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B 单元 完形填空 目录
B 单元 完形填空 1 B1 记叙文 1 B2 夹叙夹议文 31 B3 议论文 错误!未定义书签。 B4 说明文 错误!未定义书签。 B5 应用文 错误!未定义书签。



【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届四川省绵阳中学高三上学期第五次月考(201412) 】第二节:完 形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 11—30 各题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项. My husband and I arrived in a new country just a month ago. We were sort of 11 about what was waiting for us. However, when we 12 at the airport, a tall man with smiling eyes greeted us. The days and months were 13 made easy for us by this kind man. He greeted us every day with his smiling face. He 14 us in going to the bank, in buying our groceries, in telling us 15 to buy almost everything. He told us he is our big brother. 16 , we watched the match in a coffee shop. During the first get-together, he 17 us that we‘ re lucky—my husband and I are 18 in this foreign land. He said he has been 19 for eight years now because he rarely sees his family, 20 they are in his home country. During the second get-together, he 21 told us that we are his family. He said that he loves us and that he will 22 us because he has been given a 23 of 45 days to go back to his home country. That night, he spoke these words which 24 a great impact in my life: ―You changed my life…‖ That night deep in our hearts we were 25 by our friend‘s words. We texted him upon reaching home, 26 him for being a Big Brother to us in the foreign land. We told him 27 that we feel safe in going out when we are with him, to which he 28 , ―You are my family here.‖ On the first week of October, we‘re going to 29 him back from his vacation. We‘ll watch the football match again in that 30 shop that holds dear memories. 11. A. curious 12. A. checked B. worried B. dropped C. certain C. landed D. crazy D. settled

13. A. therefore B. instead C. anyhow D. otherwise 14. A. expected B. troubled C. comforted D. accompanied 15. A. when B. where C. why D. whether 16. A. Once B. So C. Twice D. Finally 17. A. informed B. warned C. blamed D. convinced 18. A. together B. nearby C. around D. apart 19. A. sick B. lonely C. cheerful D. scared 20. A. if B. unless C. as D. although 21. A. secretly B. jokingly C. proudly D. sincerely 22. A. remember B. miss C. forget D. respect 23. A. delay B. right C. vacation D. date 24. A. created B. designed C. solved D. received 25. A. puzzled B. touched C. astonished D. flattered 26. A. thanking B. forgiving C. repaying D. punishing 27. A. after all B. as well C. in return D. in advance 28. A. agreed B. objected C. added D. replied 29. A. see B. pick C. call D. force 30. A. book B. grocery C. coffee D. sports 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】文章讲述了作者和妻子来到异国他乡时,遇到了一个―大哥哥‖的帮助,他给了 他们亲人般的关怀和照顾,陪着他们购物、去银行、帮助他们办理各项事务,使他们很容易 地适应了的新环境,因此他们也成了亲密的朋友。 【答案解析】 11.B A. curious 好奇的 B. worried 担心的 C. certain 肯定的 D. crazy 疯狂的; 由情理可知当人 们初到异国他乡,在举目无亲的情况下,面对陌生的环境心里是担忧的,不安的。 12.C A. checked 检查 B. dropped 下降 C. landed 着陆 D. settled 定居;根据 at the airport 可 知他们是乘飞机去的,所以用 land―着陆,降落‖。 13.A A. therefore 因此 B. instead 取代 C. anyhow 无论如何 D. otherwise 否则;从下文可知因 为有了这个和善的 ―大哥哥‖的帮助,他们在这个新地方的生活变得很容易,所以此处表示 因果关系,故选 A。 14.D A. expected 期待 B. troubled 麻烦 C. comforted 安慰 D. accompanied 陪伴。根据下文 going to the bank, in buying our groceries,可以判断作者和她丈夫是在他的陪同下购物, 办理一 切手续等。 15.B A. when 何时 B. where 何地 C. why 为什么 D. whether 是否。根据语境 in showing us__ __to buy almost everything.判断他指给我们去哪里买东西,此处指买东西的地方,故答 案选 B。 16.C A. Once 一次;一旦 B. So 因此 C. Twice 两次 D. Finally 最终; 根据下文 During the first get-together, During the second get-togethe 可知是两次。 17.D A. informed 通知 B. warned 警告 C. blamed 责备 D. convinced 使信服;从下文的 讲述可知这位好心的―大哥哥‖独自在国外八年,通过这种对比可知因为有着丈夫的陪伴,作 者深信自己是幸运的。 18.A A. together 一起 B. nearby 附近 C. around 四处 D. apart 分开;根据上下文可以判断此处 侧重与那位好心人孤身一人在国外居住的对比,所以答案选 A。 19.B A. sick 生病的 B. lonely 孤独的 C. cheerful 欢呼 D. scared 害怕;根据下文 he hardly sees his family… they are in his home country.判断他是独自一人居住在国外, 所以用 lonely―孤

独的‖,选 B。 20.C A. if 如果 B. unless 除非 C. as 由于 D. although 尽管; 从 he hardly sees his family,和 they are in his home country 判断前后句是因果关系,答案选 C。 21.D A. secretly 秘密地 B. jokingly 开玩笑地 C. proudly 自豪地 D. sincerely 真诚地。由情理 可知当他说 He said that he loves us….的时候应该是发自内心、真诚地说,故答案选 D。 22.B A. remember 记得 B. miss 错过;想念 C. forget 忘记 D. respect 尊重;根据后句 because he has been given a __ ___of 45 days to go back to his home country 可知他要回国, 由情理可知 在此他表示在此期间他会想念作者和他丈夫。答案选 B。 23.C A. delay 推迟 B. right 权力 C. vacation 假期 D. date 日期。 根据下文……from his vacation 可以判断他获得了一个 45 天的假期,选 C。 24.A A. created 创造;造成 B. designed 设计 C. solved 解决 D. received 受到;那天晚上,他 的话对我们的生活产生重大影响。 25.B A. puzzled 迷惑 B. touched 感动 C. astonished 震惊 D. flattered 奉承; 谄媚; 由上文 He said that he loves us 等可知这位热心人的坦诚让作者非常感动,答案选 B。 26.A A. thanking 感谢 B. forgiving 原谅 C. repaying 报答 D. punishing 惩罚。在上文中作 者提到这位热心人给予他们无私的帮助, 由此推断作者在此是表示对他的感激, thank sb for sth/doing sth,―因……而感激‖,选 A。 27.B A. after all 毕竟;终究 B. as well 也 C. in return 回报 D. in advance 预先。上文作者发短 信表示对这位好人的感激,所以此处再提到其他内容时可以用 as well,意思是―也‖,答案选 B,其他选项不合语境。 28.D A. agreed 同意 B. objected 反对 C. added 加 D. replied 回复。根据下文―You are my family here.‖可知这是―大哥哥‖所回短信的内容,reply to ―对……做出回复、回答‖,故答案 选 D。 29.A A. see 看 B. pick 捡 C. call 叫 D. force 从下文 We ‘ll watch the football match again 可知 作者是去见刚刚探亲回来的这位朋友,故答案选 A。 30.C A. book 书 B. grocery 杂货 C. coffee 咖啡 D. sports 运动。根据上文 the match in a coffee shop.可以推断他们会再次去那家有着美好回忆的咖啡店去看球赛,答案选 C。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届湖北省荆门市高三元月调研考试(201501) 】第二节:完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 ―I wouldn‘t buy that woman a Mother‘s Day card, even if my life depended upon it,‖ said the woman standing by the card shelf at Wal-Mart. I looked up and saw a(n) 31 of total complaint and dislike. Having been 32 at a Florida orphanage at age four, I never knew what it felt like to have a mother or a father. Never once had I received a hug or a kiss from my parents. That part of my life is a total 33 . She looked up, saw me looking at her and 34 angrily, ―Just what are you looking at, you fool?‖ ―Sorry Ma‘am. I never had a mother, and I was 35 by your words.‖ I reached over and picked up a nice-looking 36 , opened it and began to read, ―Thank you 37 for being my mother.‖ ―Do you think your mother would like that card? Mine would, I think,‖ I said. ―Do you know what it is like to be 38 at for years, and never be told that you are loved?‖

she asked. ―My mother didn‘t 39 me, let alone shout. She just took me to the orphanage where I stayed until I grew up,‖ I replied. ―Don‘t you 40 her?‖ she asked. ―Oh, I can‘t. She‘s my mother. Being a mother is a position to be 41 , even if she is not a very nice person,‖ I told her. The woman stood there 42 her head. I looked down at the floor and said, ―I know your mother might have done a lot of things that 43 you. It appears as if you hate her. But I can tell you this from my 44 that disliking her, or even hating her, feels nowhere near as 45 as never having known a mother at all—good or bad. At least, you feel 46 . For me, it‘s all just a large blank of loneliness inside my heart, and that‘s 47 I‘ll feel until I die.‖ The woman stood there for a moment. 48 , she reached out, took the card from my hand, smelled it, and placed it in her cart. After she left, I 49 a nice card for my mother. I took it home, 50 it, and placed it with the other Mother and Father‘s Days cards bought all these years, each marked ―Address Unknown‖. 31. A. idea B. appearance C. expression D. impression 32. A. deserted B. lost C. reserved D. rescued 33. A. dark B. pain C. misfortune D. blank 34. A. requested B. considered C. screamed D. refused 35. A. relieved B. annoyed C. disappointed D. shocked 36. A. cart B. card C. book D. magazine 37. A. simply B. largely C. originally D. basically 38. A. shouted B. glared C. laughed D. pointed 39. A. set aside B. leave behind C. care about D. know about 40. A. miss B. love C. accuse D. hate 41. A. depended B. obeyed C. respected D. observed 42. A. shaking B. dropping C. raising D. nodding 43. A. hurt B. blamed C. disturbed D. punished 44. A. conscience B. efforts C. experiences D. nature 45. A. fragile B. lonely C. hateful D. anxious 46. A. anything B. everything C. nothing D. something 47. A. whether B. how C. where D. why 48. A. Cheerfully B. Eagerly C. Hesitantly D. Seriously 49. A. picked out B. packed up C. brought out D. took up 50. A. mended B. exposed C. addressed D. signed 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】 文章讲述了一位女士在沃尔玛摆放卡片的货架前说 “再不会买一张母亲节贺卡 送给那个女人”展开,通过和身为孤儿的作者的对话,这位女士最终给母亲买了节日卡片。 通过这篇文章告诉我们,有母亲是幸福的,母亲应该被尊重。 【答案解析】 31.C A. idea 想法 B. appearance 外貌 C. expression 表达 D. impression 印象; 一位女士这样说 道,她站在沃尔玛商场里摆放贺卡的架子前。 32.A A. deserted 舍弃;遗弃 B. lost 丢失 C. reserved 储备 D. rescued 救援;四岁那年,我被遗 弃在佛罗里达州的一家孤儿院里。 33.D A. dark 黑暗 B. pain 疼痛 C. misfortune 不幸 D. blank 空白;我从未得到过父母的一个 拥抱、一个亲吻。我生命的这部分完全是一片空白。 34.C A. requested 要求 B. considered 考虑 C. screamed 尖叫 D. refused 拒绝;看见我在注视 着她,便尖叫起来: “你这个傻子在看什么?

35.D A. relieved 减轻 B. annoyed 打扰 C. disappointed 失望 D. shocked 震惊;我没有母亲,你 说的话让我大吃一惊。 36.B A. cart 马车 B. card 卡片 C. book 书 D. magazine 杂志;根据上文可知,谈论的是卡片。 37.A A. simply 简单地;仅仅 B. largely 大部分地 C. originally 最初地 D. basically 基本地; “谢 谢您,就因为您是我的母亲。 ” 38.A A. shouted 大喊 B. glared 瞪 C. laughed 笑 D. pointed 指出;你知道多年来一直忍受她的 吼叫,并且从未听她说过她爱我,那是什么感觉吗? 39.C A. set aside 不理会 B. leave behind 留下 C. care about 关心 D. know about 了解;我母亲 根本不在乎我,更没有对我吼叫过 40.D A. miss 错过;想念 B. love 爱 C. accuse 指责;谴责 D. hate 憎恨;难道你不恨她吗? 41.C A. depended 依靠 B. obeyed 服从 C. respected 尊重 D. observed 观察;身为母亲,就应 该受到尊重。 42.A A. shaking 摇头 B. dropping 下降 C. raising 筹集;出现 D. nodding 点头;女人站在那里, 摇头。 43.A A. hurt 使伤心 B. blamed 责备 C. disturbed 打扰 D. punished 惩罚; 我知道, 你母亲也 许做了很多令你不开心的事。 44.C A. conscience 良心 B. efforts 努力 C. experiences 经历 D. nature 自然;但是,我可以凭 我的经历告诉你,讨厌她,甚至是恨她,可也比根本不知道自己的母亲是谁那么孤独。 45.B A. fragile 易碎的 B. lonely 孤独的 C. hateful 憎恨的 D. anxious 担心的;根据下文 lonliness 可知,选 B。 46.D 至少你会感觉到一些东西,而我什么都感觉不到。 47.B A. whether 是否 B. how 怎样 C. where 哪儿 D. why 为什么; 这种感觉会一直持续到我死 去的那一刻。 48.C A. Cheerfully 欢呼地 B. Eagerly 渴望地 C. Hesitantly 犹豫地 D. Seriously 严重地; 女人在 那里站了好几秒钟,犹豫了一会,她慢慢地伸过手来,拿走我手上的贺卡,闻了一下 49.A A. picked out 挑出 B. packed up 打包 C. brought out 公布 D. took up 开始从事; 我又挑了 一张漂亮的卡片,准备送给我的母亲。 50.D A. mended 修理 B. exposed 揭露 C. addressed 写地址 D. signed 签字;我把它带回家, 签上名字。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届黑龙江省哈六中高三上学期期末考试(201501) 】第 三部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分)第一节:完形填空 (共 20 小题,每 小题.1.5 分, 满分 30 分)
On a weekday evening, Jane was at home as usual. As her __41__swung between what she was going to do with her life and their dinner plans for the evening, she was unexpectedly __42__by an urgent call from her sister ―Get over here! Turn on NBC and check these guys out. They are just like you…..‖ One facebook message and a phone interview later, Jane __43__herself on a bus with 8 strangers in the middle of the sweltering (令人发昏的)desert heat of Utah, picking up trash and __44___ awareness(意识)about zero-waste and climate change. With a deep __45__ of the environment and a desire to make a __46__, Jane, Davey, and a group of self __47__ ―environmental pick-up artists‖ went on a coast to coast road side trash pick-up. As they walked, sometimes only __48__0.9 miles in an entire day, they __49__ and

steadily made their way across the United States for three years, picking up a total of 201,678 pounds of trash. Jane and Davey _50__ with us wonderful stories of hope and inspiration that fueled their __51__to continue their journey. After spending weeks silently __52__how she would have enough __53__ to fly home for their two-week spring break, Jane found a blank, unidentified envelope __54__with $850 cash in the desert. Just enough to get her home and back. After their bus __55__ outside of Denver, they unexpectedly got __56__and arrived in Yosemite National Park three weeks later, just in time for the ―Yosemite Facelift‖ where __57__from all over the state came together with a __58__of cleaning up trash all over the park. Being at the right place at the right time became almost normal, and they realized that much of what they __59__was more than just a coincidence. Together, their team learned to simply __60__ themselves to their task, and surrender to the journey. 41. A. hands B. thoughts C. balance D. position 42. A. blamed B. frightened C. moved D. interrupted 43. A. found B. cheered C. dropped D. taught 44. A. abandoning B. raising C. shaking D. hiding 45. A. pride B. trust C. love D. fear 46. A. plan B. promise C. mistake D. difference 47. A. described B. corrected C. repeated D. discovered 48. A. driving B. covering C. riding D. fixing 49. A. slowly B. secretly C. helplessly D. frequently 50. A. heard B. read C. wrote D. shared 51. A. problems B. costs C. efforts D. choices 52. A. depending on B. replying to C. worrying about D. meeting with 53. A. time B. money C. food D. room 54. A. filled B. supplied C. decorated D. equipped 55. A. set off B. held on C. headed for D. broke down 56. A. rest B. practice C. help D. understanding 57. A. volunteers B. members C. tourists D. reporters 58. A. question B. purpose C. decision D. lesson 59. A. introduced B. expected C. examined D. experienced 60. A. turn B. limit C. devote D. compare 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】文章通过简和同伴捡拾垃圾的志愿活动来告诉我们要热爱环境。 【答案解析】 41.B A. hands 手 B. thoughts 想法 C. balance 平衡 D. position 位置;当她的想法在打算过什 么样的生活和晚餐计划间摇摆不定时。 42.D A. blamed 责备 B. frightened 惊吓 C. moved 移动;感动 D. interrupted 打断;意外地被 妹妹紧急的电话声打断了。 43.A A. found 找到 B. cheered 欢呼 C. dropped 下降 D. taught 教;简发现自己和 8 个陌生人 坐在一辆公交车上……. 44.B A. abandoning 放弃 B. raising 提升;提高 C. shaking 摇,抖 D. hiding 藏;捡拾垃圾并 且提升人们的认识。 45.C A. pride 自豪 B. trust 信任 C. love 爱 D. fear 害怕; 对环境的热爱和强烈的希望产生作 用…… 46.D A. plan 计划 B. promise 诺言 C. mistake 错误 D. difference 差别 ;make a difference 有

影响;起作用。 47.A A. described 描述 B. corrected 改正 C. repeated 重复 D. discovered 发现;他们把自己描 述为“环保的检拾艺术家” 。 48.B A. driving 开车 B. covering 走(完一段路)C. riding 骑 D. fixing 修理;他们一天走的 路程只有 0.9 英里。 49.A A. slowly 慢地 B. secretly 秘密地 C. helplessly 无助地 D. frequently 经常地;slowly and steadily 平稳缓慢地。 50.D A. heard 听说 B. read 读 C. wrote 写 D. shared 分享;share…with 和…….分享 51.C A. problems 问题 B. costs 花费 C. efforts 努力 D. choices 选择; 他们和我们分享他们精 彩的故事:希望和灵感,推动他们继续前行的努力。 52.C A. depending on 依靠;依赖 B. replying to 回复 C. worrying about 担心 D. meeting with 要去见某人;她为如何飞回家过为期 2 周的春节担心了几周后,发现了一个空白的、身份不 明的信封,里面装有 850 美元现金。 53.B A. time 时间 B. money 金钱 C. food 食物 D. room 房间;空间;根据下文的_with $850 cash in the desert. Just enough to get her home and back,可推出,这里是钱。 54.A A. filled 装满 B. supplied 提供 C. decorated 装饰;装饰 D. equipped 装备;配备;钱装 在信封里,故用 A 。 55.D A. set off 出发 B. held on 坚持,等一等 C. headed for 出发 D. broke down 出故障,坏 了;根据下文的 three weeks later, just in time for,及时赶上,可推出他们的车坏了。 56.C A. rest 休息 B. practice 练习 C. help 帮助 D. understanding 理解;意想不到的是他 们得到帮助并于三周后到达约塞米特蒂国家公园。 57.A A. volunteers 志愿者 B. members 成员 C. tourists 游客 D. reporters 记者;来自本国各地 的志愿者….. 58.B A. question 问题 B. purpose 目的 C. decision 决定 D. lesson 课;志愿者共同的目的就 是清扫干净整座公园的垃圾。 59.D A. introduced 介绍 B. expected 期望 C. examined 检查 D. experienced 经历; 在恰当的时 间,恰当的地点,一切都变得正常,他们意识到他们所经历的不仅仅是和巧合。 60.C A. turn 变得;转 B. limit 限制 C. devote 奉献;致力于 D. compare 与……相比;devote oneself to…致力于

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届湖北省襄阳市高三第一次调研考试(201501)word 版】笫二节: 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 On Nov. 18, 1995, violinist Itzhak Perlman performed a concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. Stricken with polio (小儿麻痹症) as a child,Perlman 31 walked with the aid of two

crutches(拐杖)to a chair in the middle of the stage.He carefully laid the crutches on the floor, 32 one leg forward and the other underneath his chair, picked up his instrument and nodded to the 33 to begin. But something went wrong. After only seconds of playing, one of the strings on his violin 34 .The audience immediately knew what happened and fully expected the concert to be 35

until another string or even another insrument could be found. But Perlman

36 them. He

quickly calmed down, closed his eyes and then 37 the conductor to begin again.So the orchestra played from where they had 38 and Perlman played on three strings. He played passion and power. All the time he worked out new fingering in his mind to make up for the string. A work that few people 39 40

41 play well on four strings Perlman accomplished on three.

When he finished, a (n) 42 silence hung in the room. And then as one, the crowd rose to their feet and 43 wildly.Applause burst forth from every corner of the auditorium 44 for his talent and his courage.Perlman smiled and wiped the sweat from 46 the crowd and said, not proudly, but in a 47 , 48 to find out how much music

fans showed deep 45

his forehead. Then he raised his bow to

quiet, holy tone, ―You know. sometimes it is the artist's you can still make with what you have left.‖

Such was Itzhak Perlman. a great violinist. Playing a concert on three strings is not unlike his philosophy of life -- he 49 us?As for me I'm 50 make. 31. A. hopefully 32. A. exposed 33. A. conductor 34. A. burst 35. A. continued 36. A. confused 37. A. signaled 38. A. cut off 39. A. with 40. A. original 41. A. might 42. A. awesome 43. A. pursued 44. A. before 45. A. reputation 46. A. delight 47. A. thoughtful 48. A. status B. painfully B. exported B. audience B. erupted B. paused B. amused B. marked B. put off B. for B. similar B. should B. deliberate B. cheered B. until B. impression B. emerge B. tough B. explanation B. gave way to C. immediately C. expanded C. assistant C. broke C. proceeded C. concerned C. consulted C. taken off C. to C. vague C. could C. subtle C. responded C. while C. appreciation C. relax C. blank C. responsibility D. eventually D. extended D. performer D. collapsed D. organized D. surprised D. indicated D. left off D. of D. missing D. would D. evident D. observed D. as D. attention D.quiet D. weak D. intelligence D. held on to what he had left and still made music.And isn't that true with

that the world, more than ever, needs the music only you and I can

49. A. got accustomed to

C. looked forward to

50. A. convinced

B. reminded

C. disappointed

D. informed

【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】 本文讲述了伊萨克在只有三根琴弦的情况下依然继续演奏, 博得听众的认可和 掌声的故事。 【答案解析】 31.B 考查副词辨析 A. hopefully 有希望地;B. painfully 痛苦的;C. immediately 立 刻;D. eventually 最终;句意:他小的时候患过小儿麻痹症,所以他需要靠双拐走路。 根据语境可知是痛苦的,故选 B 项。 32. D 考查动词辨析 A. exposed 暴露; B. exported 出口; C. expanded 扩展; D. extended 延伸;句意:他小心的拄拐上来,先伸出一只来向前,再另外一只,拿起乐器,与指挥 点头;根据语境可知选 D 项。 33.A 考查名词辨析 A. conductor 售票员,指挥; B. audience 观众;C. assistant 助 手;D. performer 表演者;他小心的拄拐上来,先伸出一只来向前,再另外一只,拿起 乐器,与指挥点头,根据 He quickly calmed down, closed his eyes and then 37 the conductor to begin again 故选 A 项。 34.C 考查动词辨析 A. burst 爆发;B. erupted 喷发;C. broke 打碎;D. collapsed 崩溃;句意:当弹了几秒之后,一根琴断了。根据 But something went wrong 出错了,可 知弦断了,故选 C 项。 35. B 考查动词辨析 A. continued 继续; B. paused 暂停; C. proceeded 行进; D. organized 组织;句意:观众立刻明白发生什么事了,以为这个演唱会要中断。根据语境可知选 B 项。 36. D 考查动词辨析 A. confused 困惑; B. amused 愉快; C. concerned 关心; D. surprised 吃惊;句意:帕尔曼对此事非常的吃惊。根据 He quickly calmed down 他很快平静下来, 可知对当时的情况感觉非常的吃惊,故选 D 项。 37.A 考查动词辨析 A. signaled 发信号; B. marked 标记; C.consulted 咨询; D. indicated 表明;句意:当他平静下来,闭上眼睛,然后示意指挥重新开始。Signal sb to do 示意某 人做某事,故选 A 项。 38.D 考查动词短语辨析 A. cut off 切断;B. put off 推迟;C. taken off 起飞;D. left off 停止;句意:乐队再一次从刚才停止的地方开始,用仅有的三根弦演奏;根据语境可 知从刚才停止的地方开始,故选 D 项。 39. A 考查介词辨析 句意:他以前所未有的激情,力量进行演奏。With 表示伴随,故选 A 项。 40. D 考查形容词辨析 A. original 最初的;B. similar 类似的;C. vague 模糊的;

D. missing 迷失的;句意:一直以来,他在心里用新的指法来弥补丢掉的那根琴弦。 根据语境可知缺少一根琴弦,故选 D 项。 41. C 考查情态动词辨析 A. might 可能;B. should 应该;C. could 能够;D. would 将会;句意:一个连四根琴弦都不一定能弹好的作品他却用三根琴弦完成了。根据语境 可知选 C 项。 42. A 考查形容词辨析 A. awesome 可怕的,极好的;B. deliberate 故意的;C. subtle 微妙的;D. evident 明显的;句意:当他完成时,面部表情非常的平静;根据语境可知 选 A 项。 43. B 考查动词辨析 A. pursued 购买; B. cheered 欢呼; C. responded 回应; D. observed 观察;句意:观众们站起来,热烈的欢呼。根据下方提到 Applause burst forth from every corner of the auditorium 掌声充满每个角落,故选 B 项。 44.D 考查连词辨析 A. before 之前;B. until 直到;C. while 然而;D. as 因为;句 意:因为粉丝们对他的天赋和勇气表现出欣赏,所以掌声充满每个角落。根据语境可知 两个句子是因果关系,故选 D 项。 45. C 考查名词辨析 A. reputation 名声;B. impression 印象;C. appreciation 感激; D. attention 注意;句意:因为粉丝们对他的天赋和勇气表现出欣赏,所以掌声充满每 个角落。Show appreciation for 对。 。表现出欣赏,故选 C 项。 46.D 考查名词辨析 A. delight 高兴;B. emerge 出现;C. relax 休息;D.quiet 安静; 句意:他鞠躬示意人群平静下来,没有一丝的骄傲,用平静虔诚的语气说到你们知道, 有时候,用你仅有的一切去发现怎样创造音乐,也是艺术家的责任。根据语境可知让观 众平静下来,故选 D 项。 47.A 考查形容词辨析 A. thoughtful 体贴的,深思的;B. tough 困难的;C. blank 空 白的;D. weak 虚弱的;句意:他鞠躬示意人群平静下来,没有一丝的骄傲,用平静 虔诚的语气说到你们知道,有时候,用你仅有的一切去发现怎样创造音乐,也是艺术家 的责任,故项。 48. C 考查名词辨析 A. status 身份;B. explanation 解释;C. responsibility 责任; D. intelligence 聪明;句意:他举起琴弓,示意人群平静下来,没有一丝的骄傲,用平 静虔诚的语气说到你们知道,有时候,用你仅有的一切去发现怎样创造音乐,也是艺术 家的责任。根据语境可知这是艺术家的责任,故选 C 项。 49. D 考查动词短语辨析 A. got accustomed to 习惯于;B. gave way to 让路;C. looked forward to 盼望;D. held on to 坚持住;句意:用三根弦演奏就象他的人生哲理,他坚 持自己所现有的,仍然坚持演奏音乐。根据语境可知选 D 项。 50. A 考查动词辨析 A. convinced 使信服;B. reminded 提醒;C. disappointed 失望; D. informed 通知;句意:我坚信,这个世界比以往任何时候都需要你我创造更多的音

乐,故选 A 项。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届浙江省杭州二中高三第二次月考(201412) 】第二节:完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21 一 40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 My class and I visited Chris Care Center in Phoenix, Arizona to comfort the old people who needed a little cheering up during the holiday season. The first two __21__ there were for persons requiring help in taking care of themselves. We sang __22__ for them. They loved our sweet songs and the flowers that we left with them. As we were __23__ on the third floor for old people with Alzheimer (老年痴呆症), most of them __24__ off at the walls or floor. However, one lady __25__ my eye. She was sitting by the door, in a wheelchair, singing songs to herself. They weren‘t the songs that we were singing, at least they didn‘t __26__ like that. As we got __27__ with each festive song, she did as well. The louder we got, the louder she got. __28__ she was singing, she was also __29__ out to us with her hands and body. I knew that I should have gone over to her, but I thought that my __30__ were to my students. People who worked at the care center could __31__ to her, I thought. Just when I stopped feeling __32__ about not giving her the attention she needed, one of my students, Justin, showed me what the holiday season is really about. Justin also __33__ the same lady. The difference between us is that he __34__ on her needs, but I didn‘t. During the last song, ―Silent Night,‖ Justin walked over to her and held her hand. He looked this aged lady in her __35__ and with his actions said, ―You are important, and I will take my __36__ to let you know that.‖ This tired, elderly lady stopped singing and held his hand. Then she touched his cheek with the other hand. Tears began to fall down her face. No __37__ can completely describe that touching moment... It __38__ a boy to teach me, a man, about kindness and love. Justin‘s example of a complete, selfless attitude toward another was a __39__ that I will never forget. He was the teacher that day, and I consider myself __40__ to have witnessed his lesson. 21. A. rooms B. buildings C. floors D. groups 22. A. bravely B. shyly C. madly D. beautifully 23. A. dancing B. meeting C. gathering D. singing 24. A. stared B. shut C. paid D. glared 25. A. looked B. caught C. escaped D. hurt 26. A. appear B. hear C. sound D. feel 27. A. louder B. nearer C. faster D. higher 28. A. Because B. As C. Since D. Though 29. A. moving B. reaching C. coming D. spreading 30. A. interests B. abilities C. feeling s D. responsibilities 31. A. speak B. object C. attend D. compare 32. A. afraid B. sure C. guilty D. scary 33. A. feared B. avoided C. helped D. noticed 34. A. called B. acted C. insisted D. kept

35. A. tears B. hands C. eyes D. face 36. A. time B. flower C. body D. cheek 37. A. words B. poems C. expressions D. songs 38. A. took B. wasted C. caused D. made 39. A. message B. lesson C. activity D. class 40. A. clever B. foolish C. right D. lucky 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】文章讲述了老师带学生去养老院安慰老人的事情。其中学生 Justin 对一位老年 痴呆患者的全心全意的关爱给我们上了终生难忘的一课。 【答案解析】 21.C A. rooms 房间 B. buildings 建筑 C. floors 地板 D. groups 小组; 根据第三段中 As we were 23 on the third floor for old people with Alzheimer (老年痴呆症),可知这一空是前两层故答案 选C 22.D A. bravely 勇敢地 B. shyly 害羞地 C. madly 疯地 D. beautifully 美丽地;根据后一句中 our sweet songs 可知我们唱着动人的歌曲。 23. D A. dancing 跳舞 B. meeting 遇见 C. gathering 收集 D. singing 唱歌;根据上下文可知我 们在一层二层唱完之后去三楼唱歌. 24.A A. stared 凝视 B. shut 关上 C. paid 付款 D. glared 怒目而视;因为三层的老人是 老年痴呆症患者,因此当我们唱歌的时候他们看着墙或者是地板。 25.B A. looked 看 B. caught 抓住 C. escaped 逃脱 D. hurt 受伤;一位女士引起了我的注意。 caught my eye : 引起了我的注意 26.C A. appear 出现 B. hear 听说 C. sound 听起来 D. feel 感觉;根据句意她唱的歌和我们唱 的不一样,至少听起来不一样。 27.A A. louder 大声的 B. nearer 附近的 C. faster 快的 D. higher 高的; 根据后一句 The louder we got, the louder she got.可知本句话讲当我们唱歌声音变大时,她的声音也变大了。 28.B A. Because 因为 B. As 当……时候 C. Since 自从 D. Though 尽管;根据句意可知当她唱歌 的时候。 29.B A. moving 移动 B. reaching 伸 C. coming 来 D. spreading 传播;reach out to us with her hands :伸手去够 30.D A. interests 兴趣爱好 B. abilities 能力 C. feelings 感觉 D. responsibilities 责任;根据上下 文可知我应该走过去, 但我认为我的责任是负责我的学生, 和后一句这个中心的工作人员应 该照顾她。 31.C A. speak 说 B. object 反对 C. attend 参加 D. compare 与…..相比;attend to : 照顾 32.C A. afraid 害怕的 B. sure 肯定的 C. guilty 内疚的 D. scary 可怕的;根据上下文因为作者认 为是中心的工作人员应该照顾她,所以本句话意思是当我不在内疚的时候… 33.D A. feared 恐惧 B. avoided 避免 C. helped 帮助 D. noticed 注意;根据上下文可知 Justin 也 注意到了她。 34.B A. called 叫 B. acted 行动 C. insisted 坚持 D. kept 保持; act on her needs :根据她的需要做 出了行动。 35.C A. tears 眼泪 B. hands 手 C. eyes 眼镜 D. face 脸;为是看故用 eyes。 36.A A. time 时间 B. flower 花 C. body 身体 D. cheek 脸颊; 你很重要, 我会花时间慢慢让 你知道的。take my time :从容不迫。 37.A A. words 话 B. poems 诗 C. expressions 表达 D. songs 歌; 没有话可以表达我此刻的感动。

38.A A. took 花费 B. wasted 浪费 C. caused 引起 D. made 使;通常情况下 take 后面加时间。 本句中 it took a boy to teach me …take 在这里意为 need 39. BA. message 信息 B. lesson 课 C. activity 行动 D. class 班级; 他对待别人全心全意豪不利己 的态度给我上了终生难忘的一课。 40.D A. clever 聪明的 B. foolish 愚蠢的 C. right 对的 D. lucky 幸运的;那一刻他成为了我的老 师,并且我很幸运看到了这一刻。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届云南省部分名校高三 1 月份统一考试(201501) 】第一节:完形 填空(共 20 小题;每题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、 B 、C 、D)中,选出可以填入 空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 【出处:21 教育名师】 A man wanted to make an investment (投资). An idea struck him : ―Why don't I plant a small mango tree and enjoy the benefits when it grows into a big one?‖ So he went to the 41 , bought a small tree and took it home. To the pride of his family, he 42 it in the center of his 43 . He read everything about 44 a mango tree. He got up early every morning, for he was determined to supply the tree with all the necessary nutrients. He watered it, 45 it with manure (粪肥),and took good care of its leaves by removing those 46 ones. He made sure the tree received enough care. Many times he sat and 47 the beauty of the growing tree while dreaming about the 48 mangoes that the tree would 49 . His mind was always filled with the wish to taste the first fruit of the tree. Years went by 50 … now, he had a big tree with its leaves shining and healthy, its bark healthy and hard. It was a big attraction 51 it decorated his whole garden. Then one day he noticed a small bud (花蕾), which in a couple of days grew into a beautiful 52 . Now he could 53 wait for the fruit so he started to increase his supply of nutrients and care. Then one day the tree let out its first product — a small green fruit. The man was so 54 . He waited for a few more weeks till the fruit grew in 55 . The day came when he decided to 56 the first fruit of the tree. He 57 the tree, picked the fruit and then came his 58 . The fruit was not like what he expected. It was hard, big and round. He was puzzled. He was sad. Seeing this, his 59 came and asked him what happened. He told them that the fruit from his tree was not what he wanted. When the neighbours heard this, they did not know whether to 60 or comfort him, for what he planted years ago was not a mango tree. We can only reap (收获) what we plant. 41.A. city 42.A. grew 43.A. garden 44.A. buying 45.A. decorated B.moved B.improving B.equipped C.planted C.village C.keeping C.served D.threw D.yard D.raising D.supplied

46.A. green 47.A. admired 48.A. beneficial 49.A. bear 50.A. immediately 51.A. because 52.A. flower 53.A. always 54.A. greedy 55.A. age 56.A. observe 57.A. climbed 58.A. anxiety 59.A. children B.drew B.expensive B.burst B.quickly B.if B.fruit B.hardly B.happy B.length B.sell B.cut B.cheers B.friends

C.white C.greeted C.healthy C.deserve C.narrowly C.though C.leaf C.never C.nervous C.size C.steal C.hid C.disappointment C.neighbours C.motivate

D.yellow D.operated D.tasty D.make D.suddenly D.when D.nut D.strangely D.sad D.width D.taste D.killed D.opinion D.relatives

60.A. complain B.laugh 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】 一个人想发财

突发了要栽植一棵芒果树的想法。 想不到结出的不是芒果 这

个人很是失望。原来他栽的不是棵芒果树。 【答案解析】 41.C 考查语境化选词。city ―城市‖ farm ―农场‖ market ―市场‖ shop ―商店‖。由后面

的 bought a small tree 可知 购买树苗 应该是在―市场‖。 42.C 考查动词。grow ―种植‖ move ―移动‖ plant ―栽种‖ throw ―扔 丢掉‖。买芒果

树苗回来后 将其―栽‖在花园里。故选 C 项。 43.A 考查名词。garden ―花园‖ house ―房子‖ village ―村庄‖ yard ―院子‖。B、C 两项

可轻易排除。 D 项易错选 但根据第四段最后一句―it decorated his whole garden‖可知选 A 项。 44.D 考查动词。buy―购买‖ improve―改进 提高‖ keep―保持 饲养(动物)‖ raise ―养

殖 种植 增加‖。此处 raise a mango tree 指维护、管理芒果树。故选 D 项。 45.D 考查动词。decorate ―装饰‖ equip ―装备 武装‖ serve ―服务 供应‖ supply ―提

供‖。此处是为果树施肥 应使用 supply A with B

故选 D 项。

46.D 考查形容词。果树管理


green leaves 属于好叶子。red leaves 只是有些树有 一般是秋天才有 也是即将死去的叶子 但秋天不需要剪枝。white leaves 很少见 显然 A、B、C 三项可排除。故选 D 项。 47.A 考查动词。admire ―欣赏 赞美‖ draw ―画画‖ greet ―打招呼 欢迎‖ operate ―操

作 管理‖。根据接下来的―?dreaming about?His mind was always filled with the wish to taste the first fruit of the tree.‖可知 尝其结的芒果 故选 A 项。 48.D 考查形容词。beneficial―有益的‖ expensive ―昂贵的‖ healthy ―健康的‖ tasty ―可 那个人是经常坐在树下―赞赏‖树长得漂亮 并展望着早日品

口的 美味的‖。根据句意 这个人是展望早日品尝果树结的―可口的‖芒果 故选 D 项。 49. A 考查动词。 bear―生育 结果实‖ 此处是指果树―结果实‖ 使用 bear 50.B 考查副词。immediately ―立即 狭窄地‖ burst ―爆裂 突发‖ 故选 A 项。 马上‖ quickly ―迅速地 快‖ narrowly ―勉强地 deserve ―值得‖ make ―制造‖。

suddenly ―突然‖。根据接下来的―now

he had a big tree‖可知 这一天到来了

说明时间过得很快 故选 B 项。 51.A 考查连词。because 表示原因 处前后为因果关系 选 A 项。 52.A 考查名词。flower―花朵‖ fruit ―水果‖ leaf ―叶子‖ nut ―果仁‖。根据常识可知 if 表示条件 though 表示让步 when 表示时间。此

it decorated his whole garden 是原因

It was a big attraction 为结果 故

先是长出花蕾(a small bud) 然后花蕾长成 flower 53.B 考查副词。always ―总是 始终‖

花粉受精后才会结出果实 故选 A 项。 never―从不‖ strangely ―奇怪

hardly ―几乎不‖

地‖。can't/hardly wait for 意为―等待不及‖ 这个人等不及要品尝芒果树结出的果实 故选 B 项。 54.B 考查形容词。greedy ―贪婪的‖ happy ―快乐的‖ nervous ―紧张的‖ sad ―悲伤的‖。

果树总算结出了第一批果实 55.C 考查名词。age―年龄‖

这个人显然非常―喜悦‖ 故选 B 项。 length ―长度‖ size ―尺寸 大小‖ width ―宽度‖。这个人又

等了几周 以便让树上的果实―长大点‖ 果子不像他所期盼的那样 故选 C 项。 56.D 考查动词。observe ―观察 观看‖ sell―卖‖ steal―偷‖ taste ―品尝‖。这个人一直

期待的是―品尝‖自己栽的果树上结出的果实 故选 D 项。 57.A 考查动词。climb ―爬上‖ cut ―砍伐‖ hide ―躲 收藏‖ kill―杀死‖。这个人感觉树

上的果实应该成熟了 决定―爬到树上‖去摘下来吃 故选 A 项。 58.C 考查名词。anxiety ―焦虑‖ cheers ―欢呼声‖ disappointment ―失望‖ opinion ―观点

看法‖。根据接下来―The fruit was not like what he expected. It was hard was puzzled. He was sad.‖可知 期盼的那样 故选 C 项。

big and round. He

这个人摘下树上的果实品尝后 很是―失望‖ 果子不像他所

59.C 考查名词。根据最后一段中的―When the neighbours heard this‖可知选 C 项 neighbours ―邻居‖。children ―孩子‖ friends ―朋友‖ relatives ―亲戚‖。 motivate ―激励‖ support ―支持‖。邻居们

60.B 考查动词。complain ―抱怨‖

laugh ―笑‖

听完这个人的诉苦后 不知道是该―笑‖他还是安慰他 选 B 项。

因为他几年前栽的树不是芒果树。 故

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届四川省绵阳中学高三上学期第五次月考(201412) 】第二节:完 形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 11—30 各题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项. My husband and I arrived in a new country just a month ago. We were sort of 11 about what was waiting for us. However, when we 12 at the airport, a tall man with smiling eyes greeted us. The days and months were 13 made easy for us by this kind man. He greeted us every day with his smiling face. He 14 us in going to the bank, in buying our groceries, in telling us 15 to buy almost everything. He told us he is our big brother. 16 , we watched the match in a coffee shop. During the first get-together, he 17 us that we‘ re lucky—my husband and I are 18 in this foreign land. He said he has been 19 for

eight years now because he rarely sees his family, 20 they are in his home country. During the second get-together, he 21 told us that we are his family. He said that he loves us and that he will 22 us because he has been given a 23 of 45 days to go back to his home country. That night, he spoke these words which 24 a great impact in my life: ―You changed my life…‖ That night deep in our hearts we were 25 by our friend‘s words. We texted him upon reaching home, 26 him for being a Big Brother to us in the foreign land. We told him 27 that we feel safe in going out when we are with him, to which he 28 , ―You are my family here.‖ On the first week of October, we‘re going to 29 him back from his vacation. We‘ll watch the football match again in that 30 shop that holds dear memories. 11. A. curious B. worried C. certain D. crazy 12. A. checked B. dropped C. landed D. settled 13. A. therefore B. instead C. anyhow D. otherwise 14. A. expected B. troubled C. comforted D. accompanied 15. A. when B. where C. why D. whether 16. A. Once B. So C. Twice D. Finally 17. A. informed B. warned C. blamed D. convinced 18. A. together B. nearby C. around D. apart 19. A. sick B. lonely C. cheerful D. scared 20. A. if B. unless C. as D. although 21. A. secretly B. jokingly C. proudly D. sincerely 22. A. remember B. miss C. forget D. respect 23. A. delay B. right C. vacation D. date 24. A. created B. designed C. solved D. received 25. A. puzzled B. touched C. astonished D. flattered 26. A. thanking B. forgiving C. repaying D. punishing 27. A. after all B. as well C. in return D. in advance 28. A. agreed B. objected C. added D. replied 29. A. see B. pick C. call D. force 30. A. book B. grocery C. coffee D. sports 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】文章讲述了作者和妻子来到异国他乡时,遇到了一个―大哥哥‖的帮助,他给了 他们亲人般的关怀和照顾,陪着他们购物、去银行、帮助他们办理各项事务,使他们很容易 地适应了的新环境,因此他们也成了亲密的朋友。 【答案解析】 11.B A. curious 好奇的 B. worried 担心的 C. certain 肯定的 D. crazy 疯狂的; 由情理可知当人 们初到异国他乡,在举目无亲的情况下,面对陌生的环境心里是担忧的,不安的。 12.C A. checked 检查 B. dropped 下降 C. landed 着陆 D. settled 定居;根据 at the airport 可 知他们是乘飞机去的,所以用 land―着陆,降落‖。 13.A A. therefore 因此 B. instead 取代 C. anyhow 无论如何 D. otherwise 否则;从下文可知因 为有了这个和善的 ―大哥哥‖的帮助,他们在这个新地方的生活变得很容易,所以此处表示 因果关系,故选 A。 14.D A. expected 期待 B. troubled 麻烦 C. comforted 安慰 D. accompanied 陪伴。根据下文

going to the bank, in buying our groceries,可以判断作者和她丈夫是在他的陪同下购物, 办理一 切手续等。 15.B A. when 何时 B. where 何地 C. why 为什么 D. whether 是否。根据语境 in showing us__ __to buy almost everything.判断他指给我们去哪里买东西,此处指买东西的地方,故答 案选 B。 16.C A. Once 一次;一旦 B. So 因此 C. Twice 两次 D. Finally 最终; 根据下文 During the first get-together, During the second get-togethe 可知是两次。 17.D A. informed 通知 B. warned 警告 C. blamed 责备 D. convinced 使信服;从下文的 讲述可知这位好心的―大哥哥‖独自在国外八年,通过这种对比可知因为有着丈夫的陪伴,作 者深信自己是幸运的。 18.A A. together 一起 B. nearby 附近 C. around 四处 D. apart 分开;根据上下文可以判断此处 侧重与那位好心人孤身一人在国外居住的对比,所以答案选 A。 19.B A. sick 生病的 B. lonely 孤独的 C. cheerful 欢呼 D. scared 害怕;根据下文 he hardly sees his family… they are in his home country.判断他是独自一人居住在国外, 所以用 lonely―孤 独的‖,选 B。 20.C A. if 如果 B. unless 除非 C. as 由于 D. although 尽管; 从 he hardly sees his family,和 they are in his home country 判断前后句是因果关系,答案选 C。 21.D A. secretly 秘密地 B. jokingly 开玩笑地 C. proudly 自豪地 D. sincerely 真诚地。由情理 可知当他说 He said that he loves us….的时候应该是发自内心、真诚地说,故答案选 D。 22.B A. remember 记得 B. miss 错过;想念 C. forget 忘记 D. respect 尊重;根据后句 because he has been given a __ ___of 45 days to go back to his home country 可知他要回国, 由情理可知 在此他表示在此期间他会想念作者和他丈夫。答案选 B。 23.C A. delay 推迟 B. right 权力 C. vacation 假期 D. date 日期。 根据下文……from his vacation 可以判断他获得了一个 45 天的假期,选 C。 24.A A. created 创造;造成 B. designed 设计 C. solved 解决 D. received 受到;那天晚上,他 的话对我们的生活产生重大影响。 25.B A. puzzled 迷惑 B. touched 感动 C. astonished 震惊 D. flattered 奉承; 谄媚; 由上文 He said that he loves us 等可知这位热心人的坦诚让作者非常感动,答案选 B。 26.A A. thanking 感谢 B. forgiving 原谅 C. repaying 报答 D. punishing 惩罚。在上文中作 者提到这位热心人给予他们无私的帮助, 由此推断作者在此是表示对他的感激, thank sb for sth/doing sth,―因……而感激‖,选 A。 27.B A. after all 毕竟;终究 B. as well 也 C. in return 回报 D. in advance 预先。上文作者发短 信表示对这位好人的感激,所以此处再提到其他内容时可以用 as well,意思是―也‖,答案选 B,其他选项不合语境。 28.D A. agreed 同意 B. objected 反对 C. added 加 D. replied 回复。根据下文―You are my family here.‖可知这是―大哥哥‖所回短信的内容,reply to ―对……做出回复、回答‖,故答案 选 D。 29.A A. see 看 B. pick 捡 C. call 叫 D. force 从下文 We ‘ll watch the football match again 可知 作者是去见刚刚探亲回来的这位朋友,故答案选 A。 30.C A. book 书 B. grocery 杂货 C. coffee 咖啡 D. sports 运动。根据上文 the match in a coffee shop.可以推断他们会再次去那家有着美好回忆的咖啡店去看球赛,答案选 C。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届四川省德阳市高三第一次诊断考试(201412)word 版 (1)】第二 节完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A.B.C 和 D)中,选出可以填人空 白处的 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。 Christmas was always an amazing time in my home when l was growing up.My parents were not rich, but they were always _11 when it came to giving us presents. Every year, they 12 a Christmas Eve party and gave all the kids in the neighborhood presents 13 . One year when I was eight years old,1 was hoping that would 14 a bike for Christmas.I made it clear in every way known to my 15 . Left hints all over the place. On the Christmas morning, all the kids received presser after present . 16 we got to the end of presents,1 was very 17 .There was no bike for me.I cried, "Is that all?" The moment 18 it, I knew had made a big 19.After my parents worked so hard, 20 I could complain that I did not receive a bike when I had received so many other things? My father 21 and went outside. He came back wheeling fife bicycle that they had been 22 to give me after all the other presents were 23 .At that time, I felt even 24 than before.How could ever enjoy after fiat? My parents 25 me to think about how I felt the moment I had 26 received the bike. They told me to remember that 27 that l would never repeat that mistake and feel that way again. In the four years after that, at fife 28 of all the presents given, my father _29 ask me what I had to say to everyone.It had become a family _30 .1 would always say, "Is that all?" But what really meant was "Thank you so much".And everyone knew that.

【答案】 【知识点】 B1 记叙文 【文章综述】本文主要讲述的是作者和父母之间的圣诞礼物的故事。 【答案解析】 11.B,generous 慷慨的,我的父母不富裕,但是当给我们礼物的时候总是很慷慨,上下转折; 12.D,hold 举办,这里指的是父母每年都举办圣诞晚会,给我们礼物,也包括邻居家的孩 子们;

13.A,参照上题,as well 也; 14.C,get 得到,作者是想作为礼物得到一辆自行车,其他的都不合题意; 15.A,是父母送给他圣诞礼物,所以他想尽一切办法让父母知道; 16.B,since 因为;由于,由于我是最后一个得到礼物的,因为我没有得到自行车,所以我 非常失望; 17.C,disappointed 失望的,没有实现自己的愿望,所以感到失望,参照上题; 18.C,say 表示说的内容,表示作者自己说完上面的话就后悔了;他意识到自己犯了一个大 错误; 19.B,make a mistake 犯错误,父母已经非常努力工作了,尽管我没有得到自行车,但是我 得到了许多其他的礼物,我不该再抱怨、失望; 20.A, 结合上题, 父母已经非常努力了, 我怎么还能抱怨呢?所以用 how; How I could ?? 我怎么能??; 21.D,get up 站起来,父亲听了我的话,站起来,走了出去; 22.B,had been planning 表示父亲一直计划给我买的自行车; 23.D,distribute 分发,在其他的礼物分发完了之后,父亲又给我的另外的礼物; 24.C,我误会了父母,所以感觉更加糟糕了; 25.B,我父母让我想一想我真正得到自行车时的感受;tell sb to do sth 告诉某人做某事; 26.A,actually 实际上;真正的; 27.D,feeling 情感,他让我记住那种感受,不要再重犯那种错误; 28.C,在分完礼物之后,end 表示末尾、最终; 29.A,would 表示过去常常做某事;这次圣诞自行车事件后,父亲以后分圣诞礼物的时候, 总是让我说点什么。 30.C,在家人看来,这已经成为一个笑话,而我每次借此表达自己的感谢;

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届四川省成都市高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测(201412)WORD 版】 第二节完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A,13,C 和 D)中,选出可以填人空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。 Roland,a carpenter in Virginia,and Sheila had three kids 一 two boys and one baby Jessica. The baby had been in and out of 11 for the last year because of several diseases. She was very weak and sick. The doctors were not 12 that she would live another year. Taking care of Jessica was so costly that the family felt it hard to 13 it. Things were hard. Roland saw no 14 at the end of this tunnel. Then he saw a(n) 15 in the newspaper: “Security guards and contract workers 16 .$100,000 a year. First$80,000 tax free.$20,000 17 for extending contract an extra year.”He called the number. The 18 was busy,but he kept calling and finally got through. He 19 that the jobs were all taken,but they told him plenty of jobs were 20 ,available. They said,hey would give him two weeks of 21 in Texas. Then they would fly him to Iraq for his jot). Roland told Sheila lie had to 22 this job. He knew it was dangerous;he might get injured or killed,but the money was only too 23 .Plus·the family would have full medical benefits· ,which would enable the baby to get the 24 she needed. Roland said if he 25 the first year,he would probably 26 for the bonus and a second year.

But Sheila was worried. She asked, “What if you get killed?What are we going to do 27 you?‖ “You can't think like that,honey, ”he said.“You've got to be 28 .Think about how well off we'll be in two or three 29 after I bring back all that money. This is the best thing I can do for this 30 Sheila hugged him and sobbed.―I don‘t want you to go.‖ 11. A. bed B. hospital C. sight D. time 12. A. confident B aware C.. worried D . surprised 13. A. count B. afford C. put D. face 14. A. sign B. traffic C.train D. light 15. A. advertisement B. article C. picture D. job 16. A. wanted B. employed C. found D. offered 17. A. income B. salary C. bonus D. tax 18. A. line B. telephone C. interviewer D. operator 19. A. believed B. feared C. hoped D. knew 20. A. almost B. hardly C. still D. even 21. A. thinking B. training C. holiday D. salary 22. A. take B. keep C. refuse D. offer 23. A. much B. touching C. hard D. inviting 24. A. money B. care C. schooling D. food 25. A. held B. failed C. survived D. died 26. A. hang on B. move on C. sign up D. end up 27. A. for B. beyond C. with D. without 28. A. diligent B. independent C. careful D. positive 29. A. years B. seasons C. months D. weeks 30. A. purpose B. reason C. family D. country 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】 本文是记叙文。 Roland 一家人幸福地生活在弗吉尼亚州, 但是最小孩子 Jessica 的罕见疾病让这个家庭饱受折磨,作为木工的 Roland 为了拯救这个家庭依然选择奔赴伊拉 克战争前线。这份父爱让人感到沉甸甸的。 【答案解析】 11.B 名词辨析。根据下文出现的 diseases 判断选 B。 12.A 形容词辨析。A 有自信心的;B 清醒的;C 焦虑的;D 吃惊的。根据前文的 very weak and sick 判断选 A。 13.B 动词辨析。A 计算;B 负担得起;C 放下;D 面对。根据前文的 costly 和 hard 判断选 B。 14.D.名词辨析。A 迹象;B 交通;C 火车;D 灯光。根据空后的 tunnel 判断应选 D。 此处是比喻说法。 15.A.名词辨析。句意:然后他在报纸上看到了一则广告:??。A 广告;B 文章; C 图画;D 工作。根据下文的 newspaper 判断选 A。 16.A.动词辨析。句意:急需保安和合同工。wanted 被征求的。根据空后的劳动报酬 判断选 A。 17.C.名词辨析。A 收入;B 薪水;C 额外津贴,奖金,红利;D 税。此处根据前文 的工资待遇和下文的 extra 判断选 C。 18.A.名词辨析。根据前文的 number,此处应是占线。A 线路;B 电话;C 面试者; D 手术者。故选 A。 19.B。动词辨析。A 相信;B 害怕;C 希望;D 知道。根据前文一直在拨打电话,此

处应是害怕这份工作被别人抢走了,故选 B。 20.C。副词辨析。A 几乎;B 几乎不,简直不;C 更;D 甚至。根据句意选 C。 21.C 动词辨析。A 思考;B 训练;C 假期;D 薪水。此处应是上班之前的训练,故 选 C。 22.A 动词辨析。A 接受;B 保持;C 拒绝;D 提供。根据题意选 A。 23.D 形容词辨析。A 许多;B 动人的;C 辛苦的;D 诱人的。根据前文说书他的家 庭状况,他急需挣到钱,这样的工资待遇实在是太诱人了,故选 D。 24.B 名词辨析。A 金钱;B 护理;C 学业;D 食物。根据前文孩子生病厉害,应是 得到医疗护理,故选 B。 25.C 动词辨析。A 举行;B 失败;C 生存下来,活过;D 死亡。此处前文提到的这 样工作太艰辛,恐怕活不过第一年。故选 C。 26.C 动词短语辨析。句意:Roland 说如果他活过第一年,他很可能再签约一年挣到 额外的奖金。A 坚持;B 继续搬家;C 简约;D 结束。故选 C。 27.D 介词辨析。A 为了;B 超越,在那边;C 带有;D 没有。根据前文他的太太为丈 夫担忧,但有这个家如果没有了丈夫该怎么活。故选 D。 28.D 形容词辨析。A 勤奋的;B 独立的;C 细心的;D 积极的。根据前文判断选 D。 29.A 名词辨析 A 年;B 季节;C 月份;D 周。根据上文的 year 判断选 A。 30.C 名词辨析。A 目的;B 原因;C 家庭;D 国家。句意:这就是我能为这个家庭 能做的最好的事情。故选 C。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届安徽省屯溪一中高三第四次月考(201412) 】第二节:完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项答案填上。 Gandi wanted so badly to help the world that he devoted himself to removing self-interest out of his heart and mind, leaving them pure, healthy, and free to love. It took him nearly twenty years to gain such control of his 36 process. When in South Africa, Gandi would sometimes walk fifty miles a day and 37 only a few hours a night. 38 into his seventies Gandi wrote hundreds of letters every week; when his right hand became 39 , he learns to write with his left. Once, while he was writing a letter, the lantern giving light 40 , in which case most of us would have 41 and gone to bed, 42 Gandi, knowing his timely reply would be particularly 43 to those who had written to him, went 44 and finished writing by moonlight. If asked to live like this, we would say, “Impossible! ”Gandi would 45 , ―Oh, no. It‘s possible, when your mind is flooded with 46 for all.‖ Late in Gandi‘s 47 a Western journalist asked, ―Mr. Gandi, you‘ve been 48 fifteen hours a day for fifty years. Don‘t you ever 49 taking a few weeks off and going for a vacation?‖ Gandi laughed and said, ―Why? I‘m 50 on vacation.‖ This world-famous figure, who could have been prime minister of India and one of the richest men in Asia, announced he wasn‘t 51 on becoming rich or famous. He wanted something far 52 – to place all his talents, resources, time, and energy in a trust for the world. ―You needn‘t be 53 if you‘ve made mistakes. Just continue to try your 54 . If you fall, pick yourself up and march on. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl. The 55 alone brings a continuing wave of joy in which every personal problem and every suffering is forgotten.‖ said Gandi.

36. A. thinking B. drawing C. growing D. learning 37. A. read B. run C. exercise D. sleep 38. A. Also B. Even C. Indeed D. Only 39. A. tired B. lazy C. relaxed D. hopeless 40. A. sank B. failed C. flashed D. shook 41. A. screamed B. waited C. escaped D. stopped 42. A. for B. or C. and D. but 43. A. important B. difficult C. friendly D. exciting 44. A. around B. instead C. outside D. alone 45. A. object B. attack C. fight D. lie 46. A. love B. freedom C. courage D. doubt 47. A. class B. life C. past D. mind 48. A. working B. writing C. caring D. imagining 49. A. turn to B. insist on C. feel like D. put off 50. A. finally B. always C. straight D. still 51. A. interested B. keen C. successful D. experienced 52. A. wiser B. tougher C. truer D. greater 53. A. troubled B. dismissed C. defended D. bored 54. A. change B. strength C. best D. advice 55. A. choice B. voice C. effort D. comfort 【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】 文章讲述了印度现代民族解放运动的著名领袖——甘地对本国民族解放运动的 贡献以及对他无私奉献的赞扬。 【答案解析】 36.A A. thinking 想,认为 B. drawing 画 C. growing 成长 D. learning 学习; 结合上文 可知甘地致力于把利己主义驱逐出他的心灵,使他们纯洁,健康,和自由的爱。可推出, 这是思想进程。 37.D A. read 读 B. run 跑 C. exercise 练习 D. sleep 睡觉;他晚上只睡几个小时。 38.B A. Also 也 B. Even 甚至 C. Indeed 的确 D. Only 只;他甚至在 70 岁时,每周写 数百封信。 39.A A. tired 累的 B. lazy 懒惰的 C. relaxed 放松的 D. hopeless 没有希望的;右手写累 了,他又学左手写。 40.B A. sank 下沉 B. failed 失败;缺乏 C. flashed 闪 D. shook 摇动;当他写信时,灯灭 了。 41.D A. screamed 尖叫 B. waited 等 C. escaped 逃脱 D. stopped 停止;在这种情况下, 我们绝大部分人都会停止(写信) ,而去上床睡觉。 42.D A. for 为了 B. or 或者 C. and 和 D. but 但是;这里是转折的意思。 43.A A. important 重要的 B. difficult 难的 C. friendly 有好的 D. exciting 兴奋的; 但是, 甘 地知道,及时回复那些给他写信的人非常重要。 44.C A. around在……周围 B. instead 取代 C. outside 外面 D. alone 独自;根据下文的 by moonlight, 可知,这里是去外面。 45.A A. object 反对 B. attack 袭击 C. fight 打架 D. lie 撒谎;根据上文的“Impossible! ” 和甘地的回答 no. It‘s possible,可推出这里是甘地反驳道。 46.A A. love 爱 B. freedom 自由 C. courage 勇气 D. doubt 怀疑;上文出现,根据第一段

中的 free to love。 47.B A. class 班级 B. life 生命 C. past 过去 D. mind 想法;固定搭配 in one‘s life. 48.A A. working 工作 B. writing 写 C. caring 关心 D. imagining 想象; 50 年来我每天都 工作 15 个小时。 49.C A. turn to 求助于 B. insist on 坚持 C. feel like 想 D. put off 推迟;难道您不想休息几 周去度假吗? 50.B A. finally 最终 B. always 一直; 经常 C. straight 直接地 D. still 仍然; 甘地笑着回答: “为什么这么问呢?我一直在度假。 ” 51.B A. interested 感兴趣的 B. keen 渴望的 C. successful 成功的 D. experienced ;be keen on 喜爱,渴望 52.D A. wiser 明智的 B. tougher 艰苦的 C. truer 正确的 D. greater 重要的; 伟大的; 他想 要做一些更伟大的事情。 53.A A. troubled 麻烦 B. dismissed 解雇 C. defended 保卫 D. bored 厌烦;即使犯了错 误也不会有麻烦。 54.C A. change 变化 B. strength 力气 C. best 最好 D. advice 建议; try one‘s best 尽某人 最大的努力 55.C A. choice 选择 B. voice 声音 C. effort 努力 D. comfort 安慰; 一个人的努力带来了持 续的快乐可以忘记个人的痛苦和不幸。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届河南省安阳一中等天一大联考高三阶段测试(三) (201412)word 版】第二节完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后备题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 In December parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told them I would get back t0 them once I thought of 36 . At chat point .I had tie full 37 of asking for something . but for the first time .I 38 how lucky I was to have been born in such a fortunate family. There was nothing I could ask for 39 there was nothing more I needed .I was truly satisfied. This made me 40 ahout all the children who die not have families homes ,or food ,much less gifts ,for Christmas 41 these thoughts in my mind ,I told my parents in January that 42 getting me an expensive gift for the holidays ,I'd love to use the money to get a bunch of small gifts for all the 43 that hadn't gotten anything for Christmas. At first ,they were 44 Then they realized I was serious ,and 45 to spend $500 on gifts for young kids of the families living at the homeless shelter . It was such an incredible experience. I 46 going to the homeless shelter to hand out the toys to as we could give, 47 them all to share .One of the children looked at me with his innocent eyes I could see the 48 in them . It was 49 that he had never gotten a Christmas gift before ,so when he asked me where I got the gifts from ,I told him what I knew he wanted he wanted me to say ;that I was helping 50 . I 51 that Santa was sorry he was so late . but that this gift had been made 52 for him! The boy took the gift slowly ,smiled the cutest smile I had 53 seen and ran to his The last thing I heard as I moved on to give a gift to the next hopeful child was the boy's 54 : " Mommy .Santa really does 55 ! And he didn't forget about us this

year! 36.A. all things B. nothing C. something D. everything 37.A. reputation B. intention C. responsibility D. action 38.A. announced B. concluded C. imagined D. realized 39.A. hecause B. until C. before D. though 40.A. concern B. argue C. think D. talk 41.A. With B. For C. Beyond D. Over 42.A. together with B. instead of C. regardless of D. more than 43.A. adults B. girls C. children D. boys 44.A. worried B. pleased C. shocked D. excited 45 .A. declined B. agreed C. hesitated D. happened 46. A. remember B. admit C. regret D. consider 47.A. warning B. persuading C. forcing D. asking 48.A. encouragement B. assessment C. astonishment D. sorrow 49 A. amazing B. normal C. unique D. obvious 50.A.Santa B. Cod C. Father D. Mother 51 A. guessed B . discovered C . suggested D. explained 52.A. specially B. exactly C. willingly D. potentially 53.A. still B. even C. never D. ever' 54.A. dream B. voice C. honor D. victory 55.A. lie B. exist C. come D. remain 【答案】 【知识点】 B1 记叙文 【文章综述】文章讲述圣诞节来临的时候,作者的父母问作者需要什么礼物,作者觉得生活 在这样的家庭已经很幸运了, 不能再要什么礼物了, 他想起生活在收容所的无家可归的孩子, 决定用些钱,给他们买些礼物,分发礼物的时候,这些孩子的天真的笑容和话语让作者非常 感动。 【答案解析】 36.选 C,考查不定代词:A. all things 所有的东西,B. nothing 没有东西,C. something 一些东西, D. everything 每件东西,从下文的:At chat point .I had tie full 37 of asking for something 可知作者告诉父母,一旦想到什么,就带给他们,选 C 37.选 B,考查名词:A. reputation 名气,B. intention 意图,打算,C. responsibility 责 任,D. action 行为,在那个时候,作者是打算要些东西的,have the intention of doing 打算做….,选 B 38.选 D, 考查动词: A. announced 宣布, B. concluded 总结, C. imagined 想象, D. realized 意识到,我第一次意识到出生在这样幸运的家庭是多么幸运,选 D 39.选 A,考查连词:A. because 因为,B. until 直到,C. before 在,..前面,D. though 虽然,我不要什么因为没有什么是我更需要的,选 A 40.选 C,考查动词:A. concern 关于,B. argue 争论,C. think 思考,D. talk 谈话,这 让我想到那些没有家庭,没有食物,很少礼物的孩子,think about 想到,选 C 41.选 A,考查介词:A. With 和…一起,B. For 为了,C. Beyond 超出,D. Over 越过, 在…上方,with these thoughts in my mind 是 with 复合结构“心里有着这种想法”,选 A 42.选 B,考查介词短语:A. together with 连同,B. instead of 代替,C. regardless of 不管,不顾,D. more than 多于,不仅仅,我在一月份告诉父母,不要给我一个昂贵 的礼物,我想用这些钱买很多礼物给那些没有礼物的孩子,选 B 43.选 C,考查名词:A. adults 成年人,B. girls 女孩,C. children 孩子,D. boys 男孩,

从 上 文 的 : This made me ahout all the children who do not have families homes ,or food ,much less gifts ,可知作者是想给孩子买礼物,选 C 44.选 C,考查形容词:A. worried 担心,B. pleased、高兴的,C. shocked 震惊的, D. excited 兴奋的,一开始,他们很吃惊,然后他们意识到我是认真的,选 C 45.选 B,考查动词:A. declined 下降,婉拒,B. agreed 同意,C. hesitated 犹豫,D. happened 发生,他们同意花 500 美元给生活在避难所的家庭的孩子买些礼物,选 B 46.选 A,考查动词:A. remember 记得,B. admit 承认, C. regret 后悔,遗憾, D. consider 考虑,我记得去收容所分发玩具,选 A 47.选 D, 考查动词: A. warning 警告, B. persuading 说服, C. forcing 强迫, D. asking 问,叫,我让他们都要分享,选 D 48. 选 C ,考查名词: A. encouragement 鼓励, B. assessment 评价,评估, C. astonishment 惊讶,D. sorrow 悲伤,一个男孩用天真的眼睛看着我,我可以看见里面 的惊讶,选 C 49.选 D,考查形容词:A. amazing 令人惊讶的,B. normal 正常的,C. unique 独特的, D. obvious 显而易见的,很显然,他以前从没有得到过一个圣诞礼物,选 D 50.选 A,考查名词:A.Santa 圣诞老人, B. God 上帝,C. Father 父亲,D. Mother 母亲,从下文的:I 51 that Santa was sorry he was so late .but that this gift had been made 可知作者告诉男孩他是在帮助圣诞老人,选 A 51.选 D,考查动词:A. guessed 猜想,B . discovered 发现,C . suggested 建议,D. explained 解释,我解释到圣诞老人很抱歉来迟了,选 D 52.选 A,考查副词:A. specially 特别地,B. exactly 确切地,C. willingly 愿意地,D. potentially 有潜能地,但是这个礼物是特别为他做的,选 A 53.选 D,考查副词:A. still 仍然,B. even 甚至,C. never 从不,D. ever 曾经,这个 男孩轻轻的拿起礼物,带着我曾经看过的最可爱的笑容,选'D 54.选 B,考查名词:A. dream 梦,B. voice 声音,C. honor 荣誉,D. victory 胜利,从 下文:Mommy .Santa really does ! And he didn't forget about us this year!可知作 者听见的是一个男孩的声音,选 B。 55.选 B,考查动词:A. lie 位于,撒谎,B. exist 存在,C. come 来,D. remain 仍然, 圣诞老人真的存在,今年他没有忘记我们,选 B

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届山西省康杰中学等四校高三第二次联考(201501) 】第三部分

英语知识运用(共两节,满分 55 分)
第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。

She was only about five feet tall and probably never weighed more than 110 pounds. However, Miss Bessie was a(n) 41 presence in the classroom. From 1938 to 1942, when I attended Bernard High School, she taught me a lot 42 I realized. There was never a(n) 43 problem in Miss Bessie’s classes. We didn’t dare to trouble a woman who knew about the Battle of Hasting and could also play the piano and 44 Shakespeare and Milton. Miss Bessie knew that my family couldn’t afford to buy a newspaper. She knew

we didn’t 45 own a radio. Still, she 46 me to “look out for your 47 and find some way to 48 what’s going on in the world.” 49 I became a delivery boy who delivered newspapers. I 50 made a dollar a week, but I got to read a newspaper every day. Miss Bessie noticed things that had nothing to do with schoolwork but were vital to a youngster’s 51 . Once a few classmates made fun of my 52 overcoat. As I was leaving school, Miss Bessie 53 me on the back of that old overcoat and said, “ Carl, never worry about what you don’t have. Just make the most of what you do have--- a(n) 54 . Among the things that I didn’t have was 55 in the little wooden house. But because of her 56 , I spent many hours beside a kerosene lamp(煤油灯) reading Shakespeare. Miss Bessie introduced me 57 a wonderful world of poems and stories. She led me to 58 that I could write poems as well as Shakespeare. So I read 59 Miss Bessie told me to, and tried to remember the things she insisted that I store. Years later, her encouragement finally led to that lovely day when Miss Bessie dropped me a note 60 “I’m so proud to read your article in The Times.” 41. A. amusing B. towering C. interesting D. exciting 42. A. more than B. less than C. better than D. worse than 43. A. academy B. homework C. race D. discipline 44. A. make use of B. make fun of C. make sense of D. make light of 45. A. even B. still C. ever D. yet 46. A. allowed B. forced C. turned D. encouraged 47. A. happiness B. future C. family D. mistake 48. A. catch up with B. come up with C. keep up with D. put up with 49. A. So B. And C. Because D. As 50. A. always B. merely C. sometimes D. almost 51. A. character B. health C. development D. performance 52. A. colourful B. modern C. informal D. used 53. A. patted B. hit C. struck D. tapped 54. A. house B. overcoat C. radio D. brain 55. A. money B. electricity C. water D. gas 56. A. inspiration B. anger C. curiosity D. sponsorship 57. A. to B. in C. of D. about 58. A. imagine B. believe C. dream D. insist 59. A. whenever B. wherever C. whichever D. whatever 60. A. writing B. printing C. saying D. speaking
【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】文章主要回忆了恩师贝西小姐,她虽然其貌不扬,可是她学识渊博。在她的鼓 励下,我一步步走向成功。 【答案解析】 41.B A. amusing 有趣的,好笑的 B. towering 杰 出 的 ; 高 大 的 C. interesting 有 趣 的 D.

exciting 令人兴奋的;但贝西小姐在教室里形象极其高大 42.A A. more than 超过 B. less than 少于 C. better than 更好 D. worse than 更糟;从 1938 年到 1942 年,她教我的比我意识到的多得多。 43.D A. academy 学院 B. homework 家庭作业 C. race 从来没有纪律问题。 44.C A. make use of 利用 B. make fun of 嘲笑;取消 C. make sense of 理解;弄清楚 D. make light of 轻视;小看;我们不敢跟一个知道黑斯廷斯战役、能弹钢琴、能读懂莎 士比亚和弥尔顿的作品的女教师捣乱。 45.A A. even 甚至 B. still 仍然 C. ever 46.D A. allowed 自己的未来着想,设法了解天下大事。 47.B A. happiness 幸福 B. future 将来 C. family 家庭 D. mistake 错误;要为自己的未来着想 48.C A. catch up with 赶上 B. come up with 追赶上;提出 C. keep up with 与……保持一 致;紧跟;不落后 D. put up with 忍受;要为自己的未来着想,设法了解天下大事。 49.A A. So 因此 B. And并且 C. Because 因为 D. As 当……的时候; 因此我成了查塔努加 《时 有时 D. almost 几乎;我一星期只挣 1 美 报》的送报员。 50.B A. always 总是 B. merely 仅仅 C. sometimes 曾经 D. yet 已经;她知道我家连收音机也没有。 允许 B. forced迫使 C. turned 转 D. encouraged 鼓励; 但她还是鼓励我"要为 竞争 D. discipline 纪律; 她的课堂上

金,但我每天都能读到报纸。 51.C A. character 性格 B. health 健康 C. development 发展 D. performance 表演;贝西小姐十 分关注某些虽与功课无关,但对孩子的成长却至关重要的事。 52.D A. colourful 多姿多彩的 B. modern 现代的 C. informal 非正式的 D. used 旧的;一次几个 同学拿我那件穿烂了的旧大衣开玩笑 53.A A. patted 轻拍 B. hit 敲击 C. struck 打 D. tapped 轻声走;放学回家时,贝西小姐拍拍我 穿着那件旧大衣的背部说 54.D A. house 房子 B. overcoat 大衣 C. radio 西—— 脑子。 55.B A. money 钱 B. electricity 电 C. water 水 D. gas 汽;根据下文 I spent many hours beside a kerosene lamp(煤油灯),可知是没电。 56.A A. inspiration 鼓励;鼓舞 B. anger 生气 C. curiosity 好奇 D. sponsorship 赞助;但由于她 的鼓励,我花了大量时间在煤油灯下眯着眼阅读莎士比亚的作品。 57. A introduce…to 把…介绍给,使了解 58.B A. imagine 想像 B. believe 相信 C. dream 做梦 D. insist 坚持;她使我相信,我能写出不 比莎士比亚逊色的十四行诗. 59. D A. Whenever 无论何时 B. wherever 无论在哪 C. whichever 无论哪个 D. whatever 无论什 么;tell me to 缺少宾语,故用 D。 60. CA. writing 写 B. printing 印刷 C. saying 说 D. speaking 讲; 我在 《泰晤士报》 上读到你 的专栏文章,我深感骄傲。 收音机 D. brain 大脑; 要充分利用你拥有的东

【英语卷(解析) · 2015 届山东省日照一中高三上学期第三次阶段复习质量达标检测 (201501) 】第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每题 1. 5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

I truly feel that my mother led me here, to Morzaine, and to my future as a happy wife and businesswoman. When Mum 41 in October 2007, I was a cook. In December that year, while I was working for a wedding, a pearl necklace Mum had left me 42 . I was distraught (忧心如焚的). Some days later, I was 43 that a guy who was working with us that day, ―could probably have made a fortune 44 the necklace he found.‖ 45 , he returned it. Hearing how I‘d 46 Mum for six months before her death, he said, ―Christmas is going to be 47 —why not go out to the Alps for a couple of weeks?‖ I came to Morzaine, a small, friendly village in the Alps and 48 fell in love with it. What was 49 to be a stopgap (权宜之计) trip turned into a new life. I kept traveling between London and here and felt 50 than I had in months. In December 2008, I was 51 as a hotel manager and moved here full time. A month later, I met Paul, who was traveling here. We fell in love. In the beginning, I didn‘t want to discuss 52 , because the sadness of losing Mum 53 felt great. Paul understood that and never 54 me. But, by summer, we got married. A year later, we used his saving, and the money from the sale of Mom‘s house, to build our own 55 . We want to give our guests a 56 feel, so each room is themed (以……为题) around memories from our lives. There are also styles to remind me of Mom—a tiny chair which 57 be in her bedroom is set in one room. We are having a wonderful life and Mum 58 naturally part of it, 59 there‘s no way we would be here if it wasn‘t for the 60 she gave me. I know she‘s here in spirit, keeping an eye on us. 41. A. died B. came C. returned D. visited 42. A. burned B. disappeared C. broke D. dropped 43. A. shown B. comforted C. persuaded D. told 44. A. hiding B. stealing C. selling D. wearing 45. A. Luckily B. Naturally C. Surely D. Hopefully 46. A. nursed B. cured C. missed D. guarded 47. A. long B. hard C. merry D. free 48. A. suddenly B. finally C. nearly D. immediately 49. A. said B. proved C. supposed D. judged 50. A. smarter B. higher C. firmer D. lighter 51. A. honored B. hired C. regarded D. trained 52. A. travel B. business C. children D. marriage 53. A. recently B. once C. still D. first 54. A. left B. pushed C. surprised D. interrupted 55. A. hotel B. restaurant C. home D. shop 56. A. homely B. lively C. motherly D. friendly 57. A. ought to B. used to C. might D. could 58. A. takes B. keeps C. looks D. feels 59. A. unless B. while C. because D. though 60. A. money B. chair C. house D. necklace 【答案】 【知识点】 B1 记叙文 【文章综述】本文主要讲述了作者的母亲对她的的影响。

【答案解析】 41. A 考查动词词义和语境理解。die 去世;come 来;return 返回,归还;visit 拜访。有下 文的 death 可知母亲―去世了‖。 42. B 考查动词词义和语境理解。disappear 丢失不见;burn 燃烧;break 打破;drop 降低, 落下。有后文的我感到―忧心如焚‖及―归还‖(return)可知此处是指项链丢失了。 43. D 考查动词词义和语境理解。找了几天没有找到,几天之后别人―告诉‖(tell)了我项链 的下落。show 展示;comfort 安慰;persuade 劝服。 44. C 考查动词辨析和语境理解。 既然是赚了一大笔钱, 捡到项链的那个人肯定是把它卖了。 hid 隐藏;steal 偷(没有证据表明项链是那个人偷走的);wear 穿戴。 45. A 考查副词词义及语境理解。项链失而复得,―我‖是幸运地。luckily 幸运地;naturally 自然地;surely 确定地;hopefully 有希望地。 46. A 考查动词词义及语境理解。母亲去世前我―护理‖了她六个月。nurse 护理,照料;cure 治愈(母亲已去世,没有治愈);miss 怀念;guard 保护,守卫。 47. B 考查形容词词义及语境理解。在万家团圆的圣诞节,母亲刚去世,对我来说一定很 难熬。 48. D 考查副词词义及语境理解。 我已来到小镇 Morzaine 就―立刻‖喜欢上了它。 immediately 立刻,马上;suddenly 突然;finally 最后, 终于;nearly 几乎,差不多。 49. C 考查短语辨析及语境理解。一开始到这来旅游的目的是放松心情。be supposed to 认 为应该……;be said to 据说……;be proved to 据证明;be judged to 据判断。 50. D 考查形容词词义及语境理解。light 明亮的,敞亮的;smart 伶俐的,聪明的;high 高 的 firm 结实的,牢固的。我的心情比过去的几个月―敞亮了‖很多。 51. B 考查动词词义和语境理解。hire 雇用;honour 尊敬;regard 看作,注意;train 训练。 我―受雇‖到这里来当宾馆的经理。 52. D 考查名词词义和语境理解。后文的―But, by summer, we got married.‖暗示此处为刚开 始我没有心情谈论―婚姻‖,因为我―还‖沉浸在失去母亲的痛苦当中。 53. C 考查副词词义及语境理解。解释同上。still 仍然,仍旧;recently 最近;once 一旦, 一次;first 第一, 最早, 首先; 54. B 考查动词词义和语境理解。 Paul 理解我的心情, 从不―催促‖我结婚。 push 催促;leave 离去, 离开;surprise 使惊奇, 使诧异;interrupt 打断。 55. A 考查语境理解。上文提到受雇做宾馆的经理,现在我们开了家自己的―宾馆‖。 56. A 考查语境理解。后文说每间客房都是围绕我们的生活记忆装饰的,我们这样做是为 了让客人有一种―家‖的感觉。 57. B 考查情态动词及语境理解。这把小椅子―以前‖是放在母亲的卧室里的。 58. D 考查语境理解。母亲已去世,但是我们的幸福生活她在天堂可以―感觉‖的到。 59. C 考查连词和语境理解。这里是在解释我认为母亲在天堂可以感觉到我们幸福生活的 原因。because 引导原因状语从句;unless 引导条件状语从句;while 引导时间和比较 状语从句;though 引导让步状语从句。 60. D 考查语境理解。前文一直在围绕着母亲给我的―项链‖在记述。



【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届湖北省武汉市武昌区高三元月调考(201501)WORD 版】第二节: 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 “When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.” As we live through life, we tend to get caught up in our individual world, our problems — our life. When we 31 our world to include others in a meaningful way, by making a 32 difference in their life, we increase our experience at the same time. Think back on a time when someone made a difference in your life. Here is one of mine: I was going to college, working part-time, and just 33 getting by financially. Standing in line at a local supermarket, I 34 a woman in the same line, thinking that she was not very attractive. As I was 35 , I discovered that I did not have enough money to pay; without 36 , that same woman I had been judging offered to 37 the difference. It wasn‘t 38 , but what that person did made a lasting impression on me. She was a beautiful, caring soul who was willing to help a stranger in a(an) 39 situation. That happened over forty years ago and I remember it as 40 as if it was yesterday. Other examples are the numerous times I have had people smile at me, which 41 my day. I've often wondered if it was because I was smiling, which I 42 to do all the time, or because they were smiling to be 43 , which encouraged me to smile as well. It has probably been some of both. In 44 case, that simple gesture (a smile) makes a difference in my day. There are 45 ways to make a significant difference in another's life. The question is: Are we doing it? It does not 46 anything, but it does require some effort on our part. I have found that as I do this consistently, the 47 go far beyond the energy required to do the deed. Looking for ways to brighten another person's day raises our vibration(共鸣),and when we act on it, we 48 the other person to raise their vibration aS well — it is 49 to each other. Make a difference in someone's life today, and 50 doing so every day. Today is a perfect time to start! If you are already doing so. bravo! 31. A. rebuild B. establish C. expand D. develop 32. A. direct B. minor C. remarkable D. positive 33. A. thoroughly B. smoothly C. barely D. actually 34. A. observed B. witnessed C. inspected D. accompanied 35. A. hanging out B. checking out C. setting out D. working out 36. A. expectation B. hesitation C. assumption D. intention 37. A. deal with B. take in C. make up D. cut down 38. A. much B. enough C. little D. awful 39. A. urgent B. absurd C. hopeless D. embarrassing 40. A. roughly B. clearly C. correctly D. dimly 41. A. brightens B. ruins C. begins D. influences 42. A. undertook B. tried C. promised D. failed 43. A. dynamic B. appealing C. friendly D. merciful

44. A. neither B. either C. no D. another 45. A. limited B. vital C. necessary D. countless 46. A. deserve B. charge C. determine D. cost 47. A. efforts B. achievements C. returns D. consequences 48. A. assist B. remind C. permit D. persuade 49. A. similar B. beneficial C. fundamental D. appropriate 50. A. admit B. prefer C. recommend D. consider 【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】本文主要讲述的是在如此繁华的社会里,做人不要忘本,要学会善良,学会表 达微笑。 有时候你不经意的一个微笑和善意的行为会给他人的生活带来不同的变化, 甚至改 变一个人的一生。因此,我们要学会表达自己的爱和善意,让世界变得更美好。 【答案解析】 31. C 动词辨析,当我们通过一个有意义的方法,把世界延伸到他人身上时?。 A 重修;B 建立; C 扩张,延伸;D 发展。故选 C。 32.D 形容词辨析。通过一种正差异扩展自己交流的范围。A 直接的;B 未成年的; 次要的;较小的;C 卓越的;非凡的;D 积极的。通过后面的 increase our experience 可知答 案,故选 D。 33.C 副词辨析。A 彻底地;B 平稳地;C 稀少地;D 确实地。根据题意“靠兼职工 作挣钱勉强过日”故选 C。 34.A 动词辨析,A 观察;遵守;注意到;B 亲眼目睹;C 检查;调查;D 陪伴伴 随;伴奏 。根据句意“我注意到一个女人站在同一排” ,可知是无意间的看到,故选 A。 35.B 动词短语辨析。句意:在我结账离开的时候,发现钱不够。A 挂出;常去;B 结帐;办理退房手续;C 出发;D 计算。故选 B。 36.B 名词辨析。A 期望;B 犹豫的;C 假设;D 目的。毫不犹豫,刚才我观察的那 个女人主动弥补不足。根据句意选 B。 37.C 动词辨析。A 处理;B 吸收,欺骗;C 组成;补足;化妆;编造;D 削减,砍 倒。此处是作者钱不够,那个女人主动帮作者补够钱。故选 C。 38.A A 多;B 足够;C 很少,几乎没有;D 可怕的。虽然那个女人补得钱不多,但 是这个事给我留下了很深的印象。钱是不可数名词,故选 A。 39.D 考查形容词。A 紧急的;B 荒唐的;C 无望的;D 令人尴尬的。愿意帮助一个 处于尴尬环境的陌生人,说明她是一个灵魂高尚的人。根据句意应选 D。 40.B A 粗略地;B 清晰地;C 正确地;D 朦胧地。发生在四十年前的事,他依然记 得很清楚。判断选 B。 41.A 动词辨析。A 使明亮;B 毁掉;C 开始;D 影响。句意:向我微笑的人照亮了 我的生活。根据句意选 A。 42.B 动词辨析。A 承担;B 尝试;C 答应;D 失败。句意:微笑给他带来了光明, 所以他也一直在尝试着微笑。故选 B。 43.C 形容词辨析。A 动态的;动力的;有活力的;B 吸引人的;C 友好的;D 仁慈的; 慈悲的;宽容的。根据上下文判断是“善意的微笑” 。故选 C。 44.B 代词辨析。A 两者都不;B 任意一者;C 不;D 另一个。根据句意“不管上述 的那一种,一个微笑都能给我的生活带来不同” 。故选 B。 45.D 形容词辨析 A 限制性的;B 极重要的;C 必要的;D 无数的;数不尽的。根 据题意“想要在一个人的生活中留下不同意义的影响作用其实有无数的方法。 ”故选 D。 46.D 动词辨析。A 值得;B 负责,控告;C 决定;D 花费。根据句意“它不需要花 费任何东西,只需要我们付出点努力就行” 。故选 D。 47.C 短语辨析。A 努力;B 成就;C 回报;D 结果。根据句意:回报远远超出付诸 行动所需的精力。故选 C。 48 .A 动词辨析。A 帮助;B 提醒;C 允许;D 劝服。根据句意: “我们应该经常帮 助其他的人共同引起他们的共鸣,是这个精神传递下去” 。故选 A。 49.B 形容词辨析。A 相似的 B 受益的;C 基本的;D 适合的。句意:这种精神共鸣

对彼此都有益处。故选 B。 50.D 短语辨析。A 承认;B 更喜欢;C 建议;D 考虑。根据句意“?考虑或打算每 天这么做” 。consider doing sth 考虑做某事,故选 D。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届浙江省重点中学协作体高三上学期第二次适应性测试(201501)word 版】第二

节: 完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1 分, 满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意, 然后从 21-40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项标号涂黑。 Children model themselves largely on their parents. They do so mainly through identification. Children identify 22 21 a parent when they believe they have the qualities and feelings that are 23 they do and say to 24 . However, parents must consistently behave 27 identification. of that parent. The things parents do and say---and the 25 they want their child to become. 26 affect the self-image that a child forms 28 31 29 will likely learn to see themselves in a their self-image, however, as they

them--therefore strongly influence a child's like the type of A parent's actions

Children who see mainly positive qualities in their positive way. Children who observe chiefly 30 become increasingly 32 positive qualities in themselves. Children may Isolated( 孤 立 的 ) events, permanent 34 on a child's 33

qualities in their parents will have difficulty

by peers groups standards before they reach 13. dramatic( 突 然的 ) ones, do not necessarily have a 35 ,

behavior. Children interact such events according to their 36 38 . But if children feel unloved, they by toys and games, reading matter, 40

established attitudes and previous training. Children who know they are loved can, accept the divorce of their parents' or a parent's early may interpret such events and television programs. 21. A. to 22. A. informed 23. A. gesture 24. A. behavior 25. A. person 26. A. in turn 27. A. before 28. A. eyes 29. A. negative 30. A. see 31. A. modify 32. A. mature 37 39 In the same way, all children are not influenced a sign of rejection or punishment. in the case of a dramatic change in family relations, the C. around C. conceived C. way C. mood C. creatures C. also C. with C. peers C. various C. to see C. give up C. unique D. for D. indicative D. extent D. reactions D. adult D. as a result D. through D. behaviors D. complex D. to seeing D. continue D. independent

of an activity or experience depends on how the child interprets it. B. with B. characteristic B. expression B. words B. humans B. nevertheless B. besides B. parents B. cheerful B. seeing B. copy B. influenced

33. A. not 34. A. idea 35. A. luckily 36. A. death 37. A. as 38. A. even 39. A. Even 40. A. result

B. besides B. wonder B. for example B. rewards B. being B. at all B. Since B. effect

C. even C. stamp C. at most C. advice C. of C. alike C. Right C. scale

D. finally D. effect D. theoretically D. teaching D. for D. as a whole D. As D. cause

【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】 我们能从许多孩子的身上或多或少地看到他们父母的影子。 文章就家长对孩子 影响展开了论述。 【答案解析】 21.B 惯用搭配题。identify with 在这里意为―认为同一‖,即―孩子把自己假设成父亲或母 亲……‖,所以 B 正确。 22.B 词义辨析题。inform 意为―通知‖,characteristic 意为―特点,特性‖,conceive 意为―想 像‖,indicative 意为―指示的,预示的‖,characteristic of sb.意为―某人的特征‖,符合句意―当 他们认为自己拥有属于父母特有的品质和情感时……‖,故选 B。 23.C 词义辨析题。gesture 意为―姿态,手势‖,expression 意为―表情‖,way 意为―方式‖, extent 意为―范围‖,只有 way 符合句意,即父母的言行方式,故选 C。 24. A 词义辨析题。 空格所在句意为―父母的言行举止, 以及他们的言行方式对孩子的______ 影响很大‖,结合四个选项 behavior―行为‖,words―语言‖,mood―心情‖和 reactions―反应‖, 可知 A 正确。 25. A 词义辨析题。 person 意为―人‖, human 意为―人类‖, creature 意为―生物‖, adult 意为―成 年人‖,结合句意可知,A 正确。 26.C 词义辨析题。上文谈到父母的言行对孩子的行为影响很大,这里谈到父母的言行还影 响孩子的自我形象,所以应使用表并列关系的词,故选 C。too 在表示―也‖的意思时一般位 于句尾,nevertheless 意为―然而‖,however 意为―然而‖,均不符合句意。 27.D 介词用法题。本句的意思是―孩子_____身份认同形成自我形象‖,只有 through(通过) 符合句意,且文章第二句已给出提示,故选 D。 28.B 词义辨析题。根据下一句中的 in their parems 可知 B 正确。 29.A 词义辨析题。由上句话中的 positive 可以推测出此处应是其反义词,所以 A 正确。 30.B 惯用搭配题。have difficulty(in)doing sth.意为―做……有困难‖,是惯用搭配,所以 B 正确。 31.A 词义辨析题。空格所在句意为―然而,在儿童长大成人前,由于他们越来越_______

于同龄人的标准, 他们可能会______自我形象‖。 四个选项中 modify 意为―修改, 更改‖, give 意为―给,授予‖,copy 意为―复制‖,continue 意为―继续‖,A 最符合句意。 32. B 词义辨析题。 follow 意为―跟随, 遵循‖, influence 意为―影响‖, give 意为―给予‖, depend 意为―依靠‖,结合句意可知,B 正确。 33.C 逻辑衔接题。本句的意思是―孤立的事件,_______富有戏剧性的事,都不一定会对孩 子的行为产生永久的______‖,由此可推知空格处应填入表示递进关系的词,所以 C 正确。 34.D 惯用搭配题。have an effect on 意为―对……产生影响‖,是惯用搭配,所以 D 正确。 35.B 惯用搭配题。只有 example 能与 for 构成短语,作插入语,故选 B。 36.A 词义辨析题。本句中 or 连接的两部分应是意义相似的令人不愉快的事,而在四个选 项中,与 divorce 相对应的词只有 death,所以 A 正确。 37.A 惯用搭配题。interpret as 意为―把……理解为‖,是惯用搭配,所以 A 正确。 38.C 词义辨析题。本句的意思是―不是所有的孩子都_______受到玩具、游戏、读物、电视 节目的影响。‖alike 意为―同样地‖,符合句意,所以 C 正确。 39.D 词义辨析题。as 意为―正如……‖,符合句意,故选 D。A、B 是感叹词,后面多用逗 号,应排除;right 不符合句意,也应排除。 40. B 词义辨析题。 原句意为―行为或经历对一个孩子的影响取决于他/她如何______它(行为 或经历)‖。 analyze 意为―分析‖, interpret 意为―理解, 认为‖, clarify 意为―澄清, 阐明‖, translate 意为―翻译,解释‖,文章倒数第二段最后一句的 interpret 已给出了提示,B 正确。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届山东省日照市日照一中高三 12 月校际联合检测(201412) 】第一 节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅渎下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Every Wednesday,I go to Cantata Adult Life Services,a local retirement community,with my classmates to do community service. Our visits last about an hour, playing board games and cards with the residents there. You can watch all the movies and TV shows you want about“life back then” ,but nothing 42 with talking to the people who were actually there.Just hearing their stories has 43 me in a way never thought possible. Whether it was talking to 98-year-old“Hurricane Hilda”about her glory days 44 a roller skater or chatting with Lou about the times she danced with a famous actor, I was completely impressed by every single 45 the residents wanted to share with me. 46 memories make the experience fulfilling . I Even the residents who don't have 41 we’re

remember visiting Mrs.Robinson.She couldn‘t 47 much about her past,but she told me she'd

48 forget how kind I was just to listen to her“rambling(漫淡) ”. It made the realize that it's the 49 things that make life worth living.That’s something I won't 50 anytime. If there’s one thing I’ve realized in my three years of visiting Cantata, it's that 51 -just being there-means more than anything to many of the residents.And despite how 52 our lives are, there’s always time to make them happy. For me,it feels great to be a 53 of happiness,a smile on a bad day or a(n) 54 for old memories.And at the end of the day,that’s all that 55. It‘s easy to feel like you don’t have much in common with the re a(n) 57 .But that's not true at a11. I hate to make much comment here,but age really is just a(n) 58 .As young adults,it's important for us to realize this sooner can often 60 41.A.until 42.A.Compares 43.A.touched 44.A.1ike 45.A.imagination 46.A.suffering 47.A.concern 48.A.ever 49.A.important 51.A.presence 52.A.messy 53.A.trend 54.A.mind 55.A.matters 56.A.friendly 58.A.amount 59.A.or else from teenagers,too. B.unless B.competes B.reached B.truth B.depressing B.describe B.always B.1ittle B.skip B.appearance B.happy B.chance B.ear B.favors B.1ively B.teenager B.difference B.rather than C.before C.combines C.captured C.about C.picture C.amazing C.recall C.even C.major C.believe C.companion C.easy C.source C.tongue C.differs C.1onely C.adolescent C.advantage C.other than D.while D.connects D.disgusted D.towards D.memory D.1onging D.mention D.never D.sweet D.forget D.busy D.cause D.heart D.exists D.elderly D.waiter D.number D.except for 59 later.We can learn a lot from the elderly, and they 56 -especially,when you’

60.A.hear B.differ C.judge D.benefit 【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】 本文主要讲述了作者和同学们到养老院陪老年人聊天的过程中产生的对人生的 感悟和看法。跟老人交流让作者更加明白生活的意义。 【答案解析】 41.D 连词辨析。A 直到;B 除非;C 在??之前;D 在??期间。 “我们”在养老院 期间,所以用 while。 42.A 动词辨析 A 比较;B 竞争;C 联合;D 连接。not compare with 是 “比不上” , 这里指的是“电影,电视”都比不上听老年人们聊天。 43.A 动词辨析。A 触及,感动;B 到达;C 捕获;D 厌恶。听他们的故事“感动我” , 所以用 touch。故选 A。

44.B 介词辨析 A 像??一样;B 作为;C 关于;D 朝向。Hurricane Hilda 讲述她“作 为”roller skater 的光辉岁月,所以是 as。 45.D 名词辨析。A 想象力;B 真相;C 图画;D 记忆力,储存器。他们讲述的任何 的“回忆”深深的吸引了 “我” 。故选 D。 46.C 形容词辨析。A 遭受的;B 令人压抑的;C 令人惊奇;D 想要的。amazing 这 里是“very good, especially in an unexpected way”,本句的意思是, “虽然有些老年人没有“令 人惊奇”的回忆,和他们交谈也很充实” 。故选 C。 47.C 动词辨析。A 关心;B 描写;C 回忆;D 提及。根据句意判断选 C。 48.D 副词辨析。A 曾经;B 总是;C 甚至;D 从不,永远不会。 “他”永远不会“忘 记”我们是多么的亲切听他们漫谈。故判断选 D。 49.B 形容词辨析。A 重要的;B 很少的,小的;C 主要的;D 甜蜜的。它让我意识 到,正是这些“小事”使得生命是有意义的。故判断选 B。 50.D 动词辨析。A 介意;B 跳过,遗漏;C 相信;D 忘记。这是 “我”不会“忘记” 的事情。其他选项意思不符合整篇文章的意思。故选 D。 51. A 名词辨析。 A 到场、 在场; B 出现; C 陪伴; D 保护。 根据空格后面的 “just being there”推出答案是 presence,到场,在场。这里的意思是我们的 “到来(到养老院陪伴这 些老年人) ”让他们开心。根据题意选 A。 52.D 形容词辨析。A 杂乱不堪的;B 幸福的;C 容易的;D 繁忙的。 “不管我们多么 忙,我们都有时间来让他们开心。 ”故选 D。 53.C 名词辨析 A 趋势;B 机会;C 资源,源泉;D 根源,事业。根据句意:对我来 说,我成为别人开心的“源泉”是很了不起的事情。故选 C。 54.B 名词辨析。A 心思;B 耳朵;C 舌头;D 心脏。根据整篇文章,作者和他的同 学们到养老院“倾听”老年人的故事,所以选择 B 项。 55. A 动词辨析。 一天结束之后, 我们给他们带来快乐这件事情是 “最重要/要紧的” 。 只有 matter 有此意。A 重要;B 恩惠;C 不同;D 存在。故判断选 A。 56.D 形容词辨析。A 友好的;B 生动的;C 寂寞的;D 年长的。the elderly 是老年人 的意思。故选 D。 57.B 名词辨析。A 成年人;B13-19 岁之间的青少年;C18 岁以上的成年人;D 侍者。 “尤其是青少年” 。跟 “the elderly”对比来说,用 “teenagers”合适。C 项 adolescent 侧 重青春期的少年。故判断选 B。 58.D 名词辨析 A 数量;B 差异;C 优点;D 数字。正确理解最后一段至关重要。本 段的中心意思是作为年轻人要尽早认识到老年人的年龄只是个“数字” ,不应该成为和年轻 人沟通中的障碍。故选 D。 59.B 短语辨析。A 或者;B 而不是;C 除??之外;D 要不是。根据题意:青年人 要尽快认识到这个问题。rather than “而不是” 。故选 B。 60.D 动词辨析。在我们和老年人的交流中,我们可以向他们学习,他们也会受益于 我们(年轻人) 。A 听;B 不同;C 判断;D 受益。故判断选 D。

【英语卷 (解析) · 2015 届辽宁省沈阳二中高三 12 月月考 (201412) 】 第一节: 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C和D)中选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Imagine being born without arms. No arms to hug someone, and no hands to 41 touch. Or what about being born without legs? Having no 42 to dance, walk, run, or even stand on two feet. Now put both of those scenes together: no arms and no legs. How would that 43 one‘s everyday life?

Without any medical explanation, Nick Vujicic came into the world with neither arms nor legs. Imagine the 44 his parents felt when they saw their baby being what the world would consider imperfect and 45 . Little did they know that this beautiful limbless baby would one day be someone who would 46 and motivate people from all walks of life. Throughout his childhood Nick dealt with the 47 of self-respect, and struggled with depression and 48 . As Nick grew up he learned to deal with his 49 and started to be able to do more and more things on his own. He 50 to his situation and found ways to 51 tasks that most people could only do by using their limbs, such as cleaning teeth, 52 hair, typing on a computer, etc. As time 53 , Nick began to eagerly accept his 54 and achieve greater things. Nick got a double bachelor‘s degree 55 in accounting and financial planning. By the age of 19, Nick had started to 56 his dream of encouraging others by sharing his story through 57 speaking. He found the purpose of his 58 . Now at 27 years old, he has accomplished more than most people. He has travelled around, 59 his story with millions of people. He is a true inspirational and motivational 60 . 41. A. understand B. experience C. know D. prevent 42. A. chance B. interest C. reason D. ability 43. A. limit B. affect C. improve D. design 44. A. shock B. excitement C. calmness D. eagerness 45. A. abnormal B. unique C. extraordinary D. unqualified 46. A. teach B. organize C. inspire D. comfort 47. A. challenge B. management C. question D. load 48. A. tiredness B. loneliness C. disappointment D. relief 49. A. fault B. disability C. shortage D. willpower 50. A. devoted B. attended C. adapted D. stuck 51. A. accomplish B. attain C. find D. reduce 52. A. wearing B. cutting C. brushing D. losing 53. A. went up B. went ahead C. went away D. went by 54. A. position B. situation C. state D. emergency 55. A. researching B. majoring C. aiming D. choosing 56. A. finish B. undertake C. support D. realize 57. A. meaningful B. significant C. motivational D. strong 58. A. action B. existence C. behavior D. communication 59. A. telling B. recalling C. writing D. sharing 60. A. doctor B. driver C. speaker D. writer 【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】他是闻名世界的演讲家,却有着难以想象的不幸命运!一出生就毫无缘故的缺 少四肢,但是他成功了,本文主要就是讲述了英国励志演讲家尼克的故事。 【答案解析】 41.选 B,experience 此处意思是―经历,体验‖,没有手去体验触摸; 42.选 D,根据上文可知,没有腿会怎么样,那么当然就是没有跳舞、走路、奔跑甚至是站 立的能力了; 43.选 B,that 代指的是上文所说的没有腿没有胳膊,这又会怎样影响一个人的日常生活呢?

44.选 A,shock 震惊,他的父母看到自己的儿子是人们所认为的那种不完美和不正常,当 然就是震惊了,没有家长希望自己的孩子是那样; 45.选 A,结合第 44 题; 46.选 B,根据结构,本空应当与 motivate 并列,故选 C,inspire 鼓舞;鼓励; 47.选 A,整个儿童时期,尼克都在处理自尊心的挑战,和压抑与孤独做斗争; 48.选 B, 本题应当与 depression 并列,故只能选 loneliness(孤独) ; 49.选 B,他的问题就是残疾,那么他就是随着长大,学会处理自己的残疾问题了,disability 残疾; 50.选 C,adapt to 适应……。这里指的是尼克适应环境; 51.A,适应环境,找到完成任务的方法,accomplish 完成; 52.C,brush hair 梳头,与前文 clean teeth 并列; 53.D,随着时间的流逝,尼克开始接受自己的情况,并且获得一些较大的成就,go by 特指 时间的流逝; 54.B,situation,境况,这里指的是尼克自己的境况; 55.B,尼克获得了双学士学位(Nick got a double bachelor‘s degree) ,主修会计和金融策划专 业;major in 主修; 56.D,realize one‘s dream 实现某人的梦想; 57.C,motivational speaking 励志演讲;尼克通过自己的励志演讲来鼓舞其他人;motivational adj. 动机的;激发性的; 58.B,尼克找到了自己存在的目的;existence 存在; 59.D,尼克到处旅行,与人们分享自己的故事,share 分享; 60.C,Speaker 演讲者;尼克是一位真正的励志演讲师。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届江苏省南通中学高三上学期期中考试(201411) 】第二节: 完形 填空(共 20 小题; 每小题 1 分, 满分 20 分) 请认真阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的 A、 B、 C、 D 四个选项中, 选出最佳选项, 并 在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 People often ask me how I write with four children. More often than not, my stories are pieced together, written, and edited in a series of moments. If I‘m working while the kids are home, I have the added 37 36

of tuning out 38 , it

their chaos. I‘ll write and write until I fall under a spell, and just when I was getting happens—Camille will 布). I wish I had a daily 40 39

into my office wearing a big smile—and a smelling diaper (尿

, a solid time no one can interrupt, but I don‘t. I may go days 41 , but much as I like to believe the world

or even weeks without writing. I hate these

needs my writing, my daughters need me much more. So for now I write when I can. While this arrangement works, I sometimes 42 how productive I‘d be if my life wasn‘t stop-and-go.

With time on my side, I could be a writing machine, me months. This leads me to a question I find 44


at once what would normally take

to all parents: Do kids hold back or 46 47


our dreams? Children are needy by nature, and regardless of how much they want more. By the time we tend to them, we‘re tired out—and follow our dream. They push our personal pleasures tortoises out of hares. 48

we show them, in the mood to

and slow us down, making

On the other hand, children add a richness to our lives that I believe inspires better work, thus 49 for time we lose. As a writer, I don‘t find inspiration sitting at my computer. 51 50 ,I

find it when I‘m out living, and the

I take because of my children—going to the 52 with people who constantly 54 me 55

ballpark, birthday parties, even doctor visits—put me in set off new ideas. Many ideas arise through 53

conversation, which can

like thunder. Immediately, I‘ll make a mental note, knowing that someday I‘ll use that in a story. 36.A. quiet 37.A. courage 38.A. direction 39.A. crawl 40.A. habit 41.A. breaks 42.A. doubt 43.A. operating 44.A. challenging 45.A. prevent 46.A. attention 47.A. hardly 48.A. ahead 49.A. allowing 50.A. Still 51.A. courses B. stolen B. challenge B. invention B. run B. method B. days B. believe B. working B. remaining B. inspire B. effort B. practically B. back B. turning B. Instead B. chances C. critical C. instruction C. inspiration C. jog C. technique C. weeks C. deny C. accomplishing C. relevant C. awake C. concentration C. tot ally C. aside C. calling C. Therefore C. risks D. precious D. priority D. application D. tiptoe D. routine D. needs D. wonder D. running D. controversial D. interpret D. time D. fairly D. down D. compensating D. Consequently D. paths

52.A. harmony 53.A. brief 54.A. explode 55.A. piece

B. agreement B. normal B. hit B. talk

C. line C. casual C. destroy C. scene

D. contact D. intelligent D. multiply D. acquaintance

【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】 本文讲述在作者在照顾四个孩子的过程中还坚持自己的梦想, 孩子并不是我们 生活的负担。 【答案解析】 36.B 考查形容词辨析 A. quiet 安静的;B. stolen 被偷;C. critical 批判的;D. precious 珍贵 的;句意:往往,我的故事被拼凑,编写在一系列的挤出来的时间完成。根据语境可知时 间被挤出来的,故选 B 项。 37.B 考查名词辨析 A. courage 勇气;B. challenge 挑战;C. instruction 说明;D. priority 优 先;句意:如果孩子在家时我一直工作,这更增加我对于他们吵闹的挑战。根据语境可知 选 B 项。 38.C 考查名词辨析 A. direction 方向;B. invention 发明;C. inspiration 灵感;D. application 申请;句意:当我得到灵感时,突然发生了事情,Camille 会带着微笑爬到我的办公室,闻 到尿了的尿布,根据语境当作者一有灵感就必然会发生事情,故选 C 项。 39.A 考查动词辨析 A. crawl 爬行;B. run 跑;C. jog 慢跑;D. tiptoe 踮着脚走;根据下方 提到 a smelling diaper 尿布可知孩子还小,必然是爬着进来的,故选 A 项。 40.D 考查名词辨析 A. Habit 习惯;B. Method 方法;C. Technique 技术;D. Routine 常规; 句意:我希望有个常规,有个固定的时间不被打扰,但我没有。根据 a solid time no one can interrupt 可知选 D 项。 41.A 考查动词辨析 A. breaks 打扰,休息;B. days 天;C. weeks 周;D. needs 需要;句意: 我这些打扰, 但我相信这个世界需要我的写作, 我的女儿也需要我。 根据提到 I may go days or even weeks without writing.可知选 A 项。 42.D 考查动词辨析 A. doubt 怀疑;B. believe 相信;C. deny 否认;D. wonder 想知道;句 意:当这些安排起作用时,我有时想知道如果不被打断我如何变得更有效率。根据语境可 知选 D 项。 43.C 考查动词辨析 A. operating 手术;B. working 工作;C. accomplishing 完成;D. running 跑;句意:时光流逝,我成了部写作机器,立刻完成本来要花几个月的东西。根据句意选

C 项。 44.C 考查形容词辨析 A. challenging 挑战性的; ;B. remaining 仍然;C. relevant 有关的; D. controversial 有争议的;句意:这使我发现一个与父母有关的问题。Relevant to 与。 。有 关的,故选 C 项。 45.B 考查动词辨析 A. prevent 阻止;B. inspire 鼓励;C. awake 醒着;D. interpret 解释; 句意:孩子会阻挡还是会促进我们的梦想呢?根据句意 hold back 与 inspire 是反义词,故 选 B 项。 46.A 考查名词辨析 A. attention 注意;B. effort 努力;C. concentration 集中; D. time 时间; 句意:孩子是天生的,不管我们投入多么的关注,他们想要的更多。根据句意选 A 项。 47.A 考查副词辨析 A. hardly 几乎不;B. practically 实践地;C. tot ally 完全地;D. fairly 公平地;句意:到我们照料他们时,我们已经厌倦,并且几乎没心情来继续自己的梦想, 根据语境可知照料孩子花很多的时间与耐心,所以我们没有时间来顾及自己的梦想,故选 A 项。 48.C 考查副词辨析 A. ahead 前面;B. back 后面;C. aside 旁边;D. down 向下;句意:他 们把我们个人的乐趣放在一边,让我们减速。Push ..aside 把。 。放在一边,故选 C 项。 49.D 考查动词辨析 A. allowing 允许;B. turning 转向;C. calling 打电话;D. compensating 补偿;句意:另一方面,孩子丰富了我们的生活,鼓励我们更好的工作,因此补偿我们流 失的时间。Compensate for sth 补偿某事,故选 D 项。 50.B 考查副词辨析 A. Still 仍然;B. Instead 反而;C. Therefore 然而;D. Consequently 因 此;句意:在生活中和孩子一起去某些场合的路上会找到灵感。根据上一句话提到作为一 个作家,有时坐在电脑前找不到灵感,故选 B 项。 51.D 考查名词辨析 A. Courses 课程;B. chances 机会;C. Risks 冒险;D. Paths 小路;在 生活中和孩子一起去某些场合的路上会找到灵感。 根据 going to the ballpark, birthday parties, even doctor visits 因为要去某此场合,故是在路上,所以选 D 项。 52.D 考查名词辨析 A. harmony 和谐;B. agreement 同意;C. line 线;D. contact 联系;句 意:使人联系上一些能给我想法的人们,根据语境可知因为孩子,所以与人进行联系,故 选 D 项。 53.C 考查形容词辨析 A. brief 简短的;B. normal 正常的;C. casual 随便的;D. intelligent 聪明的;句意:许多的想法会在随意的交流中产生,这会让我突然想起某些东西,根据语 境可知选 C 项。

54. B 考查动词辨析 A. explode 爆炸;B. hit 打击;C. destroy 破坏;D. multiply 增加; 句意: 许多的想法会在随意的交流中产生,这会让我突然想起某些东西,hit 在此是使某人想起的 意思,故选 B 项。 55.A 考查名词辨析 A. piece 片段;B. talk 说话;C. scene 场景;D. acquaintance 相识;句 意:立刻我会写成纸条,知道日后会用得上这些片段。根据语境可知作者是作家,故这个 片段,所以选 A 项。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届吉林省实验中学高三上学期第二次模拟考试(201501) 】阅读下 面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳 选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a ____41____ old man who loved everything. Animals, spiders, insects... One day ____42____ walking through the woods the nice old man found a cocoon (茧) of a butterfly. He ____43____it home. A few days later, a small ____44____appeared; he sat and watched the butterfly for several hours ____45_____it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to ____46____making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could go____47____ farther. Then the man decided to help the ____48____ , so he took a pair of scissors and ____49____the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then came out ____50____. ____51____it had a swollen (浮肿的) body and small, shriveled (枯萎的) wings. The man ____52____ to watch the butterfly because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would ____53____ to be able to support the body, which would contract in time. Neither happened! ____54____ , the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling (爬) around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to ____55____ . What the man in his kindness and haste did not understand was that the restricting (限制的) ____56____and the struggle required for the butterfly to ____57____ the tiny opening were Nature's way of forcing fluid (液体) from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its____58____ from the cocoon. Sometimes ____59____ are exactly what we need in our life. If we were allowed to go through our life without any challenges, it would weaken us. We would not be as ____60_____as what we could have been. And we could never fly. 41. A. cold B. kind C. polite D. tiresome 42. A. unless B. if C. while D. because 43. A. took B. moved C. circulated D. dashed 44. A. sign B. shadow C. shade D. opening 45. A. and B. until C. as D. then

46. A. stop B. prevent C. appeal D. adapt 47. A. any B. more C. no D. much 48. A. bug B. butterfly C. animal D. fly 49. A. take down B. take apart C. cut down D. cut open 50. A. greedily B. easily C. hardly D. quickly 51. A. Generally B. Even C. So D. But 52. A. sought B. lasted C. continued D. began 53. A. enlarge B. shorten C. tighten D. darken 54. A.In conclusion B. In time C. In fact D. In particular 55. A. walk B. fly C. flee D. run 56. A. wing B. tale C. subject D. cocoon 57. A. get out B.get through C. get away D. get down 58. A. freedom B. outcome C. balance D. reliability 59. A. struggles B. passions C. manners D. spirits 60. A. weak B. intelligent C. gifted D. strong 【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】 本文主要叙述一位好心的老人见到一只蝴蝶的茧回家, 目睹茧变成蝴蝶过程很 痛苦,就拿出剪刀帮助了蝴蝶,却反而害了蝴蝶。在我们的人生中一样,必须经历艰难挫折 才能成就一生。 【答案解析】 41. B 形容词辨析。 A 冷淡的; B 好心的; C 礼貌的; D 厌烦的。 根据下文的 love everything 可判断选 B。 42.C 连词辨析 A 除非;B 如果;C 在??期间;D 因为。While + v-ing 表示在?? 期间。故选 C。 43.A 动词辨析。A 带走;B 移动;C 计算;D 冲向。take sth home 带??回家。根 据前文选 A。 44.D 名词辨析 A 标志;B 阴影;C 树荫;D 打开。此处是 cocoon (茧)开始破口, 故判断选 D。 45.C 连词辨析。A 和;B 直到;C 在??时候;D 然后。句意:??,它挣扎着通 过那点小洞时。故选 C。 46.A 动词辨析。A 停止;B 阻止;C 吸引;D 调整。根据上下文这位好心人看着蜘 蛛挣扎,感觉时间漫长,感觉好像它停止挣扎一样,故判断选 A。 47.C 形容词辨析。A 一些;B 更多;C 没有;D 许多。根据句意判断选 C。 48.B 名词辨析。根据前文此处是蜘蛛,故判断选 B。 49.D 动词短语辨析。A 取下;B 分离;C 砍下;D 切开。根据前文的 a pair of scissors 一副剪刀,故判断选 D。 50.B 副词辨析。A 贪婪地;B 容易地;C 几乎不,简直不;D 快速地。根据前文剪 开了茧的剩余部分,当然是很容易地出来了,故判断选 B。 51.D 副词辨析。A 一般地;B 甚至;C 因此,所以;D 但是。此处的连词连接上下 文,应是转折关系,根据题意选 D。 52.C 动词辨析。A 追求;B 持续;C 继续;D 开始。因为这位老师很热心肠,帮助 了蝴蝶,还想继续帮助,故选 C。 53.A 动词辨析 A 扩大;B 缩短;C 绷紧;D 使??变黑。根据句意此处应是翅膀展 开,变大。故选 A。 54.C 短语辨析。A 总之;B 及时;C 事实上;D 特殊地,尤其地。根据句意选 C。 55.B 动词辨析。句意:它再也不能飞了。A 步行;B 飞行;C 逃离;D 跑步。故判 断选 B。 56.D 名词辨析。A 翅膀;B 童话;C 功课;D 茧。根据前文选 D。

57.B 动词短语辨析。A 出来;B 通过;C 逃脱;D 下来。此处是“通过小出口”故 判断选 B。 58.A 名词辨析。A 自由;B 结果;C 平衡;D 依赖。根据句意:??它挣脱茧的束 缚,故选 A。 59.A 名词辨析。A 挣扎、拼搏;B 感情;C 礼貌;D 精神。根据题意:有时,拼搏 也是我们生活中所需要。故选 A。 60.D 形容词辨析。句意:我们不会像我们现在这样坚强。A 虚弱的;B 聪明的;C 有天赋的;D 强烈的。故判断选 D。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届河南省洛阳市高三第一次统一考试(201412) 】第一节完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分 ,满分 40 分) Looking at the checkout lines at the grocery, I quickly turned my cart to line number three. There were only two women there, and neither had kids or coupons(赠券) ! The store was my first 41 that morning, and I had a half dozen others on my lunch. Two minutes turned into ten, and I watched as the other lines moved my 44 0n the cart and dug for my wallet, trying to 45 43 . I moved 42 before meeting my husband for

. the cashier that it was time to 46 . Then I heard the

get a move-on. Finally, after fifteen minutes, I took a breath and

cashier tell the women in front of me : "And just like that, he told me what she looked like and l 49 47 one hundred dollars here to , just give it to charity. " The story she was witnessed a(n) to her list and little 54 51 53 50 had taken place in the produce department. An older man had 52 for foods with kids around, she was sticking 48_ her groceries. He said not to worry about the

mama in need.

the items on her calculator as she went. The gentleman said he had a 55_ her groceries and, just

0n him that day, so he left one hundred dollars t0 56 .

maybe, add a little wiggle room(回旋的余地) to her After hearing about the man who had . that my hurry, 58 57

served a fellow traveler in life, I realized 59 . What's five extra. minutes in a line

and general worries were 60

to hear a story of a man sharing his 41. A. delivery 42. A. notebook 43. A. patiently 44. A. items

? Suddenly, I know I could 'wait. C. journey C. blessing C. quickly C. prospects D. stop D. admission D. similarly D. kids

B. checkout B. list B. clearly B. dealers

45. A. remind 46. A. laughed 47. A. left 48. A. apply for 49. A. privilege 50. A. adjusting

B. debate B. noticed B. matched B. pay for B. contribution B. booking

C. order

D. guarantee

C. appreciated D. sighed C. cost C. look for C. change C. reading D. promoted D. make for D. decision D. sharing D. easy-going D. Begging D. presenting D. quantity D. run D. response D. occasionally D. eagerness D. misplaced D. love .

51. A. well-dressed B. good-looking C. worn-out 52. A. Wandering 53. A. supposing 54. A. principle 55. A. cover 56. A. basket 57. A. rarely 58. A. anxiety 59. A. treated 60. A. notice B. Shopping B. developing B. time B. suit B. budget B. quietly B. happiness B. respected B. mistake C. Preparing C. adding C. extra C. carry C. property C. obviously C. attention C. benefited . C. content

【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】本文讲述作者去商店购物,非常不耐烦,即将离去时,听到一个很感 人的故 事,作者觉得自己的等待也是值得的。 【答案解析】 41.D 考查名词辨析 A. delivery 送;B. checkout 结账;C. journey 旅行;D. stop 停止,站; 句意:这个商店是我今天早上的第一站,在这与丈夫吃中午饭之前我的列表上还有许多。根 据句意选 D 项。 42. B 考查名词辨析 A. notebook 笔记本;B. list 列表;C. blessing 祝福;D. admission 承认; 句意:这个商店是我今天早上的第一站,在这与丈夫吃中午饭之前我的列表上还有许多,故 选 B 项。 43.C 考查形容词辨析 A. patiently 细心地; B. clearly 清晰地; C. quickly 快速地; D. similarly 类似地;句意:我看着其它的队快速的变得。根据语境可知选 C 项。 44. A 名词辨析 A. items 项目;B. dealers 生意 人;C. prospects 前景;D. kids 孩子;句意: 我移动我的东西拿出钱包,试着提醒收银员应该继续。根据语境可知选 A 项。

45.A 考查动词辨析 A. remind 提醒;B. debate 争论;C. order 命令;D. guarantee 保证;句 意:我移动我的东西拿出钱包,试着提醒收银员应该继续。 46. D 考查动词辨析 A. laughed 笑;B. noticed 注意;C. appreciated 欣赏;D. sighed 叹气;句 意:最后地字十五分钟,我深呼吸然后离开。根据语境可知作者没有耐心了,故选 D 项。 47. A 考查动词辨析 A. left 离开;B. matched 比赛;C. cost 花费;D. promoted 提升;句意: 收银员说到,是这样的,他告诉我她长什么样子,我停下 100 美元来为他的货物付款,故选 A项 48. B 考查动词短语辨析 A. apply for 申请;B. pay for 付款;C. look for 寻找;D. make for 补充;句意:收银员说到,是这样的,他告诉我她长什么样子,我停下 100 美元来为他的货 物付款,根据语境可知为这人买单,故选 B 项。 49.C 考查名词辨析 A. privilege 权利;B. contribution 贡献;C. change 零钱;D. decision 决 定;句意:他说并不担心剩下的钱,给了慈善组织。根据语境可知把剩下的钱给慈善组织, 故选 C 项。 50. D 考查动词辨析 A. adjusting 调整;B. booking 预定;C. reading 阅读;D. sharing 分享; 句意:她所分享的故事就发生了生产部门。根据语境可知选 D 项。 51. C 考查形容词辨析 A. well-dressed 穿得好;B. good-looking 好看的;C. worn-out 破旧的; D. easy-going 随和的;句意:一位老人看见一位穿着破旧的需要帮助的妈妈为孩子买食品, 她坚持自己的东西,把多余的东西拿出来。根据语境可知是穿着不怎么好,故选 C 项。 52. B 考查动词辨析 A. Wandering 徘徊;B. Shopping 购物;C. Preparing 准备;D. Begging 所 乞求;句意:一位老人看见一位穿着破旧的需要帮助的妈妈为孩子买食品,她坚持自己的东 西,把多余的东西拿出来,根据语境可知发生在商店,故购物,所以选 B 项。 53.D 考查动词辨析 A. supposing 假设;B. developing 发展;C. adding 加;D. presenting 呈 现; 句意: 一位老人看见一位穿着破旧的需要帮助的妈妈为孩子买食品, 她坚持自己的东西, 把多余的东西拿出来,根据语境可知不要多余的东西,怕超过预算,故选 D 项。 . 54. C 考查名词辨析 A. principle 原则;B. time 时间;C. extra 额外的;D. quantity 数量;句 意:这位先生说他那些正好带着多余的钱,因此留下 100 美元来给她付账,来让她的预算有 回旋的余地,根据语境可知选 C 项。 55.A 考查动词辨析 A. cover 覆盖,支付;B. suit 适合;C. carry 携带;D. run 跑;句意:这 位先生说他那些正好带着多余的钱, 因此留下 100 美元来给她付账, 来让她的预算有回旋的 余地,根据语境可知来给后面的那位妈妈买单,故选 A 项。

56. B 考查名词辨析 A. basket 篮子;B. budget 预算;C. property 财产;D. response 回应;句 意:句意:这位先生说他那些正好带着多余的钱,因此留下 100 美元来给她付账,来让她的 预算有回旋的余地,根据语境可知这位妈妈很困难,不肯超过自己的预算,故选 B 项。 57.B 考查副词辨析 A. rarely 罕有地; B. quietly 安静地; C. obviously 显然地; D. occasionally 偶然地;句意:当我听到这位默默奉献的老人时,我意识到我的匆忙,焦虑,担心是多余的。 根据语境可知老人默默地做这件事,故选 B 项。 58. A 考查名词辨析 A. anxiety 焦虑; B. happiness 快乐; C. attention 注意; D. eagerness 迫切; 句意:当我听到这位默默奉献的老人时,我意识到我的匆忙,焦虑,担心是多余的,根据语 境可知选 A 项。 59. D 考查动词辨析 A. treated 对待;B. respected 尊敬;C. benefited 对, ,有益;D. misplaced 放错;句意:当我听到这位默默奉献的老人时,我意识到我的匆忙,焦虑,担心是多余的, 故选 D 项。 60. D 考查名词辨析 A. notice 注意;B. mistake 错误;C. content 内容;D. love 爱;句意:多 等待五分钟能够分享这么有爱的故事,突然,我明白,我值得等待。根据语境可知选 D 项。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届河北省唐山一中等五校高三上学期第二次联考(201501) 】第一 节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 I loved working with my dad, but I hated a summer job he gave me. He owned a small 41 in Bank Street. In his shop, the most recently 43 . 44 the frost on the ceiling of the walk-in freezer, and it 45 every day. Chicken 42 person got the worst job, and the boss‘

son was also

I didn‘t want to spend hours

was the Saturday afternoon‘s job that I hated most. We received fresh sat in wooden boxes and was 46

with crushed ice. During the week, the ice and the blood of 47 the chicken, creating its bloody smell. 49

the chicken slowly leaked into the container There was only one

48 to get rid of the blood and wash the container: hold my

and carefully slide the container from under the chicken, as I tried not to

50 the contents over

my clothes, and then 51

into the drain(下水道). 52 maybe even 54 others

Soon, students who have cut lawns, painted houses, worked in offices, worked in the butcher‘s will will come back with 55 53 ones.

to school. Some will have great memories

Looking back, I think my father could have

56 me from my weekly hell. However, my

dad, who‘d dropped out of school to help support his family after his father died, was a teacher for me 57 . He knew treating me 58 from his other employees would be an unfair thing. 60 tasks in life.

Most importantly, he taught me to

59 those who do the hard and

For the next six summers, I returned not as the boss‘ son, but as one of other guys, and I cleaned the dirty container every Saturday afternoon.

41. A . grocery 42. A. hired 43. A. interested 44. A. looking into 45. A. fruit 46. A. surrounded 47. A. above 48.A chance 49.A. arm 50.A. touch 51.A. break 52.A. and 53.A. adapt 54.A. while 55.A. exciting 56.A. forced 57.A. at heart 58.A. kindly 59.A. witness

B. butcher‘s B. invited B. included B. tearing up B. vegetable B. impressed B. beside B. way B. nose B. notice B. divide B. so B. go B. when B. good B. spared B. in fact B. carefully B. appreciate

C. chain C. received C. affected C. cleaning up C. chicken C. accompanied C. below C. place C. breath C. find C. empty C. but C. return C. since C. amazing C. treated C. in case C. differently C. hurt

D. book D. trained D. offered D. carrying on D. grain D. cooked D. under D. reason D. head D. splash D. allow D. or D. apply D. because D. unpleasant D. pushed D. at home D. warmly D. influence

60.A. vital

B. dirty

C. easy

D. funny

【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】本文讲述作者在父亲的店里工作,做着自己十分不愿意做的事情,但作者慢慢 的体会到父亲的良苦用心,感恩生活中那些做些最苦最难生活的人们。 【答案解析】 41.B 考查名词辨析 A . grocery 杂货店;B. butcher‘s 肉店;C. chain 链子;D. book 书;句意: 他有一个小肉店。根据下方提到 Soon, students who have cut lawns, painted houses, worked in offices, 52 maybe even worked in the butcher‘s 可知选 B 项。

42. A 考查动词辨析 A. hired 雇佣;B. invited 邀请;C. received 收到;D. trained 训练;句意: 在他的店里,最近雇佣的人得到糟糕的工作,老板的儿子也被包括在内。根据语境可知选 A 项。 43. B 考查形容词辨析 A. interested 有趣的;B. included 包括;C. affected 影响;D. offered 提供;句意:在他的店里,最近雇佣的人得到糟糕的工作,老板的儿子也被包括在内,根据 上文提到 but I hated a summer job he gave me 但是我讨厌他给我的工作,可知选 B 项。 44. C 考查动词短语辨析 A. looking into 调查;B. tearing up 撕毁;C. cleaning up 清理;D. carrying on 继续;句意:我不想花费时间来清理冷藏室里面的霜;根据语境只有 C 项符合 语境; 45. C 考查名词辨析 A. fruit 水果;B. vegetable 蔬菜;C. chicken 鸡; D. grain 谷物;句意: 我们每天收到新鲜的冻鸡。根据下方提到 Chicken sat in wooden boxes 鸡放在木箱子里,故 选 C 项。 46. A 考查动词辨析 A. surrounded 围绕; B. impressed 给。 。 留下印象; C. accompanied 陪伴; D. cooked 烹饪;句意:鸡放在木箱子里,被碎冰包着。根据语境可知鸡是被冰着的,故选 A 项。 47. D 考查介词辨析 A. above 在。 。 上; B. beside 在旁边; C. below 在。 。 下面; D. under 在。 。 之下;句意:在这一周中,冰和鸡血会掉鸡下面的容器上,闻起来很血腥。根据语境可知选 D 项。 48.B 考查名词辨析 A chance 机会;B. way 方法;C. place 地方;D. reason 原因;句意:只有 一种办法可以清除掉血迹,屏住呼吸,小心地抬起容器,因为我不想溅到衣服上任何东西。 The only way to do 唯一的一种方法,故选 B 项。 49.C 考查名词辨析 A. arm 胳膊;B. nose 鼻子;C. breath 呼吸;D. head 头。句意:只有一

种办法可以清除掉血迹,屏住呼吸,小心地抬起容器,因为我不想溅到衣服上任何东西,根 据上文提到鸡的残留物很血腥,故选 C 项。 50.D 考查动词辨析 A. touch 触摸;B. notice 注意;C. find 发现;D. splash 溅起;句意:只有 一种办法可以清除掉血迹,屏住呼吸,小心地抬起容器,因为我不想溅到衣服上任何东西。 根据语境作者这样做为的是不溅到身上,故选 D 项。 51.C 考查动词辨析 A. break 打碎;B. divide 分开;C. empty 倒入;D. allow 允许;句意:只 有一种办法可以清除掉血迹, 屏住呼吸, 小心地抬起容器, 因为我不想溅到衣服上任何东西。 根据语境作者这样做为的是不溅到身上,倒到下水道里。根据语境可知选 C 项。 52.D 考查连词辨析 A. and 并且;B. so 因此;C. but 但是;D. or 否则;句意:学生们会清 理草坪,粉刷房子,在办公室工作或者是在肉店工作,他们能适应学校。Or maybe 或者, 故选 D 项。 53.A 考查动词辨析 A. adapt 适应改编;B. go 去;C. return 返回;D. apply 申请;句意:学 生们会清理草坪, 粉刷房子, 在办公室工作或者是在肉店工作, 他们能适应学校, adapt to 适 应,故选 A 项。 54.C 考查连词辨析 A. while 然而; B. when 当。 。 时候; C. since 自从因为; D. because 因为; 句意:一些人会有美好的回忆而一些人则会有不愉快的经历。While 然而表示对比,故选 C 项。 55.D 考查形容词辨析 A. exciting 兴奋的; B. good 好的; C. amazing 令人吃惊的; D. unpleasant 不令人愉快的;句意:一些人会有美好的回忆而一些人则会有不愉快的经历。两个句子是相 对,意思相反,故选 D 项。 56.B 考查动词辨析 A. forced 强迫; B. spared 省掉, 使某人免遭; C. treated 对待; D. pushed 推动;句意:当我回顾时,我认为父亲本能够把我从地狱里救出来,spare sb from 使某人免 受,故选 B 项。 57.B 考查介词短语辨析 A. at heart 在心里;B. in fact 事实上;C. in case 以防;D. at home 在 家;句意:然而,辍学帮助家里的父亲事实是我的老师。根据语境可知选 B 项。 58.C 考查副词辨析 A. kindly 好心地;B. carefully 仔细地;C. differently 不同地;D. warmly 温暖地;句意:他知道区别对待我是不公平的事。根据介词 from 可知与 differently 连用, 故选 C 项。 59.B 考查动词辨析 A. witness 目击;B. appreciate 欣赏;C. hurt 伤害;D. influence 影响;句 意:更重要的是,他教会我感激生命中那些做着最难最脏任务的人。根据语境可知父亲让我

学会感激,故选 B 项。 60.B 考查形容词辨析 A. vital 生死攸关的;B. dirty 脏的;C. easy 容易的;D. funny 有趣的; 句意:更重要的是,他教会我感激生命中那些做着最难最脏任务的人。根据 hard 最难的可 知选 B 项。

【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届河北省衡水中学高三上学期五调考试(201412)word 版】第一 节完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 A man who loved to hunt bought two fine setters(特猎犬)that he later trained to be fine bird dogs.He kept them in a large, fenced pen(围栏)in his backyard. One morning he 41 a little bulldog(牛头犬)corning down the path behind his home. It saw the two dogs and squeezed under the so they wouldn't 42 . The man thought he should perhaps lock up the setters

43 the 1ittle lovely dog. But then he changed his mind .Maybe they would

teach that bulldog a1esson, he said to himself. As he predicted,44 began to fly,and all of it was the bulldog‘s fur. The intruder(入侵 者)soon had 45 and squeezed back under the fence to get away. the visitor returned again the next morning. And like the day before, it

To the man's__46

soon 47 and squeezed out of the pen and get away. The incident was 48 ,the following day,with the same result. The man left home early the next morning on a business trip and49 after several weeks.He asked his wife what finally ??You won't the backyard and 51 50 to the bulldog.

it.‘‘She replied,―At the same time every day that little dog came to 1t 53

52 with our setters and with the same ending,it got away. 54 now that when our setters simply 55 56

missed a day! It has come to the

it snorting (喷鼻 the 1ittle bulldog

息)down the path,they start whining and run down into the basement. struts(大摇大摆地走)around our backyard 57 he owns it.‖ Dale Carnegie made this 58 :―Most of the 59

things in the world have been 60 by people

who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."

41. A.kept 42. A.door 43. A .catch 44. A dogs 45.A enough 46.A horror 47.A left 48.A copied 49.A succeeded 50. A happened 51.A guess 52.A fought 53.A usually 54.A point 55.A sound 56.A Then 57.A in case

B.noticed B.wall B. eat B flies B much B surprise B returned B changed B recovered B attached B believe B stayed B seldom B scene B see B However B so that

C.prevented C.fence C hurt C dust C lessons C amusement C quit C stopped C returned C stuck C hope C played C never C end C smell C Besides C as if C decision C interesting C imagined

D.risked D.backyard D beat D fur D wounds D disappointment D rested D repeated D appeared D turned D stand D trained D just D result D hear D Therefore D even if D discovery D special D accomplished

58.A observation B proverb 59. A complex 60.A created B important B determined

【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】本文通过两只小狗的故事来告诉人们,看起来根本没有希望的事情,只有坚持 不懈的努力就一定能够完成。 【答案解析】 41. B 考查动词辨析 A.kept 保持;B.noticed 注意;C.prevented 保护;D.risked 冒险; 句意:一天早上他注意到一只小牛头犬在房子后面的小路上,notice sb doing 注意到某人正 在做某事,故选 B 项。 42. C 考查名词辨析 A.door 门;B.wall 墙;C.fence 篱笆;D.backyard 后院;句意: 看到两只狗在篱笆那往外挤。根据第一段提到 He kept them in a large, fenced pen(围栏)in his backyard 可知选 C 项。

43. C 考查动词辨析 A .catch 抓住;B. eat 吃;C hurt 狩猎;D beat 打败;句意:他认为他 应该把特猎犬给锁起来因为他们就不会追逐那个小狗了。根据语境可知选 C 项。 44. D 考查名词辨析 A dogs 狗;B flies 苍蝇;C dust 尘土;D fur 皮毛;句意:根据他的

预测,帽开始飞,这可能是特猎犬的毛。根据语境可知选 D 项。 45.A 考查名词辨析 A enough 足够;B much 许多;C lessons 课;D wounds 受伤;句意:入 侵者很快有足够力量挤过篱笆跑了。根据语境可知有力气才能逃出来,故选 A 项。 46.B 考查名词辨析 A horror 恐惧;B surprise 吃惊;C amusement 娱乐;D disappointment 失 望;句意:使这人吃惊的是,第二个参观者又返回了。这事使他很吃惊,居然会回来,故选 B 项。 47.C 考查动词辨析 A left 离开;B returned 返回;C quit 放弃;D rested 休息; 句意:当前 一天一样,它很快放弃了,跑了。根据语境可知选 C 项。 48.D 考查动词辨析 A copied 复制;B changed 改变;C stopped 停止;D repeated 重复;句意: 事情重复了几次,接下来的一天,还是同样的结果,故选 D 项。 49.C 考查动词辨析 A succeeded 成功;B recovered 恢复;C returned 返回;D appeared 出现; 句意:第二天这个人因为要商务旅行很是离开了家,几周之生才回来,根据语境可知选 C 项。 50 A 考查动词辨析 A happened 发生;B attached 附加;C stuck 坚持;D turned 转向。句意: 他问他的妻子,发生了什么事。What happen to sb 某人发生了什么事,故选 A 项。 51.B 考查动词辨析 A guess 猜测;B believe 相信;C hope 希望;D stand 站住;句意:你肯 定不会相信。根据下方提到 1t 53 missed a day!可知超乎想象,故选 B 项。 52.A 考查动词辨析 A fought 打仗;B stayed 停留;C played 玩;D trained 训练;句意:每 天的同一时间这个小狗都会来,与我们的特猎犬打架,然后跑掉。根据语境可知选 A 项。 53.C 考查副词辨析 A usually 通常;B seldom 很少;C never 决不;D just 仅仅;句意:从来 没有错过一天。根据语境可知天天来,故选 C 项。 54.A 考查名词辨析 A point 点;B scene 场景;C end 结束;D result 结果;句意:重点是, 我们的物猎犬听到那只小狗的呼吸,他们开始哀号,跑到地下室里。Come to the point 紧要 关头,故选 A 项。 55.D 考查动词辨析 A sound 听起来;B see 看到;C smell 闻;D hear 听到;根据语境可知听 到那只小狗的呼吸,故选 D 项。 56.A 考查副词辨析 A Then 然后; B However 然而; C Besides 况且; D Therefore 所以; 句意:

然后那只小狗大摇大摆地在我们后院走,好象是他家的地方是的。表示并列连接,故选 A 项。 57.C 考查连词辨析 A in case 以防;B so that 为的是;C as if 好象;D even if 即使;句意: 然后那只小狗大摇大摆地在我们后院走,好象是他家的地方是的。根据语境可知选 C 项。 58.A 考查名词辨析 A observation 观察; B proverb 谚语; C decision 决定; D discovery 发现; 句意: 戴尔通过自己的观察, 得到世界上许多重要的事情是通常由那些看起来好象没有希望 但又坚持下去的人来完成的。根据语境可知选 A 项。 59. B 考查形容词辨析 A complex 复杂的; B important 重要的; C interesting 有趣的; D special 特殊的;句意:戴尔通过自己的观察,得到世界上许多重要的事情是通常由那些看起来好象 没有希望但又坚持下去的人来完成的。 60.D 考查动词辨析 A created 创造;B determined 决定;C imagined 想象;D accomplished 完成;句意:戴尔通过自己的观察,得到世界上许多重要的事情是通常由那些看起来好象没 有希望但又坚持下去的人来完成的。Be accomplished by 由, ,完成,故选 D 项。

【英语卷 (解析) · 2015 届山东省实验中学高三第三次诊断考试 (201412) 】 When studying in Australia, do not worry about understanding the local language.General English programs are offered to help you 41 English. As a General English 42 at Greenwich College, I will tell you 44 with a fun what you can learn from these programs. I teach English at all levels from 43 to advanced.My classes usually activity.We play vocabulary and grammar 45 .Sometimes we listen to Australian 46 and decide if we like the lyrics(歌词).After we have all 47 up,we move onto the grammar or vocabulary of the day.We 48 it through writing or speaking. We 49 on our other skills(reading, writing or listening)in the afternoon, and use these skills to better understand the grammar or vocabulary. 50,at the end of the day, we talk about 51 to live and work in Australia . We discuss the problems , 52 how to understand different words and make new friends.If there are any problems,we help each other, offering advice and 53 . classes to improve your speaking ability.We offer special General English also offers 54

grammar and conversation classes,as well as a movie club! You can also come with us to the Opera House,the beach,the zoo or even to a museum. If you feel 55 about using your spoken English,don’t worry! Everyone feels the 56.So,in General English we have activities that 57 you talking to classmates,excursions(远 足)that 58 your confidence,and student parties that help you talk to others. It's a great way to 59 all you English skills as well as have a fantastic 60 . Maybe I’ ll see you

in my class soon. 41.A.test 42.A.student 43.A.beginners 46.A.songs 47.A.turned 48.A.catch 49.A.depend 50.A.Firstly 51.A.why 52.A.including 54.A.1istening 55.A.nervous 56.A.opposite 57.A.take 59.A.value B.grasp B.worker B.1earners B.sports B.dialogues B.shut B.practice B.keep B.Secondly B.remaining B.disadvantage B.writing B.comfortable B.fixed B.imagine B.catch B.improve C.cover C.teacher C.compete C.looked C.appreciate C.focus C.Thirdly C.when C.deciding C.accent C.excited C.same C.get C.appreciate C.instruct D. teach D. guide D. subjects D.start D. music D. reports D.warmed D.enjoy D.base D.Finally D.whether D.judging D.challenge D. reading D.proud D.forced D. remind D. draw D. arrange

60.A.feeling B.thought C.adventure D. experience 【答案】 【知识点】B2 夹叙夹议文 【文章综述】本文主要叙述作者在澳大利亚教英语的经历。虽然学生的层次不同,但经过作 者的各种有趣的不同方式训练都能达到提高英语的目的。 【答案解析】 41. B 动词辨析。 A 测试; B 掌握; C 覆盖; D 教会。 根据前文的 understand 和 language 可判断选 B。 42. C 名词辨析 A 学生; B 工人; C 教师; D 向导。 根据第二段的第一句话 I teach English at all levels 判断选 C。 43.A 名词辨析。A 初学者;B 学习者;C 课程;D 功课。根据前文的 I teach English at all levels 和空后的 advanced 判断选 A。 44.D 动词辨析 A 对付,处理;B 工作;C 竞争;D 以??开始。start with 以??为 开始,故判断选 D。 45.C 名词辨析。A 玩具;B 运动;C 游戏;D 音乐。根据前文的 play 判断选 C。 46.A 名词辨析。A 歌曲;B 对话;C 新闻;D 报告。根据前文的 listen to 判断选 A。 47.D 动词辨析。A 转向;B 关上;C 看;D 温暖。warm up 热身,故判断选 D。 48.B 动词辨析。A 抓住;B 锻炼;C 欣赏、感激;D 喜欢,根据前文热身之后进入 语法的练习,故判断选 B。 49.C 动词短语辨析。A 依赖;B 坚持;C 集中;D 以??为基础。此处应是对语法 进行集中练习,故判断选 C。 50.D 副词辨析。A 首先;B 第二步;C 第三步;D 最后。这是下午做的第二件事, 故选 D。 51.B 连词辨析。A 为什么;B 如何;C 何时;D 是否。根据空后的 live 和 work 判断 应是如何,故判断选 B。

52.A 动词辨析。A 包括;B 剩下;C 决定;D 判断。根据前文的 discuss 判断是选 A。 53.C 名词辨析。A 房子;B 缺点,不足;C 拥护,支持;D 挑战。根据句意:?? 提供建议和支持。故选 C。 54.C 名词辨析。A 听力;B 写作;C 方言;D 阅读。根据下文的 speaking ability 选 C。 55.A 形容词辨析。句意:如果你使用英语口语感到紧张,别担心。A 紧张的;B 舒 适的;C 激动的;D 骄傲的。故判断选 A。 56.C 形容词辨析。A 相反的,相对的;B 固定的;C 同样的;D 强迫的。根据空前 的 the 判断选 C。the same 一样的,同样的。 57.C 动词辨析。A 带走;B 想象;C 得到;D 提醒。get sb doing sth 使??某人一直 在做某事,故判断选 C。 58.A 动词辨析。A 增强;B 抓住;C 欣赏,感激;D 画画,拖。build confidence 增 强信心 ,故选 A。 59.B 动词辨析。A 估价;B 提高;C 指导;D 安排。根据题意选 B。 60.D 名词辨析。句意:提高学习英语的技能还有极好的经历是一种好方法。A 感情; B 想法;C 冒险;D 经验,经历。故判断选 D。



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