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Book 2
Unit 2

The Olympic Games

Translating the following into English: 古代奥运会 the ancient Olympic Games 现代奥运会

the modern Olympic Games
gold medal winner The spirit of the Olympic Games The Olympic spirit 主办奥运会 to host the Olympic Games


第28届夏季奥运会 the 28th Summer Olympics

1._________ adj. ancient


2. _________n. athlete
3. _________ stadium

n. (露天大型)体育场 pl. stadiums or stadia

replace 4._________ vt. 取代;替换;代替 charge 5._________ vt.& vi. bargain vi. 6._________ 收费;控诉 n. 费用;主管


n. 便宜货

deserve 7._________ vi.& vt.


8.compete _________ vi. competition n.

比赛;竞争 比赛;竞争

competitive adj. 有竞争性的 competitor n. 竞争者 magical adj. 巫术的;魔术的;有魔力的 9._________ magic adj. n. 魔法,魔术 魔术的;不可思议的; magician n. 魔术师 adj. 志愿的;义务的 vt. & vi. 自愿

volunteer n. 志愿者;志愿兵 10._________ voluntary adj. 自愿的,自发的

regular 11._________ adj.
regulation n. basis 12._______ n.

规则的;定期的;常规的 基础;根据 bases pl.


basic adj. 基本的,基础的 admit vt.& vi. 13.______ 容许;承认;接纳 admission n. 准入;准许 host vt. 14.______ 做东;主办;招待 n. 主人 hoster n. 男主持人,男主人 hostess n. 女主持人,女主人 responsibility n. 责任;职责 15._____________ responsible adj. 有责任的,对??负责的

physical 16.___________ adj. physics n. physicist n. 物理



physician n. 内科医生 advertise vt.& vi. 17._________ 做广告;登广告 advertisement n. 广告 advertiser n. 广告客户 hopeless adj. 18._________ 没有希望的;绝望的 hope v.& n. 希望

hopeful adj.


1.___________ take part in
2.stand _________ for 3._______ as well

代表;象征;表示 也;又;还

4._________ in charge pick up 6._________
7._________ work out 8.___________ apart from

拾起;接收;搭车;加速 计算出;设计出;解决;结果;锻炼 除了

make a bargain 5._________________ 做交易

9.__________________ 一个接一个 one after another 10. _________________ 代替 take the place of


vi. 比赛;竞争

(教材P9)How many countries competed in the ancient Olympic Games? 多少国家参赛古代奥运会?

(1)compete in compete for

参加??比赛;在??方面竞争 为??而竞争 为争取??而与??对抗/

compete with/against...for 竞争

(2)competition n. 比赛
be in competition with... 与??竞争 competitive adj. competitor n. 有竞争力的 比赛者;对手

①(2012· 高考天津卷· 阅读表达)Like many young athletes, she had Olympic dreams, but a serious illness kept her from competing in the Games. 和其他的年轻运动员一样,她也有奥运梦想,但严重的疾病 使她无法参加奥运会比赛。 ②Life is like a long race where/in which we (often) compete with ___________________ others to go beyond ourselves.

过程中来超越自我。 ③(牛津)We are in competition with four other

companies for the contract.


vt.& vi. 容许;承认;接纳;容纳

(教材P10)Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors. 只有达到他们各自项目规定水平的运动员才被允许参加比赛.

? ?承认做某事 /?已经?做了某事 (1)? admit sb./ be承认某人 /某物是?? ? ?It is admitted that...人们公认?? ? ?准许某人进入?或加入??? (2)? be admitted as...作为??被接受 ? ?be admitted to被录取,被接收
admit (3)admission n. 进入;许可;入场券;承认

admit doing?having done? /thatclause

①(2013· 高考广东卷· 阅读理解C)It’s not easy to cheat in chess, but I admit (I

made sure )David won once or twice.
下棋时作弊并不容易,但我承认戴维的确赢过一两次。 ②The young man had to ______________ admit drivingwithout a driving licence.这个年 轻人不得不承认无证驾驶。

been admitted to Beijing University. ___________________

③News came from the school office that Wang Lin had

④It is generally admitted that he is a trustworthy person.大家一致公认他是 个可信赖的人。

3.replace vt. 取代;替换;代替;把??放回原处 (教材P10) So even the olive wreath has been replaced! 你是说橄榄花环也被取代了!

replace=take the place of sb./sth.取代某人/某物

replace sth.with/ by sth. 用??替换??
in place of=in one’s place 代替 代替

take one’s place=take the place of

①(2013· 高考新课标全国卷Ⅰ· 阅读理解B)A researcher removes the card and replaces it by another. 研究人员拿掉卡片然后用另外一张代替它。 ②It would be difficult to find a man to take the place of/replace the present manager ______________________________________________. 找一个人来代替现在的经理是不容易的。 ③You have to replace the books on the shelves before you leave.你离开之前必须把书放回书架上。


vt.& vi. 收费;控诉;充电

n. 费用;主管

(高考佳句)Any driver found drinking beyond the limit will
be charged.


? ?charge sb.with sth./doing sth.指控 /起诉 / (1)? 指责某人做某事 ? ?accuse sb.of sth. 指控某人??
charge sb.for sth. 收费,要价 主管,负责 ?in charge of ? (2)?in the charge of... 由??负责 /掌管 ? ?take charge of 主管,负责 (3)free of charge 免费

①There is a heated discussion on whether museums
should charge for admission or not. 就博物馆是否应该收入场费有激烈的争论。 was charged with murder,which surprised ②(牛津)He ________________ us all.他被指控犯有谋杀罪,这使我们非常吃惊。 the charge of ③The company is in ________________ Tom when the boss is away.=Tom is in charge of the company when the boss is away.当老板不在的时候由汤姆负责公司业务。

5.deserve vi.& vt.应受(报答或惩罚);值得;应得 (2013· 高考福建卷· 阅读理解D)It is a truth finally and

universally acknowledged(承认) that a single woman
with brains deserves to have equal opportunities to men. 这是一个被公认的真理:一个有头脑的女人应该有与男人平 等的机会。

deserve to do


deserve to be done=deserve doing ??值得被做

deserve consideration/attention


①She deserves the honor and we should learn from her. 她配得上这项荣誉,我们都应该向她学习。 ②What comes first is to keep an open mind,because deserve consideration/to be considered/considering everyone’s ideas ______________________________________________. 首先要保持一个开放的心态,因为每个人的想法都值得考虑。

③It’s true that she made a mistake but she hardly
deserved to lose her job. 她的确犯了错,但她不应该被解雇。


deserve to be done与deserve doing相同,

动名词的主动形式表被动意义,试列举用法相同的单词need, want,require等。

Ⅰ.品句填词 competing 1.Several companies are ____________( 竞争)

against/with each other to win the project.
2.I bought this house for only $10,000.I’ve got a good bargain ____________( 便宜货). 3.The decision,which will relate to the profit(利润) of the company this year,____________( 值得) further deserves


ancient 4.Now these ____________( 古代的) wonders have attracted travelers from all over the world. 5.We are making great progress in oral English,but hopeless Jane seems a ____________( 没有希望的) case:she could only speak a few words after a onemonth language training course.

6.I’m short of money,and can’t afford a new car to replace ____________( 取代) my old one.
charged 7.He ____________( 要价) me $1.50 for repairing the

watch, which was too much.
8.However busy I am,I try to keep a ____________( 有 regular 规律的) schedule every day.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Jackson refused to accept the reward because he thought he didn’t ________ the honor. C



C.deserve D.achieve 解析:考查动词辨析。句意:杰克逊拒绝领奖,是因为他觉 得自己不配(deserve)得到这个荣誉。hold “持有”; obtain“获得”;achieve“达到”。根据语境可知答案选C。

C 2.—More than thirty students competed ________ each other in the English competition. —But they could only compete ________ three medals. A.against;with B.against;on C.with;for D.on;for

解析:compete with/against sb.“与某人竞争”;
compete for sth.“为??而竞争”。

B 3.________ the traditional business letter,the email
plays a more and more important role in the commercial affairs.

A.Largely replaced
B.Having largely replaced C.Largely to replace D.Having largely been replaced 解析:the email是动作replace的执行者,故排除A和D;to


4.(2014· 天津十二区县联考)He works very hard in order to get himself ________ into a key university. D A.accepted B.received



解析:句意:他为了让自己能被重点大学录取而刻苦学习。 admit sb.into.../ admitted into“寻取某人进入??, 允许某人进入??”;accept“接受”;receive“收到”; announce“宣布”,均不与into搭配。

Ⅲ.charge题训组练 1.(2014· 湖南长沙四校模拟)South African “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius,a famous athlete without feet, ________ A yesterday with shooting dead his girlfriend at his home on Valentine’s Day. A.was charged C.has charged charged D.has been charged

名的无脚运动员奥斯卡· 皮斯托瑞斯,昨天被指控情人节那天 在家中枪杀了女友。谓语动词charge和主语之间存在动宾关


2.A new manager will come to take ________ D

charge of this company,which was in ________
charge of Mr.Wang. A.the;the C.the;/ B./;/ D./;the

解析:take charge of“主管,负责”;in the charge

of sb.“由某人管理”,故D项符合。

3.(2014· 泉州模拟)When he was driving home,he was
C stopped by the policeman and was ________ of speeding. A.charged B.blamed C.accused D.warned

下,指控他超速。be accused of在意义上相当于be charged with,意为:指控某人??。

1.take part in


(牛津)How many countries took part in the last Olympic Games? 有多少国家参加了上届奥运会?

take part

参加 积极参加?? the physical exercise

take an active part in ①We should take part in

and build up our strength. 我们大家都应该参加体育活动来增强体力。

②When I watched the game he encouraged me to take
part.当我观看比赛时他鼓励我参加。 ③A lively and caring girl,Anna,

______________________ social activities.安娜是一个活 takes an active part in


take part in,join,join (sb.) in,attend 指参加群众性活动、会议等并在其 中起作用。

take part in

join (become 指加入某个组织并成为其中一员。 a member of) 指参与某项活动,口语中常与take join(sb.)in part in 通用。 attend 是正式用语,指参加会议、婚礼、 典礼;听报告、讲座等。一般指成 为观众或听众。


用take part in,join,join (sb.) in,attend填

(1) ______________ Taking part in social practice is becoming popular among students. (2)To ________ the Party,he took an active part in a join variety of activities.

(3)Since you have no time,you need not ______ attend the tea

join us in (4)Would you like to _________the discussion well 也;又;还(常放在句子末尾,作为副词短语

(教材P10)For each Olympics,a special village is built for them to live in,a main reception building, several stadiums for competitions,and a gymnasium as well.


(1)as well as意为“既??又;也,又”,可连接两个 并列成分,强调其前面的内容,因此连接并列主语时, 谓语应与前边的主语保持人称和数的一致。 (2)as well as也可以是well的同级比较结构,表示“和

(3)may/might as well do sth.=had better do sth. 最好做某事;做??倒也无妨

①My little brother can speak English and French ________. as well 我弟弟会说英语,也会说法语。 ②These techniques allow you to quickly organize your thoughts as well as to make sure you will be correctly answering the question.这些技术使得你能够迅速整理思路 并确保你能正确地回答问题。 ③Many students as well as Tom ______________ were present at the meeting.汤姆和许多学生都参加了会议。

④Now that you’ve got a chance,you ______________ might as well
make full use of it. 既然你有一次机会,你不妨充分利用这次机会。

3.stand for


(教材P9)What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand
for? 奥运旗上的五环代表什么?


写出下列句中stand for的含义

(1)Her mother stands for the kind treatment of all

主张 ______ (2)I will not stand for behavior of that kind in my 容忍 house. ____ (3)V.A.stands for Veterans Administration.

_______________________ 代表;象征;意味着

stand sth./doing sth. stand by stand out 突出;显眼;杰出



stand on one’s own feet 自立;不依靠他人 ①Her bright clothes always make her ___________ in a stand out crowd.她那鲜艳的衣服总是使她在人群中很显眼。 ②Children should learn to stand on their own feet

rather than just depend on their parents.

play an important role in;stand for; pick up; apart from; as well;take part in

1.Of course,I’ll do some reading for fun,and for as well knowledge ____________.

Apart from good service,the restaurant offers 2.____________ different kinds of traditional Fujian dishes. pick up 3.Would it be convenient for you to ____________ my
son at four o’clock at the airport?

4.Do you know what the 2012 London Summer

stand for Olympics mascots ____________ ? 5.David asked how many of us were going to
____________ take part in this English contest. 6.As a parent,you can _______________________ play an important role in helping your child build up his confidence.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2013· 湖南省重点中学联考)The family as well as a dog C ________on the roof by the flood. A.was trapped C.were trapped B.trapped D.trapping

解析:考查语态和主谓一致。句意:那家人还有一只狗都被洪 水困在了屋顶。分析句子结构可以看出,句子缺少谓语动词。 as well as连接两个名词作主语时,谓语动词的单、复数与as well as前面的名词保持一致,即与The family保持一致,在这

里The family指的是一家人,所以谓语动词用复数形式。而此
处The family与trap之间为动宾关系,所以用被动语态。

D 2.(2014· 山西运城模拟)You ________as well do this now, for you will have to do it sooner or later.



解析:考查情态动词。句意:你不妨现在就做,因为你早晚 要做。may as well“不妨;倒不如”。

3.(2014· 福建毕业班质检)As is known to all,the B term“Lei Feng”________ anyone who is selfless,or anyone who is ready to help others in China.

A.focuses on
C.results from

B.stands for
D.turns to

解析:句意:大家都知道,在中国“雷锋”这个字眼儿象征着 任何无私或任何乐于助人的人。stand for“代表,象征”; focus on“聚焦于,集中精力于”;result from“因??而 导致”;turn to“转向,求助于”。

4.(2014· 池州高三质检)—Next week I will go to a job interview.Will you give me some suggestions? A —Smiling is a great way to make yourself________. A.stand out out B.turn out D.pick out

解析:句意:“下周我要参加工作面试,有好的建议吗?” “微笑是让你脱颖而出的最好的方法。”stand out“脱颖而 出,突出”;turn out“生产,结果是,关掉,出动,驱逐”; work out“解决,算出,实现,制定出,消耗完,弄懂”;

pick out“挑选出”。根据句意,答案为A。

D 5.Mr.Smith doesn’t want to ________ the debate over
which artist’s work should be chosen for the prize because most of the artists are his friends. A.take away C.take apart B.take off D.take part in

解析:从because most of the artists are his friends可知
在此用take part in表示“史密斯先生不想参加辩论”。

1.No other countries could join in,nor could slaves or women!别的国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也

[解读] nor放在句首,引起部分倒装。 [仿写] 她不会说这种语言,也不会写这种语言。 She couldn’t speak the language, ______________________. nor could she write it

2.Women are not only allowed,but play a very important role in gymnastics,athletics,team sports

妇女不仅允许参加比赛,而且她们还在体操、田径和团体运 动等比赛项目中起着非常重要的作用?? [解读] not only...but (also)...“不仅??而且??”,用 来连接并列成分。not only位于句首时,not only所在的分 句用部分倒装。 [仿写] 你不仅能节省时间和金钱,而且也会重新发现真实 交流的快乐。 Not only ________________ but also will you save time and money,_________ you may also rediscover the pleasure of true communication.

3.There’s as much competition among countries to
host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals.国与国之间 争取奥运会主办权的竞争就像争夺奥运奖牌一样激烈。 [解读]“和??一样??”,为同级比较。 [仿写] 人们普遍认为教学既是一门科学,也是一门艺术。

It’s generally believed that teaching is
__________________ as much an art as it is a science.

4.This is important because the more you speak English,the better your English will become. 这很重要,因为你说英语越多,你的英语水平就越高。 [解读] “the+比较级(...),the+比较级(...)”意为“越 ??就越??”。

[仿写] 越常抓住机会和外国人交谈,说外语时你就越自信。
The more often you seize opportunities to talk to the more confident you will be foreigners,____________________________ when

speaking a foreign language.

1.(教材P10)No other countries could join in,nor could slaves or women!


(1)句型“nor/neither+系动词/助动词/情态动词+另一个主 语”用于否定陈述句之后,表示“也不”,相当于either用 于否定句。 (2)“so+助动词/be/情态动词+主语”,是一种倒装句型, 意为“也是如此”,表示上句所谈到的情况也适用于另一主 语,so用来代替上句的内容。 (3)如果表示前面两件或两件以上的事也适合于另一人或物时,

则需要用So it is/was with...或It is/was the same with...。
(4)如果下文表示的是对上文的赞成或肯定,则仅需要把so放 于句首,其后用正常语序。

①—His boss is not satisfied with the disappointing result. ——他的老板对这个失望的结果不满意。 —Nor/Neither is Tom.

②(2012· 高考四川卷· 语法和词汇知识) This is not my story, nor is it the whole story.My story plays out differently. 这并不是(关于)我的故事,它也不是故事的全部。我的故事 的结局截然不同。

③Mary was born in Australia and she lived in the United So it was with Jane./It was the same with Jane States.__________________________________________

_.玛丽在澳大利亚出生,在美国居住。简也是。 so___________. shall I ④If you go to school early tomorrow,
如果明天你早点去学校,我也早去。 ⑤—He came to school late yesterday. ——他昨天上学迟到了。 —So he did. ——他确实迟到了。

2.(教材P16)This is important because the more you

speak English,the better your English will become.

句中含有“the +比较级(...),the+比较级(...)”结构,该结 构意为“越??,就越??”,表示后者随着前者的变化而变化. ①(2013· 高考安徽卷· 阅读理解B)The more roads and parking lots we pave,the less water can flow into the ground to become groundwater.我们铺设的道路和停车场 越多,水流到地下变成地下水的可能性就越小。 The higher you stand,the farther you will see. ②___________

【温馨提示】 当句意明确时,此句型结构常以省略形式出现. ③The more,the better.多多益善。

Ⅰ.完成句子 1.—I don’t like English but I like Chinese very

much. It is the same with me/So it is with me —__________________________________( 我也是).
2.You can’t cancel the contract,

____________________( 我也不能). nor/neither can I 3.If your brother can finish the task on time,
_________( so can I 我也能完成). 4.The more you eat,__________________( the fatter you’ll be 就会越 发胖).

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 湖南高三六校联考)The interviewee has no inner D shame to show his edge over others.________ the

outer fear.
A.As he has C.Nor did he have B.So had he D.Neither does he have

解析:考查时态和倒装。句意:应聘者没有内在的羞愧展示 自己的优势,也没有表现出外在的恐惧。第一句中的“has no inner shame”暗示第二句应用否定,另外,根据has可 知此处应用一般现在时,所以选D。

2.(2014· 江西南昌两校联考)If you don’t plan to stay
there long in the coming holiday,________. D do I will I

C.nor do I D.nor will I
解析:考查倒装和时态。空处表示与前句有相同情形,且前 句为否定形式,应用“nor+倒装句”。否定副词nor置于 句首,句子应采用部分倒装,将助动词或情态动词置于主语前。 if从句中用一般现在时代替一般将来时,故主句的时态应用 将来时态。

3.—I like to surf the Internet but I don’t like to play

—________. D A.So do I C.As do I B.Nor do I D.So it is with me

解析:So it is/was with...“??也这样”,主要用来表


4.—I reminded you not to forget the appointment. —________. A

A.So you did
C.So did you

B.So I do not
D.So do I

解析:考查固定句式用法。So+主语+助动词/连系动词/情 态动词,表示对别人的说法予以认可。

5.It’s believed that ________ you work,________ A result you’ll get. A.the harder;the better B.harder;better

C.more hard;more better D.the more hard;the
better 解析:the+比较级,the+比较级,表示“越??,就 越??”,hard的比较级是harder,排除C、D两项。故 选A。

一般将来时的被动语态 1.(2014· 乌鲁木齐诊断测试)In the weeks before the

Academy Awards ceremony,movie reviewers make
D predictions about which movies and actors ________. A.have awarded B.will award C.are awarded D.will be awarded 解析:考查动词的时态和语态。句意:在奥斯卡金像奖颁奖 典礼前的几个星期里,影评人士就在预测哪些电影和演员将 会获奖。此处表示将要发生的事,应用一般将来时;又因award 与which movies and actors是动宾关系,应用被动语态.故选 D.

2.(2014· 山东省胶东示范学校模拟)A 13year agricultural D science and technology innovation project ________ later this year to improve China’s level of technology and international competitiveness. A.was launched B.has launched C.will launch D.will be launched 解析:考查动词的时态和语态。空后的later this year表明谓 语动词应用一般将来时;句子的主语A 13year agricultural science and technology innovation project与launch之间 是被动关系,所以空处应用一般将来时的被动语态。

3.(2012· 高考湖南卷)Don’t worry.The hard work that you do now ________later in life. A

A.will be repaid B.was being repaid
C.has been repaid D.was repaid 解析:考查动词时态和语态。从don’t可知语境为现在,排除 B、D;而later in life可知为将来的动作,故选A。

4.(2014· 厦门三校高三联考)The flood has caused a lot of damage to that area and the figures of the missing A shortly. ________ A.will be published B.have been published

C.had been published D.are published
解析:考查时态。shortly“不久,不多时”,在句中作时间 状语,表示将来,所以空处应该用将来时。the figures of the missing与publish存在动宾关系,应用被动语态。故选 A。

5.(2014· 桂林部分学校高三质量检测)The wet weather will continue tomorrow,when a cold front ________ to D arrive. A.will be expected expecting

C.expects expected

解析:考查动词的时态和语态。句意:预计将有一股冷锋到 来,因此潮湿的天气明天将会继续。a cold front与expect 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,并且在时间状语从句中要用一般 现在时代替一般将来时,故选D项。

[写作素材] 1.奥运五环旗(the Olympic flag)中的五环代表地球上的五 大洲。 2.任何国家都可以参加奥运会。 3.只有达到他们各自统一的标准的运动员才会被接受成为 奥运会竞赛选手。 4.奥运会上也有一些志愿者提供服务。 5.奥运会的口号是更快,更高,更强。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。


The five rings in the Olympic flag stand for the five _______________________________________________ continents on the Earth,which means any country can _______________________________________________

take part in the Olympic Games.But only athletes who have _______________________________________________
reached the agreed standard for their events will be _______________________________________________ admitted as competitors.There are some volunteers as well _______________________________________________ who offer help for the Olympic Games.The motto of the _______________________________________________ Olympic Games is “Swifter,Higher and Stronger”. _______________________________________________ __________________________________________

完形填空解题技法之三——利用生活常识和语法知识判 断 具备一定的生活常识,了解一定的文化背景,掌握一定 的语法知识,对解答完形填空题很有帮助。 1.生活常识类

积极体验生活,积累生活经验与常识,在做完形填空题 时利用生活知识解题。


的判断,尤其是长难句中,多种从句交叉使用。因此考生 要具备系统准确的语法知识,同时要注意上下文之间的逻 辑关系。

(2013· 高考安徽卷)If you want to learn a new language,
the very first thing to think about is why.Do you need it for a__36__ reason,such as your job or your studies? __37__ perhaps you’re interested in the __38__,films or music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have a __39__ of the language. Most people learn best using a variety of __40__,but traditional classes are an ideal(理想的)start for many people.They __41__ an environment where you can practice under the __42__ of someone who’s good at the language.We all lead __43__ lives and learning a

language takes __44__.

You will have more success if you study regularly,so try to develop a __45__.It doesn’t matter if you haven’t

got long.Becoming fluent in a language will take years,
but learning to get by takes__46__. Many people start learning a language and soon give

up.“I’m too__47__,”they say.Yes,children do learn
languages more __48__ than adults,but research has shown that you can learn a language at any __49__.And

learning is good for the health of your brain,too.I’ve
also heard people __50__ about the mistakes they make when __51__.Well,relax and laugh about your

mistakes __52__ you’re much less likely to make them

Learning a new language is never __53__.But with some work and devotion,you’ll make progress.And you’ll be __54__ by the positive reaction of some people when you say just a few words in __55__ own language.Good luck!


B.political D.physical






38.A literature C.agriculture 39.A view C.form

B.transport D.medicine

B.knowledge D.database

40.A paintings


D.computers C.respect

41.A.protect B.change D.provide

43.A.busy B.happy





46.A.some risks B.a lot less

C.some notes D.a lot more 47.A.old B.nervous C.weak D.tired


B.quickly C.privately D.quietly
B.speed C.distance

51.A.singing D.learning 52.A.if

B.hesitate C.think


B.working C.bargaining C.but B.amazed D.informed B.his C.our D.your D.before D.easy


53.A.tiresome 54.A.blamed C.interrupted 55.A.their

B.hard C.interesting

生活常识判断,故B项正确。 如54题,付出就会有所收获,利用生活常识判断,故B项正确。 如55题,考查语法知识,由文中的“the positive reaction of some people”及代词指代的一致性可知答案为A。此处 表示:当你仅仅说几句他们的语言时,他们的积极反应就会让 你感到惊奇。 【文章大意】 了讨论。 本文为一篇议论文。文章就学习一门语言的


36.解析:选C。接下来的such as your job or your studies
是对填空部分的列举,据此可知答案为C项。句意:你需要学 一门

际的。 37.解析:选D。本题考查过渡性词语,应着重分析上下文之 间的逻辑关系。句意:或许你对另外一个国家的文学、电影、 音乐感兴趣,而且你知道掌握该语言将会有很大的帮助。本段 讨论的是学习语言的原因,上句和本句分别给出了一种原因, 显然两句之间为并列关系。or perhaps或许。故选D项。

38.解析:选A。根据语境可知,所填词语与接下来的films or music 并列,被of a different country 修饰,films or music 为文艺方面,故选A项。 39.解析:选B。view观点,看法;knowledge知识,掌握; form形式,表格,形状;database数据库。have a knowledge of掌握,了解,熟知。故选B项。 40.解析:选C。本句为本段的主题句。上一段讨论了学习 语言的原因,本段讨论的是学习方法。故选C项。句意:大 多数人使用各种不同的方法学得很好,但对许多人来说,传


41.解析:选D。根据空格后的内容an environment
where...可知,此处应该表示“提供”(provide)一个环境。句 意为“它们(传统的课堂)可以提供一种环境:你可以在一个精

42.解析:选C。someone who’s good at the language对 于学习者来说应是“指导”其学习,而不是“控制”“命令”

或“强迫”。under the guidance of在??的指导下。故选
C项。 43.解析:选A。接下来讨论的是学习一门语言需要大量的时

需要时间。 44.解析:选B。根据接下来的regularly...long...take years 等词语可知,学习语言需要时间。故选B项。

45.解析:选C。根据前半句中的regularly可知应选C项。 句意:如果定期学习,你会获得更多的成功,所以要努力养 成习惯。routine例行公事;日常工作;常规,惯例。 46.解析:选B。句意:要学到流利的程度需要数年的时间, 但只要求说得过去,时间则可以少得多。but表示转折,前 一句说的是需要很多时间,后一句自然说相反的情况。故选 B项。 47.解析:选A。根据接下来的children和adults可知,本

讨论的是学习语言与年龄之间的关系。故选A项。句意:许 多人开始学习语言,但很快就放弃了。他们会说“我年龄太


48.解析:选B。根据常识可知,孩子比成年人学习语言的 速度更快。故选B项。 49.解析:选A。本段讨论的是学习语言与“年龄”之间的 关系,故选A项。 50.解析:选A。根据常识可知,学习一种语言的时候,人 们一般都担心犯错误。worry about担心,故选A项。 hesitate about对??犹豫不决;think about考虑;quarrel about 就??争吵。 51.解析:选D。本文讨论的是学习语言的事情。when

learning=when they are learning a language。故选D项。

52.解析:选B。本句为一特殊句型,“祈使句+and+陈 述句”,该结构相当于一个含有条件状语从句的主从复合句,

误,这样你再次犯错的可能性就大减。故选B项。 53.解析:选D。根据上下文的信息可锁定本句句意。本句 为第四段的首句,起着承上启下的作用,是对上文的总结。 上文讨论学习语言的诸多困难,然后通过But with some work and devotion,you’ll make progress.话锋一转,讨 论学习语言的收获。故选D项。

54.解析:选B。通过上句可知,话题转移到讨论学习 语言给你的收获——你说上几句他们自己的语言,一些 人的积极反应就会让你“惊奇”。故选B项。 55.解析:选A.用their指代主句中的some people.故选 A项.



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