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作文 What to learn in senior high school

假如你是高中生李华,学校将为高一新 生举办主题为“What to learn in senior high school?”的英语沙龙活动,特邀请 你结合自身经历谈谈自己的体会。请根 据以下提纲准备一份英语发言稿。 1. 学会学习:有效的学习方法,良好的 学习习惯(认真听课,及时复习) ; 2. 学会做人:尊重老师,真诚,友善等; 3. 其他方面:积极参加各项活动等。 范文示例: What to learn in senior high school? Good morning,everyone!It’s my honour to be here to share with you my opinions on what to learn in senior high school. In the coming three years,our school life will be challenging.Firstly,we should learn to learn efficiently.Personally,I used to try effective methods to achieve my academic goals.Developing a good habit

is also of great importance.It really benefited me a lot to preview lessons,get actively involved in class,and review what had beed taught after class. In addition,we should learn how to get along well with others.In school,I respected teachers and was friendly with classmates.It was with faithfulness and kindness that we created a harmonious atmosphere.Finally,we should take part in sports and outdoor activities frequently.They were really helpful to build up my body and enrich my school life. No pains,no gains.I am sure that with your great efforts,you will enjoy a colourful life here.Thank you!

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