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【高分特训】第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Passage 1 People say one man's trash(垃圾) is another man's treasure. That 21 comes to me as I 22 the house purchased in 1962 by my parents. My mother passed away in 1996. My father left the house 23 my sister and me when he died a few months ago. After Dad was 24 , we looked around the 25 house where we grew up and that Dad loved so much. At first we felt so 26 all the stuff(东西) left. Like so many

of their generation, my parents 27 everything. And like many in my generation, we faced anxious 28 about what to abandon and what to keep. As we started throwing out old phone books and every medical bill from every 29 my parents ever saw, I also 30 many hidden treasures. Mom's pocketbook was in their

bedroom closet, which had everything in it, 31 her hairbrush with hair, as if she were still here. And Dad, who was a World War II veteran(退伍兵) and a world traveler, 32 everything -- from little spoons from all over the world to every letter he wrote to his parents while in the 33 . The letters he wrote during the war 34 his thoughts as a young man. Later, in the basement, I 35 our old kitchen table, which brought back 36 of my parents and sister and me having breakfast together. I'm realizing all these things 37 my parents' life journey. Each time I go to 38 , I find something that reminded me of my childhood or teaches me something about my parents I 39 knew. 40 , from the shabby furniture to all the hidden treasures, means more to me than all the money in the world. 21. A. coincidence 22. A. looked for 23. A. to 24. A. retired 25. A. clean 26. A. pleased with at 27. A. saved 28. A. decisions 29. A. person 30. A. bought B. enjoyed B. bargains B. doctor C. purchased C. challenges C. neighbor D. lost D. designed D. responsibilities D. child B. goal C. principle D. thought

B. looked through B. for B. ill B. strange B. familiar with

C. looked into D. looked after D. by D. injured D. modern D. disappointed

C. with C. gone C. empty

C. astonished at

B. discovered C. buried

31. A. just 32. A. liked 33. A. countryside 34. A. receive 35. A. repaired 36. A. introductions 37. A. represented

B. even B. bought B. school B. direct B. cleaned

C. only C. kept C. college C. sense C. spotted

D. yet D. lost D. army D. describe D. set

B. memories C. descriptions D. communications B. recognized C. instructed D. confirmed C. my office D. the house C. really C. Anything D. never D. Something

38. A. the supermarket B. church 39. A. merely 40. A. Everything B. always B. Nothing

Passage 2 I know that it's hard to devote enough time to class and to social efforts. But, 21 but didn't realize how

I wanted to succeed in both. I knew this would be a much until classes began. I 22

on well with the other girls who lived in my dorm. Often, finishing my homework before it was 25 24 to hand in, I went finished it the next day 26 I received showed 28 .


upstairs and had ice cream with my neighbor. I

between classes. But I knew it wasn't very good and the my lack of 27

. I realized that I needed to find some sort of 29 that would 30

So, the next day I created a

my time up between 31 I

going to class, doing homework, and relaxing. It seemed like a good idea, was only able to 33 . So I tried another plan. This one I made a list of 35 34 32

it for a few days. A schedule like that had too much

lists and common sense. Each week

I had to get done during that week and by which day I 36 the list of things I had to get done, I made

had to have it done. Then,

a list of things I could do if I had the time. This is the year and I feel time is but I continue to do it. My cousins, who are now in college, tell me that there are a lot of books to read by yourself and many different things to do, with various people and 37 I have used since then. Now, I have started my senior 38 . Scheduling my time has become more challenging,

organizations. So I'm helped 40


that I've learned to balance things and it has

me for what is to come after graduation. B. trouble B. got B. in order to B. late B. always B. rank C. challenge C. took D. competition D. caught

21. A. disaster 22. A. kept 23. A. as well as 24. A. point 25. A. seldom 26. A. grade 27. A. intelligence 28. A. change 29. A. form 30. A. average 31. A. and 32. A. accept 33. A. influence 34. A. provided 35. A. everything 36. A. among 37. A. method

C. not only D. instead of D. time D. never D. title

C. ready C. hardly C. degree

B. confidence B. skill B. method B. divide B. but B. collect

C. exercise D. effort

C. balance D. improvement C. timetable D. system

C. arrange D. organize C. so D. then D. insist

C. follow

B. pressure C. question D. doubt B. needed C. formed D. included

B. something C. nothing D. anything B. under C. from D. with D. way

B. skill B. valuable B. glad

C. experience

38. A. important 39. A. convinced

C. limited D. up C. sure D. ungrateful

40. A. prepare B. enable

C. practise D. equip

Passage 3 England was one of the first countries to set aside a day to recognize mothers.In the eighteenth century, 21 "Mothering Sunday" was _ 23 this many people worked as household servants for the 22 ,

for them to return home to be with their mothers.Though

24 stopped when the Industrial Revolution altered the working and living

patterns of people, one 25 for mothers was established as a holiday in the twentieth century. In the United States, Mother's Day did not become a(n) 1915.Its establishment was 26 holiday until ,

27 due to the perseverance and love of one 28

Anna Jarvis.Anna's mother had provided strength and support as the family 29

their home in West Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 30 as a minister. When Mrs Jarvis died on May 5, 1905, Anna was determined to 31

her father served

her.She asked memory of

a minister at the church in West Virginia to give a sermon(布道) 32 her mother.

On the same Sunday in Philadelphia, ministers there honoured Mrs.Jarvis and all mothers with a (n) 33 Mother's Day service.Anna Jarvis began writing to 34 a day to honour mothers. In 1910, the governor

congressmen, asking them to

of West Virginia proclaimed(宣布) the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day and a year later every state 35 it. the tradition of serving which

On Mother' s Day morning some American children 36

their mothers breakfast in bed.Other children will give their mothers 37 they have made themselves or bought in

38 .Adults give their mothers red 39 , they may bring

carnations, the official Mother's Day flower.If their mothers

white carnations to their grave(坟墓)sites.This is the busiest day of the year for American dinner! 21.A.before 23.A.protected 24.A.form 25.A.Monday 26.A.ordinary 27.A.nearly 28.A.mother 29.A.destroyed 30.A.where 31.A.reward 32.A.on 33.A.special 34.A.put off 35.A.understood 36.A.follow 37.A.letters B.since B.poor B.reserved B.custom B.Wednesday B.common B.largely B.sister B.found B. when C.when C.changed C.habit C.Sunday C.regular C.deeply C.daughter C.made C.why C.award C.simple C.take on C.celebrated C.accept C.calls D.until D.injured D.persuaded D.plan D.Friday D.official D.highly D.waitress D.left D.inspire D.for D.easy D.set aside D.prevented 40 .On the special day, family members do not want Mom to cook

B.honour B.expensive B.give up B.received B.refuse





39.A.went ahead 40.A.restaurants

B.moved on B.departments

C.stayed up C.offices

D.passed away

Passage 4 Did you hear the sports story that came out of Greece a few years ago? No, it wasn’t from the country that started the Olympics, 21 it has an Olympic quality.

The story came out of Greece, New York, and it was about Jason McElwain, a 17-year-old autistic(自闭的) kid, and Jim Johnson, a high school basketball Jason,who didn’t speak until he was five and always challenges, was never 24 23 22 .

with learning

for a basketball player, only five foot six. In fact, he

25 the team. He was the team manager, who kept statistics and handed out

water bottles. But Coach Johnson 26 Jason’s enthusiasm for the game and his unselfish 27 , he might let him 28

dedication to the team. So he decided if the score a few minutes.

Word got around and a group of students came to the game with signs



nickname, “J-Mac,” and cutouts of his face placed on popsicle(冰棒)sticks. When Jason was put into the game with four minutes left, they hoping that he might even 31 30 wildly

a basket. In Hollywood, he would have done just 32 him off on their shoulders. But in the 34 and missed by about six feet.

that, and his teammates would have 33

world of Greece, New York, Jason took a 35

His supporters for 36 .

and the coach worried that he may have set this young man up

But J-Mac 37

another shot, and another, and another. 39 .


he took 10 shots,

and scored 20 points in his four minutes of

And, yes, he was carried off on the shoulders of his teammates. And it was the career high point in the life of a coach who just gave a good kid a(n) 21 . 22 . 23 A. began B. went C listened D. struggled A. star B. game C. coach D. play A. if B. though C. since D. for 40 .

. 24 . 25 . 26 . 27 . 28 . 29 . 30 . 31 . 32 . 33 . 34 . 35 . 36 . 37 . 38 . 39 . 40 A. lesson B. chance C. prize D. award A. sorrow B. joy C. glory D. guilt A. In fact B. In turn C. However D. Meanwhile A. took B. heard C. got D. fired A. fame B. embarrassment C. courage D. achievement A. nodded B. broke C. agreed D. complained A. shot B. seat C. look D. step A. real B. modern C. whole D. natural A. cut B. carried C. put D. knocked A. score B. find C. fill D. hang A. blamed B. laughed C. ran D. cheered A. giving B. bearing C. calling D. keeping A. train B. rest C. play D. direct A. decreased B. changed C. mattered D. permitted A. showed B. liked C. developed D. lost A. gathered B. organized C. supported D. made A. short B. big C. good D. ready


Passage 5 It was one of the happiest Saturday mornings I had spent with my daughter, Gigi. That was, until two strangers threw her into their car and sped away. It seemed like a bad dream. I could __21__ speak when the police questioned me. After that, the policeman asked me to go home to wait. My friend Gloria came to __22__me. She took my hand and gave me __23__. It was a picture of a little

girl __24__asleep in her bed, standing by the bed was a tall, blond(金发的)__25__. We prayed and waited by the phone until sunset. The __26__ never rang. Suddenly,the front door swung open. I looked up and __27__. There stood Gigi. I cried, throwing my __28__ around her. Gigi said:“I was scared. We were going really fast on an old __29__ road I'd never seen before. But then a tall man walked out __30__ the car,and they ran off the road and hit a tree. Then the tall man __31__ the car door and pulled me out. He was really nice,and said I would be okay. I must have gone to __32__, because when I woke up it is in front of our house. He must have brought me home.” “But did he know..., where to bring you?”My voice broke. Gigi __33__ her head. Just then Gigi noticed Gloria's picture. “That's him!” she __34__ at the picture. “Mommy,that's the man who pulled me out of the car!” Gloria and I turned __35__. “Are you sure that's the man?” Gloria asked. “Yeah, that's him __36__ that he didn't have wings,and he was wearing blue jeans.” Later that night, the police found the__37__kidnappers. When questioned, the driver remembered turning away to __38__ hitting a tall blond man. Twenty years have gone by. We have never heard from any one claiming to have __39__Gigi. There have been no logical explanations for her __40__. But from that day on, I believe that all experiences, positive and negative, are given to us for our strengthening and learning. 21.A. hardly full 22.A. sympathize calm 23.A. a map a book 24.A. healthy B. sound C. reliable D. B. a picture C. a bag D. B. support C. comfort D. B. hard C. fully D.

reasonable 25.A. angel servant 26.A. phone 27.A. yelled 28.A. cheeks 29.A. rocky 30.A. in back of of 31.A. shut 32.A. rest 33.A. shook 34.A. referred 35.A. sun?burnt 36.A. rather than than 37.A. injured 38.A. stop 39.A. released 40.A. escape B. dead B. avoid B. relieved B. breakout C. harmed C. forbid C. delivered C. disappearance D. hurt D. keep D. rescued D. flow B. fastened B. sleep B. nodded B. aimed B. light B. including C. opened C. break C. rolled C. pointed C. weak C. except D. loosened D. yawn D. trembled D. signaled D. pale D. other B. door bell B. screamed B. shoulders B. smooth B. at the bottom of C. clock C. whistled C. arms C. hard C. on the top of D. radio D. whispered D. hands D. flat D. in front B. man C. maid D.

Passage 6 I believe honesty is one of the greatest gifts. I know they call it a lot of fancy names these days, like 21 and straightforward. And it's still what 22 a man a good citizen. This is my secret, and I try to live by. I've been in the taxi business for thirty-five years, 23 there is a lot about it that is not so good. Taxi drivers have to be rough and tumble(乱作一团) fellows to be able to take it in New York. You've got to be 24 to fight the New York traffic eight hours a day. Because taxi drivers are tough, people get the 25 impression that they are bad. Taxi drivers are just like other people. Most of them will act as 26 fellows. You read in the papers almost every week 27 a taxi driver turns in money or jewels or like that people leave in their 28. If they weren't honest, you wouldn't be reading those stories in the papers. One time, I found an emerald(翡翠的) ring in my car.

I remembered helping a lady with a lot of suitcases that day, so I went back to where I had 29. It took me almost two days to wait for her in order to return her 30 to her. I didn't get as much as “thank you.” 31, I felt good because I had done what was right. I think I felt better than she 32. I was born and raised in Ireland until I was nineteen years old. I came to this country in 1913 where I 33 several jobs to earn a few dollars before joining the army in World War I. After being discharged(退伍), I bought my own car and have owned one ever since. It hasn't been too easy 34, but my wife takes care of our money and we have a good bit 35 for a rainy day(一时之需). In all my years of driving a taxi, I have never had 36 with the public, not even with drunks. Even if they get a little headstrong(顽固的) once in a while, I just agree with them and then they behave themselves. People ask me about tips. As far as I know, 37 everyone will give you something, because most Americans are 38 generous. I always try to be nice to everyone, whether they 39or not. I believe in God and try to be a good member of my parish(教区). I try to act toward others like I think God wants me to act. I have been trying this for a long time, and the 40 I try, the easier it gets. 21. A.dishonor faithful 22. A. takes makes 23. A. know 24. A. tough warm-hearted 25. A. right bad 26. A. honest tough 27. A. when which 28. A. cars rooms 29. A. picked her up pull her down B. dropped her down C. dropped her off D. B. houses C. pockets D. B. what C. where D. B. rude C. good D. B. proper C. wrong D. B. known B. generous C. knowing C. mild D. knew D. B. becomes C. has D. B. upright C. dishonesty D.

30. A. suitcase emerald 31. A. Still Though 32. A.did is 33. A. made took 34. A. at one time in no time 35. A. put off put away 36. A. difficult D. anything 37. A. especially D. practically 38. A. fairly D. never 39. A.ask D. tip 40. A. shorter D.longer

B. ring


B. So

C. But


B. was

C .has


B. held

C. put


B. some time

C. at times


B. put up

C. put on


B. trouble

C. word

B. specially

C. particularly

B. seldom

C. rather

B. advised

C. suggested

B. harder

C .better

Passage 7 You may not realize it, but you are doing much more than just studying when you are at school. School is also the place with people. But this is one of your classmates? If you discover that you have problems 24 your classmates or friends, the 25 to recognize 22 21 you socialize and learn to get along 23 you just don’t like

easy. What can you do

most important thing to learn is tolerance. Tolerance is the and respect the 27 26

in others. We cannot change the way that other people act,

it is important to learn to live happily with them. Practicing tolerance will allow everyone to form better 28 with each 30

other. Getting to know someone


help you understand why they do things

from you. It is important to remember that just because something is different does not mean that it is bad. One thing to 32 31 teaches us to keep an even temper and open mind. 33 ”.

is the old saying, “Treat others how you want 34

You would like to be treated kindly by your classmates, so it is them with equal kindness. If you tolerate like it. No one is asking you to just means that you will be them change. It is important to easier. Learn to 40 39 38 37 36 35

to treat

it does not mean that you have to

who you are or what you believe in. Tolerance

of the differences in others and not try to make

tolerance because it will make everyone’s lives

people for their different abilities and interests. The place, and practicing tolerance in your own school and city

world is a very

can help make a difference. 21. A. which 22. A. very 23. A. unless B. wher B. no B. since C. that C. not always C. because D. when D. really D. if

24. A. getting along with C. getting away from 25. A. chance 26. A. imaginations 27. A. so 28. A. moods feelings 29. A. must 30. A. fortunately attentively 31. A. Patience kindness 32. A. keep in touch yourselves 33. A. to treat be treating 34. A. attractive fantastic B. important B. being treated B. keep in mind B. Experience B. may B. easily B. benefit B. thoughts B. and B. habits

B. making apologies to D. fleeing from C. patience C. consequence C. but D. ability D. differences D. although C. relationships D.

C. should C. differently

D. can D.

C. Tolerance


C. keep up with

D. keep to

C. to be treated



C. desperate


35. A. something nothing 36. A. change 37. A. convenient considerable 38. A. ignore practice 39. A. accept 40. A. diverse

B. anything

C. everything


B. remind B. respectful

C. promise C. negative

D. decide D.

B. cancel

C. prevent


B. receive B. same

C. thank C. individual

D. remember D. apparent

2016 高考英语-完形填空集训(二)答案 Passage 1:21—25 DBACC Passage 2:21-25 CBDDB Passage 3:21-25 CABBC Passage 4: 【语篇解读】一位教练给了一个孩子一次机会,从而创造了一个奇迹。 21. B。这个故事并非来自奥运会诞生的那个国家,虽然它具有奥林匹克的特征。这个故事 来自纽约的一个小镇———Greece。 22. C。由下文可知,本文讲述的是一个男孩和一位中学篮球教练的故事。 23. D。由上文的 autistic (自闭的)以及“他五岁才说话”的事实,我们可以推断出 Jason 学习有障碍。struggle with 斗争,抗争,符合语境。 24. A。根据后面的 only five foot six 可知他太矮了,所以不适合打篮球。 25. D。由下文的 He was the team manager, who kept statistics and handed out water bottles 可知 Jason 实际上并没有成为真正的球员,而只是做一些计分、分发水壶 之类的事情。make the team 加入团队。 26. B。虽然 Jason 并不是真正的球员,但教练很欣赏他对篮球的热情以及他对球队无私的 奉献。 27. D。 28. C。教练很感动,所以他想如果赛场上比分允许的话,他会让 Jason 打一会儿球。 29. B。bear 此处的意思是“显示,带有”。signs bearing his nickname 写着他的绰号的 招牌。 26-30CAABB 26-30 ADCCB 26-30 DBCCA 31---35 BCDDC 31-35 BCBDA 31-35 BCADC 36---40 BADDA 36-40 BACBA 36-40 ABCDA

30. D。 31. A。比赛还有四分钟就要结束的时候,Jason 上场了。大家欢呼着,希望他能投篮成功。 score 此处用作动词,意思是“得分”。 32. B。如果是在好莱坞电影中,Jason 很有可能在最后关头投篮成功,队员们也会把他高 高举过肩头。carry sb. off on sb.’s shoulder 将某人举过肩头。 33. A。 34. A。 但是, 在真实的世界里, Jason 投篮未中。 此处将现实与虚幻进行了对比。 take a shot 投篮。 35. D。Jason 投篮未中,他的支持者开始抱怨。missed, worried 是关键信息。 36. B。Jason 投篮未中,观众开始抱怨。此时,教练开始怀疑自己的做法是否正确。他担 心他把 Jason 置于尴尬的境地。 37. A。take a shot 投篮。 38. A。Jason 一次次地投篮。事实上,他投了十次篮。in fact 用来作进一步的解释说明。 39. C。Jason 在四分钟内得 20 分。此处选 glory 突出他的成绩非凡。 40. B。本文讲的是一位教练给了一个孩子一次机会,从而创造了一个奇迹。 Passage 5:21—25ACBBA Passage 6:21—25 BDCAC Passage 7:21—25BCDAD 26—30 ABCAD 26—30 ACACB 26—30DACBC 31—35 CBACD 31—35 AABCD 31—35CBCBA 36—40 CABDA 36—40 BDADD 36—40ABDAA



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