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江苏省盐城中学 2010—2011 学年度第二学期期中考试
第一节 单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)
21. ______ scholar from ______ local culture institute told us that around ______ year 1900 Seven Hedin discovered the ruins. A. The; a; / A. either; or A. is; are A. what A. went through A. By; to A. that lost before. A. are made up of; make up of C. make up; make up for again! A. refers to; fall in C. mentions; fall on A. accessible start it. A. is intended for; come out C. is meant to; figure out A. was used to have changed C. used to changing forget and shall ______ for the rest of our li ves. A. contributes to; respect C. concerns to; promote B. attracts to; distinguish D. appeals to; value B. intends to; turn out D. is meant for; work out B. used to change D. was used to has changed

B. The; /; the B. whether; or B. was; were B. which B. got through B. To; for B. which

C. A; the; the C. either; nor C. being; were C. that C. brought with C. At; to C. those

D. /; a; a D. neither; or D. were; was D. how D. led to D. In; for D. what the time they have

22. You can go to my office ______ today ______ tomorrow, which makes no difference to me. 23. Most of the lecture ______ about how the ancient city was discovered; and all of us present ______ interested in it. 24. As a new head teacher, I often think of ______ I can react more appropriately on such occasions. 25. Modern English includes many Latin and Greek words. Pronunciation ______ huge changes during the 16 th century. 26. ______ the end of the 19th century, people from Northern European countries began to move ______ Britain. 27. People from the south find it hard to understand ______ people from the north are saying. 28. These teams, which _______ t wenty experienced workers, are working hard here to_______ B. are made up of; make up for D. make up for; make up

29. Whenever it ______ the money I lost, my father always tells me to learn a lesson from the event and never ______ such trick B. comes to; fall for D. speaks to; fall to B. ad aptable C. acceptable

30. Frank put the medicine in a top drawer to make sure it would not be _______ to the kids. D. affordable 31. This software ______ protect computers from being attacked by viruses and it took my brother a long time to ______ how to

32. Michelle advised me not to change my mind easily, but the way of teaching I ______ greatly in the past six months.

33. This program is quite gelivable(给力), which especially ______ us students, because it is an experience we shall never

34. The publisher said that upon publishing readers _______ by the writer's unique way of thinking and skilful writing.

A. will be amazed C. were amazing A. on the whole C. in no time A. result in ______ 51 gold medals. A. ach ieved; won C. achieved; winning A. in face of ideas, objects or deeds. A. for which; take for C. in which; make for 40. A. you B. this B. in favor of B. result from

B. would be amazed D. had been amazed B. on earth D. out of the question C. deal in D. deal with

35. This story,_______ , is very fascinating. There are many interesting characters in it.

36. Every packet of cigarettes contains poisonous chemicals that can ______ lung cancer and heart disease. 37. Chinese athletes have ______ important contributions to the Olympic Games. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, they led the way, B. made; to win D. made; winning C. in honor of D. in member of [来源:学科网 ZXXK]

38. This great monument, standing in the centre of the square, was built ______ our national heroes. 39. The Chinese language differs from Western languages ______, instead of an alphabet, it uses characters which _______ B. in that; stand for D. on that; wish for C. it D. myself

I would appreciate ______, to be frank, if the films could be developed as soon as possible.

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)
阅读下列短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项 A, B, C,和 D 中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳 选项。 Nowadays the job market is becoming more and more challenging. Being a student in a to try my luck to hunt for a job. As you know, few people think famous. It is ten times Last year, a 45 more respected subjects at a famous university. in his recommendation form for an interview. When his graduate from?” When the graduate told him the 52 of that university. Go! Next one!” He waved his hand 42 43 difficult for a graduate from our university to 41 agriculture university, I want of an agriculture university, especially one which is not 44 a satisfactory job than for those who 47 to be treated coldly. 49

46 graduates from our university can

48 from our university attended a talent fair (人才市场) held in Guangzhou. He joined a queue to

50 came, the interviewer asked him, “Which university did you 53 even taking a look at the recommendation form and took no 54 .

51 of our university,the interviewer said with a sneer, “What? I’ve never

notice of the graduate’s request for a chance to show his skills and 55 .”

Another interviewer told the graduate, “Sorry, if you had graduated from China Agriculture University, we would take you How 56 the graduate was! I wonder what these employers really want: the name of a famous university knowledge and technology? It is true that some students from common universities don’t have the same abilities as 58 but that doesn’t 41. A. key students from key universities. We will 60 B. ordinary the employers with our skills. So, give us a chance. C. special D. common from key ones on the whole, 59 that all of us are less able students. I am sure that we are going to try to do as well as those 57

42. A. lowly 43. A. greater 44. A. accept 45. A. study 46. A. Worst 47. A. need 48. A. graduate 49. A. give 50. A. time 51. A. name 52. A. seen 53. A. with 54. A. books 55. A. in 56. A. angry 57. A. so 58. A. this 59. A. explain 60. A. impress

B. highly B. 1ess B. find B. understand B. Least B. wish B. teacher B. share B. chance B. telephone B. notice B. without B. subjects B. on B. surprised B. and B. those B. say B. warn

C. 1ittle C. more C. search C. change C. Most C. hope C. parent C. 1et C. turn C. address C. heard C. up C. request C. for C. pleased C. but C. these C. mean C. prove

D. greatly D. fewer D. leave D. follow D. Best D. expect D. professor D. hand D. interview D. number D. 1istened D. away D. knowledge D. up D. sorry D. or D. that D. translate D. disappoint

第三部分 阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分, 共 30 分)
A When asked to point out one or two things that are most important to themselves, many put friends ahead of homes, jobs, clothes and cars. A true friendship carries a long history of experience that determines who we are and keeps us connected. It is a treasure we should prove it. Unfortunately, the better friends you are, the more probably you’ll have disagreements. And the result can be what you don’t want an end to the relationship. The good news is that most troubled friendships can be mended. First, don’t let your pride get in your way. Most of us can forgive each other when differences are brought out in the open. Second, apologize when you’re wrong ― even if you’ve been wronged. Over the course of friendship, even the best people make mistakes. Sometimes, it may be best if the wronged person takes wrong. Third, see things from your friend’s point of view. And finally, accept that friendships changes as our needs and lifestyles change. Making friends can sometimes seem easy. The hard part is keeping the connections strong during the nature ups and downs that have an effect on all relationships. My suggestion: Consider friendship an honor and a gift, and worth the effort to treasure and nurture(培养). 61. The “wronged person” underlined in the text refers to a person _______. A. who has been mistaken for another B. who has been blamed unfairly C. who has treated friends badly D. who has admi tted his mistakes 62. According to the text a friendship can last long only if________. A. we treat our disagreements wisely B. we know our friends mistakes C. we have much in common D. we have know one another for long 63. What should we do if we follow the author’s second suggestion? A. Stick to our own points of view. B. Avoid making mistakes. C. Make an apology first. D. change our lifestyles.

64. What would be the best title for the text? A. Easy Ways to Make Friends C. How to Take the Lead in Making Frie nds

B. Ups and Downs in Friendship D. How to Mend a Troubled Friendship B

Industrial pollution is not only a problem for the countries of Europe and North America but also an extremely serious problem in some developing countries. For these countries, economic growth is a very important aim. They want to introduce industries, and so they put few controls on the industries which cause pollution. Cubatao, an industrial town of 85,000 people in Brazil, is an example of the connection between industrial development and pollution. In 1954, Cubatao had no industry. Today it has more than twenty large factories, which produce many pollutants. The people of the town are suffering from the poisonous matter in their environment and the bad effects can be clearly seen. Birth shortcomings are extremely common. Among children and adults, lung problems are sometimes twelve times more common in Cubatao than in other places. [来源:Z#xx#k.Com] It is true that Brazil, like many other countries, has laws against pollution, but these laws are not carried out strictly enough. It is cheaper for companies to take no notice of the laws and pay the fines than to buy the expensive equipment that will reduce the pollution. It is clear, therefore, that economic growth is more important to the government than to the health of the workers. However, the responsibility does not completely lie with the Brazilian government. The example of Cubatao shows that international companies are not acting in a responsible way either. A number of the factories in the town are owned by large companies from France, Italy, and the U. S. They are doing things in Brazil that they would not be able to do at home. If they caused the same amount of pollution at home, they would be severely punished or even put out of business. 65. What is the author’s purpose in taking Cubatao as an example? A. To show that industry can develop very fast in developing countries. [来源:Z&xx&k.Com] B. To show that the pollution problem in Brazil is extremely serious. C. To show that industrial growth can cause pollution problems for developing countries. D. To show that pollution is killing many people and destroying the whole economy of Brazil. 66. Why do some foreign companies like to set up their plants in Brazil? A. They will not be severely punished if they cause pollution in Brazil. B. The investment environment in Brazil is suitable for them. C. They can make much money because they do not have to pay Brazilian workers much. D. They can act in an irresponsible way in Brazil because there are no pollution laws there. 67. Why don’t developing countries have strict pollution controls? A. The new industries they want to introduce do not cause much pollution. B. Pollution is not a serious problem for developing countries. C. They don’t realize the balance of nature will be destroyed by some pollutants. D. If they put stricter controls on industry, fewer companies would build new plants in developing countries.

68. How is the health of the population of Cubatao? A. There are more heart diseases among people who live near chemical factories. B. More people suffer from lung diseases because of poisonous matter.
[来源:学§科§网 Z§X§X§K][来源:Z_xx_k.Com]

C. Their health is affected by pollutants the same way as that of other Brazilians. D. Babies there are found not as bright as those who live in other places. C ·Basic Study Manual Hardcover: $37 Future success depends on the ability to learn. Here are the answers to t he questions most often asked by parents, teachers, business trainers and by students themselves. Read this book and learn: ▲ What the three barriers to study are — and what to do about them. ▲ What to do if you get tired of a subject you are studying. ▲ Twenty-six simple drills to help you to learn how to study easily, rapidly and with full understanding. ▲ Buy and read the Basic Study Manual and use it to dramatically improve your ability to study. ·Study Skills for Life Hardcover: $32 L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology for teenagers opens the door to their future success by giving them the ability to study and learn. Fully illustrated (插图)for easy comprehension. ·Learning how to learn Hardcover: $25 The basics of effective study for 8 to 12-year-olds, fully illustrated. Children who read and apply the materials in this book regain their liking for study and their ability to apply this knowledge in life. Get this book for a child you want to see win at his studies! ·How to Use a Dictionary Picture Book for Children Hardcover: $36 In spite of billions of dollars spent on “educational research”, children are not taught the most basic skills of learning, even the most basic of these: how to use a dictionary. In fact, a search of educational books for children found not one that told them how to use a dictionary — or that one should. Writte n for children 8 to 12-year-olds, this fully illustrated book will teach your child: ▲ How to find words in a dictionary. ▲ The different ways that words are used. ▲ What the different marks and symbols that are used in a dictionary mean. ▲ How to use a dictionary to correctly pronounce words. It includes a section for parents and teachers showing you how to use this book with children. Buy this book and give it to your children to unlock their education. What’s more, you’ll just pay 50% for it before May 1, 2011. 69. According to the advertisements, the four books are all intended for ______. A. teachers B. adults C. children D. women 70. Some of the four books were illustrated in order to_________ A. make them suitable to different readers B. persuade readers to buy them C. reduce the cost of them A. $130 B. $65 C. $112 D. help readers understand them D. $18 71. If you buy the four books on April 30, 2011, your will have to pay_______ for the four books. 72. The purpose of the passage is to _______.

A. introduce some cheap books to readers C. enrich students’ knowledge about nature

B. sell the four books to readers D. help children to learn English D

Arabic is the official language of Kuwait, but English is widely spoken. It is used in business and is a co mpulsory second language in schools. Among the non-Kuwaiti population, many people speak Farsi(波斯语), the official language of Iran, or Urdu(乌尔都语), the official language of Pakistan. Arabic is spoken by almost 200 million people in more than 22 countries. It is the language of the Qur ’an, the Holy Book of Islam, and of Arab poetry and literature. While spoken Arabic varies from country to country, classical Arabic has remained unchanged for centuries. In Kuwait, there are differences between the dialects spoken in urban areas and those spoken in rural areas. Islam is practiced by the majority of Kuwaitis and governs their personal, political, economic a nd legal lives. Muslims pray five times a day — at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. The exact time is listed in the local newspaper each day. Friday is the Muslim holy day. Everything is closed. Many companies also close on Thursday, making Thursday and Friday the weekend. The extended family is the basis of the social structure and individual identity. The family is private. Female relatives are protected from outside influences. It is considered inappropriate to ask ques tions about a Kuwaiti’s wife or other female relatives. Kuwaitis are hospitable. However, it is important to behave according to their cultural customs. Alt hough women play a greater role in Kuwaiti society than women do in many other Gulf countries, they seldom socialize (交往) together in public. Greetings are therefore between members of the same sex. In all cases they are given with a sense of enthusiasm and general pleasure at meeting or seeing the person again. Kuwaitis take time during the greeting process to talk about their health, family, friends and other general matters of interest. The first name is the personal name. The second name is the father’s personal name. The third and fourth names are the grandfather’s personal name and a name that shows the family lineage(血统). Women do not take the husband’s name upon marriage. In Kuwait, extended family or very close friends may exchange gifts for birthdays and other celebratory occasions. If you are invited to a Kuwaiti home, it is necessary to bring a houseplant, box of imported chocolates, or a small gift from your home country. If a man must give a gift to a woman, he should say that it is from his wife, mother, sister, or some other female relative. 73. What does the underlined word “compulsory” in the first paragraph mean? A. required B. wide C. important D. official 74. Which of the following statements is right? A. English is the official language of Kuwait. B. Classical Arabic has changed constantly for centuries. C. The weekend is set on Thursday and Friday. D. Farsi is the second language in schools. 75. From the passage, we can see _______. A. Kuwaitis seldom communicate with strangers B. Kuwaitis usually have a lot of topics to greet others. C. Women are allowed to attend all kinds of activities.

D. You needn’t bring anything when visiting a Kuwaiti home.

第 II 卷(共三部分, 共 40 分) 第四部分 单词拼写(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分)
76. With the midterm examination a_________, the students are working harder and harder. 77. These days in China many people are c_______ about the safety of food. 78. It’s terrifying to find that the earthquake happened in Japan d_______ the whole city. 79. He was o with an English story so that he didn’t hear someone come in. 80. I remember you mentioned the same thing on a p___________ occasion. 81. In order to travel fast , many families own a car, but as a matter of fact, we can move more _________(方便) by bike than a car in busy cities. 82. _________(贯穿) history, people from many different countries and cultures have lived together in Britain. 83. I’m sorry the book you want is not ________(可获得的)now, but you can choose others related to the same topic. 84. Though he was wild about his discovery, few people realized the _____(意义)of it at that time. 85. She wore so much _________(珠宝) that she seemed to be covered in gold.

第五部分 任务型阅读(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分)
请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入最恰当的词(每空 1 词) 。 Although many Chinese students say that their knowledge of English grammar is good, most would admit that their spoken English is poor. Whenever I speak to a Chinese students they always say, “My spoken English is poor.” However, their spoken English does not have to remain “poor.” I would like to suggest that there may be some reasons for their problems with spoken English. First, they fail to find suitable words to express themselves due to a limited vocabulary. Obviously the better answer is to increase their vocabulary. However, you can speak with a limited vocabulary, if your attitude is positive. Others will follow you as long as you use the words that you know. Secon d, they are afraid of making mistak es. Sometimes they make mistakes when they are speaking because they are shy and nervous. Yet students should remember that their goal should be fluency(流利) not accuracy (精确) . Your aim in writing is to be accurate following the rules for grammar and using the right words and spelling them correctly. However, in speaking your aim is fluency. You want to get your message across, to talk to someone in English, as quickly and well as you can, even though sometimes you may use a wrong word or tense, but it does n’t matter because the person you are speaking to will understand you and make allowances for any mistakes he hears. The third reason is that not enough attention is paid to listening. You have one mouth but two ears! All that hearing is necessary for you to start speaking. Fourth, most Chinese students are reactive rather than proactive (积极主动的) language learners. Instead of actively seeking out opportunities to improve their spoken English they passively wait for speaking opportunities to come to them and wonder why their English always remains poor. If you have this proactive attitude, then, you will see English opportunities wherever you go. If you do not use your English beyond the classroom, you will forget that English you know. Remember: USE IT OR LOSE IT! You can learn how to speak English better by speaking English more.

Title: Problems with spoken English Reasons Limitation of (86) ______[来 源:Zxxk.Com] Context You have to(87) ______ your vocabulary.[来源:学§科§网] You should take a (88)_______ attitude towards spoken English. Shyness and (90)______ make it easy to make mistakes. Worries about making (89)______ Neglect of attention while (92) ______ As language learners, most Chinese students are (94)______ instead of being (93) ______ of proactive attitude active. You should make use of all opportunities to improve your (95)______ English. Fluency is more (91) ______ than accuracy when speaking English. All that hearing is necessary for you to start speaking.

第六部分 书面表达(满分 20 分)
春天是旅游的好季节,某外国语学校校长要求各班同学就春游一事展开讨论。讨论的主题 是:学校要不要组织学生春游。校长还要求班长就讨论的情况用英语写一封信给他。 假定你是某班班长李华,请你根据下列表格中的信息客观地介绍讨论情况。 注意:1、信的格式已为你写好; 3、生词:拓宽 broaden 1、可以领略大自然的优美风景; 70%的学生赞成春游 2、拓宽视野,增长知识; 3、呼吸新鲜空气,有益于身体健康。 1、时间紧,耽误学习; 30%的学生反对春游 2、增加父母经济负担; 3、担心安全。 2、词数:120 字左右;

听力训练:1-5 CCABA 单项选择: 21- 25 CABDA 31-35 CDDBA 完型填空: 41-45. DBCBA 6-10 ACBBA 11-15 ABACA 26-30 CDBBA 36-40 ADCBC 46-50. CDADC

2011. 04.27 16-20 CBBAB

51-55. ACBDB 56-60. ADBCA 阅读理解:61-64 BACD 65-68 CADB 69-72 CDCB

73-75 ACB

76. approaching 77. concerned 78. destroying 79. occupied 80. previous / personal / private / public 81. conveniently 82. Throughout

83. available /

accessible 84. significance / meaning

85. jewellery/jewelry

86.vocabulary 92.listening 87.increase/enlarge/expand 93.Lack 94.passive 88.positive 95.spoken 89.mistakes 90.nervousness 91.important

Dear Headmaster, I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve had on whether the school should organize a spring outing for the students. Opinions on the question are divided as follows: 70% of the students think that the school should organize the spring outing. They believe that the spring outing can make them enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, which can broaden our vision and fill us with more knowledge. They also say that the air in the open fields is fresher. What’s more, fresh air does a lot of good to our health. On the other hand, the rest don’t like the idea of going out for a spring outing. In their opinion, time is very precious, so they have to grasp every minute to work hard at their lessons. Traveling costs much money. In th at case, it will add to their families’ burden. Above all, no one can be sure of the safety of every student. I’m looking forward to your reply. Yours truly Li Hua




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