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英语必修一知识点汇总 Unit 1 Friendship 1. get it repaired: get sth done=have sth done 让某事做… 2. be upset about 对…沮丧 3. calm down 镇静 4. be concerned about 对…担忧 be concerned with 涉及,有关,与…有关系 5. have got to=have to 不得不 区分: have got to 否定形式为 haven`t got to have to 否定形式为 don`t have to ※ be good to 对…好 be good at 擅长 finish doing sth 完成做… 6.go on holiday 去度假 7.walk the dog 遛狗 8.add up 合计,相加 add up to 达到 9.go though 经历;浏览;仔细检查:通过;批准;用完 10.set down=write down 写下,记下 crazy about 对…痴迷,疯狂 12.stay awake 不睡觉,清醒 13.on purpose 故意的 14.happen to do sth 碰巧做… 15.hold sb in the power 把某人震住 16.face to face 面对面【做状语】 face-to-face【做定语】 类似:heart to heart shoulder to shoulder back to back

17.take no notice of 不重视 18.recover from 从…中恢复 19.pack up 打包 20.get along well with 与…相处很好 21.commnicae with sb 与…交流 22.keep a diary 写日记 23.It`s a good habit for sb to do sth 对某人来说做某事时个好习惯 句型、语法整理 1. While walking the dog, you were careless 当 while、When、after、before 等引导的状语从句与主句主语保持一致时,可将状语从句的 主语和助动词省略。 eg.After he graduated from college, he went abroad for further education

After graduating from college, he went abroad for further education 2. Tell him that he should have studied Should have done 本该做某事却没做 Shouldn`t have done 本不该做某事却做了 eg.You should`t have eaten up the fried chicken just now eg.I should have been angry with her 3. Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to? ① ② whom 引导定语从句,在定语从句中宾语 to 不可省略。因为 tell sth to sb

4.a series of+n(复)+v(单) ―一系列的‖ Eg. A series of books has been published 5.There was a time when ------曾有一段时期------when 引导定语从句 6. in order to do sth /to do sth. 为了做某事,引导目的状语,放句末,句首 so as to do sth 只可放句末 eg.In order to make money, I went to Paris √ To make money,I went to Paris √ So as to make money, I went to Paris X 7.the moom gave far too much light…... ①too much+不可数名词 too many+可数名词复数 much too+adj/adv 太… ②far 本表示―远‖,但与比较级连用或与 too 连用,则意思为太过于… 8.It was the first time in a year and a half that I`d seen the night face to It is +the first time that… It will be It was the first time that… (2009 陕西,9) This is the first time we a film in the cinema together as a family. 太多…。 eg:I felt much too full because I drunk too much water

A.see B.had seen C.saw D.have seen 9.I am have some trouble with my classmates at the moment have trouble/difficulty with sb/sth 对于某人/事有困难 have trouble/difficulty (in) doing sth 做某事有困难 考题方式: ①You can`t imagine what difficulty we had home in the snowstorm

②You can`t imagine the difficulty we had

home in the snowstorm

A.walked B.walk walk D.walking 10.They say this boy and I have fallen in love Fall in love with sb at first sight 一见钟情(表动作) be in love with sb 爱上某人(表状态) eg. They have fallen in love with each other for 5 years 改错

Unit 2 English Around the World 1. for the first time 第一次;首先 at first; first of all 2. have a good flight (坐飞机)旅途愉快 3. all the way 一路 4. at all (否定:根本; 疑问:到底; 条件:竟然) above all 首先;首要的 after all 毕竟; in all 总共 5. make oneself at home 不拘束, 别客气 6. There you are. 你来了。 Here you are. 给你。 7. all around the world 世界各地 throughout the world 8. the majority of 大多数的 the minority of 9. in total; in all; altogether 总共 10. the number of …的数量 (large; small 谓语动词单数) a number of 一些; 许多 11. except for 除了...之外; 要不是 except 除了...都; besides 除了...还;except +从句 except (除去)指在整体中除去行为未发生者 (不包括在内) except for (除了…之外)指在一个整体中除去其中某个或某些因素,前后两个名词性质不同。 except that (除去;除掉) 后接从句,还有 except when, except what; except where 等 besides (除了…还) 包括在整体之内 but (除了...之外) 和 except 同义,与否定词或疑问词连用 11. communicate with sb. 与...交流,联络 12. have a good knowledge of 对...很熟悉; 通晓 祈使句间接引语 Ask sb (not) to do sth 请某人做/不做某事 Tell sb (not) to do sth 让某人不做某事 Order sb (not) to do sth 命令某人做/不做某事 13. help sb. with sth 在某方面帮助某人 help sb do sth; help do sth; 帮助 assist sb with sth; assist sb to do sth; assist in doing sth. 协助某人做... 14. stand still 站着不动; stay still; lie still 15. leave the door open 让门一直开着 leave the light on 让灯一直亮着 leave sb doing sth 留置/听任...保持...(做某事)的状态 leave... done 留置/听任...保持...(被...)的状态 16. turn down /up the radio 把收音机声音关小/开大

turn up 出现 turn down 拒绝 turn off / on 关掉/打开 turn in 上缴; turn out 结果是;被证明是 17. stay up 熬夜; 不睡觉 18. come about 发生;happen; take place; break out 19. There is no quick answer to this question. 20. in the same way 用同样的方式 in different ways 不同 in this way 这样 in no way 决不 in the way 挡道;妨碍 out of the way 不挡道 in a way 在某种程度上;在某一点上 on the way 在路上;即将发生 by the way 顺便说/问一下; by way of 经由;经过 21. stay the same = remain the same. 保持不变 the same time 同时 =meanwhile 23. end up with 以...(形式)告终 begin/start with end in failure 以失败而告终 24. more or less 或多或少 25. have difficulty/trouble in doing sth 做某事有困难 26. a great many; many a; a great number of (可数) a great many factories 区分 a great many of the factories a great deal of; a large amount of; (不可数) a large quantity of; large quantities of; plenty of; lots of 27. bring in 带来; 引进 bring out 出版;生产;揭露 bring about 引起;导致 bring up 抚养;培养 29. shut up 闭嘴 30.pass away 去世 31.promise sb to do sth 答应某人做某事 promise that... make a promise 32.make a decision 做出决定=decide 33. marry sb; 与某人结婚 get married to sb be married to sb 34. at least 至少 at most 最多 35. a little bit 区分:a little; a bit; a bit of; not a bit ; not a little 36. chat on line 网上聊天 37. stay in touch =keep in touch with sb.= keep track of 保持联系 get in touch with; 取得联系 lose touch with 失去联系 38. because of 区分 because thanks to 多亏了 as a result of 由于...的结果 due to 由于,因为 owing to 由于;因为 39. not only... but also.. (用于句首时,前句倒装) Not only did Xiaohua learn a lot of English from her Canadian teacher, she also became very

interested in Canada. (前句倒,后句不倒) Not only the students but also the teacher doesn’t understand this sentence. (并列主语,不倒装, 谓语就近一致) 40. as many as; as much as 和...一样多 as many books as as much money as His son is as naughty a boy as he used to be when he was young. 41. in the name of 以....的名义 Unit 3 Travel journal 1. 梦想进行大型自行车旅行 dream about taking a great bike trip 2. 大学毕业 graduate from college 3. 有机会干某事 get the chance to do sth. 4. 从它开始的地方到它结束的地方 from where it begins to where it ends 5. 使某人对某事感兴趣 get sb. interested in sth. 6. 干某事的最好方式 the best way of doing sth / to do sth 7. 改变某人的主意 change one’s mind 8 .在…… 的高度 at an altitude of… 9. 下定决心干某事 make up one’s mind to do sth 10. 穿过深谷 pass through deep valleys 11 .确信、确定 be sure about / of sth 12. 像往常一样 as usual 13.扎营 make camp 14.首先 其次 For one thing, … ; for another,… 15 .向某人问候 say ―Hello‖ to … 16 .在别人眼中看世界 to see the world through somebody else’s eyes 17. 支起, 竖起 put up 18. 熟悉, 为某人所熟悉 be familiar to 19. 关心, 在乎 care about 20. 坚决的表情 a determined look 21. 不睡觉 stay awake 22. 迫不及待地做……can hardly wait to do… 23. 列出……清单 make a list of Unit 4 Earthquake--重点词语、句子 have time to do 有时间做某事 shake hands with sb 握手 in ruins 成为废墟 blow away 吹走、刮走 rescue workers 救援人员 happen to do 碰巧做某事 burst into tears/ laughter 突然哭/笑起来 cut across 穿过、横穿 fall down 倒塌 be pleased to do 乐意做某事

make/ give a speech 发表演说 tens of thousands of 成千上万

judging….from 根据……来判断 dig out 挖掘

a great/ large number of =a great many/good 大量的 be trapped in/ under 陷入……/ 陷在……下面 the high school speaking competition 高中演讲比赛 have sb do sth= make sb do sth= let sb do sth 让某人做某事 come to an end (vi) = put/ bring sth to an end = put/ bring an end to sth 结束某事 be proud of / take pride in 以……而自豪 invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 invite sb for/ to sth one-third 1/3 agree with sb agree to sth agree to do sth agree on sth 达成一致意见 two-thirds 2/3 think little of 对……评价低

think highly of 对……评价高 seventy-five percent 75% give out 发出(气味等);分发;耗尽 give off 发出(气味等) give away 赠送;泄露 give back 归还

right away= right now= at once= immediately 立刻 as you know 正如你所知道的 as is known to all 众所周知 be known as 作为……而知名 be known for 因……而出名

as could be expected 正如可以预料到的 it is useless doing sth 干某事是无用的 happen= take place= come about= break out 偶发 有计划 偶发 战争等爆发

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

It is always calm before a storm. Now, imagine there has been a big earthquake. 此句为 There be 句型 Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide. 现在分词表伴随 It seemed that the world was at an end. Water, food and electricity were hard to get.

句型:主语+ be + adj + to do 其中 to do 用主动形式表示被动含义 6. 7. All hope was not lost. all 与 not 连用表示部分否定

It’s never too late to learn. 活到老,学到老。

附:分词用法之 作定语 falling leaves 正在落的叶子 fallen leaves 已经落在地上的叶子 boiling water 正在沸腾的水 boiled water 开水

Unit 5 Nelson Mandela--a modern hero

I warming up – learning about language (33—37) 重点词组 1.devote…to sth/doing sth 为…奉献 3. work as 以…作为工作 5. be free from 从…中解放 in prison 坐牢 on 着陆 11. offer guidance to 提供指导 generous with 对…慷慨 three kilometers away 三公里远 17.worry about 担忧 2.die for 为…而献身 4.believe in 信任 6. fight for 为争取…而斗争 8 .the first man to do 做某事的第一人 10. go for advice 去问建议 12. on their legal problem 在法律问题上 grateful 感激 16. continue to 继续做

18 .become out of work 失业 20 .Youth League 青年团

19.become more hopeful 变得更有希望 21.reach a stage 到了一个平台 23.either…or 两者之中…或… 之一 25.break a law 破坏法律 27.blow up 摧毁

22 .be put into a position 被置于一个位置 24.attack the law 攻击法律 a matter of fact 事实上 28. be put in prison 被投入监狱 30 .make ….equal 使…平等

29.achieve one’s dream 实现某人的梦想 willing to 愿意做 for money 付款 重点句型

32.turn to violence 转向暴力

1. The time when I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life. 5.When he organized the ANC Youth League, I joined it as soon as I could.. 6.The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our right and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all . 7.…we were put into a position in which we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the government. 8.…only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. II Using language( P38-40) 重点词组 1.spend the hardest time 度过最艰难时期 3. the lunch breaks 午饭休息时间 5. stop from studying 阻止学习 8.. come to power 掌权 2. begin a school 开办学校

4. be allowed to 被允许做 6. feel good about oneself 某人自我感觉很好 9.beg for sth. 乞求某事 10 .be proud to do 做某事感到骄傲

9. take tourists around sth 带旅游团参观 visitors over the prison 给参观者介绍有关监狱情况 12.make people free 使人们自由 13.set up 建立

14. be sentenced to 被判刑 15.what do you think of…对于…你有怎样的想法 do you feel about that 关于…你有怎样的感受 one’s understanding 依某人的理解 重点句型 1. You can not imagine how the name of Robben Island made us afraid. 2.Since I was better educated, I got a job working in an office. 3. I felt bad the first time I talked to a group. III Reading task (P73) 重点词组和句型 1. for a long time 过了很常一段时间 3. be against sb 反对某人 5. make a lot of money 赚很多钱 7.make sure that…确定 9. work on doing sth.从事某事 11. around the world 环球 13 .stop from doing sth.阻止做 14. Everyone should be able to do what they can to make their company bigger. 15.You could not meet a better man than Bill Gates. 2. be good at 擅长 4. set up a company 开办公司 6. be (un) fair to sb.对…不公平 8.compete with sb.与某人竞争 10. by fair means 通过公平的手段 12. be used widely 被广泛使用 18. I’m with you 我认同你

16. how



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