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1. She said to me, “I can speak English and Japanese.” 2. My father told me, “ You should take good care of yourself.” 3. He said,“I find it hard to get along with her.”

4. Steve said, “ We live a happy life in China.” 5. Mary often says, “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.” 6. Mr Smith said, “John is a good student.” 7. He said,“I repaired the watch yesterday.” 8. The children said,“We’ll be back tomorrow.” 9. Bob said to Mary,“I saw the film two days ago.” 10.“The earth goes around the sun,” the teacher said. 11. The teacher said,“Can you hear me,children?” 12. “Will you go to the station with me this afternoon?” he asked me. 13. “Why did she refuse to go there?” the teacher asked. 14. She said,“I will come this evening.” 15. “Are you feeling better today?” the doctor asked my sister.

1. He said that he was a teacher. 2. Sally said that she could get on well with her classmates. 3. Tony told me that he was very happy to see his parents. 4. They said that they go to Shanghai by plane. 5. He said he knew nothing about Tom. 6. They said they had studied English for three years. 7. He said he had seen the film the day before. 8. The conductor asked Zhang Hong where she was going to get off. 9. He asked whether they would go with him. 10. He asked me what else I wanted him to do. 11. He told me there would be a basketball match that afternoon. 12. The old worker told us not to forget the past. 13. I asked one of the boys if there were any mistakes in his homework. 14. She told me she had seen a letter on my desk the day before. 15. The guard said that he would not let him in if he had no pass.

直接引语 → 间接引语 1. She said to me that she could speak English and Japanese. 2. My father told me that I should take good care of myself. 3. He said that he found it hard to get along with her. 4. Steve said they lived a happy life in China.” 5. Mary often says that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. 6. Mr Smith said that John was a good student. 7. He said that he had repaired the watch the day before.” 8. The children said that they would be back the next day.” 9. Bob told Mary that he had seen the film two days before. 10. The teacher said (that) the earth goes around the sun. 11. The teacher asked the children if they could hear him. 12. He asked me if I would go to the station with him that afternoon. 13. The teacher asked why she had refused to go there. 14. She said that she would go that evening. 15. The doctor asked my sister if she was feeling better that day. 间接引语 → 直接引语 1. He said, “I am a teacher.” 2. Sally said , “I can get on well with my classmates.” 3. Tony told me , “ I am very happy to see my parents.” 4. They said , “We go to Shanghai by plane.” 5. He said,“I know nothing about Tom.” 6. They said,“We have studied English for three years.” 7. He said,“I saw the film yesterday.” 8. The conductor said to Zhang Hong,“Where are you going to get off ?” 9. He asked,“Will you go with me?” 10. He asked me,“what else do you want me to do?” 11. He said to me,“There will be a basketball match this afternoon.” 12. The old worker sad to us,“Don’t forget the past.” 13. I asked one of the boys,“Are there any mistakes in your homework?” 14.“I saw a letter on your desk yesterday,” she said to me. 15. The guard said,“I will not let you in if you have no pass.



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