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(2010版)译林英语必修一 Unit3 Reading课件48631

Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good
Xiangyu Education Group Tony Qi

Reading: Dying to be thin…
1st period

? Some people are overweight, some are a little fat, and some are slim. Find why people are fat. Eating/drinking/sleeping too much.


I am

a slim figure

Certain medicines/food




Like father, like son.

go on a diet
( eat less food )

going on a diet
advantages disadvantages examples lose weight weak; tired;

work out in the gym
exercise, do sports

exercising in the gym
advantages disadvantages examples fit; waste time; lose weight have to pay

have an operation

receiving surgical treatment
advantages disadvantages examples lose weight waste money; weak

take some medicine
( take weight-loss pills )

taking weight-loss pills
advantages disadvantages examples lose weight waste money; damage health

General questions:
? Where does Amy come from? Canada. ? What kind of pills did Amy take? Weight-loss pills called Fat-less. ? What caused Amy’s liver to fall?

The weight-loss pills.

2 May 2003 2 June 2003 4 June 2003

Amy Amy
Zhou Ling

Zhou Ling Zhou Ling

Dying to be thin Recovering
(Becoming well again)


Re: Recovering

Careful reading


Take weightloss pills

Used to go to the gym

dangerous … priceless





be ashamed of…

Feel …

The 2nd E-mail

Where? Why?

In hospital
Recover from liver failure Pills contain a harmful chemical. Li Dong donated more than half of his liver to her.


T or F Exercise
1. Amy is now recovering from aliver failure in bad cold hospital. ( F ) 2. Li Dong donated part of his liver to save Amy’s T life. ( )
, but often 3. Amy follows doctor’s advice and seldom goes to the gym. ( F )

4. Now Amy eats lots of fruit and vegetables. ( T )
can’t 5. For a slim and attractive figure, we can damage our health. ( F )

sorry Zhou’s advice

To Amy:


We shouldn’t be embarrased about out weight. Nothing is more important than health.

To many Chinese people:
They should learn from Amy’s story.

Discussion task:
( group of 4)

I am a bit fat. I want to take weight-loss pills.

What should Jennifer do? What shouldn’t Jennifer do?

You can’t choose the appearance,
but you can spread your smiling.

Health is much more important.

? C1 ? C2 ? D1 ? D2 ?E

1 According to Para 2 in the first e-mail, Amy is an actress, _____. A. who often exercises B. who wanted to lose some weight C. who became ill D. who ate little


2 Why did Amy decide to take weight-loss pills? A. She was overweight. B. She was having problems. C. Her clothes did not fit. D. She wanted to become slimmer.

3 At the hospital, the doctors told Amy she would ______. A. live for seven days B. have to donate her liver C. die without a new liver D. need her mother’s liver

4 Li Dong, a young Chinese, _____. A. saved Amy’s life by donating money to her B. saved Amy’s life by giving her part of his liver C. told Amy never to take weight-loss pills again D. once worked with Amy

5 Zhou Ling, Amy’s friend _____. A. did not want to read Amy’s e-mails B. was sorry to hear about Amy’s problems C. thinks Amy should lose weight D. thinks diets and weight-loss pills are necessary


6 According to Para 2 in the first email, Amy is an actress, _____. A. an interesting one B. forgotten by her family C. like that of some people in China D. a problem only for actresses

C2 (P44)
Subject Dying to be thin Main point In order to lose weight, Amy takes weight-loss pills and becomes slimmer and slimmer.




Amy was recovering from liver failure thanks to Li Dong, who donated part of his liver to her.

R R E E : C O V E R I N G



Zhou Ling was sorry to hear about Amy’s problems and hoped that she as well as all the others who like to lose weight could value the importance of health.

D1 (P44)
1 them (L12) the weight-loss pills 2 that (L19) a harmful chemical 3 problems (L35) liver failure, the operation and being in hospital

D1 (P44)
4 yours (L36) your liver a stranger 5 who (L37) 6 they (L44) many people in China who are going on diets or taking weight-loss pills.

1 work out 2 figure 3 priceless

c a body shape a b becoming well
again d c exercise d very valuable or b important f e ashamed

4 recovering
5 attractive

6embarrassed e f beautiful or pleasant to look at

(1) damage (3) failure (5) actress (7) pills (2) two (4) liver (6) figure (8) priceless

Suppose you are Amy’s best friend. What advice or suggestions would you give to Amy?

F (P45) Discussion

? Do you think pictures of film stars and models cause young people to worry about their looks? Why or why not? ? What do you think is the best way to keep healthy? Why?

? Read the whole text (1) to know what Amy had to stay slim and how she got recovered. (2) to learn some language usage

Good staying with you! Thank you!


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