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高中英语-Unit1-Friendship-Reading预备 课件-新人教版必修1

Anne’s Best Friend

1. Does a friend always have to be a person? 2. What else can also be your friend?

I Pre-reading
1. Look at the pictures and the title of the reading passage. Guess what it might be about.

Anne’s best friend

Now observe the text carefully to find out: ?how many parts it contains? ?what the different parts are about?
It contains two parts. One part is one page of Anne’s diary, the other one is the background knowledge about Anne and her diary.

Background: World War II

Jews being rounded up by Nazi soldiers
and forced to leave home.

In Nazi Germany, Jews were required to wear a yellow star of David on their clothing.

Polish (波兰)Jews on their way to a Nazi death camp

Jews in a concentration camp(集中营)

Victims of the gas chambers (毒气室) A mass grave 集体墓穴
The Holocaust (大屠杀)

Characters in the test

Anne’s father : Otto Frank

Anne’s elder sister: Margot

Anne’s mother: Mrs. Frank

Anne Frank

Peter, who lived with the Franks in the attic阁楼

Anne Frank 1929 Born in Germany

1933 Moved to Amsterdam

From 1940 Hidden in a building for two years, writing diary

1944 Discovered and was killed the next year

Her diary was published after the war

Thursday 15th June,1944 Dear Kitty,

a diary letter

Yours, Anne

curtain They stayed on the top floor, with curtains drawn so as not to attract unwanted attention.

When Margot died in March, 1945, Anne probably lose her desire to live. She died just before her 16th birthday and less than a month before the surviving Jews were liberated.

Skimming (First-Reading)
Skimming to get the main idea

read the first and the last sentence of the background part (30seconds)

Fill in the form below. The time of the story The place of the story The heroine of the story Anne’s best friend The length of time they hid away

World War II Netherlands Anne her diary--Kitty over two years

The date of the diary Thursday 15,June,1944

2. read the first and the last sentense of each paragraph in the diary to find out the main idea of the diary.(1min) her feelings about nature ? Anne expressed _______________________after hiding for a long time. Everything about nature ? ______________________kept Anne spellbound.

Scanning (Second-Reading)
Read the text in details

Choose the correct answers
B 1 Anne Frank and her family hid away for___ A over a year B over two years C three years C one year and a half C 2 According to Anne ,a true friend is a person___ A that would laugh at you B who makes you happy C whom you can trust D who could save your life

3 Anne said that she had grown crazy about nature D because___ A her interest in nature B she had always been so had grown C she had been outdoors D she had been indoors too long too long

4 Why Ann no longer just like looking at nature out of the A window ?That’s because___ A they might be discovered B her family might be disturbed C it was very cold D a thief might get into the room B

join the correct parts of the sentences: 1.Anne kept a diary because A.She couldn’t meet her friends. B.Jews were caught by Nazis and killed. C.She could tell everything to it. D. she wanted it to be her best friend.

2.She felt very lonely because 3.They have to hide because 4.Anne named her diary Kitty because

Last Reading)
Read the test again and conclude the passage.

During World War II, Anne and her family had Jewish to hide away because they were______.They had 25 months_______they before hidden away for nearly_____ discovered were__________.During that time, Anne was friend lonely diary very_______and the only true______was her______, so she kept a diary every day so that she could everything it. tell___________to crazy After being indoors for so long, she was very____ about everything to do with ______.Sometimes she nature awake purpose stayed______on__________until half past eleven in order to have a good_______ moon _______ at the_______ . look

group work
Suppose you have to stay indoors to hide yourself for a whole year. You can never go outdoors, otherwise you will be killed. You have no telephone, computer, or TV at home. How would you feel? What would you do?


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