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Unit 4 Wildlife protection
单元检测卷(时间 50 分钟;满分 100 分) 班 级 _________________ 姓 名 _____________ 考 号 _________________ 得 分 _______________________ I 语言知识及应用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 【河南省信阳高级中学 2016 届高三第四次大考】 "I...I thought you could use it for something." Susan's 1 did nothing to help us understand why a dark blue carpet remnant(零头布料) was being 2 as a birthday

gift.The murmured "thanks" could be barely heard as Holly tried not to allow her disappointment to show. Holly's disappointment didn't become 3 until the following evening when she

came downstairs to say good night. "Well, I guess we know how much my best friend 4 me, huh, Mom?" She said 5 , with her head down. 6 the

The next morning, I carried a garbage bag outside. My heart sank as I lid of the garbage can and saw Susan's carpet lying there. picked it up and brought it into the house . “Susan 8

7 only a moment, I

you and me to go over to her house after school tomorrow .”Weeks 9 her voice carried a

later Holly announced as she arrived home from school.

so-what attitude , I sensed she was pleased by the invitation. The next day we 10 to the destination along the winding country road . A tall woman stood in the doorway to house was 11 us as we approached the small farmhouse. The 13 with the

12 but neatly decorated with used furniture .From the

woman we knew Susan had long been separated from her parents and she was Susan’s foster mother(养母). A warm light shone in her eyes as she came to respect this 14 to me her fondness for Susan . I

15 woman who had opened her home to a young girl and attempted

to make a difference in her life. As daylight began to 16 we offered our thanks and said goodbye . Holly sat


quietly in the car leaning her body forward as if willing the car to move faster. No sooner had we come to a stop than she purposefully toward the garbage can. “Is this what you were looking for?” I held out the piece of 18 . “Thanks, Mom.” a tear or two 19 from her eyes and fell onto the remnant ,as if 20 , 17 opened the car door and walked

that has become the most precious birthday present in the world. 1.A. adaptation 2.A. valued 3.A. evident 4.A. goes against 5.A. apparently 6.A. lifted 7.A. Pausing 8.A. expected 9.A. Although 10.A. moved 11.A. direct 12.A. messy 13.A. chat 14.A. admitted 15.A. lighthearted 16. A.end 17.A. quickly 18.A. gift 19.A. flooded 20.A. by nature B.negotiation B.deserted B.strange B.thinks of B.regularly B.threw B.Hesitating B.convinced B.Since B.drove B.defend B.noisy B.switch B.clarified C.explanation C.described C.slight C.learn from C.miserably C.closed C.Thinking C.invited C.Because C.walked C.arrest C.shabby C.revealed D.assumption D.presented D.absent D.pays for D.consistently D.repaired D.Lasting D.permitted D.Once D.returned D.greet D.smelly D.debate D.declared

B.generoushearted C.softhearted D.coldhearted B.darken B.carefully B.garbage B.poured magic C.drop C.quietly C.carpet C.streamed luck D.fade D.skillfully D.bag D.slipped coincident

1.C 考查名词辨析。adaptation 适应,改编;negotiation 谈判;explanation 解释,说明; assumption 假定,设想。根据“I...I thought you could use it for something.”及 “understand”一词可知, 此处指 Susan 的“解释”不能帮助我们理解为什么地毯的零头布

料会被当作生日礼物,故选 C 项。 2.D 考查动词辨析。value 重视;desert 舍弃;describe 描述;present 提出,赠送,呈 现。根据“as a birthday gift”可知,此处指拿地毯的零头布料当作生日礼物赠送他人, 故选 D 项。 3.A 考查形容词辨析。evident 明显的;strange 奇怪的;slight 轻微的;absent 缺席的, 缺少的。由上文“as Holly tried not allow her disappointment to show”可知,Holly 竭力掩饰她的失望。再联系下文她对作者说的话及“with her head down”可知,直到第二 天晚上她的失望才愈加明显,故选 A 项。] 4.B 考查动词短语辨析。go against 不利于,违反;think of 记起,关心;learn from 向??学习;pay for 赔偿,付款。由语境可知,女儿认为通过送礼物这件事大家应该都知 道她的好朋友是多么关心她了,故选 B 项。 5.C 考查副词辨析。apparently 显然地;regularly 定期地,有规律地;miserably 极不愉 快地,痛苦地;consistently 一贯地,一致地。由语境可知,女儿对好朋友的礼物很失望, 因此她说话的时候情绪很不好,故选 C 项。 6. A 考杏动词辨析。 lift 举起, 提升; throw 扔; close 关闭; repair 修理。 根据下文“...and saw Susan’s carpet lying there”可知,作者应是提起垃圾桶盖时发现了 Susan 送给女 儿的生日礼物被扔到垃圾桶里了,故选 A 项。 7.B 考查动词辨析。pause 暂停;hesitate 犹豫;think 思考;last 持续。由语境可知, 看到 Susan 的毯子后,“我”犹豫了片刻后把它捡起来拿回了屋子,故选 B 项。 8.C 考查动词辨析。expect 期望,预料;convince 使信服;invite 邀请;permit 允许。 由下文“...she was pleased by the invitation”可知,C 项正确 9. A 考查连词辨析。 本句中“a sowhat attitude”和“she was pleased by the invitation” 之间构成转折关系,故 although 意为“尽管”,符合语境。句意为:尽管她说话带着一种 无所谓的态度,但我能感觉到她对这个邀请感到很高兴。 10.B 考查动词辨析。move 移动;drive 驾车;walk 行走;return 返回。根据倒数第二段 中的“Holly sat quietly in the car”可知,“我们”是开车去 Susan 家的,故选 B 项。 11.D 考查动词辨析。direct 管理,指挥;defend 防护;arrest 逮捕;greet 欢迎,迎接。 由语境可知,一个高个子妇女站在门口迎接“我们”,故选 D 项。 12.C 考查形容词辨析。messy 凌乱的;noisy 吵闹的;shabby 破旧的,卑鄙的,smelly 发 臭的。根据下文“but neatly decorated with used furniture”可知,此处指房子很破旧, 故选 C 项。


15.B 考查形容词辨析。lighthearted 轻松的,无忧无虑的;generoushearted 慷慨的,宽 宏大量的;softhearted 心肠软的;coldhearted 无情的,冷淡的。由语境可知,她接纳了 一个年轻的女孩并试图让这个小女孩的生活变得不一样,因此她是一个慷慨的人,故选 B 项。 16. D 考查动词辨析。end 结束,终止;darken 使变暗,(颜色)变黑;drop 使下降;fade 褪色,逐渐消失。根据语境可知,日光渐渐退去,我们道谢告别,故选 D 项。 17.A 考查副词辨析。quickly 迅速地;carefully 仔细地;quietly 安静地;skillfully 巧妙地。由下文可知,Holly 迅速打开车门走向了垃圾桶,故选 A 项。 18.C 考查名词辨析。gift 礼物;garbage 垃圾;carpet 地毯;bag 袋子。由第三段可知, Holly 丢掉的那块地毯被作者拿回来了,所以此处指那块地毯,故选 C 项。 19. D 考查动词辨析。 flood 淹没; pour 灌, 倾泻; stream 流出; slip 使滑动。 根据“A tear or two”可知,D 项正确。stream 通常指大量不断的流动;pour 强调“倾泻”,程度更大, 均不符合语境,故排除。 20.B 考查介词短语辨析。by nature 天生地;by luck 侥幸地;by magic 不可思议;没有 by coincident 这一搭配。根据 Holly 对待 Susan 所送礼物的态度变化可以看出,Holly 把 这块地毯当成了世界上最珍贵的东西,这个地毯如同被施了魔法一般。as if by magic 意 为“像变魔术似的”,符合语境。 考点:日常生活类短文。

第二节 语法填空 (共 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 【辽宁省沈阳市东北育才学校 2016 届高三第一次模拟】 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Brighton is the 21 (health) city in Britain with the highest level of

personal trainers, yoga clubs and health food stores, according to a survey released on Friday. The survey, 22 looks at 19 statistics covering health, 23 24 (fit)and (eat) at

environment, says Brighton has the highest number of residents least five kinds of fruit and vegetables a day.


The survey,


(conduct) for the Sky Travel channel, has compared 15 26 an average age of 78

cities across the UK. It says Brighton residents live years old. They are twice as likely living in other parts of Britain. In 28 27

(walk) or cycle to work as the people

(compare)with the national average, Brighton has nearly a third 29 in any other city in

more health food stores and personal trainers than

Britain. It has twice many yoga clubs, and the level of fat residents is below the national average. Meanwhile, 30 survey also finds that Brighton residents have the best levels

of cholesterol (胆固醇) and blood pressure in Britain.。根据 and environment 可知前面也是个名词,and 连接的成分相同,故用 fitness。 24.eating。一个句子中不能有两个谓语,用 eating 非谓语动词的形式表示一种状态。 25.conducted。 调查肯定是被人实施, 所以用非谓语动词 conducted 形式表示过去被动的一 种状态。。考察固定搭配,live to 活到。 walk。根据后面的 cycle to walk 可知前面用 to walk 表示并列。 28.comparison。in comparison with 固定搭配,表示与什么做比较。 29.those 代替前面的那些。 30.this。最后总结,同时,这个调查,所以用 this。 考点:考查动、名词、副词和形容词 II 阅读 (共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节 阅读理解 (共 1 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该 项涂黑。

A【2015 年重庆一中高 2016 级高三上学期摸底】 When people find out that the product they bought is unsatisfying or in some other way does not live up to the manufacturer’s claims , the first step is to present the warranty , or any other records which might help , at the store of purchase . In most cases , this action will produce results . However , if it does not , there are various means the consumer may use to gain satisfaction . A simple and common method used by many consumers is to complain directly to the store manager . In general , the “ higher up ” his or her complaint , the faster he or she can expect it to be settled . In such a case , it is usually settled in the consumer’s favor , assuming he or she has a just claim . Consumers should complain in person whenever possible , but if they cannot get to the place of purchase , it is acceptable to phone or write the complaint in a letter . Complaining is usually most effective when it is done politely but firmly , and especially when the consumer can demonstrate what is wrong with the item in question . If this cannot be done , the consumer will succeed best by presenting specific information as to what is wrong , rather than by making general statements . For example , “ The left speaker does not work at all and the sound coming out of the right one is unclear ” is better than “ This stereo does not work . ” The store manager may advise the consumer to write to be manufacturer . If so , the consumer should do this , stating the complaint as politely and firmly as possible . If a polite complaint does not achieve the desired result , the consumer can go to a step further . She or he can threaten to take the seller to court or report the seller to a private or public organization responsible for protecting consumer’s rights . 31. When people find that their purchase is unsatisfying , the first thing they should do is to __________ . A. complain personally to the manager B. threaten to take the seller to court C. write a firm letter of complaint to the store of purchase D. show some written proof of the purchase to the store

32. How can a consumer make his or her complaint more effective , according to the passage ? A. Make polite and general statements about the problem . B. Threaten to take the seller to court . C. Explain exactly what is wrong with the item . D. Avoid having direct contact with the store manager . 33. What’s the best title of this passage ? A. How to settle a consumer’s complaint effective complaint C. How to avoid buying a faulty item complaints D. How to deal with B. How to make an

31.D。细节理解题。由“the first step is to present the warranty , or any other records which might help , at the store of purchase ’’可知,消费者的第一反应是可以找到 任何能找到的书面购买记录。故选 D。 32.C。细节理解题。由“Complaining is usually most effective when it is done politely but firmly , and especially when the consumer can demonstrate what is wrong with the item in question .”可知对商品问题作出越详细的描述,越有利于问题的解决。故选 C。 33.B。 主旨大意题。 文章主要讲了消费者如何处理当自己购买的商品出现问题时进行投诉的 问题,并指出详细的描述有利于投诉的成功处理。故选 B。 考点:考查社会类短文阅读。 B【2015 年重庆一中高 2016 级高三上学期摸底】 Here are some traditional German beer games . Beer Boot Pass A very , very popular game played in Germany is the beer boot pass ( Bier Boot ) , which has gained popularity all over the world . The game is usually played to pin

the next round of beer on a person . In this , a full glass of beer is passed around in the group—there are some rules for this—it has to be tipped every time before it is passed and not a drop of beer must be spilled . The second-to-last person who finishes the beer must pay for the next round . The game then becomes all about judgment because either you drink the entire beer or have a sip and pass it on . You never know who the second to last person will be , so the uncertainty and excitement makes the game a favorite . Beer Crate-Running This is a traditional game that is extremely popular in Germany , Switzerland , and Austria , more popularly referred to as Kastenlauf . The game is similar to running a race , where a route is marked , ranging from anywhere between 5-12 km . Each participant brings a crate of beer ( the size and quantity will be specified ) . The first person who success fully finishes the entire crate of beer before getting to the finish line wins . Flunkyball This outdoor game is played with one team being matched against another , with equal numbers in both . The teams stand on opposite sides of the ground in a line , with their beers lined before them . An empty bottle or a tin can is placed in the center and another object ( used as an aim ) is brought in , something like a tennis ball . The first team ( A ) hits the ball onto the target to tumble(打翻)it . Once the bottle has tumbled , team A will start drinking their beers . Meanwhile , team B must run to the center , place the bottle upright , find the ball , and cross back into the line before yelling ‘ Stop ’ . Team A then stops drinking and team B starts to throw the ball at the bottle and carrying forward the game . The game continues till one team has finished all their beer and they are declared winners . Drinking Relay Divide the group of people into two teams and get them to stand in a line with beer placed in front of each member . At the blow of the whistle , the first person lifts the glass and starts drinking the beer . After he is done , he has to turn

the glass over to show that there is no more beer in the glass . Then , the next person starts drinking and so on . The next in line can only drink when the first person has emptied his glass . The team whose last member empties the glass ahead of others wins . Herman the German Even though this game seems simple , it is a lot of fun . It runs on the lines of ‘ Who stole the cookie ’ . A person is chosen as ‘ Herman the German ’ ( HTG ) and he has to get the game running . The other members sit in a random manner and are given names , better if they are confusing names like China Port No. 1 , Rum Master Blaster etc . The game starts with HTG saying – “ HTG dropped a missile on China Port No. 1 , sir ” and China Port No. 1 has to reply with – “ It wasn’t me , sir . ” Then HTG replies – “ Who then , sir ” and it goes on . The sentence has to end with ‘ sir ’ and if it doesn’t , then the player has to down a beer . Similarly , if at any point the players fumble , they have to do the same . The tension makes the players forget things and there’s a whole lot of beer flowing as a result . 34. Which two games have something to do with running ? A. Beer Boot Pass and Beer Crate-Running C. Beer Crate-Running and Flunkyball German 35. The loser will have to buy beers for others in the game __________ . A. Beer Boot Pass C. Flunkyball B. Beer Crate-Running D. Drinking Relay B. Flunkyball and Drinking Relay D. Drinking Relay and Herman the

36. A person with a good memory may have a advantage in playing __________ . A. Beer Boot Pass Herman the German 37. Which of the following statements is listed as a rule of the games ? A. Every person has to sip the beer when playing Beer Boot Pass . B. The person who replies to HTG with “ sir ” at the end will be punished . C. The team can start drinking their beers as soon as they throw the ball in B. Flunkyball C. Drinking Relay D.


Flunkyball D. The team members have to drink their beers in turn when playing Drinking Relay .

35.A。细节理解题。由“The second-to-last person who finishes the beer must pay for the next round .”可知,在 Beer Boot Pass 中,倒数第二的人要付钱买酒。故选 A。 36.D。细节理解题。由“The tension makes the players forget things and there’s a whole lot of beer flowing as a result .”可知,记忆力好的人不容易忘,因此玩这个 游戏更有优势。故选 D。 37.D。细节理解题。由“Then , the next person starts drinking and so on .”可知, 在 Drinking Relay 游戏中,人们需要轮流喝酒。故选 D。 考点:考查社会类短文阅读。 C【2015 年重庆一中高 2016 级高三上学期摸底】 It’s the worst event in human being’s nautical(航海的)history , six times more deadly than the Titanic . When the German cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff was hit by torpedoes(鱼雷)fired from a Russian submarine in the final winter of World War II , more than 10,000 people – mostly women , children and old people fleeing the final Red Army push into Nazi Germany – were packed aboard . An ice storm had turned the decks into frozen sheets that sent hundreds of families sliding into the sea as the ship tilted and began to go down . Others desperately tried to put lifeboats down . Some who succeeded fought off those in the water who had the strength to try to claw their way aboard . Most people froze immediately . “ I’ll never forget the screams , ” says Christa Ntitzmann , 87 , one of the 1,200 survivors . She recalls watching the ship , brightly lit , slipping into its dark grave-and into seeming nothingness , rarely mentioned for more than half a century .


Now Germany’s Nobel Prize-winning author Gtinter Grass has revived the memory of the 9,000 dead , including more than 4,000 children-with his latest novel Crab Walk , published last month . The book ,which will be out in English next year , doesn’t dwell on the sinking : its heroine is a pregnant young woman who survives the catastrophe only to say later : “ Nobody wanted to hear about it , not here in the West ( of Germany ) and not at all in the East . ” The reason was obvious . As Grass put in a recent interview with the weekly Die Woche : “ Because the crimes we Germans are responsible for were and are so dominant , we didn’t have the energy left to tell of our own sufferings . ” The long silence about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff was probably unavoidable – and necessary . By unreservedly owning up to their country’s monstrous crimes in the Second World War , Germans have managed to win acceptance abroad , marginalize the neo-Nazis at home and make peace with their neighbors . Today’s unified Germany is more prosperous and stable than at any time in its long , troubled history . For that , a half century of willful forgetting about painful memories like the German Titanic was perhaps a reasonable price to pay . But even the most politically correct Germans believe that they’ve now earned the right to discuss the full historical record . Not to equate German suffering with that of its victims , but simply to acknowledge a terrible tragedy . 38. Why does the author say the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff was the worst event in nautical history ? A. It was attacked by Russian torpedoes . frozen to death . C. Its victims were mostly women and children . of casualties . 39. How does Gunter Grass revive the memory of the Wilhelm Gustloff tragedy ? A. By presenting the horrible scene of the torpedo attack . B. By describing the ship’s sinking in great detail . C. By giving an interview to the weekly Die Woche .

B. Most of its passengers were

D. It caused the largest number

D. By illustrating the survival of a young pregnant woman . 40. What’s the meaning of the underlined word “ marginalize ” A. highlight B. weaken C. strengthen D. fasten

39.D。由“The book ,which will be out in English next year , doesn’t dwell on the sinking : its heroine is a pregnant young woman who survives the catastrophe only to say later ”可知,Gunter Grass 的书用一个生还的怀孕妇女的视角去还原了当年的事 件经过。故选 D。 40.B。词义猜测题。德国人经过二战后的反省逐渐被他国所接受,并且在国内边缘化纳粹思 想,取得了与邻国的和平。marginalize 边缘化的,排斥。highlight 突出,强调;weaken 减少,变弱;strengthen 加强; fasten 固定紧。故选 B。 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 【辽宁省沈阳市东北育才学校 2016 届高三第 一次模拟】 根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项 涂黑。选项中有两项为多余选项。 If you are in a crowd, the first and most important thing is to make yourself familiar with your surroundings and mentally notice alternate exits.___41_____ Make yourself aware of the type of ground you are standing on, and know that in a crowd of moving people wet or uneven ground can be slippery or hazardous, causing you to fall. ___42___ When in danger, a few seconds can make all the difference, giving you the possibility of taking advantage of escaping route. Always stay closer to the escape route. If you find yourself in the middle of a moving crowd, do not fight against the pressure, do not stand still or sit down, because you could easily get


trampled.___43_____ Take advantage of any space that may open up to move sideways to the crowd movement where the flow is weaker. Keep your hands up by your chest, like a boxer—it gives you movement and protects your chest.____44____ If you cannot get up because you are injured, get someone to pull you back up. If you have kids, lift them up. If you fall and cannot get up, keep moving by crawling in the same direction of the crowd, or if that is not possible, then cover your head with your arms and curl up into fetal position.___45____ A. No matter where you are, make sure you always know how to get out. B. If you fall, get up quickly. C. Do not lie on your stomach or back, as this dangerously exposes your lungs. D. The worst is to be pushed by the crowd against an immovable object E. There is always space between people. F. Be aware of the general atmosphere of the event, as panic situations can often be expected. G. Instead, move in the same direction of the crowd.

42.F 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。下文第一句话意为:当陷入危险的时候,几秒 钟就能感觉出来不同,与F选项内容as panic situation can be expected相对应,故选F。 43.G 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。上文第一句话意为:当你发现自己站在人群中 心的时候,不要挣扎,不要站着不动,因为你很容易被绊倒,与G选项内容instead, move in the same direction of the crowd相对应,故选G。 44.B 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。下文第一句话意为:如果你受伤了,不能站起 来,寻求其他人帮忙,与B选项内容if you fall, get up quickly相对应,故选B。


45.C 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。下文第一句话意为:用你的手覆盖着你的头, 像婴儿一样蜷缩着,与选项内容 Do not lie on your stomach or back, as this dangerously exposes your lungs相对应,故选C。 考点:考查信息匹配 III. 写作 (满分 25 分)【河南省信阳高级中学 2016 届高三第四次大考】 教师节即将来临,请你根据以下提示给你的英语老师 Mr. Smith 写一封感谢信,并表示节 日的问候。 (1)表示感谢 (2)描述他的教学(讲故事,教唱歌,做游戏,举行晚会?课堂生动有趣,使我们对英语 产生兴趣) (3)表示节日问候 字数:100 左右 【答案】 Dear Mr. Smith, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Is everything ok with you? I miss you very much. I’m writing to say thank you for your constant help to me. As we all know, the Teachers’ Day is just around the corner and I also offer congratulations to you for your special festival from the bottom of my heart. It’s true that teachers have a great influence on their students. We all like your teaching activities, such as telling us English stories, teaching us how to sing English songs, playing games with us, holding parties and so on. What’s more, we have great fun and get relaxed in your class. All in all, your class is so lively and interesting that we all are interested in English. As a result, we have made great progress with you teaching us. Again, I want to say thank you and offer congratulations to you for your special festival from the bottom of my heart. Only in this way can I show my sincere thank and respect to you. Yours Ever,


【亮点说明】范文运用一些常见的短语 write to sb 给某人写信;have a great influence on 对。 。有影响;What’s more 而且;As a result 结果;make great progress 取得巨大 进步;As we all know, the Teachers’ Day is just around the corner and I also offer congratulations to you for your special festival from the bottom of my heart.这 个句子 as 引导非限制性定语从句;All in all, your class is so lively and interesting that we all are interested in English.这个句子运用 so..that 这个句型结构;Only in this way can I show my sincere thank and respect to you 这个句子运用到 only+状语+ 部分倒装; 考点: 提纲类作文




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