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必修2 Unit 4知识点详解

Unit 4 要 点 梳 理 ●重点单词 高效梳理·知识备考

必修 2 Wildlife protection n.保护→protect v.保护→protective adj.保护的,防护的 2.decrease vi. & vt.减少;(使)变小或变少 3.loss n.损失;遗失;丧失→lose

v.遗失,丢失→loser n.输家;失败者→lost adj.遗失的,失去的 4.hunt vt. & vi.打猎;猎取;搜寻 5.respond vi.回答;响应;作出反应 6.certain adj.确定的;无疑的;某种 7.contain vt.包含;容纳;容忍→container n.容器 8.powerful adj.强大的;有力的→powerfully adv.有力地→power v.给……提供动力 9.affect vt.影响;感动;侵袭 10.appreciate vt.鉴赏;感激;意识到 11.succeed vi.成功 vt.接替;继任 12.employ vt.雇用;利用(时间、精力等) 13.harm n. & vt.损害;危害→harmful adj.有害的 14.bite vt. & vi.咬;叮;刺痛→bit(过去式)→bitten(过去分词) 15.inspect vt.检查;视察 16.fierce adj.凶猛的;猛烈的→fiercely adv.猛烈地→fierceness n.猛烈

●重点短语 1.die out 灭亡;逐渐消失 peace 和平地;安详地;和睦地 danger(of) 在危险中,垂危

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共 12 页 relief 如释重负 5.burst into laughter 突然笑起来 6.protect...from 保护……不受……(危害 attention to 注意

8.come into being 形成;产生 9.according to 按照;根据……所说 harm to 危害

11.without mercy 毫不留情地 12.respond to 对……作出回答

●重点句型 They lived on the earth tens of millions of years ago, long before humans came into being...千百万年前它们(恐 龙)就在地球上生活,比人类的出现要早得多……

考 点 探 究互动探究·能力备考 Ⅰ.词汇短语过关 1.respond vi.回答,答复;响应,作出反应 response n. 回答,回复;反应 respond to sb./sth.回答(比 answer, reply to 正式) respond to sb./sth. (with/ by sth.) 用……回应某人(事) respond to (疾病、身体的受伤部分)对医药有良好反应 response to sb./sth. (对人/物)的回答/回复/反应 in response to 作为对……的反应 (1)They still haven't ____________ my letter.他们至今仍没有回我的信。 (2)He ____________ my suggestion ________ a laugh/______ laughing. 他对我的建议报以一笑。 (3)His illness didn't ____________ treatment by drugs.他的疾病对药物治疗没有反应。 (4)My mother opened the door ____________________ the knock, but there was no one outside. 听到敲门声后,我妈妈打开了门,但外面一个人都没有。
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responded to responded to respond to in response to



2.certain adj. 确定的;无疑的;某(种) (1)作“某(种)”讲时,同义于 some。但 some 前不加冠词。 for a certain reason=for some reason 由于某种原因 certain professors=some professors 某些教授 a certain amount of time 相当一段时间 (2)作“确信的,有把握的”讲时,同义于 sure。但是 certain 的主语既可以是人,也可用于 It is certain that... 句型,而 sure 主语只能是人。 “be certain/sure+从句”(人)有把握/确信……(表示主语的信念) be certain/sure of/about sth. (人)确信(表示主语的信念) be certain/sure to do sth. 必定/肯定会做某事(主语常为二、三人称,表示说话人的信念) “make certain/sure+从句”弄清楚/确保…… make certain/sure of/about sth. 把某件事情弄清楚 for certain/sure 确定地,确切地(做状语) It is certain that... 一定会……(不能用 sure) (1)There was _________________ in his manner.他的态度有点冷淡。 (2)Are you ____________________ it?你对此有把握吗? (3)He is __________________ his duty.他肯定会尽职。 (4)_________________ he has wronged me.我确信他冤枉了我。 (5)_________________ their team will win the match. 他们队肯定会赢得比赛。 a certain coldness certain about/of certain to do I’m certain that It’s certain that

3.contain vt. 包含;容纳(=hold);抑制(=control) (1)His paper ___________ no mistakes at all.他的试卷没有一点错误。 (2)Orange juice ____________ things which help keep you healthy.橘汁里含有有益于健康的东西。 (3)This bottle ___________ two glasses of beer.这个瓶子可容纳两杯啤酒。 (4)He couldn't ____________ for joy.他不胜欢喜。 contained contains contains contain himself 4.affect vt.影响;感动;(疾病)侵袭 be greatly/deeply affected 很/深受感动 be affected by heat/cold 中暑/着凉 be affected with high fever 发高烧
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(1)The amount of rain ______ the growth of crops.降雨量直接影响庄稼生长。 (2)One of her lungs ____________ a little so that she has to rest.她的一叶肺有些感染,所以她不得不休息。 (3)The audience ____________________ by his speech.听众被他的演讲深深打动了。 affects is affected were deeply affected 5.appreciate vt. 欣赏;感激;喜欢 appreciation n. 欣赏;感激 appreciate sth. (thank sb.) 感激某事或某人 appreciatedoing sth.感激做某事 one/one's doing sth.感激某人做某事 I would appreciate it if... 如果……,我将不胜感激。 (1)He highly __________________________.他非常感谢他的帮助。 (2)We shall ___________________________ you again.我们将很高兴再次收到您的来信。 (3)I really ____________________________ to the party.你能来参加这次聚会我太高兴了。 (4)I would ______________________ you could help me.如果你能帮助我,我将不胜感激。 appreciated his help appreciate hearing from appreciate your coming appreciate it if 6.succeed v.成功 success n. 成功;成就 成功的人或事 successful adj. 成功的 successfully adv. 成功地 succeed in doing sth. have success in doing sth. be successful in doing sth.成功做某事 achieve great success 取得巨大的成功 sb./sth. is a success 成功的人或事 (1)We all _____________________ the mid-term examination.我们都成功地通过了期中考试。 (2)Failure is the mother of __________.失败是成功之母。 (3)He was _________________________ as a novelist.他是非常成功的小说家。 succeeded in passing success a success 7.harm vt. & n.损害;危害 harmful adj.有害的 be harmful to=do harm to do sb. harm=do harm to sb.对……有害 There is no harm in doing sth.=It does no harm (for sb.)to do sth.做某事是个好主意(或没有坏处)。
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(1)The dog seems fierce, but it won’t ______ anyone.这条狗看上去很凶,但它不会伤害任何人。 (2)Fruit juice can ______________________ children’s teeth.果汁可能损坏儿童的牙齿。 (3)He may say no, but ___________________________ asking.他可能拒绝,但问一问也无妨。 harm be harmful to there is no harm in 8.die out 灭亡,逐渐消失 die out 绝种,灭绝;熄灭;(风俗、习惯等)逐渐消失 die off(家族、种族等)相继死亡;(草木)先后枯死 die away(声音、光线、风等)渐弱,渐息,平息 die down(火、光线、兴奋、暴风雨等)渐弱,渐息;(声音)静下来 die of 指死于疾病、衰老、饥饿、悲伤等 die from 指由于外伤、外界原因、粗心、不注意、劳累过度等而死 (1) Scientists said that those plants ______ a century ago.科学家们说那些植物一个世纪前就绝种了。 (2) Many old customs ___________________________. 许多古老的风俗正逐渐消失。 (3)If the snowstorm does not blow over, the cattle will ______________.如果暴风雪不停息,牲畜就要死掉了。 (4)Open the air hole; the fire is ___________________.把气孔打开,火要熄了。 died out are dying out die off dying down (5)Every winter some old people _______________ hypothermia.每年冬天都有一些老人死于体温过低。 (6)Nowadays many people ________________ cancer.现在有很多人死于癌症。 die from die of danger (of...)处于危险之中 out of danger 脱离危险 (1)The drowned girl was obviously_________________________.很明显,那个溺水的女孩的生命危在旦夕。 (2)The old house is _________________ collapse.那所老房子有倒塌的危险。 (3)They were told at the hospital that their grandmother was ___ __ 他们在医院得知他们的祖母已经脱离危险了。 in immediate danger in danger of out of danger 拓展:与 in/out of 搭配的短语 in order 有秩序 in sight 看得见 in trouble 在困境中 in line 成行(队) in place 适合/当 in fashion 时尚 out of order 出故障(机器等工作不正常)
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out of sight 看不见 out of trouble 摆脱困境 out of line 不成一直线 out of place 不合适 out of fashion 过时 10.protect...from/against... 保护……免受……(的伤害) defend...from/against...保卫……以抵制…… keep sb. from doing stop sb. (from) doing prevent sb. (from) doing 阻止某人做 (1)Young plants should be well ______________ the cold.幼苗必须被很好地保护以免受冻。 (2)The hen ___________ its young ___________ being attacked by the cat. 母鸡保卫小鸡使其免遭猫的袭击。 (3)Everyone should take up arms to __________ our country from invasion. 每个人都应当拿起武器保卫我们的国家不受侵犯。 (4)Nothing can ______ us ______ realizing our dreams.什么也不能阻止我们实现梦想。 protected from protected against defend stop from 提示:(1)protect against 和 protect from 意思相似,有时可互换。但是,对于较大的事情,如:敌人的入 侵、天灾等,常用 protect against, 对于较小的事情常用 protect from。 (2)在 protect...from/against... 结构中,from 和 against 后面常跟 sth.,有时 against 后跟 being done 来强 调动作的被动性。 (3)主动句中 prevent/stop...from...中的 from 可省略, 在被动句中 from 不可省略, keep...from...中的 from 而 无论是在主动句还是被动句中都不能省略。 attention to 注意 Attention, please! 请注意! (演讲用语)(=May I have your attention, please?) attract/catch/draw/get one's attention to 吸引某人的注意 fix/focus/concentrate one's attention on 将注意力集中于 devote one's attention to 专心致志于 call one's attention to 唤起某人对……的注意 提示:以上短语中的 to、on 都是介词,其后接名词、代词或动名词。 (1)She ______________________________ her appearance.她很注重外表。 (2)A great deal of attention has been ______________ protecting the environment. 人们已对保护环境投入很多精力。 paid much attention to paid to 12.come into being 出现;形成;产生 bring...into being 使形成;使产生
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for the time being 暂时;眼下 (1)We don't know when the universe ________________________.我们不知道宇宙是何时形成的。 (2)Such a custom ______________________ long ago.这种风俗很久以前就有了。 came into being came into being 提示:come into being 是不及物动词短语,无被动形式,无进行时。类似短语有:come into power 当权 come into effect 生效 come into action 开始行动 come into office 就职 come into sight 看得见 come into use 开始使用 Ⅱ.重点句型详解 They lived on the earth tens of millions of years ago, long before humans came into being... 千百万年前它们(恐龙)就在地球上生活,比人类的出现要早得多…… long before 早在……之前很久 before 可做连词,连接时间状语从句,做介词,连接时间点或做副词。long before 连接的时间状语从句用 一般现在时呼应主句的一般将来时;一般过去时呼应主句的一般过去时或过去将来时。

拓展:(1)before long “不久以后”,相当于 soon after/shortly after, 既可以指将来,也可以指过去,所以与过 去时或将来时连用,在句中做状语,不可以引导从句。 (2)long ago (现在的)很久以前。 (3)“It will be long before+从句(一般现在时)”与 “It was long before+从句(一般过去时)”的意思是“过很久 才……”,强调经过的时间长。 (4)“It will not be long before+从句(一般现在时)”与“It was not long before+从句(一般过去时)”, 意思是“没过 很久就……”,强调经过的时间短。 注意:以上短语、句型中的 long 均可以改用普通的时间名词或短语,表达不同的时间长度。 ①Long before, there was a big museum here.很久以前,这里有一座大博物馆。 ②I had heard of him long before I came here.早在我来这儿很久以前我就听说过他的情况。 ③Before long he went to Canada to go on with his further education.不久以后他就去加拿大继续深造了。 ④It was not long before she came. 没多久她就来了。 ⑤It will be long before we see each other again.我们很久以后才会再见面。 The book was published ______ it was written. A.soon before B.long before C.before long D.soon after 解析:句意为“书写完后不久就出版了”,故选 soon after。 答案:D 易 错 点 拨 自我完善· 误区备考 1. contain/include (1)contain 意为“包含,含有,容纳,里面装有”,指的是包含的全部内容或容量,也可指里面所含的成分。 其宾语与主语常是同位关系,不用于进行时态。 (2)include 意为“包含;连……在内,计入,算入,包括”,只能用于表示所包含之物中的一部分,其后的宾
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语往往是主语的一部分。常用 “including+被包括部分”或“被包括部分+included”。如: Many people like tennis, including me/me included. 许多人喜欢网球,也包括我/我也在内。 用 contain 和 include 的适当形式填空。 (1)The Chinese diet is considered to be the healthiest in the world. It _____________ a lot of fruit and green vegetables. (2)Everyone took part in the fight against the flood, _____________ old people. (3)The __________ can __________ 100 litres of water. includes including container contain 2. affect/effect/influence (1)affect 常做及物动词,“影响,感动,感染”。 (2)effect 常做名词,“结果,效果, 作用,影响”, 常用于词组:have an effect on/upon sb. 对……有影响,take effect 生效,实行,come/go into effect 开始生效,开始实施。 (3)influence 可做动词也可做名词,表示“影响、感染”的意思时,是指使思想、行为、性质或发展和成长等 发生变化的影响。它可以指坏的影响,也可以指好的影响,这种影响常常是潜移默化的。 (1)Probably we ______________ each other. (2)To _________ a policy is to have an _________ on it. influenced affect effect

高 效 作 业 Ⅰ.单词拼写

自我测评· 技能备考

1.This hat will give p_____________ against the hot sun. 2.My wallet c______________ two hundred yuan and my passport was lost when I was shopping. 3.Mrs Brown's dog b______ the mailman when he was delivering newspapers yesterday afternoon. 4.Both bees and butterflies belong to i__________. 5.The mother is r________ her baby against mosquitoes.
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protection containing




6.You'd better __________(存留) the money for future need. 7.We'll go _____________(打猎) tomorrow. 8.We greatly ___________(感谢,感激) your timely help. 9.She turned her ____________(注意力) to new problems. 10.The dog looks __________ (凶恶). You'd better keep away from it. reserve hunting appreciate attention fierce

Ⅱ .单项选择 1.The driver was at ______ loss when ______ word came that he was forbidden to drive for speeding. A.a; the B./; / C.the; the D.a; / 答案:D 解析:考查冠词。at a loss 迷惘不知所措,且 word 指“消息”时,无冠词。 2.It is______that his English is______perfect. A.sure; very B.right; rather C.exact; fairly D.certain; quite 答案:D 解析:考查 It is certain that...句式,quite 是副词“相当”,修饰形容词 perfect。句意为:“他的英语相当好, 这是真的。” 3.Stop ______ this kind of snakes. They are ______. A.hunting; dying out hunt; dying out C.hunting; dying away hunt; dying down 答案:A 解析:stop doing “停止做某事”,而 stop to do 表示“停下来去做某事”。第二空 die out “灭绝”。 4.I'd like to arrive 20 minutes early ______ I can have time for a cup of tea. soon as a result case that 答案:D 解析:句意为:“我想早到 20 分钟,目的是为了我能有时间喝杯茶”。so that 引导目的状语从句。 5.(2010· 陕西西安质检)Are you driving to the airport, sir? I'd appreciate ______ if you could give me a lift. A.that C.this 答案:D 解析:语意:先生,你是开车去机场吗?如果你能载我一程,我将非常感激。根据语意可知,it 为形式宾 语,代替真正的宾语 if you could give me a lift。 6.More attention should be ______ equipment in our factory so that we can increase our production. A.paid to improving B.paid to improve C.taken to improve D.taken to improving 答案:A 解析:考查 pay attention to doing sth.的被动结构。 7.-How many passengers were in the plane? -It ______ 100, 20 Chinese ______.
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A.contained; included B.contained; including C.included; contained D.contained; containing 答案:A 解析:contain 容纳,包含;include 包括。第二空用 sb./sth. included 或 including sb./sth.。 8.The disease failed to______to the new drugs the doctor applied. A.respond B.turn C.reply D.refer 答案:A 解析:respond to 起反应,回答,响应;turn to 转向;reply to 回信,对……作出回答,对……作出反应; refer to 提及。 9.Much ______ by the story of Cong Fei, I am also determined to be a volunteer worker. A.affected B.appreciated C.admired D.effected 答案:A 解析:表示“受到……的影响”,且在句中做状语,用 affected。 10.There may be kinds of infectious (传染的) diseases in public places. You should keep your children______to the places where people are crowded. A.not go B.not to go C.going D.from going 答案:D 解析:keep sb./sth. from doing sth.意思是“阻止(人或物)做某事”,其中介词 from 不能省略。 11.After a heated discussion at the meeting, a new plan came ______ being, which would have a great effect ______the cultural life of the people. A.into; for; to C.from; at D.into; on 答案:D 解析:考查短语 come into being “形成”和 have an effect on “对……有影响”。 12.Nobody knows exactly how many years it will be ______ the Chinese football team enters the final stage of the World Cup. A.when B.since C.before D.until 答案:C 解析:考查句型 “it will be+一段时间+before...”“多久以后,才……”。 13.She was knocked ______ by a car and now was still ______. A.down; in danger; dangerous C.down; dangerous; in danger 答案:A 解析:knock down 撞倒; 把……从……上撞下来;in danger 处于危险中;dangerous 危险的。 14.—Excuse me, what time is it now? —Sorry, my watch ______. It ______ at the shop. A.isn't working; is being repaired B.doesn't work; is being repaired C.isn't working; is repaired D.doesn't work; is repaired 答案:B 解析:考查动词的时态和语态。第一空用一般现在时说明实际情况;第二空用现在进行时态的被动形式表
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示此时的状态。 15.—My car started up at last. —You should have it repaired ______ it's working now. long as though C.even though case 答案:C 解析:句意为“即使车还能工作,你也应该把它修一修”。even though=even if 引导让步状语从句,意为“即 使”。 Ⅲ .完形填空 The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. —Eleanor Roosevelt My home is a place of great beauty and agricultural richness, as well as of war and natural disasters. When I was only fourteen years old, I was filled with __1__ in spite of the terrible surroundings. The families living here, who tried to make their living from the land, __2__ great losses. I felt sorry especially for the __3__, but I __4__ to be hopeless. I decided that where I was, I could do __5__ to help them. I began knocking on every door and saying to each person who __6__ my knock, “I know that you are __7__ and give the birds that come to your yard a little __8__. Please consider me your bird. Give me only a handful of rice each week when I come to your __9__. I will take it to where it can be given to the __10__ children.” No one seemed to __11__ giving me a handful of rice, even __12__ they had little themselves. On Sunday, I would go to the __13__ and give my handfuls of rice to the monks to __14__ to the children. One day, I came to a house that had __15__ to give. I told my story and asked if I could be their bird. The women called her daughters, and __16__ gave me fifty cents, as well as the handful of rice! I began to ask for __17__ and rice from the other “bird feeders”, and they did so. Everyone was happy to be helping those who were suffering, even __18__ only this small way. The temple was soon able to help everyone who came to them for food and clothing. “Consider me your bird.” My __19__ idea had not stopped the war, but anyway, it was __20__ some peace. 1.A. sorry B. hope C. comfort D. happiness 2. A. suffered B. survived C. covered D. made 3. A. peasants B. citizens C. villagers D. children 4. A. wanted B. failed C. refused D. stopped 5. A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing 6. A. said B. replied C. answered D. spoke 7. A. glad B. kind C. rich D. friendly 8. A. water B. money C. nest D. rice 9. A. temple B. room C. door D. garden 10. A. brave B. hungry C. promising D. nervous 11. A. mind B .escape C. practice D. enjoy 12. A. where B. that C. so D. when 13. A. village B. hometown C. temple D. house 14. A. give B. give up C. give away D. give out 15. A. much B. little C. many D. few 16. A. every B. each C. neither D. none 17. A. help B. clothing C. food D. change 18. A. by B. with C. on D. in 19. A. foolish B. childish C. clever D. useful
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20. A. creating B. mending C. developing D. managing 答案及解析: 1. B。尽管周围环境恶劣,但是我还是充满了希望。hope 与第一句话中 dream 一致。 2. A。句意为:“生活在那里的靠土地谋生的家庭遭受了巨大的损失。” 3. D。 句意为:“我为那些贫穷的孩子们感到尤其难过,但是我拒绝表现得无助。”这表明作者想做出一些 事情来帮助那些穷人。 4. C。 见上题分析。refuse to do sth.拒绝做某事。 5. A。 在肯定句中表示“一些事情”用 something 6. C。 我对每一个应我敲门的人说道。answer one's door/telephone 应门/接电话。 7. B。 该句话的意思是“我知道你很仁慈,并且会给来到你院子里的小鸟一些米。” 8. D。见上题分析。 9. C。 句意为:“当我每周来到你门前的时候,请把我当成你的小鸟。”意思是让别人施舍给他一些吃的东 西。 10. B。 对应前文,作者是把施舍来的东西送给那些饥饿的孩子。 11. A。 没有人介意作者的请求,言外之意是每一个人给予了作者一定的食物,即使这些家庭本身拥有的 食物也不多。这体现人们的仁慈之心。 12. D。 见上题的分析,when 引导时间状语从句。 13. C。后文的 monks 暗示答案为 temple。 14. C。作者先把食物给和尚,然后由和尚分发给孩子。give away 分发。 15. A。由后文 gave me fifty cents, as well as the handful of rice 可知。 16. B。 每一个孩子都给了作者东西。every 是形容词,不能做主语,each 可以充当主语。 17. D。 change“零钱”与前文的 fifty cents 一致。 18. D。 in this way 用这种方法。 19. B。作者孩童般的、稚气的想法不能够阻止战争,但是它至少能在一定程度上减少战争带来的灾难,并 且创造出一种和平。 20. A。 create 创造。参考上题的分析。 Ⅳ.短文改错 Fang Tong is 34 years old, an actor, director and teacher of Beijing Opera Theatre. Most of his students are from other part of 1.______ China and have come to Beijing at a very young age of sixteen 2.______ or seventeen. He hopes create an environment for his students 3.______ that it is much more relaxing than the one he used to 4.______ part→ parts a→the hopes 后加 to 去掉 it study in. He thought that an actor should relax himself when 5.______ performing. Yet his students deep respect him and he 6.______ never needs to raise his voice in order to be hearing. 7.______ thought→thinks deep→deeply hearing→heard For his opinion, actors should go on even when they 8.______ feel they have made a mistake in their performances 9.______ because the moment is already gone but people can never 10.______ be back to it. . . So art is always changing and developing. For→In √ but→and

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