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Good morning ,Ladies and gentlemen ! My name is _______. I come from _________University. I ’m very glad to be standing here and talk about lesson ___,Which is from Unit __. My teaching report includes 7 parts : Part 1 The talk about syllabus and analyze the book standard of English curriculum has clearly

emphasized ,”the task of English curriculum is

to inspire and

develop interest of students’ English learning ,train their self-confidence ,as well as the abilities of

observation ,memory ,thinking ,imagination and the creative spirit from a good habit of learning and lay a good foundation for their life-time study . The key point of this unit is to talk about

______________,There are ___sentences.(分别是什么?) Part 2 Teaching aims

According to the teaching outline and combining the students’ situation ,I make the teaching aims of this lesson as follows. a. The first is the aim of knowledge 1.It’s to learn these words : ( 写 下 单 词 ) __sentences:(写下句子) 2.the words pronuncation / recite ballads. and master

b.The second is the aim of abilities the creative spirit is quite important to the students .so I will pay much attention to train it in my class . Otherwise ,I will try to train the students learning ,speaking ,reading and writing abilities .Mainly improve their communication abilities and encourge them to speak more English . C. The third is the aim of emotion 1.Make the students have interest to study English and make them be in English study . 2.make the students have successful feeling and achievement / Part 3 Theaching important and difficult points.

a. Important points the first is to master usage of the words :(写下单词) the second is to master these words singulat and pluarl. the third is to master and use ____sentences:(写下句子) .b. Difficult points It’s the pronunciation of these words and master these sentences and how to use them freely . Part 4 Teaching and Learning Methods

I’d like to teach this lesson by Task-based approach , which enable students to learn a foreign language by using it , arouses the motivation of students’ learning ,makes students experience

success trains their ability of communication. I also will use communicative method ,discussing method and seeing and learning and game to teach this lesson .Make the students take part in class . Ask and answer in pairs and groups . Part 5 Teaching tools

In order to interest the students .I will use recorder , cards and pictures and boby language as my teaching tools . Part 6 Step 1 talk about the Revision teaching procedures.

Before my class ,I’ll get the students to sing an English song to keep themselves relax . Step2 presentation and drill

First , (把创设的情境写下来) second, I’ll drill the sentences: (写下新的句型) third, I’ll go on teach other new words :(写下 单词)。 Step3 consolidation

Show some______ picture to students and let them quickly say these words .I’ll also train the creative spirit of the students. Step4 Assign the homework Part 7 Blackboard Design

As teachers ,to make our English classroom shine with vitality ,we are laid with heavy burden ,and we still have long

way to go . Above is the lecture notes of my lesson .Thank you !



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