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定语从句一 EXI 用适当的关系代词或关系副词填空

1. Those __ pretend to be friends are the most dangereous enemies. 2. Which is the lab__you built last year? 3. __is often said,well begin is half done. 4. The man __you just spoke to is my brother. 5. I’ll teach you everything__I know. 6. I still remember the day__we met for the first time. 7. Premier Zhou __native language was Chinese, could read and write several foreign languages. 8. I saw a TV play last week,__was about education reform. 9. Gone are forever the days __the Chinese people lived a dog’s life. 10.I’ll do all __I can to help you improve your English. 11.Who is the person __has just come back from Iraq? 12.Great changes have taken place in the village__I was born. 13.It’s time__rice should be cut. 14.The leaning tower__Galileo tried his famous experinent about falling objects is in Pisa. 15.I was born in the winter of 1957,__it was especially cold. 16.The pen __he is using now is the same__mine. 17.Water,__anyone can see,is a liquid. 18.These are such books__are both instructive and interesting. 19.He talked about the schools and teachers __he had visited. 20.She is the same teacher__was praised on Teachers’ Day.

21.Anyone __leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. 22.Is there anything__I can do for you? 23.The reason___he didn’t attend the concert was that he had something more important to do. 24.China is famous for its Great Wall,__the people all over the world know. 25.___is well known, the compass was invented by the Chinese people. EXIV 改错 1. Here is the book I bought it yesterday. 2. He has three sons,all of them are PLA men. 3. Shanghai is the place which the CPC was born. 4. It is in Shanghai where the CPC was founded. 5. China has thousands of islands, the largest of them is Taiwan Island. 6. It is well known to all,China is country with a long history. 7. The socialist road is the only correct one which China can take. 8. Isn’t he the comrade whom you visited the factory the other day? 9. That’s the hotel where we stayed at last month. 10.It is the first time which we have seen such a good film. 11.We want to know the reason that you are late again. 12.My sister is now studying in the school where was set up last year。 用适当的关系代词或关系副词填空 1. This is one of the most interesting books __were on show. 2. 1)This is the room__his father lives in. 2) This is the room__his father lives.

3) This is the room in __his father lives. 3. He has two sons, both of __are college students. 4. 1) She wants to go to Shanghai,__has a lot of modern buildings. 2) She wants to go to Shanghai,__there are a lot of modern buildings. 5 They are talking about the teachers and schools__they have visited. 6. This is the only book __we need. 7. Which is the book __you want to borrow? 8.1) He still lives in the room__window faces to the south. 2) He still lives in the room__ is in the north of the city. 9.1)The reason __he didn’t come was that he was ill. 2) The reason __he explained is not true. 10.1)We’ll meet at the same place__we met last month. 2) We’ll meet at the same place__we visited last month. 11.__we all know, China is a developing country. 12. 1) I’ll never forget the days__we studied together. 2) I’ll never forget the days__we spent together. 13. I was the only person in my office__was invited. 14. They work in a factory __makes colour TV sets. 用介词+which/whom 结构填空 1. The pencil__ __he wrote was broken. 2. He built a telescope__ __ he could study the skies.

3. The woman, __ __I learned the news , is a nurse. 4. The wolf __ __ the sheep was killed was shot.

5. She has three children, all __ __ are at school. 6. The policeman__ __ the thief was caught is an old man. 7. This is a tall tree outside, __ __ stands our teacher. 8. China has a lot of famous writers, one __ __ is Lu Xun. 9. He has lost the key to the box_ __the papers are kept. 10. The Second World War__ __millions of people were killed ended in 1945. 11. My glasses, __ __, I was like a blind man, fell to the ground and broke. 12.In the dark street, there wasn’t a person __ __ she could turn for help. 13. It was the school__ __ we got to know each other. 14.China hs thousands of rivers, the longest __ __ is Changjiang River. 15. The age__ __ children can go to school is 7. 16. His bike __ __ he went to work was stolen last night. 17. Who is the girl__ __ Mary is talking? 18. Do you know the building__ __ is flying a red flag? 19. Did you attend the meeting yesterday__ __ our teacher talked a lot? 20. Ours is a beautiful school,__ __ we are proud. 21. The desk __ __ Jack is leaning is John’s. 22. The farm __ __ my father once worked has taken on a new look . 23. He bought a book yesterday, the author __ __ is a teacher. 定语从句二 1. Is this the factory__you visited last year?

2. Is this factory__ you visited last year? 3. Is this the factory__you worked last year? A. that B.where C.the one D.when 4. Mr Smith is the one of these foreigners who__working in China. 5. Mr Smith is one of these foreigners who __working in China. A. are C.has D. have 6. Don’t discuss the questions such__those. 7. Don’t discuss the questions__we are not interested. 8. Let’s discuss the only questions__we are interested in. A. which B.that C. in which D. as 9. There is still much__can be improved. A. which B. that C. as D. what

10. All __I need are a raft,good clothes and a life jacket. 11. __I need are a raft, good clothes and a life jacket. A. what B. which C. that D.All what

12. Is he interested in __you have told him? A.which B.all what C. all D. that

13. The talk__was given by an old scientist. A.which we listen B.we listened C.we listened to 14. On the wll hung a clock,__hand hour pointed to 12. A.its’s C.whose D. who’s 15. It ws in the year 1939__the Second World war broke out. 16. 1939 was the year__ the Second World war broke out.

A.when B.that C. on which D. which 17.He is such a good teacher __all of us like. 18. He is such a good teacher __all of us like him. A.that B. as C.which D.who 19. I, __your close friend, will try my best to help you improve your English. A.who is B. who am C. what is D. that is 20. The house__I bought last year will be pulled down. 21. The house__I’ve lived for 20 years will be pulled down. A.where B. whose C.on which D.X

22.__is often said,easier said than done. A.Which B.As C. It D.That

23.The speaker mentioned some authers and books__were unknown to us. A.which B.who C.that D.who and which

24. It’s the second time __late this month. A. when you arrived B.that you have arrived C.when arrived have arrived in 25. This is the very book __I’m looking for. A.what B.that C.which D. why

26. I said nothing,__made him angry. A.which B. tahe D.what

27.Who is the girl__is dressed in a white blouse? B. who C.whom D.that

28. She is not the only one of the girls__well in our class.

A.which sings B. who sing C.that sings D.who to sing 29. It is a fanily of three children,__are studying music. A .all of whom B.either of whom C.all of them D.any of whom 30. All__is needed is a supply of oil. A. the thing B.that C. which D. what

31.What is it __you are looking for? 32. What is that __you are looking for? A. whom B.what C. which D. that

33. That __you borrowed fromm me wasn’t a real good necklace. A.that B.what C.when D.which

34.The police entered the house __door was broken. A.its B.whose C. which D. of which

35. The movie I saw yesterday is the best one__I’ve ever seen. A. which B. that C. when D. what 36. What was it__he said? A.what B.that C. as D. which 37.Finally the thief handed everything__he had stolen to the police. A. after B.what C.which D. that

38.It is well known __the Great Wall hads a history of over 20 centuries. 39.__ is well known, the Great Wall hads a history of over 20 centuries. A.As B.That D. that

40. He is one of the students__a camera. 41. He is the one of the students__a camera. A.who have B. who has C.who had D. who is

42. This song, __is written in French , is very popular. A. that B. which C. it D.this 43. A harvester is a machine __we harvest crops or a person __is harvesting. A. Which;who B. which ;that C.with it;who D. with which;that

44. This is the biggest lab__we have ever built in our school. A.which B.what C.where D. that

45. We all remember the day__we spent doing the experiment. 46. We all remember the day__we were caught in the earthquake. A. when B. in which C.that D.where

47.It was the village__I spent my holidays in last month. 48. It was in the village__I spent my holidays last month. 49. It was the village__we had visited several times. A.where B.that C. when D.on which

50. She heard a terrible noise,__brought her heart into her mouth. A .that B. which D. this

51. The way __he studies English is very strange. A .that which C.X D.all above

52. Is this room__you cleaned yesterday? 53. Is this room__you had a meeting yesterday? Is this the room__you cleaned yesterday? Is this the room__you had a meeting yesterday? A. that B.where C. the one D. the one where

54. Is __you want to say? A. all that B.that all C.all what D. all wich

55.That dinner was the most expensive meal we__. A .would have B. have had C.had never had D. had ever had 56. What are those__you have brought from abroad? 57. I want to see those __want to go abroad. A.who B. that C.which D.what

58. Which is the bag__you bought in DL? A. which B.that C.what

59. It was not until it was dark__we got home. A .when B.that C.which D.where

60. It is one of the problems which __tomorrow. to solve to be solved C.are to solve D.are to be solved

61. I don’t think the number of the people__this happens is very large. A .whom whom C.of whom D.which

62.China was the first country to make paper,__we all know. A .which B.that D.what

63. There are photos of Wu Dong__was a child. A .when B.who C.when he D. as

64. I was born in the winter of 1957,__it was especially cold. A .where B.when C.on which that

65. The boy __you talked at the meeting is a university student. A. who B.whom C.with who

D.with whom




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