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人教版必修三book3 unit5 Reading

Unit 5 Canada – “The True North”

Read the text and find out: What places have they been to? Where are they heading? What did they see?

go eastward, across the continent

What did they see there?
Vancouver Calgary

Thunder Bay


Vancouver at night

The Rockey Mountains

The Rocky Mountains make up an enormous chain of mountains in western North America. It extends 3,000 miles from Canada

through the United States to Mexico.

Grizzly bear 灰熊

Calgary Skyline

City of Calgary is a city of about 1,000,000 (1 Million) Calgarians and by population is the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Stampede (美国西部或加拿大) 大西部赛马会
The cowboys have a gift for working with animals and they can win thousands of dollars in prizes.

Thunder Bay

Toronto Canada Skyline

the Niagara fall

most of the electricity is produced by water

Try to find out what these numbers refer to in the text.
5500: It is 5500 kilometers from the east to the west of the country. Thirty million: The population of Canada is slightly over thirty million. One third: Canada has one third of the world’s fresh water.

Draw the traveling route of the two girls.


Li Daiyu and Liu Qian

the second… On a trip to Canada will see… it’s 5,500 what did they see?
that afternoon the first stop

the Rocky Mountains
the next stop

the most…. it is surrounded the population

at the top of …


two days later Thunder Bay that night Toronto

The Calgary Stampede

Choose the best answer.
1. Why are the two girls not flying directly to the Atlantic coast? B A. It is too long a trip for them. B. They want to travel across Canada. C. There is no direct flight to the Atlantic coast. D. It is much cheaper to get there by train.

2. Which of the following cities is described as the most beautiful city in Canada? A A. Vancouver. B. Calgary. C. Toronto. D. Montreal. 3. What is “ The True North ” according to the text? D A. The northern part of Canada. B. Mountains in the north of Canada. C. North America. D. The cross-Canada train.

4. Which of the following statements about Canada is NOT true? C A. Vancouver is the warmest part of Canada. B. Canada is bigger than America and is the second biggest country in the world. C. The cousins are able to cross Canada in less than five days. D. Most Canadians live within 320 kilometres of the USA border.

5. Who will take part in the Calgary Stampede? D A. Cowboys from Stampede. B. People from Canada. C. Anyone who has a gift for riding. D. Cowboys from all over the world.

6. Why did they begin to realize two days later that Canada is quite empty? B A. They found nobody on their way. B. There are only thirty million people living on such a huge land and most of them live within the areas of the USA border. C. There are too many lakes in Canada. D. Canada is surrounded by Oceans on three sides.

7. Which of the following statements is Not True according to the text? B A. Li Daiyu and Liu Qian decided to cross Canada from west to east. B. Canada is 5,500 kilometers long from north to south. C. Vancouver is the warmest part of Canada. D. The population of Vancouver is growing rapidly.

2 Basic facts about Canada Distance from 5500km east to west coast Oceans on east Atlantic Ocean--east; and west coasts Pacific Ocean--west population slightly over 30 million

Where most Canadians live Location of largest fresh water supply Key point about Vancouver

within 320 km of the USA border the Great Lakes Canada’s warmest part/Canada’s most beautiful city/some of the oldest and most beautiful forests in the world

Key point about Calgary Key point about Thunder Bay

famous for the Calgary Stampede busy port city at the top of the Great Lakes

(After Reading the passage, we have known some basic information of Canada. Now, we are going to give some description of Canadian cities, just match the name of the cities.) ? 1) You can ski in the Rocky Mountains and sail in the harbour . Many Canadians and Asians want to live in this city.-------- ?Vancouver ? 2) The Stampede in this city is a famous western festival. Cowboys come from all over North America to compete in riding wild houses.----- Calgary ? 3)This city is at the top end of the Great Lakes, and it is a very busy port, although it is close to the centre of the country.----- the Thunder Bay Each city above has its own identity, we must be sure to tell the difference among them.

1. … were on a trip to Canada to visit their cousins in Montreal … trip: (通常指短途的)行走, 旅行 be on a trip 在旅行中 make a trip to take a trip to

a trip to the seaside 海滨之行 __________________ 前往巴黎的蜜月之旅 a honeymoon trip to Paris __________________________ 他出差在外。 He is __________________. on a business trip 我父亲下礼拜要到纽约去。 make a trip to New York next week. My father will _______________________ be on show 在展出 be on duty 在值日 be on business 在出差 be on holiday 在度假 be on sale 在出售 be on fire 着火 be on strike 在罢工


? ? ?


are on strike (在罢工) in order to The workers _____________ improve their working condition. is on duty (值日) today? Who __________ on business (出差). My father has gone to Shanghai ___________ on fire (着火), he couldn’t When he saw the house ________ help crying. are on sale (出售) from the booking office. Tickets __________

Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided
to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. 她们不想一路乘飞机, 她们决定先飞到温哥华, 再从西海 岸乘火车横穿加拿大到达东海岸。 rather than 表客观事实,“是…而不是…; 与其…不如…” 它连接两个并列成分

He is an explorer rather than a sailor.
You rather than I are going to go camping. 注意: rather than 连接两个名词或代词作主语

时, 谓语动词应与rather than 前面的名词或

The sweater she bought was beautiful rather than cheap. We will have the meeting in the classroom rather than in the great hall. She enjoys singing rather than dancing. We should help him rather than he should help us. I decided to write rather than (to) telephone.

他不愿惹麻烦, 宁可离去。 Rather than cause trouble he left. _______________________, 我想喝柠檬汁, 不想喝可乐。
I’ll _______________________________. have a lemonade rather than a coke

He was busy _____________________ writing a letter rather than reading a newspaper ________________________________.

3. Going eastward, you will...

-ward(s)加在前置词上, 构成副词, 表示方向
backward(s)向后, upward(s)向上。 向前 ___________ forward(s) 向外 ___________ outward(s) westward(s) 向西 ___________ downward(s) 向下 ___________ backward(s) 向后 ___________ 向南 southward(s) ___________ 向北 ___________ northward(s)

他们向东航行。 They sailed eastward _____________________. 我们难以决定是向东走还是向西走。 whether to go eastward or westward We couldn’t decide _______________________________ He has experience as well as knowledge. The pilot as well as two of the passengers has escaped death. He is a scientist, but he is a poet as well. He gave me advice , and money as well.

surround vt. 围绕; 包围
surrounding adj. 周围的 surroundings n. (常用复数) 周围的事物; 环境

be surrounded by / with 被……环绕着
We could see the buildings ____ B by trees. A. being surrounded B. surrounded C. to be surrounded

D. surround

5. measure 1) v. 量; 计量; 测量 This room measures 5 metres across.
The tailor measured Harry for a new jacket.

We measured the room and found it was twenty feet long and fifteen feet wide.

2) n. “措施; 办法; 量度; 尺寸”等 An hour is a measure of time. This measure will have much effect.

常见搭配: be measured in 以……衡量 make ... to one’s measure 按照某人尺寸做…… take one’s measure / take the measure of sb 给某人量尺寸 made to measure 定做的; 按照尺寸做的 take measures to do sth 采取措施做某事






Mr. Smith asked the tailor to make some new to his own measure (照他的尺寸). clothes __________________ The tailor __________________ (给我量尺寸) for a took my measure new suit. took strong measures (采取强 At the same time they __________________ 有力的措施) to protect wildlife resources. measure the distance (测量距离) between Did you ____________________ the two buildings. measures ten metres across (宽10米). The room _________________________

That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. 那天下午, 这对表姐妹上了火车落了座。
aboard adv/prep 在…上; 在船(飞机,火车等)上 It’s time to go aboard. The plane crashed killing all 157 passengers aboard. They were the last two to go aboard the ship. All aboard! aboard abroad broad board 在船(飞机,火车等)上 在国外 宽阔的 木板

settle down 1) 坐下, 躺下 He settled down in his chair to read the newspaper. 2) 安顿下来, 安家 After years of traveling, he decided to settle down here. 3) 安下心来, 专心致志于 A work. Then they settled themselves down ____ A. to B. on C. with D. in 解析: settle down to… “使某人安下心来 做……”,在此短语中, to 是介词。


manage to do sth. 设法干成 (强调结果) try to do sth. 尽力干…但成功与否不确定 (强调动作) He tried to persuade his son to finish his homework on time, but he failed. Even though the work was difficult, he managed to finish it himself.

7. Many of them have a gift for riding wild horses and can win thousands of dollars… have a gift / talent for... 在......方面有天分/天赋 gifted / talented 有天赋的 gift 礼物,天赋 be gifted at doing sth. / in sth. 擅长 gifted girl. Everyone knows she Mary is a _______ _______________ singing and dancing. She also has a gift for does well in all her subjects. Next week she is going to the United States to study law, so I’ll choose a gift for her this afternoon. _____

8. …most Canadians live within a few hundred kilometres of the USA border… 大多数加拿大人居住在靠近美国数百公里以内 的边疆地带… 1) within: prep. 在……里面, 在……内部, 在……范围以内, 不超过 He lives within five minutes’ walk.
within sight within one’s reach within one’s income within one’s power 在视线之内 在某人够得着的范围内 量入为出 在某人的能力范围之内

within his reach He kept the dictionary ________________

(他够得着的范围内). within an hour (在一小时内). He will return _______________
within my power (我力所能及的). This work is not ________________ from within (从里面). The door was suddenly opened ____________

9. slightly adv. 轻微地; 微小地

I feel slightly ill. He had a slight fever.
slight adj. 轻微的, 脆弱的, 瘦小的 轻微, 微小的事情

slightness n.

1. Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world.(P34—27)加拿大拥有的饮用水比世界上 任何国家都多。 句型:more …than any other… 比其他任何…… 都…… 仿写 (1)台北是台湾最大的城市。

bigger than any other city in Taipei is ______________________ Taiwan. stronger than any other boy in his He is __________________________ class.
(3)蜜蜂和蚂蚁比其它的任何动物都更勤奋。 (2)他是班里最强壮的男孩。

harder than any Bees and ants work ______________________.

other animal

IV. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。 1. 他住在一所四周都是美丽花草的房子 里。(be surrounded by) He lives in a house (that / which is) surrounded by beautiful flowers and grass. 2. 就像他的父亲一样,他也有音乐天赋。 (have a gift for) Just like his father, he also has a gift for music.

3. 司机没能及时看见另一辆车。(catch sight of) The driver failed to catch sight of another car in time. 4. 你认为你能在一小时内完成这项工作 吗?(manage to do) Do you suppose / think / believe you can manage to finish the work in / within an hour?

5. 他一路冲往车站,结果还是误了火

车。(all the way)
He rushed all the way to the station, only to miss the train. 6. 听到这个令人兴奋的消息,他哭了 而不是笑了。(rather than) Hearing the exciting news, he cried rather than smiled.

7. 他计划在乡下定居。(settle down)

He planned to settle down in the

8. 杰克比班里任何一个学生都高。 (any

Jack is taller than any other student in
his class.

10. They went through a wheat-growing province and saw farms that covered thousands of square acres. 火车穿过一个种植小麦的省份, 他们看见 了面积有数千平方英亩的农场。
wheat-growing 是一个复合形容词。 复合形容词 1) N-Ned baby-faced (娃娃脸的) horse-faced (马脸的)

2) adj-Ned good-mannered (有礼貌的) narrow-minded (心胸狭窄的) absent-minded (心不在焉的) old-fashioned (过时的) short-sighted (近视的)
3) 数字-Ned one-legged (独脚的) three-headed (三个头的) two-storied (两层楼的) three-year-old (三岁大的) one-way (单行的) two-week (两个礼拜的)

4) N-Ving body-building (强身的) peace-loving (爱好和平的) heart-warming (感人的) 5) adj-Ving easy-going (悠哉的) good-looking (美貌的)

6) adv-Ving hard-working (工作努力的) far-reaching (影响深远的)

7) N-pp(过去分词) heart-broken (伤心的) hand-made (手工的) man-caused (人为的) 8) adv-pp well-known (著名的) well-behaved (守规矩的)






to be cheated (cheat) when you are Be careful not _____________ chatting (chat) on the Net. terrified at the __________ terrifying scene and he Tom felt ________ ran away as soon as possible. (terrify) to persuade Difficult as it was, I managed ______________ giving (persuade) him into _________ (give) up his plan. measuring (measure) The hall was extremely big, ___________ 200 meters long and 100 meters wide. caught He was wandering in the street when he ________ (catch) sight of his former boss.






Climbing (climb) to the top of the mountain, you __________ will see the whole city. Climb (climb) to the top of the mountain, and you ________ will see the whole city. Rather than _______ (ask) his mother for money, he ask work (work) and be independent. would _______ impressed (impress) you most, the lake or the Which _________ charming palace? Located (locate) in the south of China, _________ Guangdong has warmer winters than other areas.



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