish foppery mundane pose provincial raffish secular slobber scurrility specious temporal ultramundane unworldly bungle distracted distrait halfhearted inadvertence inadvertently insouciance insouciant negligence perfunctorily sketchy slapdash toy unwitting negligent foolhardy abrasive asperity brash flip grumpy impertinence insolent loutish opprobrious overbearing peremptory presumption ribald recklessness scurrilous snappish surly unseemly vulgar barbarian madcap unlettered wrongdoing impertinent churlish boorish pert boggle brittle

craven cringe eerie effeminate emasculate fainthearted flabby flaccid flimsy flinch frail gutless limp pusillanimous quail spineless supple susceptible timid timidity timorous tremulous frailty cowardice craven baleful diabolic diabolical execrable heinous hideous iniquitous iniquity malevolent malice malicious malign malignant scandal shoddy spite treachery turpitude villainous wicked villain voyeur vise maleficent enormity bacchanal humor indulge license unbridled wanton orgy indulgent intemperate roué presumptuous

bawdy libido licentious lust rakish sensual sybaritic voluptuous erotic carnal artifice chicanery crafty cunning diplomatic duplicitous duplicity enmesh ensnare finesse glib guile pitfall ploy ruse shiftiness sly snare subterfuge tactic trickery vulpine wile wily artful politic machiavellian list 31 acerbic acerbity acrid acrimonious acrimony exacting finicky nipping pungent scathing stringent tart vinegared vitriolic acidulous idle indolent indolence integrating inertia loll lounge slack

sloth sprawl supine torpid torpor slovenly sluggish begrudge grudge miserly parsimony penury stinginess stingy tightfisted skimpy parsimony parsimonious clannish clique coterie cronyism devious faction hidebound illiberal inequity jaundice jaundiced lopsided nepotism parochial partiality prejudice tendentious unjustly xenophobia bigotry factious bias discrimination cramped banal bathetic decadence hackneyed mediocre mediocrity platitude trite nondescript acquisitive avarice avaricious covet cupidity grasping ravenous venal voracious voracity

glutton covetous captious cavil critical fastidious fussy nitpick persnickety censorious carping adamant closed‐minded contumacious dogged incorrigible intractable intransigent mulish obdurate obstinacy obstinate opinionated pertinacious restiveness stubborn bigoted hard‐nosed wrongheaded headfirst obduracy far‐fetched illusion knead misinform illusory affected belie bluff bravado camouflage contrived disguise doze dissimulation extenuate feign feigned figment gild hypocritical insincerity mannered mask pharisaic pretence pretend sanctimonious stagy affectation gloss over

sorcery wig list 32 agreeable amenity amuse beatific bliss blissful blithe bracing caper carouse cavort convivial conviviality dally delectable disport ebullience ecstasy ecstatic elated enrapture euphoria exaltation excitability exhilarate exhilaration exuberance exult exultant felicitate festal festive fete fragrant frisk frisky frolic frolicsome gaiety gambol genial glee gloat gratification gratify hedonic hilarious intoxicate jaunty jocund jolly jovial jubilant jubilation lark mirth optimism piquant

revelry rosy sanguine sprightly transport triumph upsurge vivacious elate amenities bacchanalian carousal romp paradisiacal list 33 penitence compunction contrite contrition disaffect disgruntle impenitent insatiable lamentable moan penitent remorse repent repine rue unregenerate unrepentant funereal grief grievous heartrending mourn pathetic pathos plaintive sadden bemoan bewail lachrymose crestfallen despondent dismal doleful gloomy grieve lament melancholy morose mournful plangent saturnine poignant maudlin deplore snivel lugubrious

agitate discombobulate discombobulated disrupt foment fret grate grating harass harry heckle infest interrupt molest nettle obsess obsessed obsession provocation qualm roil sedition seditious uptight vexation vexatious hotheaded annoy bait berserk bilious bristle cantankerous chagrin choleric crabbed cross crotchety discomfit enflame enrage exasperate feisty fractious frenzy fume indignant indignation inflame inflammation infuriate irascible irate ire irritable irritate irritation livid moody mope peeve

peevish pettish petulance petulant pique rage rampage rankle rile ruffle scowl spleen sulky tantrum temper tempestuous testiness testy ticklish touchy umbrage unprovoked vex waspish wrath cynical infuriated sulk list 34 discompose fitful flustered jitter misgiving prissy qualms rattle solicitous solicitude suspense tension unsettle unsettling blue dampen deflated dejected demoralize depressed depression desperate dishearten dismay dolorous droop frustrate pensive prostrate sullen despair dispirited

downcast blues appall apprehensive awe awe‐inspiring bugaboo dire formidable grisly horrendous horrific incubus macabre panic redoubtable stun stupefy superstition trepidation ugly apprehension astounding awful claustrophobia throes afflict affliction aggrieve agony anguish careworn distress embitter excruciate excruciating gnawing harrowing infliction irksome mortify ordeal pang setback thwart torment torture twinge woe travail truncate harrow inflict scourge animosity animus aversion abhorrent aggression antagonistic boredom

detest detestable disgust enmity execration hostile hostility infernal inimical loath odium rancor repugnance resent resentment revulsion unpalatable vendetta loathing list 35 buxom cherubic corpulent corpulence paunchy plump rotund squat obese stocky stout longevity tonic brawny burly hale brawny burly hardy robust stalwart vigorous virile virility angular curvaceous emaciate emaciation gangling gangly haggard macerate peak peaky puny spindly slender svelte willowy cadaverous emaciated

list 36 pout demeanor dab beat bludgeon bump butt clash collision contact crouch cuddle elevate embrace flagellate flail flick fondle gesticulate gesture hearken heave jerk lash lug lurch masticate nudge palpitate perspire pinch plunge pugilism pummel punch salutation salute shove shudder sling sock spank squeeze stance stroke swipe taut tauten tickle titillate thrash toss wallop wiggle yawn slap gesticulation list 37 grievance gripe

grouch grumble querulous remonstrance mutter taunt badinage banter deride jeer mock persiflage pillory poke raillery sardonic scoff sneer spoof tease quizzical jape mockery derision bantering proscenium sublime acclaim accolade admire applaud applause appreciate approbation compliment dabble eulogistic eulogize exalt extol glorify glowing laud magnify meritorious ovation plaudit puffery rave rhapsody tout tribute integrity laudatory inspired aspersion calumniate calumny defame denigrate derogatory

libel libelous slander slanderous traduce vilify absurd comic droll drollery flirt gibe ironic jape jesting jocular ludicrous mordant quaint ridicule sarcastic satirize sidesplitting snide stultify waggish wry burlesque caricature skit sarcasm adulate blandishment caress cater complaisance complaisant cringing flatter grandstand ingratiate ingratiating obsequious palaver pander propitiate slaver smarmy utilitarian adulation fawning list 38 boast bombast bombastic charlatan declaim declamation exaggerate exaggeration gab

grandiose magniloquent orotund ostentation overstate rant rodomontade stilted turgid vaunting grandiloquent ostentatious accuse arraign assail anathematize barb berate castigate castigation chastise chide condemn critique culpable damn denounce denunciate denunciation diatribe excoriate flay fulminate impeach impugn invective inveigh lambaste obloquy pan rebuke reprehend reprehensible reprimand reproach reprobate reproof reprove stricture upbraid censure animadversion deplorable excoriation adage dictum gnomic whisper endearment accost babble

blurt colloquy commune communicate converse ejaculate falter gabble halting jabber jest mumble murmur palter pontificate prate pretext prevarication quip reiterate shuffle slur twaddle understate understated understatement voluble subterfuge tongue‐tied witticism drawl gibberish grunt swear‐word nonsense soliloquy list 39 philately cineast fancier trend addict agog amateurish appetite aspiration aspire avocation bent bibulous compelling devoted endearing gusto infatuation liability penchant predilection predisposition propensity rejoice

relish zest proclivity predispose philanthropic purport tacit token indicate allusion foreshadow implication inkling insinuate bespeak denote indication bare debunk divulge exposure revealing revelation cast histrionic repertoire premiere presentation rendering rendition thespian debut compensation irremediable reward amortize atone bankrupt compensate compensatory complementary expiate indemnify indemnity inexpiable insolvency installment irredeemable liquidate moratorium matinee offset ransom recompense reimburse remunerate reparable reparation replenish restitution supplement

welsh punitive vouchsafe emulate outshine outstrip pursue surpass traceable track list 40 acknowledge admission allowance avow concede confess adore deference deify devotional enshrine estimable fetish hallow homage idolatrize idolize lionize obeisance totem venerate address approach disentangle disposal disposition marshal tackle auger awl bit nib prick prickle quill spur sting thorn thorny tined access accessible inception inherit obtainable preempt procure procurement snatch surcharge

undeserved acquisition boo bray exclaim groan growl hiss sibilant snuffle ejaculation catcall whinny burgeon evolve headway tentative thrive luxuriate germinal belch emancipate erupt liberate manumit paroxysm release transpire unleash cede cession ignore abandon abdicate abjure banish dereliction deserted desertion desolate discard disclaim forgo forsake forswear jettison relinquish renounce renunciate repudiate spurn waive revoke nullification abrogate annul derelict desuetude dilapidate neutralize nullify

obsolete paralyze ravage repeal rescind rescission phylum ascribe attribute classify genre graduated imputation impute pertain zone category component comprise bicameral alienate asunder bifurcate compartment deciduous detach detached deviate differentiate disband discrimination disembody disintegrate disjunction disjunctive dissociate dissociation diverge divergent estranged expatriate insularity insulate isolate partition polarity polarize ramify scission secede seclude separate sequester sever shed unravel compartmentalize dichotomy bifurcated centrifuge dissolution

bruit decentralize dismember list 41 disintegration schism splinter breach cleavage cleave cleaver cleft crumple disperse dissipate feud fissile fragment gape imbroglio lacerate laceration mangle maul rend rip rive raven rupture scatter schism slit sliver split sunder tear avulse dissension slavish submissive subservient amenable capitulate compliance compliant comply compromise concession conciliate condescend conform conformity defer deferential docile dutiful genuflect henpecked hew insubordinate meek

nonconformist obedient observance receptive resignation resigned sequacious submission submit tame tractability tractable cliché corrupt decompose depraved depravity deterioration gangrene incorruptible perishable pervert putrefy rotten debauch degenerate effluvium perturb faze flutter interference interlope invade irk obstacle analgesia intangible tangible anesthesia audition intuition intuitive olfactory perception sentient superiority tactile unconscious incredulity interrogative skeptical suspicion misgivings incredulous problematic dubious shrug suspicious credulity eugenic gestate

hatch conceive incubator procreate proliferate pullulate blueprint calculated collude complicity conspiracy conspire contrive intrigue machination mastermind plot stratagem collusion connivance aggravate aggravation consolidate consolidation emphatic exacerbate intensify potentiate underscore list 42 hard‐bitten resolute fortitude persistence self‐assertion staunch (stanch) tenacious tenacity colonize institutionalized catharsis forum homiletics podium rostrum adopt didactic discipline domesticate edify enlighten homily impart instructive pedagogy preach pulpit sermon sermonize undirected untutored

dais denouement leave‐taking abeyance anticlimax attain balky cessation check closure cloture epilogue expiration expire farewell fruition intermission moribund outgrowth shelve stagnant sequel stall standstill stasis suspend table terminate termination terminus upshot valedictory decapitate eventual commence commencement conception emanate inchoate initial original outset preamble preliminary prelude prologue resume dominant dominate domination fetter floodgate governance manipulate other‐directed rein steer valve wield withhold yoke

ascendant domineer content complacency complacent contented sate satiated satiate ultimatum ban bid commission compulsory decree dictate embargo enjoin fiat injunction mandate mandatory stipulation writ authoritative abrasion attrition burnish efface erase erasure furbish indelible ineffaceable obliterate refurbish scour scrape aberration yaw tangent deflect digress digression divagate excursive contempt contemptible contemptuous despise discriminatory disdain flout scorn pejorative underestimated underrate list 43 precipitous askew careen

declination lean list skew slant tilt acclivity rake declivity admonish alert caveat leery proposal proposition tender seduce expostulation entry ratification ratify sanction warrant warranty accede accord acquiesce assent authorization cachet concur connive consensus consent decent deign endorse favorable unanimous hike hoist skyrocket ascendant escalation upgrade absolve amnesty condone exempt impunity remission remit inexcusable oblivion abortive fiasco founder rout daub indite inscribe

scrawl scribble transcribe accomplished adept wizardry acquaint acquaintance acquainted cognizance cognizant commonsense commiserate compassion compassionate condole pitiful touching wretched backset ebb evacuate recede regress regressive retract vestigial withdraw retrograde regression obsolescence cower recoil lag adjourn dilator postpone procrastinate prorogue respite stonewall tardy tarry temporize linger bondage circumscribe coltish confine enfetter enslave harness hedge optional qualified shackle uncommitted unregulated unbuttoned unfettered collate

overhaul retouch emendation chortle chuckle giggle grin guffaw simper smirk snicker titter brandish panache splashy sport strut swank unpretentious exhibitionist academic acquired colloquium cram curriculum lore lucubrate parse peruse pore retentive rote pedantic scrutiny specialize specialized bookish hereditary bequeath bequest demise devise intestate legacy relic testament jetsam patrimony list 44 convey disseminate ferry smuggle strew transmit adorn baroque bedeck cornice decorate earring

embellish emblazon frieze garnish intersperse molding mosaic parquet streak striate striated trinket tessellated trappings varnish wrought bedecked unadorned mincing polish veneer vignette hallowed revere worship esteem excursion itinerary plod trample trek trudge wade peptic abet accommodating ancillary auspices conducive cooperative endow extricate instrumental largesse meddlesome obliging patronage patronize recourse rescuer salvage subscribe succor hem siege encompass environ amulet levee talisman tend

aegis conserve convoy defense fail‐safe harbor maintenance safeguard shield tutelage unguarded uphold vouch preserve proté gé baseboard bulwark citadel ensure guarantee nemesis retaliation retribution vengeful avenge reprisal requite retaliate revenge vengeance vindictive wreak penance braid brocade crochet interlace interweave knit yarn belittle debase decry degradation demean demote depreciate derogate descend descent detract detraction disparage distain downplay epithet pejorative relegate stoop defamation incriminate

snarling scroll spool thread wreathe embroil entangle entwine implicate incriminate intertwine pester prehensile ravel snarl spiral tangle unfasten list 45 cloy devour engulf gluttonous gnaw gobble gormandize gulp guttle guzzle imbibe inebriate ingest ingestion nibble nip omnivorous peck potable quaff slake slurp teetotal browse ambivalence ambivalent consistency discrepancy irreconcilable paradox rift variance grapple melee dissonance discordant beset embed extract impale impenetrable insert

interpolate penetrate penetration pierce puncture sheathe skewer spiny stab thrust seminal genetically mount antagonize averse boycott compete confront contradict contradictory controvert contumacy defiance defy demonstrate demur deprecate disproof dissent expostulate mutinous objection oppose overpowering protest quibble rebellious rebuttal recalcitrant refute remonstrate retort riot rivalry hue and cry oppugn apostasy betray collaborate deviation double‐cross firebrand insurgent insurrection perfidious perfidy renege revolt treacherous mutiny disaffected

defection buck abnegate disavow disclaimer disprove gainsay naysay negate negation override overrule rebuff veto disapprobation sisavowal apophasis intervention intervene meddle beholden grateful gratitude indebted reciprocate unrequited masonry appoint carpentry depose deposition designate devolve dispatch empower entitle inaugural inaugurate induct induction initiate install instate matriculate nominate ordain preside sinecure transfer courier coroner assault foray iconoclastic impinge inroad onslaught raid vulnerable assailable list 46

propound adduce allocate alms charity dispense distribute endue grant issue mete proffer provision purvey quota ration redistribution render trophy enfranchise accouter anchor buckle clench clinch fasten fixate latch settled solidify scrutinize perceptible lookout askance astigmatic behold descry discern discernible discerning envisage espy gaze glance glare glimpse glower goggle hallucination inspection leer ogle overlook peek peep peery perambulate scan squint wink vigil

imbue implant inculcate indoctrinate affiliate affiliation align amalgamate annexation associate coalesce coalition concatenate confederacy conflate conjunction cooperate corporate incorporate institution interlock interlocking junction meld mesh nexus panel realign recombine splice uncooperative confluence arouse disenchant disillusion evocative expedite agitated bolster buoy embolden exhort foster goad hearten hortative incentive incite infuse invigorate invigorating refresh solicit stimulus stir whet invidious jealousy economical abnegation abstain

abstention abstentious abstinent constrained continent forbearance sobriety asceticism continence bar curfew debar forbid interdict licit proscribe taboo bar curfew campaign contend contest crusade vie vying regatta list 47 amplify bulge dilate distend distension distention escalate expand flatulence inflate intumescence maximize swell tumid agnostic comprehend comprehensible implicit intelligible misperceive scrutable cognitive misconstrue availability available capitalize communal disposable exert feasible functional inexorable interaction odds

serviceable underutilized untapped utilize layover odyssey peregrination riddle unfathomed labyrinthine perplex astray baffle befuddle befuddlement bemused bewilder bewildering captivate confound daze delirious discomfited enthrall fascinate illusive labyrinth maze nonplus obfuscate straggle fluster bewitch adhesive affix attach cling glutinous tackiness viscid viscous cohere crumble fragile friable mince scrappy squash extrude obviate preclude repulsion supplant supposition adjudicate appraise arbitrate assess assessment evaluation infer

ponderable umpire feebleminded capsize topple mischief perdition decimate deface demolish demolition destructible devastate disfigure mar marred overturn raze sabotage shattered subversive subvert trample undermine unscathed vandalism vandalize violate excise incise intersect laminate mutilate serrate serration debark dismantle dispel deseam eliminate exorcise expunge expurgate supersede unmask conjure application beseech entreat entreaty implore importune imprecation intercede invoke plead suppliant supplicate cadge unbidden appealing

adjuration list 48 deport deportation dislodge evict exclude ostracism ostracize oust repulse discharge expel expulsion dismiss defrock countermand irrevocable bowdlerize deplete disabuse eradicate foreclose wean extirpate delete abide countenance endure stomach sustain swallow tolerance weather withstand forbear stamina bestow boon confer donate garland largess medal oblige eleemosynary embark beneficiary allege assert avowal claim commentary construe decipher decode elaboration elucidate evince explicable explicate

expository expound illustrate iterate legend manifesto paraphrase proclaim proclamation promulgate publicize prescriptive announce apprise cogent exposition exegesis contemplate excogitate ideology incogitant introspective meditate muse opine ponder premeditate premeditated recall reminisce retrace ruminate ruminative speculate speculative unpremeditated reminiscence scruple cerebration contravene infringe transgress counterproductive debrief feedback inquiry interrogate pry query rejoin rejoinder repartee response catechism absorb advert bewitching cynosure desirable enchant entice

entrance entrancing fetching gripping heed induce infatuated liaison lure pall ravishing rivet riveting spectacular unprepossessing inviting tantalizing inducement tantalize allure confide convince credence credible credit credo credulous doctrine dogma fabulous implausible reliance tenet trustworthy impossibly incredible gyrate pivot reel rotate slue swing swirl list 49 burrow elicit exhume grope probe quest retrieve trawl oppress persecute quash quell repressed scotch squelch stanch subjugate

vanquish victimize abhor abominate blasé disagreeable exceptionable loathe obnoxious odious offensive reparative repel repellent repugnant sated undesirable scandalize unsavory loathsome antagonism antipathy disinclination desideratum entail imperative prerequisite pressing procrustean request requisite stipulate importunate bivouac camp creep displace emigrate inch locomotion locomotive migratory mobile motile procession remove shuttle slither transplantation transpose winkle bridle contain containment prohibitive refrain restrain restraint stifle ambush cache

conceal dissemble dissimulate doggo ensconce insidious latent lurk mantle retiring secrete smother solitary stalk stash veil palm privy secluded reclusive ambulatory flight gait glide jog jolt kinetic motility plummet prance pulsate pulse scuff slippage slump soar stride swagger tempo traverse tread waddle athletics canter accomplish attainment feat fructify insuperable outmaneuver preponderant preponderate surmount transcend winning pulverize bicker brawl discord fray miff

polemic pugnacious skirmish squabble tiff wrangle sparring strife quarrelsome rowdy altercation disputatious belligerent apologize contention contentious controversial debate dispute haggle hassle negotiable negotiate polemical sophism sophistication sophistry tussle list 50 attest certification confirm demonstrative document substantiate testify testimony verify vindicate vindication authenticate advocacy allegiance buttress colonnade espousal espouse foothold fulcrum pedestal plinth prop purchase splint tripod truss undergird woo exponent advocate brace

sling sanitation bracket corroborate spoke commitment chassis roadblock barrier blackball blockade blockage clog cumber deadlock deter dissuade encumber forestall hamper hinder impasse impede impediment intercept logjam obstruct obstruction occlude stalemate stunt stymie trap balk malfunction trammel barricade hurdle palings rail stockade accelerate actuate facilitate hasten hie impel impetus instigate momentum nourish promote prompt propel propeller propulsion trigger motivate provoke etch fretwork

icon marionette perforate porcelain torso abscond absenteeism avert avoid bilk bolt circumvent dodge elude escapism eschew evade evasion evasive goldbrick ineluctable malinger parry retreat shirk shun sidestep skirt truancy wince skulk sanctuary beget engender evoke generate incidence occurrence onset spontaneity spontaneous forthcoming resurgence resurrect resuscitate revitalize inadvertent flippancy miscalculate amiss delinquency delinquent disregard err fallacious fallacy fallibility fallible faulted list 51 gaffe

glitch lapse oblivious offence omit oversight peccadillo remiss typo anachronism errant erroneous assume assumption conjecture extrapolate hypothesis hypothetical posit postulate presumable presume presupposition reckon surmise extrapolation fact‐finding canvass censor custody detection investigate invigilate oversee poll regulate scrutinize superintend supervise surveillance assemble beckon choke cohesion compile convene convergent convoke gregarious gregariousness summon reconvene accumulate aggregate amass banquet cohesive conference conglomerate congregate conjoin

converge coven curd deposit garner glean group masquerade muster rally symposium tournament agglomeration conglomeration cumulative dramatize blazon characterization characterize citation cite delineate depict doodle enumerate excerpt expatiate limn narrative particularize pinpoint portray quote stipple onomatopoeia parrot effigy facsimile imitation imitative impersonate inimitable replica simulate automaton coerce compel constrain constraint duress impose intimidate intrude obligatory obtrude commandeer fantasy mirage phantom subjective utopia

utopian conceivable foyer interlude lobby mesmerize prone recline recumbent relaxation repose resort slacken slumber somnolent compress congest constrict constringe encapsulate huddle press shrink tamp formative impact impressionable interplay militate psychosomatic list 52 aura preconceive preordain prescient adumbrate anticipate anticipatory augury betoken bode boding divine envision forebode forecast foreknowledge forerunner harbinger hunch inspiration ominous portend precursor prefigure premonition presage prescience presentiment preview prevision

prognosis prognosticate prophecy prophetic rehearse foreshadow premonitory foreboding quiescent stationary equanimity halcyon hush mute placid reserve reticent serene taciturn tranquility quietude bawl bedlam blare blustering boisterous chirp clamor din fracas hubbub jamboree obstreperous restive restless roister rollicking tumult uproar uproarious vociferous agape aghast astound appall consternation convulse dumbfound furor fuss ghastly jar lurid marvel sensation squeamish startle tremendous marvelous fraught triplet

engaged hasty hectic onerous summarily taxing convenience expediency portable profundity abstruse conundrum convoluted elusive esoteric impalpable inexplicable inscrutable intricacy intricate obscure obscurity obscurity opaque rebus recondite enigmatic enigma zealotry fanatical frenzied rhapsodize delirium demented distraught fad possessed queer amok fanaticism harmonious attune conciliatory concord console consonance consonant dissonant empathy incompatible incongruent incongruity mediate mollify pacify placate rapport rapprochement reconcile relieved reassuring

solace soothing solidarity sooth sop camaraderie list 53 intercession alleviate assuage buffer cushion defuse disarm mitigate mitigant palliate scrimmage implacable amorphous chaos commotion convulsion disarray dishevel disheveled disruptive havoc muddle pandemonium pell‐mell rambunctious shambles tousle turmoil welter chaotic disjointed medley assorted commingle intermingle jumble mingle pastiche potpourri alloy harden indurate ironclad rigid starchy static stiff substantial litotes allude backhanded cue depute deputize

oblique suggestive vicarious emergency exigent necessitous urgent exigency precision accuracy accurate exact exactitude literal nice nicety precise rigor sophisticated misadventure bottleneck dilemma disconcert encounter famine famish inferno knotty labored nonviable plight predicament purgatory quandary strand stranded discommode prevalent chic faddish mode modish pandemic prevail revive rife vogue mealymouthed ambiguous blur connotation imprecise loom noncommittal oracular potential random subliminal vague equivocal nebulous

subtlety enervate exhaust fatigue grueling indefatigable jaded languid languor lassitude lethargic listless slouch tire wearisome weary dearth deficiency deficit destitute destitution exiguous impecunious impoverish indigence indigent insufficient meager needy paucity privation scant scarcity sparse want appreciable clarify clarity defined definite definition definitive list 54 demystify distinct explicit expressly externalize manifest manifestation marked notable obvious palpable patent perspicuous pronounced striking univocal identifiable limpid

liquid pellucid regimen inanimate medium subsist subsistence survive symbiosis viability vitality aptitude befitting behoove (behove) cogency habitable meet mistimed seemly timely unbecoming seasonable inopportune advisable apposite apropos condign felicitous inexpedient opportune burial casualty cemetery defunct execute gallows guillotine inter lynch mortality mortuary necropolis obituary perish slaughter slay succumb tombstone assassination cadaver hereafter mortician obsequy postmortem knell mausoleum morgue nirvana paradise undertaker bereavement

cremate doom incinerator adventitious casual contingent episodic gamble haphazard lot lottery backfire opportunistic accidental serendipitous bend contort crook detour distort flexible grimace misrepresent misrepresentation pliant roundabout serpentine tortuous unbend warp writhe zigzag awry cow hazard hazardous imperil jeopardize jeopardy juncture menace minatory parlous peril perilous portentous precarious threat venturesome browbeat scare deterrent gratuitous unfounded unjustified unsubstantiated unwarranted untenable customary habituate inured

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你知道这些GRE考试阅读题技巧吗 - 1.中心思想题 中心思想题是 GRE 考试中唯一带有主观色彩的题型,它考察你对文章大意和总体结构的把 握能力。 GRE 阅读涉及的...


背诵GRE词汇5种小方法 - 三立教育 背诵 GRE 词汇 5 种小方法 1、词根、词缀。 这是最常见、最常用、最常被提及的方法,也是最有效的新 GRE ...


GRE做题技巧:标好标记 - 三立教育 GRE 做题技巧:标好标记 1.根据 GRE 阅读题目类型固定或所涉及考点为已做标记范畴 1)问事物之间的关系,定位到...


GRE隧道技术 - Keywords 关键词:VPN Abstract GRE 隧道 PDSN WAPGW 摘要:在传统的 VPN 组网场合中,GRE 隧道技术得到了广泛的应用。本文介绍...


GRE_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。智课网 GRE 备考资料 GRE 优秀作文赏析:科学的作用_GRE 写作题目: The function of science is to reassure; the purpose of...


你的GRE分数能上哪个等级的学校 - 你的 GRE 分数能上哪个等级的学校 本文整理了四类等级的美国大学,分别是美国 TOP20 大学、美国 TOP50 大学、美国 TOP80 ...


GRE考试多少分算高分_英语_高中教育_教育专区。GRE考试多少分算高分 GRE 考试多少分算高分新 GRE 考试多少分算高分?新 GRE 满分分数是多少...

GRE 两个月紧急备考:书单、Videos、App 推荐

GRE 两个月紧急备考:书单、Videos、App 推荐 每年都有无数小伙伴在纠结一个问题,两个月备考 G 到底够不够。事实上,全身准备的话,完全够了。 熟悉考试题型 ...


GRE详解_互联网_IT/计算机_专业资料。GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) GRE 是一种最传统的隧道协议,其根本功能就是要实现隧道功能,通过隧道连接的两个远程网络...


GTP、以太网、GRE协议个人理解_互联网_IT/计算机_专业资料。GTP 协议 GTP 是一组基于 IP 的, 用于在 GSM 和 UMTS 网络中支持通用分组无线服务 (GPRS)的通讯协...

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