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【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮活页练习:模块5 Unit 1 Getting along with others

模块五 Unit 1 Getting along with others

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.A good friend never ________(出卖)his friends even in time of danger. 2.He never invites his friends to dinner.He is very ________(吝啬)wi

th money. 3.If you see him,please give my ________(道歉)for not having written to him. 4.So don't let a small ________(争论)destroy your friendship. 5.We will listen to your problems and offer you practical advice on how to ________(克 服)them. 答案 1.betrays 2.mean 5.overcome Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.老板进来时他假装在看一件重要的文件。(was doing...when...) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2.你应该把注意力放到工作上。(focus...on...) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3.这个男孩因他的所做所为向老师道歉。(make an apology) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4.多亏你帮忙,我提前到达了那儿。(thanks to) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5.你一定读过这本书,你对这个故事太熟悉了。(情态动词表推测) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.He was pretending to read an important document when the boss came in. 2.You should focus your attention on your work. 3.The boy made an apology to his teacher for what he did. 4.Thanks to your help,I got there ahead of time. 5.You must have read the book.You know the story very well. 3.apology 4.disagreement


1.They decorated the flat which they had expected for years,________ the cost. A.because of case of a result of D.regardless of 答案 D [考查介词短语。句意:他们装饰了期盼多年的公寓,没有考虑花费。regardless of“不管,不顾”符合句意。] 2.Readers can________quite well without knowing the exact meaning of each word of the sentence. A.get over B.get in C.get along D.get through 答案 C [句意:不知道句子中每个单词的确切含义,读者能理解得很好。get along 表示 “(谈及或问及某人)进展,进步”;get over“克服,恢复”;get in“到达,收割”;get through“打 通,拨通(电话)”。 ] 3. The lecture, ________ at 7: 00 p. m. last night, was followed by an observation of the moon with telescopes. A.being started B.starting start be started 答案 B [本题考查非谓语动词。句意:报告于昨晚七点开始,报告之后便是用望远镜观 察月球。题干中已出现谓语动词 was followed,又没有连词的情况下,空格中要填的是非谓 语形式,而且 start 用在不及物动词,和主语 the lecture 是主动关系,所以要用现在分词,相 当一个定语从句:which started at 7:00 p.m.last night。being started 为现在分词的被动式, 做定语只能表示正在进行的动作或和谓语动词同时进行的行为。 不定式作定语表将来, 与语 境不符。] 4.—Tom's still angry with me. —You are ________.How dare you call him a liar!He's the last person________. A.blamed;to be lying be blamed;lying blame;to lie blame;lies 答案 C [sb be to balme“某人对(过错,罪行)负责”;名词前有序数词 the last/first,或 the only,the very 等词修饰时,该名词后接不定式作定语。] 5.I want to leave now;I can't ________doing nothing useful here. A.stand B.experience

C.suffer D.last 答案 A [句意: 我现在想离开, 我受不了在这里做没用的事。 stand doing sth 意为“容忍、 忍受做某事”,常用于疑问句和否定句中;experience“体验,经历”;suffer“遭受,经历,受 痛苦,受损害”;last“持续”。] 6.The managing director was to ________the accident. blamed for blamed on C.blame for D.blame on 答案 C [blame 意为“责备,谴责”,to blame 作表语时常用主动形式表被动意义,介词 for 表示原因。 blame 常构成的结构为: blame sb for sth/doing sth“由于(做)某事而责备某人”; blame sth on/upon sb“将某事怪罪到某人头上”; sb be to blame (for sth/doing sth)“某人由于(做) 某事而应受责备”。 ] 7.The boy sat there sad,________by his friends. A.feeling betrayed be betrayed

C.been betrayed D.having betrayed 答案 A [feeling betrayed 意为“感觉受到了背叛;感到被出卖了”。现在分词短语在句中 作伴随状语。] 8.—Thank goodness.It is much warmer today than yesterday. —Yes,I________my coat today. A.couldn't have worn C.needn't have worn 答案 C B.wouldn't have worn D.mustn't have worn


不必穿外套的。”couldn't have done sth“不可能做了某事”,wouldn't have done sth 常用于虚拟 语气;needn't have done sth“本没有必要做某事”;没有 mustn't have done sth 这种结构。] 9. At that moment,I was just standing by the window in my room,________ I could see what was occurring on the street. A.from which B.from whose C.from that D.from where 答案 D [考查定语从句。句意:那时,我恰好站在我的房间的窗边,从那里可以看到

大街上正在发生的事。定语从句中的地点指 by the window,而不是 the window,因此是“从

窗户处”而不是“在窗户”,故选 from where。] 10.—Did you go to the party last night? —Yes.But I'd rather________.It was so ________. A.not go;tiresome B.not have gone;exciting

C.not have gone;tiring D.go;interesting 答案 C [答句句意:——是的,我去了, 但是我宁愿没有参加,因为聚会很枯燥。would rather not have done 意为“宁愿不做……(而实际做了……)”, 这是一种虚拟语气的用法。 根据 句意可知选 C。B 项不符合逻辑。] 11.The shy girl felt ________and uncomfortable when she could not answer her teacher's questions. A.amazed B.awkward C.curious D.amused 答案 B [考查形容词词义辨析。选项应该和 uncomfortable 相对应,根据句意,当无法 回答老师的问题时,那个害羞的女孩感到“别扭,不自然”;只有 awkward 意为“别扭的,不 自然的”,符合句意。故选 B。] 12. At first the institute refused to purchase the experiment instrument,but this decision was ________changed. A.occasionally B.consequently C.backwards D.afterwards 答案 D [考查副词词义辨析。句意:这家研究所一开始拒绝购买这种实验设备,但是

随后这个决定就改变了。afterwards“然后,后来”。] 13. ________is no doubt that the Rockets will defeat the Washington Wizards in the next game. A.It B.As C.That D.There 答案 D [考查关于 doubt 的基本句型。 即: There is no doubt that...意为“毫无疑问……”。 ] 14.Mrs Taylor has an 8yearold daughter who has a(n)________for painting—she has won two national prizes. A.ability B.interest C.present 答案 D [have a gift for...在某方面有天赋,有才能。] 15.It was________computer games that cost the young man a lot of precious time that he

ought________on his lessons. play;to the spending B.playing;to spend

C.played;to have spent D.playing;to have spent 答案 D [ 考查非谓语动词。分析句子结构我们可以看出该句是强调句型,是对主语

playing computer games 进行强调。 第二个空所在的句子是定语从句, 还原后应该是: he ought to have spent a lot of precious time on his lessons,表示“他本应该把许多宝贵的时间花在学习 上”,故选 D 项。] Ⅳ.完形填空 Most kinds of rose plants come from Asia.But roses are also__1__to other areas including northwest Africa,Europe and the United States. In 1986 , Congress__2__the rose as America's national flower.Technically, Congress and President Ronald Reagan __3__ it the“national floral emblem(象征)”.Whatever the name,the decision did not smell__4__ to supporters of other popular flowers. Some people say roses are __5__to grow.But you have a good chance of__6__if you start with a few suggestions from __7__.You should plant your roses where they can get__8__for about six hours on bright days. You can buy roses from a garden center or by mail__9__.You can buy potted(盆栽的)roses, also known as container roses,or bareroot plants.Each kind has its fans. Some gardeners say potted roses are easier to plant.They say the roots__10__better.But Jeffrey Dinslage, president of Nature Hills Nursery, __11__that bareroot roses come without soil.So they __12__less to transport. Jeffrey advises getting bareroot roses as close to__13__time as you can.If they arrive __14__you are ready to plant them,make sure the packing material is moist(潮湿的).Keep the plants in a__15__,dark place.You plant the roses while they are dormant(休眠的).The resting plants have no__16__but still need water. When growing roses,the__17__ should feel moist deep down.__18__should be done in the morning.That can__19__ problems called black spot and mildew(霉病). If your soil is very dry,you can add peat or compost,which returns nutrients to the soil.If insects __20__your rose bushes,you may be able to force them off with just a strong spray of water. 【语篇解读】 本文为说明文。文章介绍了美国的国花玫瑰及其种植方法。



C.natural D.special 答案 B [上句说,大多数种类的玫瑰来自亚洲。本句使用 But,话锋一转,说明也有一 些玫瑰是“产自”其他地方,如本句提到的非洲西北部、欧洲和美国。be native to“产自”,故 选 B。] 2.A.chose B.considered C.had D.treated 答案 A [根据本段最后一句中的 the decision, 再结合所给选项可知, 国会“选择”玫瑰作 为美国的国花。故选 A。] 3.A.called B.declared C.named D.proved 答案 B [国会通过了选择玫瑰为国花的决定之后,国会和总统向外“宣布”此项决定。

declare 意为“公布,宣布,宣告”,故选 B。] 4.A.delicious B.surprising C.sweet D.terrible 答案 C [这一决定,显然使支持其他花的人感到不舒服。sweet“令人愉悦的,惬意的”, 符合语境。故选 C。] 5.A.difficult B.easy C.expensive D.unnecessary 答案 A [根据下句“But you have a good chance of __6__”可知,文章是先抑后扬。先说 玫瑰很“难”种植,然后再说,如果采取一些建议,成功的几率还是比较大的。故选 A。] 6.A.fame B.fortune C.luck D.success 答案 D [见上题解析。] 7.A.experts C.neighbours D.teachers 答案 A [既然玫瑰很难种植,要想成功,自然要听取“专家”的建议,而不是“农民”“邻

居”或“老师”。故选 A。] 8.A.air B.oxygen C.sunshine D.water 答案 C [玫瑰要有充足的阳光。] B.letter C.order D.server 答案 C [根据上下文,玫瑰可以通过邮购方式去买。mail letter 邮件;mail order 邮购; mail server 邮件服务器。by mail order 通过邮购方式,符合语境。故选 C。] 10.A.develop B.extend C.improve D.spread 答案 A [根据上句可知,此处说的是盆栽的玫瑰。与裸根玫瑰相比,盆栽的玫瑰其根

部能更好地成长,故选 A。] 11.A.agrees on B.gets across C.makes sure D.points out 答案 D [Jeffrey 指出, 裸根玫瑰不带土壤。 agree on 同意; get across 讲清楚, 使人了解; make sure 确保;point out 指出。故选 D。] 12.A.cost B.lose C.take D.weigh 答案 D [根据上句可知,此处讨论的是 bareroot roses,这样的玫瑰不带土壤,重量比 较轻,便于运输,故选 D。] 13.A.flowering B.harvest C.watering D.planting 答案 D [Jeffrey 建议尽可能在接近种植期时购买裸根玫瑰。 flowering time 花期; harvest time 收割期;planting time 种植期。故选 D。] 14.A.after B.before C.until D.when 答案 B [根据接下来的“make sure the packing material is moist(潮湿的).Keep the plants in a __15__,dark place.”可知,说的是(如果裸根玫瑰先于种植时间就到了的话)保存的方法, 故选 B。] B.dry C.large D.tidy 答案 A [large 和 tidy 与裸根玫瑰的保存关联不大。 dry 与上句中的“the packing material is moist(潮湿的)”矛盾,故选 A。裸根玫瑰应放在凉爽、阴暗的地方保存。] 16.A.branches B.stems C.leaves D.roots 答案 C [根据主语 The resting plants 可知,说的是“休眠的种苗”。植物休眠期间,没有

的是“叶子”,而非“枝”“茎”或“根”,故选 C。] 17.A.bed C.pot D.soil 答案 D [玫瑰应栽在湿润的土壤中,故选 D。] 18.A.Cleaning B.Cutting C.Moving D.Watering 答案 D [根据常识可知, 植物移植之初, 是需要经常浇水的, 而不是“清洁”“剪枝”或“移 动”,故选 D。] 19.A.cause B.increase C.prevent D.solve 答案 C [浇水最好是在早晨,这样可以“防止”出现黑斑病和霉病,故选 C。] 20.A.destroy B.invade C.pollute D.taste 答案 B [destroy 破坏;invade 侵袭,侵略;pollute 污染;taste 品尝。由后面主句的内容 可知此处是说如果害虫侵袭了你的玫瑰,故选 B。]


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