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M3U3 Back to the past

Back to the past

Pompeii Loulan
Made by Sunny (尹旭日)

civilization 建立;创建 1.文明_____________2.found_____________ 倾倒;泼洒 喷发;爆发 3.erupt_____________4.pour_____________ unfortunate 装潢,装修_________ decorate 5.不幸的___________6. disaster flee 7.灾难_____________8. 逃跑,逃避_________ 商业的;商贸的 9.commercial___________ 废墟;破坏 沙尘暴 10.sandstorm_________11.ruin___________ 材料;物质 12.material ______________ cultural wealthy ? 13.富裕的____________14. 文化的_________ gradually ? 15.渐渐地____________ extreme ? 16.极度的,极端的________ ? ? ? ? ? ?

? bring home to sb the N. of sth. ? bring home to sb the N. of doing sth.
? 让某人明白….

? We should bring home to people the value of working hard. ? 我们应该让人们明白努力的价值。 ? 我们应该让人们明白保护动物的必要性。 ? We should bring home to people the must of protecting animals.

? 我们应该要让学生明白词汇的重要性。

? We should bring home to the students the importance of their vacabulary.

? 1.civil--_____________(n.)) civilization ? 2.found--____________(n.)____________(n.) foundation founder fortunate ? 3.fortune--_____________(adj.)______________(adv.) fortunately unfortunate _______________( 反义词) researcher ? 4.research_______________(n.) ? 5.mud______________(adj.) mudy cultural ? 6.culture_______________(adj) ? 7.wealth________________(adj.) wealthy ? 8.extreme_______________(adv.) extremely ? 9.sail_____________(n.)____________(n.) sailing sailor

? 10.aware_______________(n.) awareness powerful powerless ? 11.power___________(adj)___________(adj)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Lost civilizations Read the passage quickly and answer the following questions. Where are Pompeii and Loulan? Pompeii is in Italy and Loulan is in China. ____________________________________ What is one main similarity between the two cities? They are both lost civilizations. ____________________________________ What was Loulan buried beneath the sand? The remains of buildings together with a ____________________________________ lot of treasures.

2. Come to Paragraph 1. Day 1,15 July
? 听录音回答下面问题: ? Q1:Where is the author now? He is in Italy. ? ______________________________________

? ? ? ?

Q2:What is known as China’s Pompeii? Loulan . ______________________________________ Q3:How will the author go to China? By plane/By air . ___________________________________

短语检测 Para.1
? ? ? ? ? ?

做…很幸运 1.feel lucky to do___________________ 赢得一席之位 a place ____________________ 飞往… to _________________________ 作为…而闻名于世 known as______________________ 两者都… 5.both…and…______________________ 很久以前 6.long ago________________________

lucky have won ? 1) I feel __________(luck) to _______________(win) a place on this trip. 能获得这次旅行的机会我感到非常荣幸。 ? ___________________________________________ ? 我很高兴被邀请参加你的生日晚会。 ? ___________________________________________ I feel lucky to have been invited to attend your _________________________________ birthday party. which ? 2)Next week we are going to Loulan, _________ is as China’s Pompeii in the desert. known _____ 下周我们将飞往中国去楼兰,它是被誉为沙漠中的 ? ___________________________________________ “中国庞贝”而闻名于世。 ____________________________________
注意:be known as +职业/称号 be known to + 某人/人们 be known for+作品/业绩

as 1)Hemingway is known ______ a writer. to 2)Ba Jin is known _____ us all. for 3) Van Gogh is well known ____his paintings.

lost 3)Both Pompeii and Loulan became _______ (lose) civilizations long ago. 庞贝和楼兰一样,都是很久以前失落的文明。 ? ____________________________________

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3. Come to Paragraph 2. Day 2,15 July Q1:Who occupied Pompeii in 89BC? The Romans. _____________________________________ Q2:When did the Vesuvius Volcano erupt? On August 24 AD 79. ________________________________ Q3:How were the people buried? They were buried alive. _____________________________________
高级句型 27 It pays to + V. (….是值得的.) It pays to help others. 帮助别人是值得的。 花时间去学习英语是值得的。 It pays to spend more time in learning English.

The volcano erupted suddenly.

People were buried alive.

? ? ? ? ? ? 参加一个讲座 1.attend a lecture _________________ 接管;管理 2.take over___________________ 喷涌而出 3.pour out of_____________________ 接下来的两天 4.the next two days____________________ 被活埋 buried alive______________________ 继续做.... 6.continue to do __________________

was founded ? 1.The city _____________(found) in the 8th century BC. 这个城市建于公元前8世纪。 ? _____________________________________

? 2.Near the city was a volcano. 城市的不远处有一座火山。 ? _____________________________________ ? 在山脚下有一座古老的寺庙。 At the foot of the mountain was an old temple.

alive (live) , ? 3.Many people were buried______ so was the city. and___ 很多人被活埋,这座城市也未能幸免。 ? _____________________________________ ? 她昨天听了一场有关怎样保护环境的报告,我 也如此。 She had a talk about how to protect the ? _____________________________________ environment, so did I. ______________________________ unfortunate 4. How_____________(fortune)! amazing How____________ (amaze)! ? 多么有趣呀! 多么令人困惑呀! How interesting! ? _____________________________________ _____________________________________ How confusing !


? be based on (以…为基础) ? The progress of the society is based on harmony. ? 社会的进步是以和谐为基础的。 ? 他们的成功是以勤奋为基础的。 ? Their success was based on diligence. Try to accompish your goal with diligence。 要用勤奋去完成你的目标。

4. Come to Paragraph 3-4. Day 3,17 July
? ? ? ? ? ? Read Para 3 and answer some questions. Q1.How was Pompeii discovered? ______________________________________ Q2: Why did people start to dig in the area? ______________________________________ Q3.What were the stepping stones along the road in Pompeii used for? ? _____________________________________

Q3.What With stepping were the stones stepping along stones the road,you along the didn't have to step in the mud road in Pompeii used for? on rainy days.

were decoreted I saw several houses which _______________ (decorate) with wall____________(paint). paintings

stones with writing on it 1.一块带有文字的石头___________________ cause much damage 2.造成许多毁损_________________________ under the government protection 3.得到政府保护______________________ on a rainy day 4.在下雨天___________________ break down 5.分解,分化_______________________ at the same place 6.在同一个地方_______________________ it turn out that 7.结果证明是…_____________________
8.很难想象的到…______________________ It's hard to imagine that...

with stepping stones along the road. —————————————————————

Complete the following sentences and translate them into Chinese.
? 1). Today I saw the ancient Roman city of as it was 2,000 years ago Pompeii _____

今天我们所看到的罗马古城庞贝,就跟2,000年前 一样。 were decorated ? 2).I saw several houses which ____________ paintings (decorate) with wall____________(paint). ? ___________________________ 我还看到几处装饰着壁画的房子。

3) ___turns out that after the ash covered the people It _______ who failed to flee the city , their bodies nearly completely(complete) broke down and ___________ leaving disappeared , _________(leave) empty spaces in the ash.原来,当火山灰覆盖了那些没能逃出城市的人后,他

们的身体几乎完全烧化消失,只留下空壳在火山灰里。 1) 结果天气良好。 2)结果这个陌生人是个好人。

It turns out that the weather is very nice. ? 4) It’s hard to imagine_______ ________ how this peaceful
(peace)volcano destroyed the whole city.

很难想象这座平静的火山是如何毁掉一座城市的 ? 很难想象科学将如何改变我们的生活。

It' hard to imagine how science chnage our life.

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