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杏坛之星赛课教案M6U3 project

Teaching Plan
Advance with English Module 6 Unit 3

Understanding each other
Making a reference book

●Teaching Aims: ⅠAims of knowledge 1. Get to know about some different ethnic groups. 2. Get to know how to make a reference book. ⅡAims of ability 1. Enable the students to know about some different ethnic groups. 2. Enable the students to know how to make a reference book. ●Teaching important and difficult points: 1. Know about the ethnic groups. 2. Make a reference book.. ●Teaching methods: 1. Task-based method; 2. Competition method. .●Teaching aids: A computer & multi-media ●Teaching procedures Step I Greetings and lead-in. School’s Art Festival---How do we celebrate for our festivals? By dancing, singing… Some people celebrate their festivals in different ways.---From the ways people celebrate their festivals, we can know that different ethnic groups have different cultures. In this lesson, we are going to know about different cultures about different groups.

Explanation: 从学生的生活导入课堂,让学生更快进入角色,各种不同庆 典的图片形象地体现了不同文化的差异,激发学生的兴趣,也紧扣了单元 主题,并能自然过渡到本节课的话题。
Step II Reading. 1. Title-reading(What ethnic groups are shown to us?) Subtitles Ethnic groups Inuit Experience the Inuit (因纽特人)

因纽特体验之旅 Aborigine Adventure 澳大利亚土著历险之旅 Mysterious Maoris 神秘的毛利人 Native American Indian Adventure

the Aborigine(澳大利亚土著人) the Maoris (毛利人) Native American Indians(美洲印第安土著人)

2. Skimming(What are talked about the ethnic groups?) Traditions, customs and way of life---belief/special activities/food/clothes/living place/tools /transport

Explanation: 从文章的副标题和首段获取全文话题,并进一步预测话题词。
3. Scanning(Find out as much information as possible about the ethnic groups.) Tour 1- Inuit Experience Living place: tents Clothes: made from animal skin Food: ①seal, deer, whale meat and fish Transport: ②a dog-sled and seal-skin boat Belief: ③animal spirits Special activities: ----attend large summer assembly dance listen to④accounts of bravery play games wear a special⑤wooden dance animal dance mask ----learn to ⑥make native jewellery Tour 2 ---Aborigine Adventure 1. Where do the Aborigine live? In an Aborigine village 2. How do they get food? They collect food from the bush, hunt down holes for large snakes and hunt animals with boomerang. 3. How do the Aborigine celebrate their festivals? By singing and dancing. 4. What created life in their belief? Great spirits. Tour 3 ---Mysterious Maoris Living place: wooden houses Food: fish and sweet potatoes How do they cook the food?

In leaves steamed over hot stones

In underground stoves Belief: the God of the Forest and the God of the Sea Special activities: dance and go night fishing Watch a video about the Maoris’s dance. Tour 4 ---Native American Indian Adventure 1). The Native American Indian live in____. A. carves B. wooden houses C. Indian tents 2). Which of the following is not related to the Indians? A. peace pipes(和平烟斗) B. the Sun Dance(拜日舞) C. roasted meat (烤肉) D. underground stoves 3). The Native American Indians hunt for food ____. A. by hand B. with bows and arrows(弓箭) C. by digging holes D. with gun

D. trees

Explanation: 设计不同题型帮助学生逐个了解四个不同的种族,其中穿插 一些图片,帮助学生更直观地了解不同的文化风俗,增强了趣味性,也有 助于巩固学生对四个种族的了解。
Step III Conclusion(What have we learnt about the groups?) Living place: stay in…/stay with…in…/sleep in… Clothes: wear clothes made from… Food: …eat mostly… You will get the chance to try… There you will eat food such as… Transport: …you will have the chance to ride on…and travel in… Belief: …believe in… Special activities: You will have the chance to do… …you will get to learn about… …you will take part in… you will see…

Explanation: 引导学生对话题提进行总结,为之后的任务做铺垫。
Step IV Group work Design your tour(Students design tours to the ethnic groups they like to go or rely on the material given by the teacher to do the job). 1. What ethnic groups do you want to visit? 2. What topics do you want to mention in your project? 3. How to attract others to join you?

Explanation: 让学生些一段文章参照课文介绍另一个不同文化的种族,是 整堂课的输出。



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