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必修五 Unit 15 Learning-Lesson 2 Different Schools

中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

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Lesson 2 Different Schools

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北师大版 Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different Schools
School is my second home!

名词: drill motto 练习, 训练 格言,座右铭

assignment 作业,任务,工作 pace 步速,速度

punishment 惩罚,处罚 reputation receiver 名誉,名声 接收者




中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

形容词/副词: conservative 保守的,旧式的 alternative 可选择的,另类的 outstanding 杰出的,优秀的 slight loose mild 动词: reflect obey select 反射,反映 服从,听从 挑选 少量的,微小的 (指言行等)不严谨的,放荡的 温和的

misunderstood 误解 词组: loose conduct 行为不检点,品行不端

to a certain extent 在某种程度上

Ⅱ ⒈ select v.& adj.选择;挑选,选拔(尤指最好的或最合适的);精选的
select do sth.挑选某人做某事 select选举某人为…… make a selection of...挑选…… She was selected as the parliamentary candidate for Bath. 她被选为巴斯地区的议员候选人。
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Six theatre companies have been selected to take part in this year’s festival.已选定六个剧团 参加今年的戏剧节。 The woman selected a vegetable dish from the menu. 那位女士从菜单中选了一个素菜。 The final team selection will be made tomorrow. 明天将确定队伍的最后人选。

select,choose 与 elect 用法比较: (1)select 精选,指在同种的许多东西中,仔细审慎地加以―选择‖,标准较严格,即在精 选之中有所淘汰。 (2)choose 选择、抉择,用途较广,指一般的―选择‖,指抉择时侧重意志和判断。 (3)elect 选举(指通过正式手续),后接人及所任的职务。 用 select,choose 或 elect 的适当形式填空: (1)There are plenty of restaurants to______ from. (2)She became the first black woman to be________ to the Senate. (3)All our hotels have been carefully________ for the excellent value they provide. (4)They were________ from among many applicants. 【答案】 (1)choose (4)selected (2)elected (3)selected

⒉ pace n.一步,速度;v.踱步,慢步
keep pace with=keep up with 跟上 set the pace 定步速
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show one’s paces 显示自己的才能 at the pace of...以……的速度 The fence is 10 paces from the house. 栅栏离房子十步之遥。 I can’t walk at that pace.我不能以那个速度行走。 The horse was too weak to keep pace with the others. 这匹马虚弱得跟不上其他的马了。 The lion paced the floor of his cage restlessly. 狮子烦躁地在兽笼里走来走去。

take a walk 散步 at the speed of 以……速度 He dislikes taking a walk after supper,doesn’t he? 他不喜欢晚饭后散步,对吗?

They walked ________a quick pace to meet the deadline. 【答案】 B C.with

⒊ to a certain extent 在某种程度上
to some extent=to a certain extent 在某种程度上 to a great/large extent 在很大程度上 to such an extent/to the extent that...
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达到如此的程度/达到……的程度 to what extent...在多大程度上…… To a certain extent it was my fault that we lost the contract. 在某种程度上,我们丢掉合同是我的错。 These policies are to a large extent responsible for the region’s economic decline. 在很大程度上,这些政策是地区经济衰退的主要原因。 Violence increased to the extent that residents were afraid to leave their homes.暴力事件增多 到令居民不敢出门的程度。 I agree with you to a certain extent. 在某种程度上,我同意你的观点。 To a certain extent,we are all responsible for this tragic situation. 我们都在一定程度上对这悲惨的局面负有责任。

在这个短语中,可以用 degree 代替 extent。 To what degree has the work proceeded?工作进展如何?

The success of a marriage depends on the extent________ which you are prepared to work at it. C.on D.of

【答案】 A

⒋ alternative adj.


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alternative energy 可替代能源 an alternative to...……的替代品 have no alternative but to do sth.别无选择只好做…… I’m afraid I have no alternative but to report you to the police. 恐怕除了向警方告发你以外,我是别无选择了。(朗文 P39) The only alternative to being taken prisoner was to die fighting. 除了当俘虏之外,唯一的选择就是奋战至死了。(朗文 P39) We had to fight;there was no(other)alternative. 我们必须战斗,此外别无选择 I offered the________suggestion of spending the vacation in the mountains or by the sea. A.alternative C.other B.another D.others

解析:选 A。alternative―两者择一的‖,其他的无此用法。

⒌ reflect vt. 反映;反射
reflect on/upon sth. 对……认真思考 reflect well(badly)on sth. /sb. 给某人(事)造 成好(坏)的影响 reflection n.影像;反射;反映,表达;审慎的思考 reflective adj.深思的,反光的,典型的,代表性的 She is sitting in the warm night air with a cold drink in her hand, ________ her own thoughts and feelings. A. reflecting on B. thinking of

C. letting out D. referring to
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答案与解析:A 考查动词短语辨析。这里用 reflect on 表示―思考,反思,回忆‖:她坐 在外面思考自己的想法与感情。 The spokesman said that Japan should, rather than ignore its aggressive past, ________ its own history and its current policies. A. refer to B. appeal to C. reflect on D. fix on

答案与解析:C 考查动词短语辨析。语境表示日本应该反省自己的历史和当前的政策, 用 reflect on 表示―反省, 回想, 回顾‖。 项―提到, A 参照‖, 项―呼吁, B 吸引‖, 项―把…… D 固定住,把……集中在……上‖均不符合语境。

单词回顾: His method is to _________(训练) students in English grammar. The researchers made a ______________(保守的) guess at the population of Tokyo. What is today’s __________ (作业) in history? The way was blocked, so we went by an __________ (可供选择的) road. Mike works hard and is an _________ (杰出的) student。 The boy accepted his _________ (惩罚) without complaining. Our headmaster is a man of good __________(名声)。 I bought these chocolates ___________ (散装的),not in a box. Soldiers have to _____________(遵守) orders. I think the couple _______________ (误解) each other. 答案:drill, conservative, assignment, alternative, outstanding, punishment, reputation, loose,




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obey, misunderstanding 翻译短语: 在某种程度上______________________ 行为不检点 _______________________ 以便 _____________________________ 以自己的速度 _____________________ 同。。讨论 _______________________ 。 自选教育 _________________________ 为… 做准备 ______________________ 落后 _____________________________ 与… 相处 ________________________ 复习 _____________________________ 答案:to a certain extent, loose conduct, so that, at one’s pace, discuss with, alternative education, prepare for, fall behind, get on with, go over 单项选择 11.--________shall we have to go? --Another five miles. A How farther B How long C How far D How much farther

12. I want to ring him___________ to know the reason why he rang______ while I was speaking yesterday. A up; off B back; up C up; down D on; off

13. There was no news; _________, she did not give up hope.
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A moreover


C but

D nevertheless

14. The guide told us that he would organize some businessmen abroad ________next year. A some time B sometime C some times D sometimes

15. I’ve got ________work to do on a _________cold day. A much too; much too B too much; too much C too much; much too D much too; too much 16. – Is the bus stop far from here? –It’s a quarter’s walk,______________. A more and more B and so on C all together D more or less

17. When you drive home, you can’t be _______ careful. A very B too C so D only

18. Qingdao is __________ beautiful city in summer. A most B a most C the most D much

19. – -How did you find your visit to the museum? -- I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was ________ interesting than I had expected. A far more B even much C so more D a lot much

20. He’d like to sleep with the window _________ at night. A open wide B open widely C wide open D opened wide

21. She smiled to the people around but __________ looked straight ahead, getting hold of her son’s hand. A most B almost C mostly D nearly

22. If we work with a strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, ______ great it is. A what B how C however D whatever
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23. We decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining ______ . A badly B hardly C strongly D heavily

24. – How _______ can you finish the drawing? – In a week. A often B soon C long D rapid

25. Our hall is ______ theirs. A twice so large as C as twice large as B twice as large as D so twice large as

答案:11-15 DADBC 16-20 DBBAC 21-25 CCDDB 语法填空 The Thanksgiving Day 1 (come), a school teacher asked her class of first graders to

draw a picture of something they were thankful for. She thought of how little these children 2 poor neighborhoods actually had to be thankful for. But she knew that 3 of them 4 the

would draw pictures of turkeys or tables with food. The teacher was surprised picture Douglas handed in—a small childishly drawn hand. But 5 hand? The class was puzzled by the abstract image. ―I think it hand of God that brings us food, said one child. ― 7 ‖

6 be the

farmer, said another, ―because he ‖

grows the turkeys.‖ Finally when the others were at work, the teacher bent over Douglas' desk and asked whose hand it was. ―It's 8 hand, Teacher,‖ he answered.

She recalled that frequently after class she had taken Douglas, a short lonely child by the 9 . She often did that with the children. But it meant so much to Douglas. Perhaps this was 10 (give) to us but for the chance,

everyone's Thanksgiving, not for the material things in whatever small way, to give to others.

1.解析:过去进行时表过去将来时,感恩节即将来临。 答案:was coming 2.解析:这些孩子们来自贫苦家庭。
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答案:from 3.解析:她料想多数孩子们会画桌丰富的感恩节佳肴,外加一只香喷喷的火鸡。 答案:most 4.解析:固定搭配,be surprised at 意为―对……感到吃惊‖。 答案:at 5.解析:根据上下文,这里问―道格拉斯画的是谁的手呢?‖ 答案:whose 6.解析:一个孩子说道,―它一定是赐给我们食物的上帝的手。‖用 must 表肯定的推测。 答案:must 7.解析:另一个孩子说,那一定是一个农夫的手。 答案:A 8.解析:根据上下文,道格拉斯回答那是老师的手。 答案:your 9.解析:老师下课时总会牵牵他的手。 答案:hand 10.解析:感恩节的真正意义并不在于我们收受了他人―给予我们的‖物质东西,而是他人 给予了我们机会,无论这种给予是多么的微不足道。given to us 作后臵定语修饰前 面的 material things。 答案:given 完形填空 Learning experiences happen to us throughout our lives. Not long ago,I had one that I would like to 1 .

I was going to Marblehead with my sailboat team. The team was racing down the highway at 85 mph 2 we realized we were hungry. Luckily,we saw a rest area ahead. I 3 because I had never had that kind of cash before.

had a brand new $20 bill. I was so But spending it on 4

seemed like throwing it away. We all rushed into the pizza line.
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Finally I got a pizza and a drink,and walked to my table. About halfway through the meal,I 5 I had not actually handed any money to the cashier. I had just 6 out,and nobody

had noticed. I felt terrible. My conscience(良心) opened its mouth and swallowed me in one big bite. I couldn't over it. I just couldn't go back to the cashier and 8 7

for my stolen pizza. I was so upset 9 that someone would say,

that I refused to give myself the pleasure of an ice cream in

―Hey,Jeff,why don't you use the change for the pizza instead of that nice,new $20 bill?‖I was not so 10 of my cash now. 11 of the ―pizza incident‖,I would say to

For the next two years,whenever I was myself,―Don't think about it...‖ I have learned two things from this 12

.Maybe I was a fool for


in to my

conscience,and being too stupid to appreciate a free pizza. But the real lesson is that even if you get away from what you have done,your conscience will 14 up with you.

This reflects the saying, coward(懦夫) dies a thousand deaths; hero dies one.‖ I was ―A a a coward and have felt terrible about that incident at least a thousand times. If I had been a ― 15 ‖ and gone back to pay for the pizza,I would have felt a little uncomfortable about it

only once,or maybe twice. 1.A.say B. talk C. share D. explain

解析:从上下文意思分析,此处表示下文将要向大家介绍一下我的 learning experience,与大家共同分享,所以用 share。 答案:C B. while C then D. when

解析:be doing sth. when sth. else happened 为英语的固定句型结构,表示―正在做某 事,这时另一件事发生了‖的意思。 答案:D 3.A.excited

B. eager

C. satisfied

D. encouraged


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解析:从下一句的意思分析,此处应表示―高兴‖。 答案:A B. food C. travel D. drink

解析:从上文来看,此处就是到这里购买食物。 答案:B 5.A.thought B recognized C. noticed D. realized

解析:此处应表示―吃到一半的时候才意识到没有付钱‖的意思。 答案:D 6.A.walked B. left C. worked D. found

解析:我从里面走出来。 答案:A 7.A.look B. get C. turn D. think

解析:look over―快速地查看、查阅‖;get over―从……中恢复过来‖;turn over―翻身,反复考虑‖;think over―考虑‖。根据意思,此处应表示受到良心的谴 责,无法从中摆脱出来,故用 get over。 答案:B 8.A.ask B pay C. apologize D. send

解析:此处根据本句及上下文意思应表示―付款‖。 答案:B 9.A.hope B. surprise C. anger D. fear

解析:此处根据意思应表示不愿意做的原因―是因为担心别人会说……‖。 答案:D 10.A.sure 答案:C 11.A.warned B. reminded C. thought D. told B. upset C. proud D. pleased

解析:此处用 remind oneself of something 的被动形式。




中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

答案:B 12.A.experience B. experiment C. story D. mistake

解析:根据文章第一句话的暗示得出答案。 答案:A 13.A.turning B. taking C handing D. giving

解析:此处表示―向……妥协‖的意思,故用 give in。 答案:D 14.A.make B. wake C. catch D. put

解析:catch up with 表示―追赶上‖的意思。 答案:C 15.A.coward 答案:D 阅读理解 A Last winter I led a Bible study in Shreveport , Louisiana. We always invited B. fool C. loser D. hero

nonchurch members to come and join us in the discussion. I met Terri, a young nurse. She had been struggling with all sorts of things, and it seemed that she needed a bit of spiritual guidance, so I invited her. But weeks passed, and she never came. ―You should come,‖ I told her.― I'm not sure if it's the right place for me,‖ she said. One day I headed to a supermarket to pick up a few Christmas gifts. After fighting the holiday crowds and getting my things, I got back into my car and pulled out of the

parking space. Something was in front of me. I got out to take a closer look. It was a shopping bag from Dillard’s department store—filled with a number of pairs of expensive looking socks. I called up the store when I got home. They said no one had reported it. I gave them my number in case someone called to look for the bag. No one did. A week later I was leading the Bible study when Terri walked in. She stayed very quietly and looked sad, just sitting and listening as the rest of us discussed the passage I'd read.
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At the end I asked if anyone had anything to share. ―I'm sorry,‖ Terri said. ―I'm not sure if I believe in the fate (命运). Nothing's been going right for me. Work's been tough; I've had problems in my family; I'm single for the holidays ... And I can't even shop for presents without something going wrong.‖ ―What happened?‖ I asked. ―Last week I bought a gift for my dad, and I lost it —a whole bag of socks,‖ she said. ―Socks from Dillard's?‖ I asked. She nodded. I smiled and said, ―I think you 've come to the right place.‖ 语篇解读:Terri 在生活上经历了许多困难。作者动员她参加《圣经》学习,但她说不知 是否该来…… 1.We can learn from the passage that the author was probably A. a no church member who liked reading the Bible B. a nurse who was in charge of spiritual guidance C. a church member who was in charge of the Bible study D. a person who cared nothing about others living around her 解析:推理判断题。从―I led a Bibel study‖与―We always invited non?church members to come and join us in the discussion‖.可推断作者是负责带大家学习《圣 经》的教堂工作人员。 答案:C 2.Why did the author advise Terri to join them? A. Because Terri was a single woman and suffered a lot. B. Because the author thought Terri needed spiritual guidance. C. Because Terri was a church member and had to join them. D. Because the author wanted Terri to see how she led the Bible study. 解析:细节理解题。根据―it seemed that she needed a bit of spiritual guidance.‖可知 作者认为她需要精神指导,所以动员她参加《圣经》学习。 答案:B 3.At first Terri never came to the Bible study because
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A. she had a great deal of work to deal with B. she doubted whether it would help her or not C. her husband didn't allow her to do so D. she met with family problems and was in low spirits 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段的―I'm not sure if it's the right place for me.‖可知 Terri 怀疑《圣经》学习是否对她有帮助,故选 B。 答案:B 4.We can infer from the passage that .

A. Terri often went shopping with the author B. Terri would never go to the church C. everything was going right for Terri D. Terri would get the bag she had lost 解析:推理判断题。根据最后一段可知作者捡到的包裹是 Terri 丢的,作者会把包裹 还给她。故选 D。 答案:D 5.What's the best title for the passage? A.A story about Terri B.A sad woman—Terri C. How to join a Bible study group D. Hope regained thanks to a shopping bag 解析:主旨大意题。最后一句话 I think you've come to the right place.有双重含义,一 方面表示 Terri 在此能找到丢失的东西,另一方面指这里能给她以往的不幸带来希 望,故选 D。 答案:D B Imagine that you live on a street where there are broken windows,graffiti painted on buildings,and waste on the ground. Would this environment lead to other acts of property
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damage or crime? European researchers say the answer is yes. The researchers say they found strong evidence that signs of disorder can lead people to carry out criminal acts or bad behavior. The researchers work at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. They reported their findings in Science magazine last November. Their report is called The Spreading of Disorder. The idea that observing disorder has an effect on people's behavior is not new. In 1982, American researchers James Wilson and George Kelling wrote a report describing what they called the broken windows theory. They believed that signs of crime,such as broken windows in a building,led to other acts of crime. In the 1990s,New York City officials started a campaign to remove signs of disorder like broken windows,graffiti markings,and rubbish. Soon,the rate of minor crimes in New York began to drop. Other cities around the world also began to use this crime fighting method. But the broken windows theory was also questioned. Experts said there was still no experimental evidence to prove that the drop in crime was a direct result of efforts to clean up city neighborhoods. They said other influences could also have caused the drop in crime.Moreover,the broken windows theory did not fully examine the exact conditions of disorders that appeared to lead to crime. The study from the Netherlands now provides the experimental information to support the broken windows theory. 语篇解读:欧洲的研究员发现,杂乱、无秩序会导致犯罪或不当行为的增加,然而,有 些研究员对此观点提出了质疑。 6.The underlined word ―graffiti‖ in Paragraph 1 probably means A. rude drawings C. public signs B. formal displays D. interesting advertisements .

解析:猜测词义题。根据句中的―broken windows‖和―waste on the ground‖可推断, graffiti 意为―涂画,涂写‖。
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答案:A 7.Other cities followed New York's example because A. there was no crime in New York at that time B. there were fewer crimes in New York after the campaign was started C. the rate of minor crimes in New York fell to its lowest level ever D. the environment in New York was relatively clean 解析:细节理解题。根据第四段―Soon,the rate of minor crimes in New York began to drop.‖可知,答案为 B。 答案:B 8.Which of the following statements can NOT be inferred from the passage? A. European researchers agree that signs of disorder lead to crime. B. The broken windows theory has drawn many experts' attention. C. Some researchers had already reported similar findings many year before. D. More and more cities will follow New York's example. 解析:推理判断题。文中只提到之前有一些城市效仿纽约的做法,但文中没有提及 到以后的情况,因此不能推断出 D 项结论。 答案:D 9.What can we know about the experts questioning the broken windows theory? A. They didn't agree to take rubbish away from cities. B. They thought other influences contributed to the drop in crime. C. They thought cleaning up city neighborhoods was useless. D. They have written an article about questioning the theory. 解析:细节理解题。根据第六段―They said other influences could also have caused the drop in crime.‖可知,答案为 B。 答案:B 10.The author of this passage mainly wants to tell us that . .

A. some efforts should be made to punish those who commit a crime
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B. more evidence should be provided to support the theory C. signs of disorder can lead to criminal acts D. acts of property damage or crime are common 解析: 作者意图题。 通读全文内容和第二段―...signs of disorder can lead people to carry out criminal acts or bad behavior‖可知,答案为 C。





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Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different Schools 教学设计1-优质公开课-北师大必修5精品_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different ...

Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different Schools 导学案-...

Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different Schools 导学案-北师大必修5精品_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different Schools导学案 课前...

...Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different schools

北师大版教案Unit 15 Lear... 4页 2财富值 高二英语必修模块5 Unit15... ...北师大版教案Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different schools 1. ___teaches ...

...Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different schools 学案...

北师大版教案 Unit 15 Learning Unit 15 Lesson 2 Founded in 1986, Tredona School is proud of its long list of outstanding past students, Founded in 189...


安徽长丰高中英语Unit15LearningLesson2DifferentSchools北师大版5._高考_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 15 Learning Lesson 2 Different SchoolsUnit 15 Lesson 2...

unit15 lesson2 different schools

unit15 lesson2 different schools_英语_高中教育_教育专区。听力材料, 变成高中...2页 1下载券 必修五 Unit15 Learning... 152下载券 北师大版教案Unit...

高中英语Unit 15 Lesson 2《Different Schools》同步练...

高中英语Unit 15 Lesson 2Different Schools》同步练习 北师大版 必修5_从业资格考试_资格考试/认证_教育专区。Unit I.单词拼写 1.Eleven persons can 2....

...15.2 SectionⅡ Lesson 2 Different Schools课时训...

SectionⅡ Lesson 2 Different Schools课时训练 北师大版必修5_英语_高中教育_...5.According to the passage,passive learning may occur in A.visiting an ...

Unit 15 Learning Section Ⅱ Different Schools & Tea...

22财富值 必修五 Unit 15 Learning-... 暂无评价 19页 10财富值 北师大...Unit 15 Learning Section Ⅱ Different Schools & Teachers 隐藏>> Ⅰ.单词拼写...

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