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Unit 16



综 合 训 练
Ⅰ.品句填词 1.His business is ________ twice as before. 2.It is ________(显而易见的) that he told a lie. 3.The ________(限制) on cigarette sales benefit people. 4.Few creatures can ________(存活) the severe (严酷的) cold. 5.It’s no use trying to persuade him—he is very ________. 6.Snowing in September in this area is ________(反常的). 7.The symbol of the city is a ________(纪念碑) to the dead. 8.She was one of the ________ of the car accident. 答案:1.expanded 6.abnormal Ⅱ.介副词填空 1.He abandoned himself ________ pleasure. 2.She is the only witness ________ the accident. 3.It suddenly occurred ________ me that I forgot to take my keys. 4.The children burst ________ crying when they heard the noise. 5.She was discouraged ________ going abroad. 6.Driving in the city is restricted ________ 40 kilometres per hour. 7.He left a good first impression ________ all of us. 答案 Ⅲ.短语识境 the key to,by the time,stand for,open up to,count on,break into,come across,in a flash,in a way,be caught in 1.________ she was seven years old,she still couldn’t speak. 2.Finally,the world of words was ________her. 3.The driver of the car probably holds ________ solving the crime. 4.________ I knew that the word was the name of the process that was going on in my head. 5.UN ________ the United Nations. 6.You can not ________ him to help you. 7.I ________an old picture of my childhood when I sorted out the books. 8.The police arrested the man who had ________ a jewellery shop. 9.I had hoped to meet you at the airport but I ________ the traffic jam. 10.________,Pompeii is like a “time capsule”. 答案:1.By the time 2.openning up to 3.the key to 4.In a flash 5.stands for 4.out 5.from 7.on 2.apparent 3.restrictions 4.survive 5.stubborn 7.monument 8.victims

6.count on Ⅳ.单项填空

7.came across

8.broken into

9.was caught in

10.In a way

1.All these changes will lead to ________ stronger and more powerful China,________ country that can surprise and enrich our planet. A.a;a B.a;the C.the;a D.the;the 答案:A 2.—Sorry to have hurt you. —________.You didn’t mean to,did you? A.No problem 答案:D 3.________,I think,and the problems would be settled. A.If you double your efforts C.So long as you don’t lose heart 答案:D 4.She spoke so fast and left the room before they were able to understand ________ she said meant. A.what B.that C.what what D.what that 答案:A 5.—I don’t think the movie tickets are expensive,________? —________.I agree with you. I;Yes B.aren’t they;No C.are they;No 答案:C 6.Do you feel like ________ out or would you rather that the two of us ________ dinner at home? A.going;to have go;are going to have go;having 答案:D 7.What she said to the police about her experience ________ quite true after they looked into the case. A.turned on B.turned off C.turned into D.turned out 答案:D 8.How time flies!________ has been three years ________ Ann left her motherland for China. A.It;since B.That;that C.It;before D.It;when 答案:A 9.—Well,lost again! —It is not very important.We ________ forget about it.OK? A.can’t B.may as soon C.might as well D.ought to have had to 答案:C 10.The expert will give us a lecture on ________ we should ________ with water pollution.;to deal 答案:D Ⅴ.阅读理解;do C.what;deal D.what;do D.going;had D.are they;Yes B.Making more efforts D.A bit more effort B.All right C.Don’t say so D.Forget it

It was the first snow of winter—an exciting day for every child but not for most teachers.Up until now,I had been old enough to dress myself,but today would need some help.Miss Finlayson,my kindergarten teacher,had been through first snow days many times,but I think she may still remember this one. I managed to get into my wool snow trousers.But I struggled with my jacket because it didn’t fit well.It was a hand- down from my brother,and it made me wonder why I had meto wear his ugly clothes,At least my hat and scarf were mine,and they were quite pretty.Finally it was time to have Miss Finlayson help me with my boots(靴子). In her calm, motherly voice she said, “By the end of winter, you will all be able to put on your own boots.” I didn’t realize at the time that this was more a statement of hope than of confidence(信心). I handed her my boots and stuck out my foot.Like most children,I expected grownups to do all the work.After much pushing, managed to get first one into place and then, she with a sigh,worked the second one on too. I announced,“They’re on the wrong feet.” She struggled to get the boots off and went through the joyless task of putting them on again.“They’re my brother’s boots,you know,” I said.“I hate them”. Somehow,from long years of practice,she managed to act as though I wasn’t an annoying(烦人的)little girl.She pushed and pushed, gently this time.With a greater sigh, less seeing the end of her.She struggled with me,she asked,“Now,where are your mittens(连 指手套)?” I looked into her eyes and said,“I didn’t want to lose them,so I hid them in the toes of my boots”. 1.The little girl was more satisfied with her ________. A.trousers 答案:D 2.Miss Finlayson had difficulty with the girl’s boots mainly because ________. A.the girl got them from her brother B.the girl put something in them C.they were on the wrong feet D.they did not fit the girl well 解析:推理判断题。由最后一自然段的意思可知本题选 B。 答案:B 3.Why does the author Miss Finlayson would remember that first snow day? A.Because the little girl was in her brother’s clothes. B.Because it was the most exciting day of the winter. C.Because the little girl played a trick on her. D.Because the little girl wore a pretty scarf. 解析:推理判断题。根据文章大意可知作者说明 Miss Finlayson 将永远记住这第一个下 雪天的原因是作者捉弄了她,故本题选 C。 答案:C 4.We can learn from the text that Miss Finlayson ________. A.was losing confidence in the little girl B.gradually lost patience with the little girl C.became disappointed with the little girl B.jacket D.hat 解析:推理判断题。根据第二自然段的第二,三两句和第七自然段大意可知本题选 D。

D.was getting bored with the little girl 解析:推理判断题。根据第七自然段中的 she pushed and pushed,less gently this time 可知本题选 B。 答案:B

阅 卷 现 场(教师用书独具)
●应用文 (2009· 北京卷 B 篇)Dear Friend, The recent success of children’s books has made the general public aware that there’s a huge market out there. And there’s a growing need for new writers trained to create the $3 billion worth of children’s books bought each year... plus stories and articles needed by over 650 publishers of magazines for children and teenagers. Who are these needed writers? They’re ordinary folks like you and me. But am I good enough? I was once where you might be now. My thoughts of writing had been pushed down by selfdoubt,and I didn’t know where to turn for help. Then, accepted a free offer from the Institute to test my writing aptitude(潜能), I and it turned out to be the inspiration I needed. The promise that paid off The Institute made the same promise to me that they will make to you, you show basic if writing ability: You will complete at least one manuscript(手稿) suitable to hand in to a publisher by the time you finish our course. I really didn’t expect any publication before I finished the course, that happened. I but sold three stories. And I soon discovered that was not unusual at the Institute. Since graduation,I have authored 34 nationally published children’s books and over 300 stories and articles. Free test and brochure We offer a free aptitude test and will send you a copy of our brochure describing our recognized homestudy courses on the basis of one- one training. onRealize your writing dream today. There’s nothing sadder than a dream delayed until it fades forever. Sincerely, Kristi Holl,Instructor Institute of Children’s Literature 61.From the first three paragraphs,we learn that ________. A.children’s books are usually bestsellers B.publishers are making $3 billion each year C.magazines for teenagers have drawn public attention D there is a growing need for writers of children’s books 62.When finishing the course,you are promised to ________. a successful publisher C.finish one work for publication B.become a confident editor D.get one story or article published

63.Kristi Holl mentions her experience mainly to ________.

A.prove she is a good instructor B.promote the writing program C.give her advice on course preparation she sold more stories than articles 【文章大意】 无比广阔的市场前景,无与伦比的学院优势,难以置信的亲身体验,还 犹豫什么呢?机不可失,时不再来,赶快加入儿童文学作品创作的队伍吧! 61.选择 D。细节理解题。根据第二段前半部分中的内容可知市场对儿童书籍作者的 需求不断增大。A、C 两项在文章中没有信息支持;第二段的前半部分是说仅仅每年儿童书 籍的销售额就高达 30 亿美元,由此可排除 B 项。 62.选择 C。细节理解题。根据“The promise that paid off”中第二段斜体字中的内容 可知学院保证你在完成学业时有一部作品供发表。学院只是承诺把学员的作品送到出版商 手中,并不保证一定发表,所以 D 项不正确。 63.选择 B。作者意图题。作者先用广阔的儿童书籍市场诱惑喜欢儿童书籍创作的人, 然后宣传学院的优势并用自身的经历加以证明,最后又鼓励人们抓住目前的机遇,由此不 难看出作者叙述自身经历的主要目的是宣传写作课程。


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