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常用词汇: 1、 holiday 节假日 2、 vacation 假日 3、 festival 节日 4、 anniversary 周年纪念日 5、 gathering 聚会 6、 reunion 团聚 7、 Lunar Calendar 农历 8、 Solar Calendar 阳历 9、 occasion 场合 10、 feast 丰盛的一桌饭菜

11、 present/gift 礼物 12、 holiday makers 度假者 13、 annual leave 年假 14、 paid vacation/holiday 带薪假期 15、 Thanksgiving 感恩节 16、 Holloween 万圣节 17、 Christmas 圣诞节 18、 Easter 复活节 19、 celebrate/observe 庆祝 20、 treasure 珍惜 21、 hold 举行 22、 decorate 装饰 23、 originate/origin 起源于/起源 24、 traditional 传统的 25、 religious 宗教的 26、 widely 广泛地 27、 traditional 传统的 28、 custom 习惯、风俗 29、 parade 游行 30、 Valentine’s Day 常用短语: 1、be introduced into 被引进 2、 exchange… gifts 交换礼物 3. take/go on a vacation 度假 4、 ten-day vacation 10 天的假期 5、 have …day(s) off 放假…天 6、 in hour/memory of 为了纪念 7、 be decorated with 用…装饰 8、dress up 盛装, 打扮 常用句型:

1.Children always look forward to Halloween because they can dress up and play tricks on each other. 孩子们盼望着万圣节,在那时候他们可以盛装打扮并互相捉弄。 2. Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday celebrated to express people’s gratitide to God. 感恩节是一个传统的节日,用来表达人们对上帝的感恩之情。 3. The Chinese government now stipulates people have seven days off for the Chinese Lunar New year. 现在,中国政府规定人们在农历新年有七天假。 4. The origin of admiring the moon can be traced back to as far as the ancient Xia and Shang Dynasties. 赏月的起源可以追溯到远至夏商时期。 5. The most common way for Chinese students to celebrate their birthdays is to hold a birthday party. 中国学生过生日最常见的方式是办一个生日会。 6. Traditionally, on mid-autumn Day, the whole family will gather in the moonlight, eating moon cakes and admiring the beautiful moon. 传统上,在中秋节的时候,一家人会聚在月光下,一边吃月饼,一边赏月。
【写作内容】 2.以约 120 个词就“中国人过西方的节日”这一现象发表你的看法,内容包括: (1)中国人对待西方节日的态度及庆祝方式。 (2)你是否过西方的节日?如果过,通常选择怎样的方式? (3)你认为我们应该怎样对待我国的传统节日和西方的节日。 参考范文: western festivals Nowadays, some Chinese celebrate western festivals in various ways, but are indifferent about Chinese traditional ones. (提出问题)Some even go as far as doing something crazy that has nothing to do with the festivals, as they don’t understand the real origin or meaning of them. I am strongly against this kind of behavour. On western festivals, I just send and receive some text messages. After all, as a Chinese, I think we should attach more importance to our traditional festival. We should celebrate them by doing some traditional activities in order to carry on Chinese culture. As for western festivals, I suggest we shouldn’t get excited about them and just send some good wishes to each other or engage in some little activities.



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