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语法突破 冠 词

( )1. (2013·江苏徐州)— Lily, there is schoolbag near the window. Is it yours? —Yes.,it is. Thank you! A. a B. an C. the D./ ( )2. (2013·江苏连云港) Lianyuangang is attractive city. It's such nice place that many tourists come here every summer. A. a: a B. the: / C. an: / D. am a ( ))3. (2013·湖北咸宁) Maria would like orange, not orange juice A. a: the B./: an C. an: / D. an: an ( )4. (2013·山东莱芜)—Tony, what's matter with you? —I have toothache. A. a: the B. the: a C./ : the D. the:/ ( )5. (2013·山东济南)—Kate, do you have pen pal? —Yes, I do. I have one in China. A. a B. an C. the D./ ( ))6. (2013·山东聊城 )There is American boy in our class and _ _ boy can speak good Chinese. A. am the B. an; an C. a: an D. a; the ( ))7. (2013·山东潍坊) I missed the beginning of cartoon The Lion King, —What a pity! You should have left school half hour earlier. A. a:an B. the: a C. the: an D. an: the ( ) )8. (2013· 贵州安顺) Vera and Mike come from European country. They are in same school now. A. a: the B. an: the C. the: the D. an;an ( ))9. (2013·河南)She has got two cats now. black and white one is called Rosie and brown one Joseph. A. The; a B. A; the C. The; the D. A; a ( )10. (2013·甘肃兰州) Do you know a spaceship flies at about nineteen kilometers second? A. the B. a C. / D. an ( ))11. (2013·广东广州)—I enjoyed the performance very much. —Yes, it was really good. I think _ _ boy in white was the best actor. A. a B. an C. the D./ ( )12. (2013·广东 ) —What do you want to be in the future?

—I want to be pilot. It is _ _ exciting job. A. a: a B. a: an C. a: the D. the: an ( )13.(2013·广东梅州) man in black is from England. A. The: the B. The:/ C. A:/ D. A: the ( )14. ( 2013·广西贺州 ) Simon is honest boy, Now he is studying at university. A. a: an B. an: a C. the; a D. the: a ( )15, (2013·山东滨州) man in a black hat is my PE teacher. He often plays __ football with us. A.A: the B. The; a C. The; / D.A:/ ( )16. (2013·内蒙古呼和浩特)—Is dictionary on the desk yours? —No. l don't have English-Chinese dictionary. A. the: an B. an: the C. an: an D. the: the ( ) 17. (2012· 湖南益阳) Great Wall is longest wall in the world. A. The: the B. A: a C. The: a ( )18. (2013·内蒙古包头) Mo Yan's winning of the Nobel Prize is encouragement for China's literature and nation's young writers. A. the: an B. an: the C. a; the D. the: a ( )19. (2013·浙江湖州)—John, may I use your car? I want to go to the library. —Sure Here is key, A. a B. an C. the D. / ( ) 20. (2013· 江苏宿迁) My cousin Andy can play piano very well, but he isn't good at playing _ _ basketball. A. the; the B./; the C. the;/ D. /; /

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)1. —What's in the icebox? —A few , but little. A. apple; milk B. apple; milks C. apples; milks D. apples; milk )2. Mary's skirt is the same as her . A. sisters B. brother C. brother's D. sister's )3. I'm so hungry. Please give me to eat. A. three bread B. three pieces of bread C. three pieces of breads D. three piece of bread )4. Cici enjoys dancing. It's one of her A. prize B. prizes C. hobby D. hobbies )5. —How many teachers are there in your school?

— them over two hundred. A. woman: The number of: is B. women: The number of: is C. woman: A number of: is D. women: A number of: are ( )6. There are many __ playing on the playground. A. child B. children C. man teachers D. sheeps ( )7. —Would you like some ? —Yes, please. I'm thirsty. A. water B. bread C. pens D. clothes ( ))8. is celebrated on September 10. A. National Day B. Teachers' Day C. Dragon Boat Festival D. Spring Festival ( )9. The doctor told me to ear much because it's good for my health, A. orange B. vegetables C. ice cream D. fish ( )10. — How far is your family from here? —It's about ten walk. A minute's B. minute C. minutes' D. minutes ( )ll. —Mr Smith always has to tell us. —So he does. A. some good pieces of news B. some pieces of good news C. some good piece of news D. some piece of good news ( )12. The old man used to raise many _ __ to make a living on the farm. A. duck B. horse C. bird D. sheep ( )13. The Internet is very useful. We can get a lot of from it. A. thing B. message C. informations D. information ( )14. I'm going to the supermarket to buy some this afternoon. A. paper and pencil B. apples and banana C. milk and eggs D. bowl and spoons ( )15. My ___ _ skirt is on the chair. A. sisters' B. sister C. sisters D. sister's ( )16. What kind of noodles would you like? A. Mutton and tomatoes noodles B. Mutton and tomato noodles C. Muttons and tomatoes noodles D. Muttons and tomato noodles ( )17. The pants I bought last year are too small now. I think I need a new . A. belt B. pair C, shirt D. space ( )18. I don't think looking after children is just work. A. woman B. woman's C. women D. women's ( )19.—Can I help you? —I'd like for my twin daughters.

A. two pair of shoes B. two pairs of shoe C. two pair of shoe D. two pairs of shoes ( )20. Mr Black gave us on how to learn English well. A. an advice B. many advices C. some advice D. some advices ( )21. The restaurant is so popular here. Look, there are so many here. A. food B. dish C. people D. waiter ( )22. —Would you like some ? —No, tank you. I'm not hungry at all A. water B. books C. clothes D. bread ( )23. The little boy has two __ already. A. tooth B. tooths C. teeth D. teeths ( )24. were to Beijing for a holiday. A. The Smiths B. The Smiths' C. The Smith D. Smiths ( )25. —Would you like _ ? — , please. A. drink; Three coffees B. a cup of drink Coffees C. a drink: A coffee D. a drink: Three cups of coffees ( )26. A group of arc talking with two A. Frenchmen: Germans B. Germans: Frenchmans C. Frenchmans: Germen D. Germen: Frenchmen ( )27. __ is celebrated on September 10. A. National Day B. Teachers' Day C. Dragon Boar Festival D. Spring Festival ( )28. After school, I had a long with my teacher about my study. A. talk B. word C. speech D. story ( )29. I like English very much. I never miss a _ _ to practice English with foreigners. A. subject B. mistake C. chance D. space ( )30. I like best of all the vegetables. A. potatoes B tomato C. breads D. rice ( )31. —What's your favourite ? —Physics. It's interesting and useful. A. job B. vegetable C. fruit D. subject ( )32. Ellen has to talk to her grandpa loudly because there's something wrong with the old man's . A. eyes B. teeth C. throat D. ears ( )33.—Why didn't Sally play the violin at the concert last night? —She said that her hand hurt, but that was only a (n) __ . I saw her play

tennis just now, A. matter B. excuse C. result D. expression ( )34. —What's your ? —I like listening to music. A. job B. age C. hobby D. fan ( )35. —Would you like some ? —Yes, a little please. A. apple B. banana C. oranges D. milk ( )36. He is a success as a leader but he hasn't in teaching. A. many experiences B. much experience C. an experience D. a lot experience ( )37. mothers couldn't go to the meeting, because they have gone to Shanghai. A. Mary and Peter's B. Mary and Peter C. Mary's and Peter D. Mary's and Peter's ( )38. Li Lei has been to many times this month. A. her uncle B. her uncle's C. her uncles D. aunt's ( ) 39.Tom is in good health, because he often exercises and eats a lot of healthy . A. food B. water C. pear D. carrot ( )40. —Where are the students? —They are playing football with __ students from Hilltop School. A. boys; / B. boys; the C. boy; / D. boy; the ( )41. He will have to watch his because of his serious stomach problem. A. style B. diet C. smell D. menu ( )42.—What kind of porridge would you like, Alice? —I would like . A. egg porridge B. eggs porridge C. fish porridges D. fishes porridge ( )43. —What can I do for you? —Err, I want a glass of milk, some bread and . A. some chickens B. any chickens C. some chicken D. any chicken ( )44. Look at the nice !I've decided to wear it to the party. A. doll B. cup C. poster D. dress ( )45. —What do you choose, small, medium or large? —Large, please. A. color B. size C. price D. kind


)l.(2013·江苏常州)—Have you got any books on English grammar? l want to

borrow __ . —Yes, here you are. But you must return it by Friday. A. one B. It C. some D. that ( )2.(2013·海南三亚)—What do you think of these two books? — of them are interesting and I’ve read them severa1- times. A. Both B. Neither C. None D. Either ( )3.(2013·新疆阜康)I'm going skating. Would you like to go with ? A. me B. I C. my D. mine ( )4.(2013·江西南昌)There are lots of restaurants in our town. And most of are clean and cheap. A. It B. they C. us D. them ( )5. (2013·辽宁鞍山)—What kind of house would you like? —I'd like with a garden in front of . A. it; one B. one; one C. one: it D. it: it ( )6. (2013·广西贵港)—Tom, who taught English last term? —Mr. Smith did. A. your B. you C. yours D. our ( )7.(2013·江苏扬州)—I'll go to the USA next month, — for? A. Why B. How C. Which 13. What ( )8.(2013·湖北荆州)— will Mrs Lin go to Germany? —To see her daughter there. A. How B. When C. Why D. What ( )9.(2013·辽宁大连)— is the boy with a pair of glasses? —My brother, John. A. How B. Who C. Where D. What ( )10. (2013·江苏苏州)—Your tea smells great! —It's from India. Would you like ? A. it B. this C. some D. little ( ) 11. (2013· 辽宁鞍山) We need to go shopping. There is __ juice left in the fridge, A. little B. few E. many D. much ( )12.(2013·云南)—How did you get the mp4, from a shop or by phone? — , I always like shopping online. A. None B. Neither C, Both D. All ( )13. (2013·浙江绍兴)—Which magazine do you like better, Crazy Reading or Tens' Space? —l like_ _ of them. They are useful for English learners. A. none B. neither C. all D. both ( )14.(2013·湖南衡阳)—Mum, I'm hungry. Is there to eat?

—Yes, you can have some bread on the table. A. something B. nothing C. anything ( )15. (2013·湖北孝感)My host family tried to cook for me when I studied in New Zealand. A. different something B. different anything C. something different D. anything different ( )16. (2013·湖北咸宁)—Al1 the volunteers were very tired, but of them took a rest. —They were busy looking for the missing people. A, neither B. all C. both D. none ( )17. (2013·湖北武汉)—Morning, class, is here? —No sir. Tom is absent. A. anybody B. everybody C. nobody D. somebody ( )18.(2013·青海)Look! The light in the teacher's office is on. There must be in it. A, everyone B. someone C. no one ( )19.(2013·内蒙古包头)This TV play can be very interesting, but can be enjoyable unless you like it. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing ( )20. Mrs. White has two children. is a driver, and is a nurse. A. One: another B. One; the other C. One; other D. One; others

)1.(2013·重庆)You can improve your English practicing more. A. by B. w C. of D, in ( )2. (2013·湖北咸宁)Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan set off on their first state visit to Russia March 22. 2013. A. in B. on C. by D, at ( ) 3. (2013· 湖南娄底)— April 20th, 2013, a terrible earthquake happened in Ya'an city, Sichuan. A. In B. On C. At ( ) 4. (2013· 湖南邵阳) A terrible earthquake hit Ya'an, Sichuan Province the morning __ April 25. A. m: m B. at: on C. om; of ( )5. (2013·辽宁大连) In America, people start celebrating the New Year _ 31st December. A. m B. at C. on D. for ( ) 6. ( 2013· 山东滨州) It's reported that President Xi Jinping arrived Moscow March 22nd to pay a three day' visit to Russia.

A. at: on B. in: on C. at; in D, in: m ( )7. (2013·广东梅州)—When did the earthquake in Lushan happen? —It happened 8: 02 _ the morning of April 20, 2013. A. on; in B. at: in C. all on D. on: on ( )8. —All the workers went home yesterday __ Mr White. Why? —Because he was on duty. A. except B. besides C. except for D. beside ( )9.(2013·山东泰安) —Would you like some coffee, please'? —Yes, and please get some sugar. I prefer coffee sugar. A. to B. for C. with D. from ( )10. ( 2013·湖北荆州) —Do you know that Mr zhang passed last week? —Yes. He died illness. A. away; of B. on; from C. by; with D. off: as ( ) 11. (2013· 甘肃) the time I got to the bus stop, the bus had already heft. A.On B. In C. By D. With ( )12. (2013 ·上海)The chemicals in the vegetables and fruit are bad our health, A. from B. with C. of D. for ( )13. (2013 ·浙江湖州)— Who's that man sunglasses? —He's Jack Ding. I've just got an autograph from him. A. on B. for C. of D. with ( )14. Don't waste water. Water is very important and no one can live it. A. without B. with C, except D. besides ( )15. —I left my keys in the mom yesterday. l had to get in the window. —It's dangerous to do that. A. in B. through C. over D. to ( )16.—Who did you go to the movie _ _, ? —Nobody. I went alone. A. with B. about C. for D. from ( )17.—I think drinking milk every morning is good our health, —Yes. I agree you. A. to: to B. with; to C. at: with D. for; with ( )18.—Look at that photo. What a happy family! —Yes, it's a photo my family. A, at B. for C. of D, in ( )19. —I prefer sports shows soap operas. What about you? —Me, too. A. at B. than C, to D, of ( )20, Yesterday I downloaded a new program the Internet. Now I can

watch TV and movies . my computer, A. from; on B. with; in C. in: with D. on; from ( )21.—Is your father at home? —No, he's working late _______ the office. A. on B. at C. of D. to ( )22.—Would you please show me the way the bank? —Yes, go straight ahead. It's opposite a school. A. in B. for C. with D. to ( )23. Her mother goes to work bus every morning. A. by B. at C. on D. in ( )24.—Your coat looks very nice. What's it made ? — Cotton, and it is made Wuhan. A. from: in B. of; in C. from; on D. of; on


)1. (2013·湖北随州)—How does your mother like your presents for Mother's Day? —Well, this sweater that one is fit for her. They're too big. A. both; and B. either: or C. neither: nor D. not only; but also ( )2. (2013·湖北襄阳)—How do you like the concert given by F. I. R. ? —Exciting, one piece of the music wasn't played quite well. A. though B. because C. so D. and ( )3. (2013·福建漳州) They wonder robots will make humans lose their jobs or not. A. that B. if C. whether ( )4.( 2013· 江苏连云港) I won't watch basketball matches James is playing. He pays much attention to teamwork. A. unless B. it C. although D. since ( ) 5. (2013·江西南昌) Kate's dad is getting old. She will go back home to see him it is convenient. A. because B. whenever C. although D. unless ( )6. (2013·贵州遵义) He dressed quickly he put his shoes on the wrong feet. A. so: as B. such: that C. so: that ( ) 7. (2013· 福建福州) —The boy can speak both English and Japanese he is only ten. —Wow. What a clever boy! A. if B. because C. although ( )8. (2013·青海) Lucy you can't go to the party. One of you has to stay at home to look after your grandma.

A. Neither: nor B. Either: or C. Not only; but also ( ) 9. ( 2013·内蒙古包头) One important aim of our school is to prepare us for the future we can face all the challenges with confidence. A. so far B. so that C. even if D. if only ( )10. Cross the road carefully, _ _ you'll keep yourself safe. A. so B. or C. but D. and ( )11.—How was the food in the town? —Terrible, _ we still had a good time there. A. or B. so C. but D. because ( )12. Mike was ill yesterday, he didn't go to school. A. if B. but C. so D. or ( )13.—This dress was last year's style. —I think it still looks perfect it has gone out this year. A. so that B. as if C. even though D. ever since ( )14. Rita her mother know my address. They often drop by my home. A. Not: but B. Both: and C. Either: or D. Not only; but also ( )15. The family had to stay at the hotel it was raining hard. A because B. although C. until D. unless ( )16. Though the old man didn't have enough money, he gave a thousand yuan to the charity. A. / B. and C. but D. or ( ) 17. A lot of famous doctors gathered in Harbin save "China's most beautiful teacher" —Ms Zhang Lili. A. so that B. in order to C. in order that D. as a result ( )18. I was in the US, I made a lot of American friends. A. While B. Although C. Unless D. Until ( )19. Lin Shuhao is famous _ _ all the basketball fans in China know him. A. too: to B. enough; to C. so: that D. as: as ( )20. he is only 12, he often goes to the old people's home to perform plays for the old people as a volunteer. A. If ' B. Since C. Though D. Because ( )21.—Did you have a good time at the party? —Yes. We sang danced until late at night. A. but B. if C. and D. so ( )22.—I hear your grandpa your grandma like watching Beijing Opera. —Right. Just as many old people do in our city.

A. both: and B. either: or C. neither; nor D. not only; but also )23. he exercises every day, he is very healthy. A. Because; so B. Because; through C. Because; / D. Though;/


( ) 1. (20l3· 辽宁锦州) I know a lot about my pen friend although we've met before. A. often B. always C. never D. usually ( )2. (2Ol3·辽宁锦州)Huang Bo is a popular film star. He brings us good films. A. always B. seldom C. never D. hardly ( )3. (2013·北京)—___ _ do you go to the cinema? —Once a month. A. How long B. How far C. How often D. How much ( ) 4. Breakfast is meal of the day. It provides us with energy after a long night without food. A. important B. more important C. the most important D. very important ( )5.—What do you think of the film you saw yesterday? —Oh! It's one of films I've ever seen. A. interesting B. more interesting C. most interesting D. the most interesting ( )6. (2013·上海)The volunteer spoke as as she could to make the visitors understand her. A. clearly, B. more clearly C. most clearly D. the most clearly ( )7. (2013·四川沪州)No one can sing _ than her. A. well B. good C. better D. best ( )8. Li Hua's shoes are as as Zhang Hui's. A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheaper D. the cheapest ( )9. (2013·湖南株洲)Who runs .Lily or Michelle? A. slow B. slower C. slowest ( )10. (2013·福建福州)—Dad. Would you please drive ? —No hurry. We have enough time before the plane takes off. A. faster B. more slowly C. more carefully ( )11.(2013·新疆阜康)—I'm really before the competition. —Take it easy. Sure you are the best. A. cool B, serious C, nervous D. patient ( )12. (2013·浙江嘉兴)—Your son is much now. —Yes. The jeans he wore last year are already too short for him. A. thin B. thinner C. tall D. taller ( )13. (2013·湖北荆州)The world's population is growing _ and there is

_ land and water for growing rice. A. more; less B. larger; fewer C. larger; less D. more; fewer ( )14. (2013·湖北十堰)—Many boy students think math is English. —I agree. I'm weak in English. A. much difficult than B. so difficult as C. less difficult than D. more difficult than ( )15. (2013·湖北咸宁)—The doctor told me not to eat too much. But I find it difficult. —The doctor is right. __ you eat. you will be. A. The less; the healthier B. The less; the more healthier C. The more; the healthier D. The more; the more healthier ( )16. (2013·湖南长沙)—Which season do you like ,summer or winter ? —Summer. A. well B. best C. better ( )17. (2013·山东滨州)More and more people have a low-Carbon life and the air now is getting much than a few years ago. A. clean B. cleanest C. cleaner D the cleanest ( )18. (2013·江西南昌)Ted was hard-working. His success made him work _ . A. harder B. hardest C. more quickly D. most quickly ( )19. (2013·辽宁大连)Who plays the violin ,Sally or Kylie? —Sally. But she gave the chance to Kylie A. well B. better C. best D. the best ( )20.( 2013·山东泰安) —How are you today. Mike. —I'm now. I don't think this medicine is good for me. A. badly B. better C. well D. worse ( )21.(2013·山东烟台) Mr Li asks us to remember that careful we are, mistakes we will make. A. the more; the fewer B. the fewer; the more C. the more; the more D. the less; the fewer ( )22. (2013·山东济宁)She looks much without sunglasses. A. well B. good C. best D. better ( )23. (2013·北京) Debbie is growing fast. She is even than her mother. A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest ( )24. Old Henry is so lonely that he hopes to know about every day. A. special something B. special anything C. something special D. anything special ( )25.—Tom, what do you think of the schools —Oh. no other school is in the city. It's one. A. better; a better B. the best; the best

( years.

C. better; the best D. the best; a better )26.—What do you think of the film So Young directed by Zhao Wei? —Wonderful. I think it's than the other films about youth in recent

A. the best B. the worst C. much better D. much worst ( )27. At present, blogs are traditional diaries among young people. A. very popular B. as popular as C. not so popular as D. much more popular than ( )28. Bob often says that swimming is than hiking in reducing weight, but he always spends more time on swimming. A. less useful B. less interesting C. more useful D. more interesting ( )29. It was a day and she felt very A. tiring; tired B. tiring; tiring C. tired; tiring D. tired; tired ( )30. It's summer now, and the weather is getting . A. higher and higher B. lower and lower C. hotter and hotter D. colder and colder ( )31. Someone says "Time is money". But I think time is important than money. A. less B. much C. even more D. much least ( )32. Lily isn't as as Peter. She often makes mistakes in her composition. A. careless B. careful C. carelessly D. carefully ( )33. —Have you ever been to Paris, one of cities in Europe? —No. But one day I might go there on vacation. A. the pleasant B. the most excited C. more wonderful D. the liveliest ( )34. Who listens , Tom, Jack or Bill? A. the most carefully B. more carefully C. the most careful D. more careful ( ) 35. Traffic is heavy and the price of oil is much _ so that many people go to work by bus instead. A. higher B. high C. expensive D. more expensive ( )36. Eighteen kids died in the school bus accident in Gansu Province. It's one that I have ever heard of. A. a very serious B. a more serious C. the most serious D. the least serious ( )37. You should practice more to improve your English, and then you'll be ____ at it A. good B. better C. best D. the best ( )38. I bad to call a taxi because the box was than I'd expected. A. heavy B. heavier C. the heavier D. the heaviest ( )39. —Who is ,Tom, Jim or David?

—I think Jim is. A. stronger B. the stronger C. strongest D. the strongest ( )40. When winter comes, days get . A. long and long B. short and short C. longer and longer D. shorter and shorter ( )41. The weather in Guiyang in summer is than that in Kunming. They're different. A. cool B. much cooler C. hot D. much hotter ( )42.—Why did you vote for Maggie? —Because she is very . She always shares things with others. A. practical B. active C. generous D. energetic ( )43. The flower smalls and I like it very much. A. well B. good C. bad D. badly ( )44. They have got such a table. A. round wooden brown B. round brown wooden C. brown round wooden ( )45.—Peter is than you, right? —Yes, but he is runner in our class. A, heavier: best B. heavy; the best C. heavier: the best D. heavy; better ( )46. We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen we speak. A. as twice much as B. twine as much as C. as much as twice D. as much' twice as ( )47. In the talent show, I performed well and Ann did even . A. well B. better C. more D. worse ( )48. The fire last night destroyed many buildings. . No one was killed. A. Actually B. Simply C. Luckily D. Immediately

( )1. My grandfather a walk every day. He keeps in good health. A. takes B. take C. taking ( )2. If the robot wrong, you can get a new one for free or get all your money back A. went B: goes C. would go D. will go ( )3.(2013·江苏扬州)My grandmother in Yangzhou. She was born there and has never lived anywhere else A. lived B. lives C. was living D. will live ( )4. (2013·北京) There many trees in front of my house now. A. is B. are C. was D. were ( )5.(2013·河北) Henry will give us a report as soon as he ,

A. arrives B. arrived C. is arriving D. will arrive ( ) 6. (2013 ·上海 )The schoolboy to the blind man on his way home yesterday afternoon. A. apologizes B. apologized C. will apologize D. has apologized ( )7. (2013·四川泸州) Oh, you are here. I you came back. A. don't know B. didn't know C. haven't known D. won't know' ( )8. (2013·江西南昌)—Have you had your breakfast yet? —Yes. Mom it for me. A. was cooking B. is cooking C. will cook D. cooked ( )9. (2013·辽宁大连)—What's the book on your table, LingLing? —Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Betty it to me from England. A. is sending B. will send C. sends D. sent ( )10. (2013·山东滨州) I know a little about Thailand, as I there three years ago. A have been B. have gone C. will go D. went ( )11. (2013·青海) —How about going for a drive. Mike? —One moment, please. I __ cleaning our room soon. A. will finish B. have finished C. finish ( )12.(2013·山东枣庄) —How are you going to be basketball player? —I every day. A. ant going to practice basketball B. am going to study math C. am going to take acting lessons D. am going to study computer science ( )13. (2013·河北) We have no more vegetables in the fridge. I __ and buy some. A. go B. went C. will go D. was going ( )14.( 2013·北京) Miss Lin a lot of work for the poor area since 2010 A. does B. did C. has done D. will do ( )15.(2013·广东)—Your shoes are sc old. Why don't you buy a new pair? —Because I all my money or an MP5. A. spend B. have spent C. am spending D. was spending ( )16. (2013·广西贵港)—Do you know the movie Lost in Thailand? —Yes. I it twice. It's funny. A. saw B. see C. have seen D. will see ( )17.(2013·山东威海)— your son a camera? —No. He one this summer vacation. A. Has: bought; will buy B. Did; buy; bought C. Does: buy; bought D. Does; buy; will buy ( )18. (2013·贵州铜仁)—Jane. When did you come here? —In 2010. I _ _ here for two years. A. have been to B. have gone to C. have come D. have been

)19.(2013·江苏扬州) —How long have you lived in the new flat? — 2010. A. In B. After C. Since D. Before ( )20.(2013·江苏常州) —Why are you worried? —I'm expecting a call from my daughter She New York for three days. A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been in D. has come in ( )21.(2013·新疆阜康)—Where is your father —He Australia and he _Sydney for two weeks. A. has been to; has been in B. has gone to; has been in C. has been in; has been to D. has gone to; has been to ( )22. (2013·浙江义乌) —Why was your class so lively. Mr. Li? —Oh, my students in groups about the coming school trip. A. discuss B. are discussing C. were discussing D. have discussed ( )23. (2013·湖北咸宁) —I called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered the phone. —Oh, I a walk with my parents at that time. A. took B. was taking C. am taking D. take ( ) 24. (2013· 湖北襄阳)—We all went to the cinema except you last night. Why didn't you come? —Because I that movie twice. A. have watched B. had watched C. was watching D. would watch ( )25.(2013·湖北武汉)— That's a nice mobile phone. —It is. My aunt __ it for my last birthday. A. buy B. will buy C. have bought D. bought ( )26.—Why is your bedroom so dirty? —Sorry, Mum. It .I felt very tired after playing soccer. A. isn't cleaned B. didn't clean C. doesn't clean D. wasn't cleaned ( )27.(2013·内蒙古包头) —Long time no see. I think you _ _ a lot. —Yes, I used to be quiet, but now I'm outgoing. A. will change B. were changing C. are changed D. have changed ( )28.(2013·黑龙江绥化)She the book __ two days ago. A. has borrowed: since B. has kept; since C. kept; for ( )29.(2013·湖北黄冈)—Where is Tom? We can't find him anywhere. (



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whose name is it 34. Do you know ___? A. whose book is this B. whose book this is C. this book is whose D. who’s book this is 35. I...

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