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英语:unit4 making the news-reading教案(新人教版必修5)

Unit4 Making the News-reading 教案
Reading I My First Work Assignment ---“unforgettable”,says new journalist 一. 教学目标 (Teaching aims) To improve the students’reading ability. 二. 教学重难点 (Teac

hing important points) Know what is needed to become a journalist and how to conduct an interview 三. 教学步骤 (Teaching procedure) 1. 2. 1. Step 1 Leading in Where can we get information? Who make the news? Step 2 Fast reading Read the text in 2 minutes, and find out how many questions Zhou Yang asked. 2.Divide the text into three sections according to the duties of a journalist. Section 1 · · what you should do when covering a story Section 2 · case where journalists were accused · a Section 3 · work with colleagues · to 3.What does the reading passage mainly talk about? The qualities needed to become a good reporter The skills to become a professional photographer How to have a good interview Being carefully in the new environment A and C Step 3 Detailed reading & Choose the best a nswer 1.When can a new journalist cover a story by himself? A. Never ca n a new journalist by himself. B. Only after he has seen what an experienced reporter does. C. Not until he is old enough . D. Only when he takes a camera with him. 2.The footballer was thought to be guilty because . A. He usually told lies. B. He stopped the reporter publishing an article. C. He took money for deliberately not scoring in order to let the other team win. D. He bribed another football team. & True or False 1.Zhou took a course of photography at mid-school.
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A. B. C. D. E.

2.While interviewing, the journalist would just ask the questions prepared before hand(事先) 3.The footballer admitted he took the money . 4. Zhou Yang is very eager to cover a story . & Fill in the blanks with proper words 1.What a new journalst should do on the first day? 1) .The first time he will be sent with an____________________. 2 ). There is no need for him to take a________ with him. He will have a professional

____________ with him to take photographs. 2.What a journalist needs to remember when going out to cover a story? 1). He needs to be _________. 2).A good journalist must have a “_____”for a stor y . 3).He has to listen for the _____________. 4). if necessary, he can prepare a______ to make sure that he gets all the facts straight. & Translate the following sentences 1. what do I need to remember when I go out to cover a story? (to report on an important event)
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2. A good journalist must have a good “nose” for a story. (be able to tell whether is a true story) 3.This is a trick of the trade. (clever ways known to experts)

4. We sometimes use small recorders to make sure that we get all your facts straight. (to present ideas fairly) 5.Have you ever had a case whe re someone accused your journalists of getting the wrong end of the stick? (not to understand properly) Step 4 Consolidation--Summary of the text To the journalists,it’s ____________for them to take a ca mera because they have __________________ with them. The journalists should be ________ and they must have a _____ for a story.They know how to _______the information they need.While interviewing, they won’t _______, they won’t talk too much,and they listen to the interviewee carefully.They will listen to the _______ facts and ask new questions.There is a trick of the____ __,that is ,with the permission of the interviewer, they would use __________ which could keep the evidence to help __________their story. Step 5 Group discussion What qualities does a good news jour nalist or a photographer need to have? 1.Adjectives(形容词)to describe a journalist
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2. Adjectives to describe a photographer

Step 6 Homework Please write a short passage after class-----What is the main difference between a journalist and a photographer?


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