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M7 Unit 1 Living with technology
Period 9 Project: Language points I. Teaching aims:
Make sure that students should grasp some important words and phrases.

II. Teaching i

mportant point:
How to make a list of pros and cons.

III. Teaching difficult point:
Enable students to write an article on the advantages and disadvantages of some electronic devices.

IV. Procedures:
Step 1: Revision & Lead-in Useful expressions ? ? ? ? ? ? It is said that…/ It is acknowledged that… Sb. believed/ thought that hold an opinion that additionally/ in addition on the other hand in the same way

? … Step 2: Language points 1. double (1) It is difficult to understand her, for sometimes she is a strict police officer but sometimes a drug dealer. She must have led double life. (2)When I saw her and her twin sister I thought I was seeing double. (3) He is paid double. for the same job, which means he gets twice the money. (4) The price of houses has virtually double over the past few years. Even though he was paid double., he couldn’t afford his apartment at a time. 2. terminal When he was rushed to the hospital, he was examined terminal cancer. Excuse me, where is the terminal of the train ? 3. It was found that people who used mobile phones were two and a half times more likely to have a brain tumour on the side of the head where they held their phones than people who did not use them. It was found that 后接一主语从句,这里的 it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 that 后面的内容.

who used mobile phones 和 who did not use them 都是定语从句,分别修饰先行词 people 4. This study was conducted with 200 mice, half of which were exposed to radiation while the other half did not receive any radiation. be exposed to “被暴露于,经受”

This kind of paint can be exposed to all kinds of weather.
作为战地护士, 她置身于各种各样的危险之中

As a nurse in the war she was exposed to many dangers. 5. The amount of radiation was equal to using a mobile phone for two half-hour periods per day. be equal to “ 等于,相当于
总体上说, 女性的体力不及男性.

On the whole, women are not equal to men in physical strength. 6. For years, the cigarette companies would not acknowledge that cancer is associated with smoking, but now we all know that it is. be associated with “与……有联系, 与……相关”

Whisky is usually associated with Scotland be connected with, be linked with, 7. available All the fruits of the revolution will be made available to the poor. If I am not available when you phone, ask my secretary. 8. acknowledge I acknowledge the truth of his statement.

He was acknowledged to be the best player

It is universally acknowledged that dogs have an acute sense of smell. 9.Can we have faith in them and believe that they are being honest? have faith in “信任” “相信”
虽然约翰有缺点, 但我对他还是信任的.

I still have faith in John despite his shortcomings.
他仍然很有天赋, 但是他已经丧失了信心.

He still has great talent, but he has lost faith in himself.

Step 3 Homework 1. Do Parts B1 and B2 on page 103 of the workbook. 2. Do Parts D1 and D2 on page 105 of the workbook as homework.

V. Design of writing on blackboard:

VI. Record after teaching:



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