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Learning Objectives
At the end of the class, students will be able to: 1. have a clear definition of “scoop” 2. know the writing and printing process for an article. 3. write a scoop using the information in the passage.


so if a journalist/ reporter get the latest information, he will get it printed immediately.

Do you know how to make the news?

What is the process?

Skimming is a skill used to get the main idea of a text by reading only the key words or the first sentence of each paragraph.

What’s the main idea of the text ?
A. It introduces how to get a scoop. B. It introduces the process of writing and printing for a newspaper article. C. It introduces a scoop about a famous film star.

Scanning is another reading skill to be used when you want to find useful information quickly.
Scan paragraph 1 and answer these questions.

1.What is a scoop?

1.What is a scoop?
It means an important story which your newspaper gets ahead of all the other newspapers. We need it in this edition to be ahead of the other newspapers. (Line2)

Read para.2 and answer

? What was Zhou Yang’s first task?
His first task was to write a story about a famous film star.

Which of the following is correct?
A.The famous film star felt very angry. Zhou Yang knew he must not accuse him directly.

no wasted
B.He had to write the article with concise words or phrases.

Read paragraph 3 推理判断 What do the chief editor think of Zhou Yang’s story? thought well of?

thought little of?
Last of all, the chief editor read it and approved it. “Well done,” he said to Zhou Yang.

Read para.3-4
How many people read his article before it was ready to be processed into the film negative? Who were they?

Five people: a senior editor from his department the copy-editor 技术编辑 the native speaker 母语为英语的编辑 the chief editor 主编 the news desk editor 新闻文字编辑


a senior editor from his department


chief editor

news desk editor approve

edit; design

native speaker

Read para.4 ? All the information was then ready to be ____________ processed into film negatives. This was the first stage of the printing process _________. They needed four negatives , as colors were going to be several ______ used on the story. When they were combined they made a colored page for the newspaper. _______ After one last check the page was ready to be printed.

put the process of writing and printing an article into a correct order.
1 A.

You go to an interview to get the information for your story.

4 You give the article to a senior editor to check and copy B. editor to do editing. 7 All the stories and photos are set and the color C. negatives for the printing are made ready. 5 D. The article is given to a native speaker to check the use of English and improve the style. 2 You do some research to see if the story is true or not. E. F. The first edition of the newspaper is made. 8 3 You begin to write the story using notes from the G. interview. 6 H. The article is checked/approved by the chief editor.

Think of a piece of news that may become a scoop.

Prepare your article, follow the steps below.

the main headline at the top and a smaller one under it. What the film star did How you found out How the film star reacted to it Your opinion A good article should be written with no wasted words or phrases.

The inside story of the Voice of China Is Liang Bo a dark horse?
Liang Bo won the competition in the Zhejiang TV’s talent show, the Voice of China. Though his performance has received a lot of praise, people have also expressed concern over the honesty of the result. Someone said that Liang Bo won because his father is a billionaire however Liang denied it. But a reporter, Zhou Yang found this was untrue. So the public are waiting for the explanation.



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