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2013 年湖北省高考英语完形填空
①Zigfried, a little mouse, blew his breath on the frosty window of the

farmhouse and rubbed it to see the outside. Still nobody came. Maybe today, he thought 31 . It was only a few days before Christmas and he was watching for a miracle (奇迹).
②This farmhouse had been 32 too long. It needed a family. Zigfried’s

33 made a noise. He realized that he hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday. He jumped from the windowsill (窗沿), grabbed a 34 from his home, and went next door to Farmer Mike’s.
③Farmer Mike’s house had been a great place for the little mouse


the farmer married a wife who had a cat. Zigfried 36 when he thought of it. He looked around cautiously as he 37 into the room where grain was stored and was quite 38 as he filled his bag with wheat. He was turning to leave when suddenly he 39 a hot breath about his ear. His heart beat40 , and without thinking he started to run and luckily 41 the cat’s paws (爪子).
④The next afternoon Zigfried heard some good news: a 42 family

would be moving into the farmhouse soon. Zigfried’s granny would arrive on Christmas Eve to 43with him. He hoped that the family would come before his granny came. Before long, a car came 44 the road leading to the house, with butter sandwiches, cheese and chocolate.
⑤Zigfried’s Christmas miracle did arrive! ⑥The house came 45 the next few days. Zigfried 46 every single hour

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of them. 47 , the day before Christmas when he was drinking hot chocolate with a 48 smile at the door of his home, he heard the 49 of the children of the family about what they might get for Christmas. What? A cat? The 50 froze on his face; his mouth fell wide open. After a long while, he at last found his voice: “Hey! Whose Christmas miracle is this?”

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

A carefully A shabby A mouth A bag A although A leapt A broke A curious A took A strongly A escaped A close A celebrate A across A alive A counted

B excitedly B noisy B nose B stick B until B sniffed B marched B nervous B released B irregularly B seized B happy B communicate B from B loose B enjoyed

C hopefully C messy C stomach C bowl C whereas C trembled C paced C pitiful C felt C slowly C rubbed C new C compete C off C open C missed

D proudly D empty D throat D coat D unless D withdrew D stole D sensible D drew D wildly D scratched D young D compromise D up D still D wasted

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47 48 49 50

A However A bitter A introduction A blood

B Instead B forced B discussion B smile

C Moreover C polite C comment C tear

D Therefore D satisfied D debate D sweat

【文章大意】文章以一个小老鼠的身份讲述了圣诞奇迹的故事。他圣诞节寻找食物,被猫发现。生动地描绘了 小老鼠对猫的害怕和对美食的渴望。终于奇迹来了,却发现奇迹竟然会是“自己的家里要住进来一只猫了。”

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

C 【命题立意】考查副词的辨义。 【解析】hopefully 抱有希望地; carefully 小心谨慎地; excitedly 兴奋地,激动地; proudly 自豪地,傲慢地;此处指“他抱着希望想着一个圣诞奇迹” D 【命题立意】考查形容词的辨义。 【解析】empty 空闲的; shabby 破旧的; noisy 嘈杂的; messy 凌乱的,散乱的;此处指“这 间房子空闲了太长时间了, 以至于小老鼠连食物都找不到。 ”呼应第四段中“一个家庭要搬来了。 ” C 【命题立意】考查名词的辨义。 【解析】stomach 胃; mouth 口; nose 鼻子; throat 咽喉;此处是指“胃里咕咕叫。”呼应下 句,他从昨天开始就没吃任何东西了。 A 【命题立意】考查上下文联系。 【解析】下文“was quite 38 as he filled his bag with wheat.”中明确提到“bag”所以答案选 A。 B 【命题立意】考查连接词的辨义。 【解析】until 在…以前;直到…才;although 尽管,虽然; whereas 鉴于,然而; unless 除非, 如果不;此处指“没猫之前迈克的房子对小老鼠来说一直是一个舒适的地方。” C 【命题立意】考查形容词的辨义。 【解析】trembled 发抖; leapt 跳; sniffed 抽鼻子; withdrew(使)撤退;此处指“小老鼠一 想到猫就害怕的发抖。” D 【命题立意】考查固定词组的辨义。 【解析】stole into 潜入; A. broke into 闯入;B. marched into 进入; C. paced into 进入。 此 处指小老鼠偷偷进入盛谷物的农舍。 B 【命题立意】考查形容词的辨义。 【解析】nervous 紧张不安的; curious 好奇的; pitiful 可怜的; sensible 明智的;此处指小老 鼠偷谷物时忐忑不安的心情。 C 【命题立意】考查动词的辨义。 【解析】felt 触;深感;A. took 拿,接受;B. released 释放;D. drew 拖,拉;此处指小老鼠感 觉到耳朵边猫呼吸喷出的热气。 D 【命题立意】考查副词的辨义。 【解析】wildly 疯狂地,失去控制地;strongly 强烈地,强有力地;irregularly 不规则地; slowly 缓慢地,慢腾腾地;此处指“小老鼠意识到危险,心几乎要从嗓子眼跳出来了。” A 【命题立意】考查动词的辨义。 【解析】escaped 逃脱; seized 抓住; rubbed 擦,摩擦; scratched 擦,刮;此处指“小老鼠 很幸运的逃脱了猫的爪子。”
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42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

C 【命题立意】考查上下文联系。 【解析】呼应第一段中房子空闲了很长时间,所以要搬进来一个新的家庭。 A 【命题立意】考查固定词组的辨义。 【解析】 celebrate with 和. . . 一起庆祝; communicate with 与…联系, 与…交往; compete with 与…抗争; compromise with 向(某人)妥协;此处指“祖母来和他一块庆祝圣诞节。” D【命题立意】考查固定词组的辨义。 【解析】came up 上来;came across 偶遇,偶然发现;came from 来自某处;came off 举行,表 现;此处指一辆小汽车开上路。 A【命题立意】考查上下文联系。 【解析】房子里搬来一家住户,祖母也来了,还有好多食物。小老鼠感到房子里充满生机。 B 【命题立意】考查动词的辨义。 【解析】enjoyed 享有,享受; counted 计算,计数,清点; missed 错过(机会) ,思念; wasted 徒劳, (使)损耗;此处指房间里有了生气,小老鼠享受着每时每刻。 A 【命题立意】考查上下文联系。 【解析】在小老鼠享受快乐的时候,意外听到一个消息,有只猫要来了。 However 在这里表转 折。 D 【命题立意】考查上下文联系。 【解析】小老鼠在喝热的可口可乐的时候,脸上当然有满意的笑容。satisfied 满意的,满足的; bitter 苦的; forced 被迫的,强迫的; polite 有礼貌的; B 【命题立意】考查动词的辨义。 【解析】discussion 讨论,谈论; introduction 介绍; comment 评论,注释; debate 辩论,争 论;此处指小老鼠听到孩子们的讨论。 B 【命题立意】考查上下文联系。 【解析】听到小猫要住进来的消息,他喝可口可乐时满足的笑容冻住了。

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