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2016版《全程复习方略》高考英语全国通用总复习教师用书配套课件:必修3 Unit 5 Canada-“The True North”

Unit 5 Canada-“The True North”

Ⅰ. 立体记单词 快速识记 within prep. ) 1. ______( nearby adv. ) 2. _______( (adj. ) chat vi. &n. ) 3. ____( 在??之内

附近的; 邻近的 聊天; 闲聊

measure vi. &vt. ) 测量; 衡量; 判定 4. ________( (n . ) 计量制; 计量单位; 措施

aboard (prep. &adv. ) 5. _______
confirm vt. ) 6. _______( approximately (adv. ) 7. _____________ baggage (n. ) 8. ________ surrounding adj. )周围的 →___________(

上(船、飞机、火车等) 证实; 证明; 批准 接近; 大约 行李

surround vt. )包围; 围绕→____________( surroundings n. )(复)周围的事物; 环境 9. _________( mix vt. &vi. )混合; 调配→_______( mixture n. )混合(物); 混合状态 10. ____(

distance n. )距离; 远方→______( distant adj. )遥远的 11. ________(
tradition n. )传统; 风俗→__________( traditional adj. )传统的 12. ________( traditionally adv. )传统地 →___________( impress vt. )使印象深刻; 使铭记→__________( impressive adj. )给人深刻印象 13. _______( impression n. )印象 的; 感人的→__________( terrify vt. )使恐怖; 恐吓→________( terrified adj. )恐惧的; 受惊吓的 14. ______( terror n. )恐惧→_______( terrible adj. )恐怖的; 恐惧的 →______(

【语境应用】用所给词的适当形式填空 surrounded by a group of nurses ①When he woke up, he found himself ___________ surroundings were not pleasant. (surround) and doctors, and the ____________ terrified at the _________ terrifying scene. (terrify) ②The poor boy was ________ traditionally expected to imitate their fathers. ③Little babies are ___________


Ⅱ. 多维练短语 查缺补漏 rather than 1. __________ settle down 2. __________ manage to do 3. ____________ catch sight of 4. ____________ have a gift for 5. ____________ in the distance 6. _____________ 7. at dawn 与其; 不愿 定居; 平静下来; 专心于 设法做 看见; 瞥见 有??天赋

在黎明 _______

8. dream of/about
9. as far as

梦想 _____ 远到; 直到; 至于 _______________

As far as ’m concerned, the vivid popular story was written by her. ①________I At dawn I woke him up and said it’s time for us to leave. ②________, catch sight of ③Standing at the top of the hill you can ____________the whole city.

Ⅲ. 超级仿句式 模仿经典
1. Canada is the second largest country in the world. (序数词+最高级) 【仿写】中国有数千个岛屿, 其中第二大岛是海南岛。 the second largest of which Hainan China has thousands of islands, ________________________is Island.

2. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train from west to east across Canada. (rather than引导并列结构) 【仿写】他宁愿在家里看电视, 也不愿去音乐会。

rather than go to the concert He preferred to stay at home watching TV _________________________.

3. It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some measuring
over 90 metres. (so. . . that. . . 如此??以至于??) 【仿写】他的计划如此实用, 以至于我们大家都同意接受它。 was so practical that His plan __________________we all agreed to accept it.

4. Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world.
(比较级+any other. . . ) 【仿写】它比世界上的其他山峰都要高。 is taller than any other mountain the world. It _____________________________in

5. It’s too bad you can’t go as far as Ottawa, Canada’s capital. (as

far as直到??)

extends as far as those trees Our playground ________________________.

Ⅳ. 功能填语篇 开放填空

My cousin and I travelled across Canada by train. We saw many scenery (scene)and wild animals from the train on the way beautiful 1. _______
through the Rocky Mountains. The city of Thunder Bay is a port in the went (go)up the CN Tower and saw centre of Canada. In Toronto, we 2. _____ arrived (arrive)in Montreal, the mist from Niagara Falls. When we 3. _______ we saw many signs and ads in French. Then we went to Old Montreal, sitting (sit) in a typical cafe beside the St Lawrence River. Montreal is 4. ______ with wonderful restaurants and clubs. We spent the afternoon a city 5. ____ doing (do)some shopping in shops and visiting the artists in their 6. _____

French workplace. People there speak English but the city has 7. _______(France) culture and tradition. was speeding That night as the train 8. ____________(speed)along the St Lawrence distant River toward the Gulf of St Lawrence and down to the 9. ______

of/about French restaurants and red (distance)east coast, we dreamed 10. ________ maple leaves.

Ⅰ. 必考重点单词 1. surround vt. &vi. 包围; 围绕 【思维激活?试一试】

was ___________ surrounded _______ by/with a troop of fans. ①The pop star ____

(1)surround sb. /sth. with sb. /sth. be surrounded by/with (2)surrounding surroundings (3)surround oneself with sb. /sth. 使某人/物包围某人/物 被??包围 adj. 周围的 n. 环境(常用复数) 喜欢结交某类人; 喜欢身边总有某类事物

②The professor loves to surround himself with his students.

③The skin of the animal will take on the color of its surroundings.


2. measure vi. &vt. 测量; 衡量; 判定
n. 计量制; 计量单位; 措施 【思维激活?试一试】 take ________ measures __ to help the ①The government has promised to ____ unemployed. 政府已经答应采取措施来帮助失业者。

【知识构建?记一记】 (1)measure. . . by. . . 用??衡量??

(2)take sb. ’s measure
make. . . to one’s measure take measures to do sth.

依照某人的尺寸做?? 采取措施做某事

②Our classroom measures 6 metres by 10 metres. 我们教室长10米宽6米。 ③The tailor took my measure for a new suit. 裁缝量了我的尺寸准备为我做套新西装。

measure意为“有??长(宽、高、重)”时, 为不及物动词, 常用 主动形式。 ④(2012· 浙江高考)Each of his ears measured approximately 11. 5 inches long. 他的每只耳朵长约11. 5英寸。

3. within prep. 在??之内
【思维激活?试一试】 within my reach ①I’d like to have my reference book ______ ___ _____. 我喜欢把我的参考书放在随手拿得到的地方。

【知识构建?记一记】 within(one’s)reach 在够得着的地方

within sight
within one’s power within limits

力所能及 在一定范围内

②The policeman is doing everything within his power to help the victim. 这个警察正在尽其所能帮助那个受害者。 ③He was waiting inside the hall and he said his grandma would be

back within 10 minutes.
他在大厅里等着, 并且说他奶奶10分钟之内会回来。



“在??之内”, 可表示时间、空间; 表示“空间 ”时, 不表示具体的位置, 而是范围 “在??里面”, 只表示“空间”, 表示具体的位 置


4. distance n. 距离; 远方
【思维激活?试一试】 at __ a ________ distance __ of 10 miles from us. ①That afternoon we saw land __ 那个下午我们看见了陆地, 它离我们有10英里远。

(1)in the distance at a distance at a distance of. . . keep sb. at a distance keep one’s distance from (2)distance oneself from. . . 在远处 隔一段距离; 距离稍远 相隔??; 相距?? 对某人冷淡; 与某人疏远 与??保持距离 不介入; 与??疏远


adj. 遥远的; 远处的; 久远的

②From his window, a church could be seen in the distance.
从他的窗户望去, 可以看到在远处的一座教堂。 ③Do you tend to keep people at a distance? 你倾向于与人保持距离吗? ④(2011· 湖北高考)Hunting grounds are distant and it happens that wolves may separate from one another at times. 捕猎场很远, 并且有时狼会离群。

(1)在没有数词时, 除非指相当远的距离, 否则不用distant。 *The railway station is a long way from my house. 从火车站到我家有 很长的一段路。(一般不说: The railway station is distant from my house. ) (2)在有数词时, 不论远近都可以使用distant, 但常用away。 *The railway station is three miles distant/away from my house. 火车

(3)提问距离多远时, 如果用distance, 则用疑问词what。 *What’s the distance between Madrid and Barcelona? 马德里离巴塞罗那多远?

5. impress vt. 使印象深刻; 使铭记
【思维激活?试一试】一句多译 ①我父亲要我牢记努力工作的重要性。 impressed the value of hard work ___ on me. My father _________ impressed me ____ with the value of hard work. =My father _________

【知识构建?记一记】 impress sth. on/upon sb. impress sb. with sth. be impressed by/with
It impresses sb. that. . .



(2)make/leave/create an impression on/upon sb. 给某人一个印象

have/get the impression of/that. . .

adj. 给人印象深刻的; 感人的

②She was a simple girl, easily impressed by Tom’s words.
她是个单纯的女孩, 容易被汤姆的语言所迷惑。 ③(2011· 浙江高考)It probably didn’t make the impression on you as it did on me. 它可能给你们的印象不会像给我留下的印象一样深。

1. baggage n. 行李 【思维激活?试一试】 with ________. baggage ①The harbor was full of soldiers ____ 港口上满是带着行李的士兵。

【知识构建?记一记】 (1)baggage为不可数名词。 (2) 与 baggage 相同 , 为不可数名词的还有 : progress, furniture, jewellery, information, equipment, luggage, news, fun, practice, advice

②He has made great progress in English-learning. 在英语学习方面他已经取得了很大的进步。 ③What I really want is to go outside for some fun. 我最想做的就是到外面做些有趣的事情。

2. approximately adv. 接近; 大约
【思维激活?试一试】 approximately in her forties. ①Our English teacher is _____________ 我们英语老师有40多岁。

“大约”的表达法: about, or so, around, nearly, more or less ②There are about 20 people in the yard. 院子里大约有20人。 ③I guess the price of this gift would be around $50. 我猜这个礼物的价钱大约是50美元。

3. terrify vt. 使恐怖; 恐吓
【思维激活?试一试】 were ________ terrified __ at the news that a lion had got out of its cage. ①They _____ 他们被一个狮子从笼子里跑出来的消息吓坏了。

terrify sb. into doing. . . be terrified of. . . be terrified at/with. . . be terrified that. . . 恐吓某人做?? 害怕??; 不敢?? 被??吓了一跳 害怕??

②He was terrified of being scolded by his mother. =He was terrified that he would be scolded by his mother.



4. mix vt. &vi. 混合; 调配
【思维激活?试一试】 mix our business ____ with pleasure. ①We can sometimes ____ 我们有时能把工作和娱乐结合起来。

(1)mix up mix. . . with. . . (2)mixture 使混淆; 弄乱 把??和??混合 n. 混合(物); 混合状态

②Don’t mix up the two kinds of vegetable seeds. 别把这两种菜籽掺杂在一起。 ③You have added too much liquid to the mixture.


【熟词生义?猜一猜】读句子, 猜含义 ④Rose never likes parties, as she doesn’t mix in easily. 结交 , 交往 ) (

5. confirm vt. 证实; 证明; 批准
【思维激活?试一试】 has _____ been _________ confirmed ____ that the meeting will take place next week. ①It ___ 已经确定会议下周召开。

【知识构建?记一记】 confirm sb. in sth. 使某人确信某事

confirm a contract


confirm sth. /that/whether. . . 证实?? It has been confirmed that. . . 已经确定?? ②The latest evidence confirmed me in his honesty. 最新的证据让我坚信他是诚实的。 ③My younger brother will confirm what I have told you. 我弟弟将证实我跟你说过的话。

【即学即练】 Ⅰ. 单词拼写 nearby 附近的)table a man was complaining in a loud voice. 1. At a _______(

dawn 黎明)and returned only at nightfall. 2. I started working at _____(
3. In New Zealand, the Maori people maintain a strong cultural tradition 传统). ________( downtown 市区的)area tonight. 4. There is a heavy traffic in the _________(

distance 距离)of the hotel. 5. It was within easy walking ________(

aboard 上)the train at Union 6. They said goodbye to him as he got _______(
Station. chat 聊天)with me? 7. Would you like to come here and have a ____( baggage/luggage 行李)before boarding the 8. Passengers checked their _______________( plane. eastward 向东), believing that they can find 9. The crowd is heading ________( gold there. measure 测量)your chest. 10. Please turn around and let me ________(

Ⅱ. 用所给词的适当形式填空
impressive and I was deeply 1. His collection of paintings is the most __________, impressed by them. (impress) _________ distant little village, and I had a 2. It snows all the year round in that ______ distant relative there. (distance) ______ slightly different 3. When doing the next experiment, we will be taking a _______ approach. (slight)

mix blue with yellow, you will get green. (mix) 4. If you ____

confirming your reservation. (confirm) 5. Thank you for __________ scene (scenery) 6. Her heart sickened at the thought of that horrible _____. traditional 7. He says his country wants to develop its __________friendship with China. (tradition) terrified at that big black cat. (terrify) 8. The little girl was ________

Ⅱ. 热考短语句式
1. settle down定居; 平静下来; 专心于 【思维激活?试一试】写出黑体部分的含义 ①Uncle George didn’t settle down until he was fifty. ( 定居, 安顿下来 ) ②He got his coffee, came back and settled down to listening. ( 开始认真做 )

settle in /into settle on/upon settle down to(doing)sth. 搬入; 迁入(新居); 适应(新工作) 选定; 决定 开始认真对待某事; 静下心来做某事

③We only moved last week and we haven’t settled in yet. 我们上星期才搬的家, 还没安顿下来呢。 ④Don’t just idle away your precious time; settle down to some

reading or something else.
不要把大好时光浪费掉; 坐下来读点书或者别的什么事。

2. manage to do设法做

manage __ to ①At night, when you really wish to go to sleep, you rarely _______

do so. 到了夜晚, 当你真想睡了, 却很难入睡。 ___


manage sb.
manage sth.


manage it


②That’s not a hard job. I’m sure I can manage it myself. 那活儿又不重。我确信我一个人顶得下来。 ③He took great pains to manage the factory well. 为了管理好工厂, 他可真是煞费苦心。

【熟词生义?猜一猜】读句子, 猜含义
④I have to manage with 10 dollars till payday. ⑤Can you manage another cake? ( 设法维持 ) ( 应付, 勉强吃下 )


manage to do sth.
try to do sth.

(成功地)做成某事(=succeed in doing sth. )
尽力做某事, 但不知道最终的结果

try doing sth.
attempt to do sth.


3. catch sight of看见; 瞥见

catch of ①Don’t let me _____sight _____ __ you doing such kind of foolish things

again! 不要让我再看到你做那种愚蠢的事情!


lose sight of
keep sight of

(使)能看得到; 保持看得到的距离

at(the)sight of
in/within sight out of sight

可以看见; 在视线内 看不见; 在视线外

②Under no circumstances should we lose sight of our main goal. 在任何情况下, 我们都不能忘记我们的主要目标。 ③My father waved until we were out of sight. 父亲挥着手, 直到再也看不到我们。

4. have a gift for有??天赋

①据说那个年轻人有唱歌天赋。 a ___ gift ___ for singing. It is said that the young man has __ is _____ gifted __ in singing. =It is said that the young man __


have the gift/talent to do sth.
be gifted in/have a talent for


②I believe he has the gift to deal with the emergency.
我相信他有能力处理这个紧急情况。 ③(2014· 大纲版全国卷)Caroline doesn’t have a gift for music, but she makes up for it with hard work. 卡罗琳没有音乐天赋, 但是她的努力弥补了这方面的不足。


have a good nose for 对??敏感, 很善于发现

have a taste for
have an eye for

喜欢; 对??感兴趣
对??有鉴赏眼光; 很能鉴赏(或判断、辨别), 善于识别

5. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to

Vancouver and then take the train from west to east across Canada.
不愿一路乘飞机, 她们决定先飞到温哥华, 再从西海岸乘火车横穿加


rather ①I think you’d better spend a daylistening ________ to your child, ______
than _______ talking to him. ____ 我认为你最好花上一天的时间倾听你的孩子, 而不是跟他对话。


(1)rather than“而不是”, 连接两个并列成分, 后接名词、代词、介
词(短语)、形容词、副词、v. -ing形式或不定式。

(2)other than 除了??外, 不同于
more than or rather 超过; 不仅; 远非; 与其??不能?? 更确切地说; 倒不如

②If I had to give up one of them, I would turn off the TV rather than

switch off my cellphone or cut off the Internet.
如果我不得不放弃其中一个, 我会关掉电视而不是关掉手机或切断网

③We will have the meeting in the classroom rather than in the great hall. 我们将在教室里开会, 而不是在大厅里。


rather than连接两个名词或代词作主语时, 谓语动词应与rather

④You rather than I are going to go camping.


⑤(2014· 安徽高考)What we expect from you is working hard
rather than hardly working ________________________.

从你那儿我们所期望的是努力工作, 而不是几乎不工作。

6. Because of the Great Lakes, they learned, Canada has more fresh

water than any other country in the world.
她们了解到由于五大湖, 加拿大的淡水比世界任何一个国家的都要多。

【思维激活?试一试】仿写句子 is taller than any other girl her class. ①Julia _______________________in

【知识构建?记一记】 (1)本句中的more. . . than any other country是比较级的一个基本句式。 它虽然是比较级的句式, 但却表达最高级的含义。 (2)在同一范围内比较, 注意比较的主体和比较范围不能相互包容。同 一范围比较常见的句式有: any other +单数名词 all other+ 复数名词 比较级+than+ anyone else any of the other+复数名词 the rest of+ 复数名词或不可数名词

②Shanghai is larger than any other city in China.

=Shanghai is larger than all other cities in China.
=Shanghai is larger than any of the other cities in China.



如果比较的主体不属于同一范围, 则不能用other, else, rest等表示

③Xiaoming is taller than any boys in his sister’s class.


②as+原级+as ever

④比较级+than+any other+名词/anyone else/any of the other+复数名 词

【即学即练】 Ⅰ. 用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空 rather than, settle down, manage to do, catch sight of, in the distance rather than 1. This book is intended for the general reading __________the student. In the distance could hear the noise of farm machinery. 2. _____________I settle down 3. The teacher told the students to __________and study the text. manage to do 4. You won so many awards and how did you ____________so?

catches sight of 5. Every time she ______________herself in the mirror, she feels so
proud of herself.

Ⅱ. 完成句子 Walking as far as the river bank a great challenge for him. 1. ____________________________is 步行到河岸对他来说是一个巨大的挑战。 is terrified at 2. The little girl ____________the snake crawling by. 小女孩看到爬过去的蛇很害怕。 Pleased with the result the examination, he jumped up with joy. 3. ____________________of 对这个考试结果很满意, 他高兴地跳了起来。

Deeply impressed with/by 4. _______________________the sights, he decided to stay another week. 这些风景给他留下了深刻的印象, 他决定再待一周。

managed to get 5. We ______________what we wanted by working hard.
通过努力工作, 我们设法得到了我们想要的。

根据要求运用本单元所学知识完成下面小作文, 并背诵成文。
1. 游览加拿大是我们的梦想。 2. 直到去年我们才得以去加拿大。(it was not until. . . that. . . ) 3. 我们决定坐飞机去, 不开车。(rather than) 4. 傍晚, 我们登上飞机。(go aboard) 5. 黎明时, 我们已经在加拿大的上空。(at dawn) 6. 我们看到了远处有许多湖泊、山脉。(catch sight of; in the distance)

7. 它们的美景给我们留下了深刻的印象。(impress)


One of our biggest dreams is to visit Canada. However, it was not
until last year that we managed to make it. We decided to take a plane

rather than drive, and in the evening we went aboard. At dawn, we
were already over Canada, where we caught sight of many lakes and mountains in the distance. We were greatly impressed by the beauty of the scenery.



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《全程复习方略》2016高考化学(全国通用)总复习高效演练 跟踪检测区:3.3 铁及其重要化合物_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。高效演练·跟踪检测区 1.(2015·沈阳模拟...


《全程复习方略》2016高考化学(全国通用)总复习高效演练 跟踪检测区:选修5.1 认识有机化合物_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。高效演练·跟踪检测区 1.(2015 ·湛江...


2016版《全程复习方略》高考物理总复习考题演练·跟踪检测区选修3-5 3.2 放射...5.(2014·西工大附中模拟 ) 美国和俄罗斯的科学家利用回旋加速器 ,通过 Ca(...


《全程复习方略》2016高考化学(全国通用)总复习高效演练 跟踪检测区:选修2.3...与干燥的 Ca(OH)2 和 NaOH 混合, 并加强热,即可迅速得到 H2、Na2SiO3、...


《全程复习方略》2016高考化学(全国通用)总复习高效演练 跟踪检测区:3.2 铝及其重要化合物_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。高效演练·跟踪检测区 1.区别镁和铝最好...


2016版《全程复习方略》高考物理总复习考题演练·跟踪检测区选修3-5 3.1 原子结构氢原子光谱.doc_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。考题演练·跟踪检测区 1.(2014·上海...


2016版《全程复习方略》高考物理(全国通用)总复习-2010~2014高考分类题库-考点8-静电场-2014年_高三理化生_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。静电场 一、选择题 1.(...

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