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My senior high school 我的高中学校

My senior high school life
——11信管4 陈秋霞

? My high school is DianBaiXian first middle school

? My high school is located in the coast of the shuidong bay(水东湾畔),and in there,we always can enjoy the beautiful sunrise when we go to the classroom to attend morning read.

teaching building How beautiful she is! bellhouse钟楼
教学楼 corridor走廊 Canteen饭堂



Kapok flower petals 木棉花瓣

Inspirational stone 励志石头

My life in high school
Learning is very busy, because we have to attend the university entrance exam.

We learning
Chinese teacher 语文老师

But we also did excersice

Mathematics teacher 数学老师

And we were happy

We taked a walk in front of the school to enjoy the beautiful scenery—the bay

Excellent sports meet!


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