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玉燕中学 2013 级八(上)阶段二考试试卷 2014.11

总分:150 分

时间:90 分钟

一、听力部分 A、 听句子。 (本题 5 分,每小题 1 分) 根据所听句子的内容和所提问题,选择符合题意的答案。每小题听一遍。 ( )1. How does Mr Green go to work? A. bus B. bike C. car ( )2. What did they buy in Bargain House? A. clock B. computer C. camera ( )3. Who did Tony see yesterday? A. teacher B. singer C. dentist ( )4. Where does Mike go twice a week? A. park B. museum C. movie theater ( )5.What was the weather like yesterday? A. snowy B. rainy C. sunny B. 听对话。 (本小题共 10 分,每小题 1 分) 根据所听对话内容,回答每段对话后面的问题,在各题所给的三个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 每段对话听两遍。 ( )6. What does Mike usually do on weekends? A. He exercises B. He watches TV C. He goes shopping 听第二段对话,回答第 7 小题。 ( ) 7.How often does the boy eat fruit? A. Twice a day B. Every day C. Three times a week 听第三段对话,回答第 8 小题。 ( )8.What’s wrong with Jack? A. He has a cold B. He has a stomachache C. He has a sore back 听第四段对话,回答第 9 小题。 ( )9.Where did Jim go on his day off? A. He went to the beach B. He went to the mountain C. He went to the aquarium 听第五段对话,回答第 10 小题。 ( )10.When was the girl born? A. In 1993 B. In 1995 C. In 1997 听第六段对话,回答第 11-12 小题。


)11.What’s Robert going to do tomorrow morning? A. To visit the museum B. To go to the park C. To stay at home and study ( ) 12.How are they going to the museum? A. By bike B. By taxi C. By bus 听第七段对话,回答第 13-15 小题。 ( )13.Where is Lisa? A. At home B. In the library C. In the hospital ( ) 14.What does Dean’s mother want him to do ? A. To wash the lettuces B. To do the dishes C. To take out the trash ( ) 15.What will Dean have for lunch? A. Some chicken and noodles B.Some dumplings and vegetable soup C. Some fish and vegetable salad C. 听短文。 (本题共 5 分,每小题 1 分) 请你根据所听内容,在每小题所给的三个选项中,选出一个能完成句子的最佳答案。短文听 两遍。 ( )16.Where did Tony go on Sunday morning? A. To the park B. Nowhere C. To the cinema ( )17. What was the weather like on Sunday morning? A. It was rainy B. It was sunny C. It was snowy ( )18. Who came to Tony’s home in the afternoon? A. His friend B. His classmate C. His cousin ( )19.How long did they play computer games? A. For half an hour B. For an hour C. For two hours ( )20.What happened on Tony’s way home on Sunday afternoon? A. He lost his key B. His bike broke down C. He had a bad headache D. 听填信息。 (本题共 10 分,每小题 2 分) 请你根据所听内容,完成下面的表格,短文听两遍。 ( Name Selina Grace Sally Kevin New Year’s resolutions To work hard at To learn 21 22 a month and 25 24 team. for .

To eat French Fries 23 one hour every morning.

To become captain of the school


笔试部分 二、单项选择。 (共 20 分,每小题 1 分) ( )26. —Are you going there by ______ bus? —No, I am taking _______ taxi. A. a ; the B. /; a C. a; / D. the ; a ( )27. _______it is very cold outside, the policemen are still working in the street. A. Because B. Although C. But D. So ( )28. — do you read English newspaper? — I read China Daily every day. A. How long B. How about C. How often D. How far ( )29.There are _______new words in this book. You can read it easily. A. little B. much C. few D. many ( )30. Of all the CD players in his shop, this one is _______ A. cheap B. so cheap C. cheaper D. the cheapest ( )31. Her hat is ______________than_______. A. more beautiful; mine B. more beautiful; my C. the most beautiful; I D. beautiful; me ( )32. ---Could you please sweep the floor? ---______. I’m busy with my homework. A. Yes, sure B. You are right. C. Sorry, you can’t D. Sorry, I can’t ( )33. The park is _________ my home, it’s 3 minutes’ walk. A. near from B. far from C. close D. close to ( )34. Li Mei is _______ cleverest of the four. A. a B. an C. the D. the most ( )35. My sister thinks she can learn something_______ the talk show. A. in B. at C. on D. from ( )36. His father walked out to ________what’s happening on the street. A. look B. look at C. find D. find out ( )37. Most of the students like ________. They make us laugh and happy. A. comedies B. news C. thrillers D. action movies ( )38. ---_______ are you going to be a basketball player? ---I am going to practice basketball every day. A. Why B. What C. When D. How ( )39. When I grow up, I’m going to do _______ I want to. A. where B. what C. which D. how ( )40. My uncle usually _______ a resolution to stop _________


A . makes; smoking B. make; smoking C. makes; to smoke D. make; to smoke ( )41. They ______ buy a new bike, will they? A. won’t B. will C. aren’t D. are ( )42. There __________a soccer game tomorrow afternoon.. A. will be going to B. will going to be C. is going to be D. will go to be ( )43. Money can buy __________ things A. a hundred of B. two hundreds C. hundreds of D. hundred of ( )44. — Li Lei, don't drink _________ water. —But it’s hot in the room, dad. A. too many, much too B. much too, too many C. much too, too much D. too much, much too ( )45. Jack, don’t speak so _________,your little sister is sleeping now. A. quietly B. easily C. loudly D. quickly 三、完形填空(共 20 分,每小题 2 分) Mr White works in a middle school. He_46__English. He is friendly to his__47__and they also like him. He spends__48_time on his work. He often does some reading and writing. When he's__49_, he is also very busy with his work, so he can't help his wife to do any _50__. His wife is always angry with him. It's Saturday. Their daughter Kate is_51__her homework in her bedroom. Mrs White finds her__52__is out. She hopes her daughter will say she's__53__than her husband. She gives an apple to Kate and asks, "__54__is cleverer, your father or I?" Can you guess what the girl's__55__is? "I'm the cleverest in my family!" Kate says without thinking. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )46.A. teaches )47.A. friends )48. A. many )49. A. at work )50. A. housework )51. A. making )52. A. mother )53. A. good )54. A. Whose )55. A. answer B. watches B. students B. little B. in bed B. homework B. doing B. brother B. best B. What B. play C. studies C. workers C. much C. in the classroom C. schoolwork C. looking C. husband C. better C. Why C. sing D. reads D. drivers D. any D. at home D. lessons D. finding D. teacher D. bad D. Who D. think


四、阅读理解(本题共 30 分,每小题 2 分)

If you go into the forest(森林) with your friends, stay with them. if you don’t, you may get lost. What should you do if you really get lost? You should sit down and stay where you are. You mustn’t try to find your friends – let them find you. If you want your friends to find you, you need to stay in one place. You can also shout three times. Then stop. Then shout three times again. Keep up shouting. Always three times together, When people hear you, they will know that you need help and where you are. If you don’t think that you can get help before night comes, you should make a little house with some small trees and branches or something else. And make yourself a bed with leaves and grass. When you need some water and you have to leave your little house to look for it, don’t just walk away. Leave small branches (树枝)or something else on the way and then you can find your way back easily. ( )56.If you get lost in the forest ,you should ________ . A. try to find your friends B. stay where you are C. walk around the forest D. try to find a house ( )57.When people hear the shouts, they will know that _________. A. someone needs help B. a bear is coming C. someone gets injured D. something terrible will happen ( )58.What should you do if nobody helps you before night ________ . A. shout loudly. B. look for friends everywhere C. go to bed D. make a house with something. ( )59.When you go to look for some water, you need to ________. A. cut down some trees B. make another house C. use branches to make a bed D. leave branches on the way ( )60.What’s the best title for the passage . A. Travel in the forest B. Spend a night in the forest C. What to do when lost in the forest D. What to do of we want to get some water

Jim is a little boy. And he’s only nine years old. One day he goes to a cinema. It is the first time for him to do that. He buys a ticket and goes in. But after two or three minutes he comes out, buys a


second ticket. Two or three minutes after that he comes out and asks for another her ticket. The girl selling tickets asks him," Why do you buy so many tickets? How many friends do you meet?" Jim answers, "No, I have no friends here. But an old woman always stops me at the door and cuts(剪切) my ticket up." ( )61. How old is Jim? A. He is eleven. B. He is seven. C. He’s nine. ( )62. It is for Jim to go to the cinema. A. the first time B. the second time C. the third time ( )63.Jim buys before the girl asks him. A. one ticket B. three tickets C. two tickets ( )64.Jim meets ___ that day. A. his parents B. some friends C. two boys ( )65.The old woman is _________ in the cinema. A. a driver B. a teacher C. a worker

D. He’s ten. D. the last time D. five tickets D. no friends D. a policeman

阅读 II 栏中的五段文字,从 I 栏中找出与其内容相匹配的最佳选项。其中有两项是多余的。 I栏 ( )66. What will you do next weekend ? ( )67. What should I do ? ( )68. What were you doing when it rained yesterday ? ( )69. What did you say to my sister ? ( )70. What will you do if you go to the old people’s home ? II 栏 A. It always rains here. I often go shopping with umbrellas or raincoats to prevent myself getting wet. B. If I go there, I’ll bring them some flowers and help them as possible as I can. C. In fact, I planed to visit my grandparents, but it was so heavy that I had to stay at home. And I was studying for my math test. D. I met her on the street yesterday afternoon. She asked me to come to your home. I said I was busy and I would visit you next week. E. It doesn’t matter. But I think you’d better say sorry to him and buy another cup for him. F. I usually stay at home and visit websites at the weekend after finishing my homework. G. I work so hard on weekdays that I am so tired. So I am going to have a relaxing time on the beach.


五、短文填空(本题共 20 分,每小题 2 分) 阅读下面短文,并借助上下文和插图补充所缺信息。每个空格只能填写一个形式正确、与 短文内容意思相符的英语单词。

LinTao and Zhang Hua usually go to the city library to read. One Saturday afternoon, they got 71 of the library after they read some books. While they were 72 in the street, they saw an

old woman. She looked very Lei and Zhang Ping 74

73 , because the box next to her was too heavy for her to carry. Li quickly to the old woman and decided to help her when they saw 76 78 happily that they were good children. 77 75

was happening. The old woman carrying the heavy box, the box

they were 79

off their hands and Li Lei’s leg was hurt. So Li Lei

lie in bed and have a good rest for a few days. But he worried about his 80 do ?” Zhang Ping said, “Don’t worry. I will help you with your lessons.” 六、读写综合 A)信息归纳(10 分,每小题 2 分) To: lihua@hot Subject: Asking for help

and said, “What should I

Dear Lihua, How are you getting on ? Thanks for telling me something about your school life. I’m glad you’re doing well in your English study. As you know, I begin to learn Chinese two years ago. Now let me tell you something about my Chinese study. Though I can read and write a little Chinese. I’m stressed out because I still don’t do well in listening and my spoken Chinese isn’t improving. I found it hard to talk with the people around me in Chinese. I really need some help. Could you give me some advice. How I wish I could talk to you in Chinese one day ! Yours. Sally


Information Card Name of the receiver E-mail address of the receiver Subject When to learn Chinese Not good at 81_________________ 82_________________ 83_________________ 84_________________ 85_________________

B) 书面表达(本题 20 分) 。 假如你是李华,你的笔友在美国的一所学校学习汉语,她给你发了一个电子邮件。请根据其 内容给予回复。字数 60 词左右,开头与结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 1. 要有学好中文的决心。 2. 要做好学习中文的计划,如:认真听老师讲课做好笔记、多观看中文电影或多听中文收 音机、尝试多用中文与朋友们交谈、大声朗读课本等等。 Dear Sally, Glad to hear from you. You said you had some problems in learning Chinese. Don’t worry. Let’s face the challenge instead. Let me give you some advice. _________________________ __________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you’ll make great progress in your Chinese study, Good luck! Yours Lihua




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