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高二英语 Newspapers 教学简案
教学目标 1) Important vocabularies Daily; advertisement; check interview; fix; develop; hand; add; deliver; speed; latest; publish; avoid; b

esides; get down to ; face-to face; be popular with somebody; as well; care for 2)Daily expressions Are you /Will you be free then? Yes, I'd be fee. I'd like to go. Let's go together then. I'll meet you at the theatre at six - thirty . Good! See you then. What time shall we meet? Where is the best place to meet? What about meeting outside? I suggest… 3) Useful phases What's on…? Is there anything good on? They are said to be very good. Finally, there is no more time left for adding new stories. 4) Grammar V.-ing Form is used to be Subject and Object 教学建议 能力训练



1.通过口头练习,学会日常生活中的各种表达方式。 2.学会介绍事物及报刊杂志的方法,了解这种文体的写作技巧。 德育渗透 1.通过课文的学习,引导学生懂得任何一件事物都得付出很多的劳动,懂得 爱惜报纸,爱惜各种书籍。 2.通过对报纸各版面的介绍,扩大了同学们的眼界,增强了他们求知欲和学 习积极性。 师生互动活动 Lesson 13:口头练习:对话交际功能——日常生活用语。 Lesson 14:学生扮演主编介绍报纸出版的过程。 Lesson 15:学生扮演主编介绍《中国日报》的内容。 Lesson 16:笔头练习:写一篇介绍一种报纸或杂志的英语论文。 师生互动活动 Lesson 13:口头练习:对话交际功能——日常生活用语。 Lesson 14:学生扮演主编介绍报纸出版的过程。 Lesson 15:学生扮演主编介绍《中国日报》的内容。 Lesson 16:笔头练习:写一篇介绍一种报纸或杂志的英语论文。 教材分析 从本单元的对话来看, 主要是学习如何用英语提出约会以及如何应答约会的 日常用语, 询问对方是否有空, 如: 建议会面时间和地点及如何应答的日常用语, 并能运用 Will you be free?到 It’s.. What about…?等最为普通的语言功能进行日 常交际, 同时也注重 check, fix, face-to face, deliver, take a photograph, pass on, get down to, as well, what’s on 等重点词汇和短语在本单元中学习,本单元中 的阅读课主要内容是了解报社一天的工作和报纸的出版过程及《中国日报》的一 些情况,同时在这里运用了重点语法知识,V.-ing 形式充当主语和宾语的用法。



Body language 教学简案
教学目标 I.重点词汇: manage; wave; nod; realize; agreement, disagreement; while, manners; communicate; make sb….;body language; one another; not all… II.日常交际用语: 1).请求 May / Could / Can I do that? I wonder if I can do that. Would / Do you mind if I come earlier? Will you tell me if can go now? 2).允许 Yes, please. / Of course. / Sure. / Certainly. Go ahead, please. That’s all right. / OK. It’s all right to me. 3).拒绝 I’m sorry, but it’s not allowed here. You’d better not. I’m afraid not. It’s not right. III.语法: 复习动词不定式作宾语、定语、表语和状语。


教学建议 对话分析 This lesson is to use offer help and how to accept and refuse help. While the Ss learn about the way of expression from the dialogue. Give some phrases to practise how to use and grasp better the ability. 课文分析 This two materials about body language and train the Ss' abilities of reading and speaking. Though reading the passages, the main idea is to have difference body languages of the countries. For example; welcome, agreement and disagreement, no, yes, happy, so on. Meanwhile the two passages offer the Ss the opportunity to talk about the body language of China , British and other counties. 教学建议 The teacher give the Ss the questions bout the dialogue firstly. For example: If you need some help , how do you offer them to help? So on. The teacher help the Ss to listen in order to understand well, after that the Ss speak and talk each other according the content of the dialogue., So the teacher organize some students to play a role about offers, or divide a few groups to discuss. Finally the teacher summarize the useful expression of the dialogue.

Disneyland 教学简案
教学目标 本单元对话课复习了有关问路及应答用语, 要求学生用所学语言自编对 话描述所在学校、区域或城市; 本单元介绍了美国的迪斯尼乐园及其创始人 Walt Disney 艰苦创业的生 活经历。通过本单元教学,要求学生掌握迪斯尼乐园的概况,并可根据提示复述 沃尔特?迪斯尼奋斗的生活简历。引导学生意识到只有通过自身的努力,艰苦奋 斗,才能收获成功的道理。同时,设计问答练习,提高学生阅读能力。 作为高二的起始单元,此处复习了宾语从句的用法,通过课文阅读,完 成练习册后练习, 学生需熟练掌握此语言项目, 并准确运用到口头及书面表达中。 对话教学建议


Step 1 听录音 教师放对话录音,放完两遍之后,教师根据对话内容提出一些问题。 1.What were they talking about ? 2.How to answer the first /second/third/forth/fifth visitor question? Step 2 练习 组织学生五个人一组,练习对话三至五分钟。教师请几组同学到前面表 演。 Step 3 改写 将对话内容改写为一篇短文,要求学生用本课的地点名称如: Sleeping Beauty Castle , Bear Country, Horse-drawn streetcars, the Tomorrow Land Building 比如:Carl is answering visitors’ questions. The first visitor asks Carl the way to the Sleeping Beauty Castle…. Step 4 讨论 If you are visitor, How to ask the way to the stranger at first? Step 5 总结 教师提问学生们,归纳和总结对话用语。 Asking: Where is …... How can I get to… Which is the way to… Could you tell me if…



Could you tell me the way to… Answering: Go straight ahead… It’s behind …/in frond of/ Go down this street… 教材分析 本课的日常用语用语是有关对话 asking the way and responses,这样的问 路用语在初中都以学过,所以对话不在是个难点。本课的两篇阅读文章是有关人 物,沃尔特·迪斯尼。难点在于第一篇是了解他的生活经历和艰苦创业。第二篇 是我们众所周知的 Disneyland, 两篇文章结合着学过的语法知识宾语从句在里面, 这也不是学生们所要了解的重点。 资料来自:悦考网




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