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Leading in
Are you interested in seeing flims? How often do you go to the cinema?

Who is your favorite film star? Can you name one of his or her films?
What kind of film do you like best?

? thriller

? affectional film

? action movie
?spy movie ?martial arts film ?ethical film ?science fiction

spy movie
1941年春,在莫斯科市中心,两个 情报部门正展开着激烈对决。希特勒 秘密行动小组的目的就是给斯大林提 供德国进攻苏联的错误情报。国安政 治委员奥克季亚布里斯基和中尉多林 是法西斯间谍组织里面的天才。大历 史环境下的战斗,马上就要开始了。

南京,南京》以“南京大屠杀”为 背景讲述故事。片中有两条线索, 通过一名普通日本士兵和一名普通 中国士兵在南京大屠杀期间的经历, 揭示在1937年南京疯狂杀戮强奸掠 夺的背后,战争对人性的摧残。

affectional film
《恋恋笔记本》是导演尼克· 卡 萨维茨2004年的一部爱情类影 片。讲述一对青梅竹马在二次 世界大战后历劫重逢,这段刻 骨铭心的故事由一名天天来探 望住在疗养院病人的老先生笔 记本中娓娓道出,随着故事水 落石出,显然这名躺在病床上 的老太太就是故事中的女主角, 而说故事者正是求婚的人。

science fiction

侏罗纪世界》(Jurassic World) 为《侏罗纪公园》系列第四 部.2015年6月10日于在中国大 陆上映。《侏罗纪世界》讲述科 学家欧文在纳布拉尔岛上的恐龙 主题公园中与迅猛龙们打成一片, 并意外发生了一些事故和故事。

What do you think are the criteria for a good film?

? an attractive or a moving plot

? a meaningful theme
? applied advanced technology

? a famous director
? popular actors or actresses with good skills ? magnificent scenes

Important film events around the world

Read the text quickly and answer these questions. 1. How many film festival representatives appeared on the show? Six. 2. Which film festivals are mentioned in the transcript? The Cannes Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival,

the Sundance Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. 3. At which festival are you not likely to find Hollywood film? The Sundance Film Festival.

Read the transcript again carefully
and answer these questions in task one.
1 Which film festival’s representative

views film as a type of contemporary
art? The representative from the Venice Film Festival.

2 How did the Sundance Film Festival come to be well known? Robert Redford, became the sponsor and changed the focus to independent films, often made on very modest budgets.

3. Why was the Cannes Film Festival
started? Because many people felt the Venice Film Festival was giving awards to only German and Italian films.

4. What is the difference between the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival? Films shown at the Cannes Films Festival are often made with large budgets and have well-known actors and directors, while films from smaller countries have a real chance of winning in the Berlin Film Festival.

5 Which film festival gives out the Golden Cup Award?

The Shanghai International Film

Fill in the table in task two with the
correct information from the transcript.


Started Feature



Oldest film festival;
Part of a large



Film festival

Started Feature in only include small independent films, many of which are made on very modest budgets; boycott all Hollywood films

Sundance Film 1978 Festival

Film Started Feature festival in Cannes Film 1939 Festival
the largest festival in the world; films shown are often made with large budgets and have well-known actors and directors; show a broad range of films from many different countries

Film festival

Started Feature in the most international of all the film festivals; give

Berlin Internati 1951 onal Film Festival

awards to films from
all over the globe

Film festival Toronto Internat ional Film Festival

Started Feature in the second largest festival in the world; gives some special awards to Canadian films


Film festival Shanghai Internati

Started Feature in 1993 the youngest film festival; has a good reputation worldwide

onal Film

1.Go through the transcript quickly and discuss the multiple choices in pairs.
2.Fill in the blanks of Part E.


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