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Unit 2 Come and eat here (1)

Unit 2 Come and eat here (1)
A. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions below. 1. Why did Wang feel frustrated?

2. What foods are offered in Wang’s restaurant?

3. What did Yong promise to her customers?

4. What foods are offered in Yong’s restaurant?

5. What did Wang find after doing research?

6. How did Wang decide to win his customers back?

B. Compare the two restaurants. Restaurants Food Wang Peng’s restaurant Yong Hui’s restaurant

Price Drink

Strength of the diet

Weakness of the diet

C. Language points 1. Frustrated: adj. feeling annoyed; 沮丧的 Be /get frustrated at/with: 因?而懊恼;对?感到沮丧的 E.g. They felt frustrated at the lack of progress. I can’t understand this and am frustrated with it. Frustrating: 一般指事物, “令人沮丧的” 。 Frustrated: 一般指人, “感到沮丧的” 。 E.g. He felt frustrated because of the frustrating news. 2. Nothing could be better.再没比这个好吃的了 否定词(no,not,never?) +adj./ adv.的比较级: 表示最高级 “再也没有?比这 个更?的了” E.g. No one is taller than him in our class. 3. curiosity: 好奇心 ~ about/ to do sth: 对/做?? 的好奇心 out of ~: 出于好奇心 satisfy one’s ~: 满足??的好奇心 show ~ about sth: 对某物表现出好奇心 E.g. Children show curiosity about everything. Just out of curiosity, she opened the letter. 4. have sb do:让 sb 做; I had the driver wait for us. have sb doing:让 sb 一直做; I had him standing here. have sb done:使遭到或让某事由某人做; I had my hair cut. I had my pen broken. 5. get away with: 做了坏事而未受惩罚 E.g. If students cheat in the exam, they’ll never get away with it. 6. lie:说谎 ;(Lied-lied-lying) lie:躺;位于;( lay –lain- lying) lay:产卵;放置;(Laid-laid-laying) E.g. He must be lying. China lies in the east of Asia. She laid her book on the desk. 7. discount:打折 give /allow/make a discount (on):打折 at a discount:打折 E.g. I bought the dress at a discount of 60%. Do you give me any discount if I buy a whole case of wine? 8. win back: 赢回;重新获得 E.g. We have to try to win back the supporters that we’ve lost.


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