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Module 7


一、单选题:(20 分) 1.. -----Have you got any particular plans for the coming holiday? ----- Yes, _______, I’m going to visit some homes for the old in the city. A. If ever B. If busy C. If anything D. If possible 2. It is the sort of work that______ a high level of concentration. A. calls for B. make up C. lies in D. stands for 3. _____ their hats into the air, the fans of the winning team let out shouts of victory. A. To throw B. Thrown C. Throwing D. Being thrown 4. At last the soldiers reached _______ the locals called the Golden Triangle. A. that B. where C. when D. what 5. I didn’t see her at the meeting. If she ____, she would have met my brother. A. has come B. did come C. had come D. came 6. An online survey at suggested that most interviewers ____ limiting the time spent on the Internet would be fundamental _______their eyesight. A. say; to improving B. say; to improve C. said; for improving D. said; to improving 7. At the end of the meeting, all present were_______ to make every effort for the successful celebration of the 100th anniversary of the school. A. guaranteed B. demanded C. required D. suggested 8. _________ many times, but he still couldn’t understand it. A. Having been told B. Though he had been told C. He was told D. Having told 9. ________ we had read your letter _____the true state of affairs. A. It was until… that we understood B. It was not until… we understood C. Until …did not we understand D. Not until…did we understand` 10. A team of American scientists has found a treatment to protect humans from the deadly H5N1 flu virus, _____ brings great ____ to the world. A. that; appearance B. that; profit C. which; advantage D. which; relief 11. As is widely acknowledged, a great number of traffic accidents ____ numerous deaths and countless property loss all over the world very year. A. depend on B. contribute to C. result from D. aim at 12.—Home at last!I’m totally worn out. — If we ____ in turn, you _____ so tired now. A. had driven, wouldn’t feel B. drove, don’t feel C. had driven, wouldn’t have felt D. were driving, wouldn’t feel 13. —Is there any possibility of the film ____ in Paris International Festival? —Not in the least, because audience generally think little of it. A. tried out B. trying out C. to try out D. being tried out 14. The committee made two plans for the law, ____ was never put in force A. one of which B. which C. neither D. one of them 15. ––– I hear Tom ______ playing games recently. ––– ______ no wonder he is easy to feel sleepy in class. A. is addicted to; There is B. addicts; There is C. addicts; It is D. is addicted to; It is 16. _____ is no doubt ____ today greenhouse gases are the largest human influence on global climate.

A. It , that B. That, whether C. There, whether D. There, that 17. It ____we had stayed together for a couple of weeks _______ I found we had a lot in common. A. was until; when B. was until; that C. wasn’t until; when D. wasn’t until; that 18. According to the schedule, the next flight is ____ here at five, but __ the heavy sandstorm, the whole airport has been closed. A. due; due to B. arriving; for C. likely; because D. due to; because 19.We wanted to do everything following the schedule, but it didn’t ______ as planned. A. make out B. go on C. turn out D. come up 20. He tried to deal with the ever-increasing burden of his work, but finally ___ ____ and had to take a complete rest. A. broke away B. broke up C. broke down D. broke out 二、写出下列单词:(20 分) 1. His hand shook slightly as he i__________ the key into the lock.. 2.The room is 10 metres in l and 5 in width. 3.—Would you please give me a hand? —With p . 4. U to sleep at night ,I got up to make myself a glass of milk.. 5. I made five a for jobs but got nothing. 6. I tried to get through ,but there were too many people b my way. 7. Large q of water are needed for cooling purpose. 8. The air in the room is not pure. Do you have any way to p it? 9.An (可调节的) electric lamp can be placed in various positions. 10.Some language experts make an attempt to (使标准化) spelling. 11. In ____(当代) society, women are playing as important a role as men in our daily life. 12.Having made (安排) for the meeting, he left the office. 13.Take the medicine to (缓解) the headache. 14. The s_____ of the disease are fever and cough,which don't appear until a few days after you’re infected. 15. If your skin is e_____ to the sun all the time, you’re likely to have skin cancer. 16. The f_____ of the heart is to pump blood through the body. 17. As we all know, rich people are not ________ (必然) happy. 18. He feels he is _____ (优越的) to others, which makes his colleagues unhappy 19. If you wish to live a long life, you will have to overcome your a _______ to alcohol . 20.Try not to use your mobile phones for long periods, for there is __________(潜在的) danger in using them 三、完成句子:(20 分) 1.到目前为止,这种新药还未进行人体试验 Up till now, the new drug hasn’t been _____ _____ ____ humans yet. 2. 大家都知道,参加锻炼有助于延长人的寿命。 As is known to all, taking exercise can _____ ______ _______ _______ of people’s lives. 3. 过了 10 多年才有人把青霉素转化成 20 世纪的神奇药品。 It was _____ _____ _____ ______ somone else turned penicillin into the great drug of the 20th century. 4.倘若你打开世界上任何一个药柜,都很可能找到这两种药


If you _____ ____ any medicine cupboard in the world, there is a _____ _______ that you will find this two kinds of medicines. 5.许多人认为这种药是当代社会中最重要的药物之一 This kind of medicine ____ _________ ____ many to be one of the most important medicines in________society. 6.在新机器的帮助下,我们能够大量地生产鞋子。 With the help of the new machine, we are able to produce shoes ________ _______ ________. 8.老师们推荐多听英语歌曲,对英语听力有帮助。 Teachers ________ ______ to English songs more, which is helpful to English listening. 10 很难克服烟瘾,最好是远离它. It is difficult to overcome an ______ ______ ____,so it’s better to keep away from it. 11.随着岁月的流逝, 小镇已经呈现出了新面貌。 With _____ ______ ________, the town has taken on a new look. 12.是在什么地方你遇见你的老朋友的? ______ _______ ________ _______ you ran across your old friend? 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)

请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 ―Good night, Yammine.‖ ―Good night, Chief.‖ I reply. The cell door 16 and I hear Chief’s keys clinking as other doors clang shut further down the row. I step into my little cell and sit down. I glance up at the window, covered in mesh (铁网),and think to myself, ―This isn’t a life, it’s just a(n) 17 .‖ Being 18 makes me feel as though I’m being buried alive. I am a puppet (木偶) with people 19 strings so that I eat, sleep and wake when they want me to. I lie on my bed as night 20 and think the same thoughts 21 . I think about how it all went so wrong, and imagine how I will 22 for all the time I’ve lost. Every day I live the same routine and nothing changes except the people. Prisoners depart for other prisons, or get 23 . Others 24 from different prisons, or fresh from custody (拘押). It’s a 25 revolving (旋转) door. When I committed my 26 , I was a lost young boy, but now I am 27 . Walking around the yard, I would notice my fellow prisoners reading books and writing letters to friends and family, which upset me as my 28 at school was limited. I longed for the day when I’d be able to sit in the sun, enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper or book 29 my choice. I also longed to write letters to my friends and family, sharing my thoughts and feelings. I decided not to waste my time inside and, 30 , make the most of all the resources available to me. I started to learn and was 31 to realize my dream. Now, after five years’ persistence, heartache and hard work, I have 32 my goal. Having 33 a course as a reading adviser, I can now help others to read and write. And I have even started a creative writing workshop at Junee Correctional Centre. Learning to read and write at a higher level has given me the inner strength to present myself in a more 34 manner. And the day I’ve dreamed about has come true: I now enjoy my cup of coffee with a

book in my other hand. Learning to read and write has changed my life and this article is my first piece of ―proper‖ writing, and it won’t be my 35 . 16. A. opens B. closes C. breaks D. sticks 17. A. existence B. appearance C. offence D. holiday 18. A. at school B. at home C. in hospital D. in prison 19. A. pulling B. shaking C. winding D. casting 20. A. becomes B. drops C. feels D. falls 21. A. once and for all B. over and over again C. once again D. for good 22. A. do up B. make up C. fix up D. mend up 23. A. revealed B. sentenced C. punished D. released 24. A. reach B. get C. arrive D. go 25. A. continually B. occasionally C. accidentally D. rarely 26. A. mistake B. crime C. error D. fault 27. A. caught B. home C. found D. trapped 28. A. attendance B. absence C. allowance D. assistance 29. A. in B. of C. over D. by 30. A. however B. instead C. thus D. moreover 31. A. devoted B. intended C. determined D. decided 32. A. gained B. recognized C. arrived D. achieved 33. A. attended B. completed C. started D. organized 34. A. positive B. negative C. sensitive D. passive 35. A. best B. worst C. latest D. last

四:阅读理解(共 15 小题,每题 2 分,满分 30 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A Acting is such an over-crowded profession that the only advice that should be given to a young person thinking of going on the stage is ―Don’t!‖. But it is useless to try to discourage someone who feels that he must act, though the chances of his becoming famous are slim. The normal way to begin is to go to a drama school. Usually only students who show promise and talent are accepted, and the course lasts two years. Then the young actor or actress takes up work with a repertory company, usually as an assistant stage manager. This means doing everything that there is to do in the theatre: painting scenery, looking after the furniture, taking care of the costumes, and even acting in very small parts. It is very hard work indeed. The hours are long and the salary is tiny. But young actors with the stage in their blood are happy, waiting for the chances of working with a better company, or perhaps in films or television. Of course, some people have unusual chances which lead to fame and success without this long and dull training. Connie Pratt, for example, was just an ordinary girl working in a bicycle factory. A film producer happened to catch sight of her one morning waiting at a bus stop, as he drove past in his big car. He told the driver to stop, and he got out to speak to the girl. He asked her if she would like to go to the film studio to do a test,

and at first she thought he was joking. Then she got angry and said she would call the police. It took the producer twenty minutes to tell Connie that he was serious. Then an appointment was made for her to go to the studio the next day. The test was successful. They gave her some necessary lessons and within a few weeks she was playing the leading part opposite one of the most famous actors of the day. Of course, she was given a more dramatic name, which is now world-famous. But chances like this happen once in a blue moon! 36. According to the passage, the main reason why young people should be discouraged from becoming actors is ________. A. actors are very unusual people B. the course at the drama school lasts two years C. acting is really a hard job D. there are already too many actors 37. According to the context, the sentence ―But young actors with the stage in their blood are happy‖ at the end of the first paragraph means ________. A. they don’t care if their job is hard B. they like the stage naturally C. they are born happy D. they are easily satisfied 38. Connie Pratt soon became a famous actress after ________. A. learning some lessons about the art of speaking B. playing her part in the ―Blue Colored Moon‖ C. successfully matching the most famous actors D. acting a leading part with a most famous actor at that time 39. The phrase ―once in a blue moon‖ in the last line of the passage means ________. A. all at once B. once for a long time C. once in a while D. once and for all B Tour Itinerary Day 1: On arrival at the airport or railway station, you will be met by our guide and transferred to the hotel you stay. The rest of day is at leisure (空闲). Day 2: Mutianyu Great Wall, Underground Palace, Dingling. We pick up travelers from hotel before 8:00am, and then drive to Mutianyu Great Wall. It is known for its beautiful surroundings. If you want to reach the highest point, cable car is a good choice which is optional. We’ll end the visit at about 11:00, before having Chinese traditional lunch (11:30), travelers can have a short visit of Jade Carving Factory. It was not only the excellent skill on carving, but also mixes many Chinese traditional cultures in the jade carving. After having lunch, we’ll drive to the Ming Tombs (Dingling)—the best-preserved Chinese imperial tombs with 500 years history. Day 3: Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace—Our tour guide will pick you up between 8:00am and 8:30am. Our tour starts at Tian’anmen Square with its plentitude of monuments testifying to the communist, then you will have a chance to visit the Temple of Heaven. After having traditional Chinese lunch (40 minutes), enjoy a short visit to Summer Palace. After that, you will have a chance to enjoy the Chinese traditional Silk arts. Special Features:

1. Photo the digital pictures for the tour group and mail to the tourists 2. Only English-speaking travelers in our coach 3. Well-trained English-speaking tour guide Service package includes: 1. Pick up service 2. Entrance tickets 3. English-speaking tour guide Before you come to China, compare a couple of agencies and you’ll know the difference of our tour. We really appreciate it if you think about China Tour Guide and we are looking forward to sharing a wonderful time with you. Payments: The tour doesn’t need the pre-payment and deposit require. Three or more people, ten percent discount. The payment charge can be settled directly to the local tour guide in cash when you arrive. Both RMB and hard currency are acceptable. $58 per adult, $28 per child. Contact: For your tour request or more information, please contact our tour adviser. E-mail: Tel:(86)010-66708306 Office Hours: 9:00 a.m-18:00p.m (GMT+0800) Monday-Friday. Add: Tongzhou Road, Beijing 40. The purpose of the passage is to ________. A. call on people to invest in Beijing B. introduce Beijing to foreigners C. attract more English-speaking travelers D. tell the readers the long history of Beijing 41. If a couple and their child want to go on the tour, how much will they pay? A. $174. B. $122.4. C. $144. D. $129.6. 42. If you want more information, you can do the following EXCEPT _______. A. going to the travel agency in person B. calling the tour adviser at 9:00a.m at weekends C. emailing the tour adviser of the agency D. writing a letter to the travel agency 43. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Travelers don’t need to pay for the tour in advance. B. Travelers don’t have to bring digital cameras when traveling. C. Travelers can take a cable car to reach the highest point for free. D. Travelers have no specific arrangement after arriving on the first day.







Inserted length pleasure Unable application blocking quantities purify adjustable standardize contemporary arrangements relieve symptom exposed function necessarily superior addiction potential 1. tried out on 2. help increase the length 3. over a decade before 4. open up; high probability 5. is considered by; contemporary 6. in large quantities 8.recommend listening 10 addiction to cigarettes 11. time going by 12. Where was it

完型填空 16—20 BADAD 阅读理解 36—40 DBDBC

21—25 BBDCA 26—30 BCABB 41—43 DBC

31—35 CDBAD




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