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Unit4《Cyberspace》lesson1 Tomorrow's World课件3 北师大版必修2

北师大版 高中一年级(上)


Lesson 1

When will you live in the future? How will you travel in the future? Where will you work and study in the future? What kind of m

oney will you use? Will you still get sick in the future?

If Newton lived today, he would be surprised by what has been discovered in science and technology.

Look at the title of the article. Which of these topics do you think it will mention?
* the Internet * artificial human * time travel * robots * global warming * virtual reality

Learning vocabulary
Match the vocabulary from the text below with the definitions.
hacker, chaos, terrorist, the Net (Internet), virtual reality, crash

1. a person who enters other people’s computer programmes in secret


2. The use of computers to make situations feel and look real. virtual reality 3. have an accident by violently hitting something. crash

4. some who does terrible things to harm countries, governments and people.


5. computer system that allows millions of people around the world to share information the Net (Internet) 6. A terrible situation in which everything goes wrong


1. Users can buy books, find out about holiday offers, book tickets, and get all sorts of information from the Internet.

find out查明真相,事实
find 发现,找到

Will you find me a magazine about history?
If you find any mistake, please correct it.

I need find out who hid the picture under the newspaper.

book 动词 预定(房间,票)

You can book a room of the hotel in advance by Internet. order(定购货物)
At present we can order the goods because there is no demand in the market.

2. Peter Taylor finds out how computers and the Internet are going to affect our lives. affect 影响 More and more pollution has affected our health, according to the report. effect 名词,影响 构成的短语 make an effect on Watching TV long time makes a bad effect on sight.

3. In 1983, there were only 200 computers connected to the Internet.

Connected to 是过去分词作后置定语来修 饰先行词computers, 因为computer和 connect是被动关系,相当于一个定语从 句:which were connected to the Internet. There were so many people watching the fire in the street at that time.

Watching 是现在分词作后置定语来修饰 先行词 people, 因为watch和people是主动 关系,相当于一个定语从句:who watched the fire in the street at that time. 例如:

There are 11 million students _______(take) part in the sport. taking

4. Some expert are pessimistic about the future. be pessimistic about 对…感到悲观

be optimistic about 对…感到乐观
Don’t be pessimistic about the thing that has not happened. I am optimistic about the economic growth at present.


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