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Module 1 Life in the future-Grammar课件(外研版必修4)(1)



will / shall do be going to do

to express the simple future tense

be about to do
be doing

be to do
do / does




will/shall 表示将来发生的动作或出现的状 do 态, shall仅与第一人称连用 be going to do be doing 表示主语计划打算的行动 或看来就要发生的事情 表示计划或安排好的动作(go, come, leave, begin 等动词)




be to do

表示客观上计划或安排好 的动作

表示即将发生的动作, be about to do 一般不带时间副词或短语 表示与安排,计划或时刻 表有关的动作;或用于if, when等状语从句中代替 will do.



I ________ (have) an English class will have tomorrow morning. I ____________ (have) an English will be having class at 8:20 tomorrow morning.


Tom won’t cut the grass. Tom refuses to cut the grass. Tom won’t be cutting the grass. The sentence is only a statement of fact, giving no information about Tom’s intention. Perhaps Tom is away, or ill, or will be doing some other job.


The simple future tense expresses a future action with intention while

the future continuous tense expresses a
future action as a statement of fact.


? ? ? ? ?

Where will you be going? What will you be doing tomorrow? Will you be working all day? Will you be using your dictionary? When will you be going to the supermarket?


1) A: Will you be using your bicycle this evening? B: No. So you want to borrow it? A: Yes. When can I get it? B: After I go to heaven.


2) A: Will you be passing the post office when you’re out? B: Probably. Why? A: I need some stamps. Could you get me some? B: Sure. Money, please. A: How much do you want? B: The more, the better.

Future continuous tense describes an ongoing or continuous action that will


take place in the future. This tense is
formed by using will be or shall be with

the verb form ending in ing (i.e. a present
participle) or subject + shall / will be + present participle (i.e. the -ing form

of the verb)



1. China will be completing work on
the Three Gorges Damn by the year 2010.

2. When your plane arrives tonight,
I will be waiting for you.


将来进行时 形式:will / shall + be + 现在分词 shall 用于第一人称 will 可以用于各种人称 1).将来进行时表示未来某个时间某动 作将正在进行。 明天十点钟她会在办公室工作。 At ten o’clock tomorrow, she will be working in her office.


2).将来进行时还可以表示按计划或安排 将要做的事。

1. We shall be having a meeting in a minute. 2. I’ll be seeing her this evening. 3. We’ll be getting in touch with you.




1. I’ll be meeting him sometime in
the future. 2. You will be making a mistake.


4).将来进行时也可表示对现在的预测。 Don’t phone now —— they’ll be having lunch.

的打算。 Will you be staying in this evening?


和一般将来时差不多。 They will call on us on Monday.

They will be calling on us on Monday.



换用,表示安排要做的事。 We’ll be spending the summer in Dalian.
We’re spending the summer in Dalian. She’ll be giving us a lecture this evening.

She’s giving us a lecture this evening.



示较远的将来。 We are meeting him tomorrow. We will be meeting him tomorrow / next year.


1. Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge? It will ____ fresh for several

days. (2003 全国)
A. be stayed B. stay

C. be staying

D. have stayed


2. At this time tomorrow ____ over the


(2003 北京卷)

A. we’re going to fly B. we’ll be flying

C. we’ll fly
D. we’re to fly


3. Turn on the television or open a magazine and you ________ advertisements showing happy families. (2004 湖南) A. will often see B. often see C. are often seeing D. have often seen


4. Because the shop ________ all the T-shirts

are sold at half price. (2004 浙江)
A. has closed down

B. closed down
C. is closing down D. had closed down


5. ---What are you going to do this afternoon? ---I am going to the cinema with some friends. The film _______ quite early, so we _______ to the bookstore after that. (2005 重庆) A. finished; are going B. finished; go C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go


6. —How can I apply for an online course? —Just fill out this form and we _____ what we can do four you. (2007 北京) A. see B. are seeing C. have seen D. will see



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