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1. Fall in Love with English 爱上英语 Hiding behind the loose dusty curtain, a teenager packed up his overcoat into the suitcase. He planned to leave home at dusk though there was thunder and lightning outdoors. He had got to do this because he was tired of his parents’ nagging about his English study and did not want to go through it any longer. He couldn’t get along well with English and disliked joining in English classes because he thought his teacher ignored him on purpose. As a result, his score in each exam never added up to over 60. His partner was concerned about him very much. She understood exactly w hat he was suffering from, but entirely disagreed with his idea. In order to calm him down and settle his problem, she talked with him face to face and swapp ed a series of learning tips with him. The items she set down helped him find t he highway to studying English well. The teenager was grateful and got great power from his friend’s words. Now , he has recovered from being upset and has fallen in love with English. 有个少年躲在积满灰尘的松散窗帘后把大衣装入手提箱。尽管外面正打雷闪 电, 他仍计划在黄昏时分离家出走。他不得不这样做是因为厌倦了父母对他英 语学习的唠叨,不想再忍受下去了。他的英语学习总是无法取得进展,而且不喜 欢参加英语课的学习,因为他以为老师有意忽视他。结果,他每次考试的分数合 计从未超过 60。 他的搭档很关心他,也确切地理解他遭受的折磨,但却完全不同意他的想法。 为了使他冷静下来好好解决问题,她和他面对面地交谈,并交换了一系列的学习 心得技巧。她写下来的条款帮助他找到了学好英语的最佳捷径。 这个少年非常很感激,并从朋友的话里获得极大的动力。现在,他已经从沮丧中 恢复过来,真正爱上了英语。

2. Different Countries Have Different Kinds of Englishes 不同的国家有不同的英语 Voyages of people from England play an important part in spreading the En glish language. At present, English is frequently spoken as an official or comm on language in many countries, such as America, Singapore, Malaysia and so me African countries. All based on British English, the English spoken in these countries can be well understood by native English speakers. But actually, th ese Englishes have been gradually changing in accents, spellings, expression s and the usage of vocabulary. Because of this fact, you can make use of the differences to tell which country the foreigners of your block are from. For example, if a boss fluently command s his driver, ―Come up straight to my apartment by elevator and take some gas for my trucks and cabs‖, instead of requesting, ―Please come to my flat by lift and take some petrol for my lorries and taxis‖, you can recognize his America n identity, while the latter suggests that he is British.

英国人的航海在英语的传播中扮演了重要的角色。目前,英语在许多国家被作为 官方语言或通用语言频繁地使用,例如美国、新加波、马来西亚和一些非洲的国 家。 这些国家的英语都以英式英语为基础,能很好地为以英语为本族语的人所理 解。 但是实际上, 这些英语在口音、 拼写、 表达和词汇的使用方面都在逐渐变化。 因为这一情况的存在, 你就可以利用这些英语之间的区别说出你们街区的外国人 是哪个国家来的了。例如,如果有个老板流利地命令他的司机: ―Come up straight to my apartment by elevator and take some gas for my truc ks and cabs(直接搭电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车的汽油)‖,而不是要求 说, ―Please come to my flat by lift and take some petrol for my lorries and taxis (请直接搭电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车的汽油)‖,你就可以轻易地辨认 出他的美国人身份,而后者却暗示着那是一位英国人。(请注意:听力录音里第 二段两个―电梯‖的单词跟原文不一致,原文是对的,录音弄错了,elevator 才是 美式说法而 lift 是英式说法。) 3.A Hard Trip 一次辛苦的旅行 My sister was fond of traveling. Ever since graduating, she had been deter mined to organize a trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare was expensi ve, she decided to use a bicycle to cycle there not caring about the disadvanta ges. Her stubborn attitude was always her shortcoming. Once she made up h er mind to do something, no one could persuade her to change her mind. Final ly, we gave in as usual though we preferred to take a train. After we prepared everything, including the schedule, reliable weather forecast and the insuranc e, we began our trip. Our journey was along a river flowing from a high altitude. Our pace was slo w because the river frequently had many sharp bends through deep valleys, w here the water seemed to boil. Just as I recorded in my journal, it was really a hard journey. But we also enjoyed great views. One night, I put my head on m y pillow--a parcel of wool coats, and lay beneath the stars. When the flame in f ront of our cave went out at midnight, I found the sky so beautiful! 我的妹妹很喜欢旅行。自从毕业以来,她就下定决心要组织一次往一座古庙 的旅行。因为交通费用昂贵,她决定骑自行车去,毫不担心其中的不利情况。顽 固的态度一直都是她的缺点, 一旦她下定决心要做的事,就没有人能说服她改变 主意。最后,我们像往常一样让步,尽管我们更喜欢乘火车去。我们准备好了所 有东西,包括时间表、可靠的天气预报,还有保险,就开始了旅程。 我们的旅程沿着一条从高海拔处流下来的河流前行。但我们的步伐很慢,因为当 流经深深的峡谷时,这条河流急转弯很多,急湍的河水都似乎沸腾起来。正如我 在旅行日志里记录的那样, 这真是一次艰苦的旅行。但是我们也欣赏到了美丽的 景色。一天晚上,我把头枕在一包羊毛衣服做的枕头上,躺在星空下,当岩洞前 的火焰在午夜熄灭时,我发现夜空是如此的美丽!

4.A Horrible Earthquake 可怕的地震 Dirty water rose in wells and canals before the earthquake. But no one judged that an earthquake was coming. Suddenly, everything shook. It seemed as if t he world was at an end. Millions of brick houses and a number of dams were d estroyed. Railway tracks became useless bars. Pipes in mines burst and let o ut smelly steam. Huge cracks trapped cyclists everywhere. The next day, this event was the headline or main title of all newspapers. With the reporters giving an outline of the disaster, the whole nation was shocked by the damage and the victim’s extreme suffering. People were moved when t hey read that the survivors comforted each other by saying ―Congratulations! You survived!‖. So they not only expressed their sympathy sincerely, but also organized together to help the victims right away. The injured were rescued an d the dead were buried. The frightened survivors were dug out from under the ruins and were offered shelter, fresh water and electricity. Thanks to people’s help, the loss was minimized. 地震前,水井和运河里的污水都涨涌起来。但是却没人判断出地震即将来临。霎 那间,一切都在摇晃,似乎整个世界就要结束。数以百万的砖房和许多水坝遭到 破坏;铁路轨道都变成无用的铁条;煤矿管道纷纷爆裂,发出有臭味的蒸汽;到 处都有骑车的人被巨大的裂缝陷住。 第二天, 所有报纸都纷纷以大字标题或主要标题报道了这一事件。记者们描述了 灾难的大概情况, 全国都被地震的破坏和灾民们极度的苦难所震惊。当人们读到 幸存者以―恭喜啊,你还活着。‖来互相安慰时,都被感动了。人们不仅衷心地表 达了他们的同情, 而且还立刻组织起来帮助灾民。 伤员被救助了, 死者被埋葬了, 吓坏的幸存者被从废墟中挖出来了,栖身处、净水和电力也很快得到提供。多亏 了人们的帮助,灾区的损失被减到了最小。

5.The Great President 伟大的总统 As the founder of the republic, the president had many good qualities. Before coming to power, he was a generous lawyer. He was willing to selflessly help everyone who turned to him. He accepted no fee to offer legal guidance and o pinions to those who were out of work or uneducated. Later, believing all man kind to be equal, he devoted himself to stopping the unfair anti-black laws. He set up the Black Youth League and was voted to be the leader. However, thou gh he kept peaceful principles without violence and terror, his mean enemies s till blew up his house and attacked his relatives, and he himself couldn’t escap e being sentenced to 30 years in prison. Not fearing of the prison guards’ cruelty, he kept active and begged no mercy f rom them. As a matter of fact, he was always hopeful and never lost heart duri ng the stage even though he was in trouble.

Finally, people rewarded him with the leader’s position and a gold blanket. 作为共和国的创始人,这位总统具备许多的优秀品质。还在掌权之前,他就是一 位慷慨的律师。他愿意无私地帮助那些向他求助的人。他免费为失业的,或没有 受过教育的人提供法律指导和意见。后来,因为相信所有人类都是生来平等,他 全身心投入到废除不平等的反黑人法律工作中。 他建立了黑人青年团并被选为领 袖。然而,尽管他坚持没有暴力、没有恐怖的和平原则,卑鄙的敌人还是炸毁了 他的家、袭击了他的亲属,他自己也无法逃脱被判 30 年徒刑的遭遇。 在狱中,他毫不畏惧狱警的残酷,始终保持积极的态度,不向他们乞求怜悯。实 际上,他在任何一个困境时期都充满着希望,从未灰心。 最后,人们以领袖的职位和一块金毯子回报了他的贡献。

6.A Brave Maid 勇敢的女仆 A wooden vase from the Ming Dynasty at the entrance of the reception hall am azed everyone. The artists designed it in a rare style and selected valuable je wels to decorate it. People thought highly of its fancy colour of honey and the beautiful paintings on it. The vase used to belong to a former castle. But when the country was at war, the enemy troops exploded the castle. Debates on how the vase survived wen t on and on. In order to remove people’s doubt, a team of no less than 20 peop le carried out an informal investigation. The evidences they found showed that a maid took the vase apart and asked a sailor to sink it in a local well. She ne ver gave away the secret even under the cruel trial of the enemies who were i n search of treasures. It is worth giving this brave maid a fortune in return. 接待大厅入口处的明朝木制花瓶 使每个人都惊奇不已。艺术家以一种罕有的风 格设计它,并挑选了贵重的珠宝装饰它。人们高度赞赏它那蜂蜜般的奇特颜色, 还有上面绘制的绘画。 这个花瓶曾经属于一座从前的城堡,但在战争期间,敌人的军队炸毁了城堡,于 是关于这个花瓶是如何幸存下来的争论就一直在持续着。为了解开人们的疑问, 一个由不少于 20 人的调查队开展了一次非正式的调查。他们找到的证据表明, 有个女仆 把花瓶拆开,然后让一名水手把它沉到当地的一个水井里。她从来没 有泄露这个秘密,即使是在搜寻财宝的敌人残酷的审讯下。 这位女仆真是值得给予一大笔钱作为对她的回报。

7.A Fair Competition 公平的比赛 Swifter, Higher and Stronger stands for the spirit of the Olympics. But fairne

ss is the basis of this motto. Only when you win fairly will you and your homela nd deserve the great glory. But nowadays, unlike the ancient honest slave co mpetitors, some hopeless athletes who can’t bear the pain of training cheat w hen taking part in games. Medals seem to have magical power causing them t o cheat, and the prize money has replaced the motto as their only goal. So, in the gymnastics event to be held in our city next month, one of the hos t’s responsibilities is to keep competitions fair. They advertised on posters out side the stadium to promise that every competitor is to have a regular physical examination in a gymnasium one after another. No one can bargain on this. T he volunteers in charge will be very strict. It is foolish to cheat because they wi ll not be admitted to compete and will even be fined as well. ―更快!更高!更强!‖代表着奥运精神。但是公平却是这一格言的基础。只有当 你公平地赢得比赛,你和你的祖国才会承受这样的光荣。但如今,不像古代那些 诚实的奴隶参赛者, 有些没有希望的运动员无法承受训练的痛苦,于是在参加比 赛时作假。 奖牌似乎有某种魔力使他们作假,奖金也已经代替了奥运格言成为了 他们唯一的目标。 因此, 在我们市下个月即将举行的一场体操赛事中,主办方的其中一项责任就是 要确保比赛的公平。 他们在体育场外的海报上做广告,承诺说每个参赛者都将在 体育馆一个一个地参加常规的身体检查。对此没有人可以讨价还价。负责此事的 志愿者将非常严格。作假是很愚蠢的,因为他们将不被允许去竞赛,甚至还将被 罚款。

8.Computers 电脑 The goal of early calculating machines was to simplify difficult sums. But wit h the help of new technology, electronic chips replaced tubes and a revolution of artificial intelligence has arisen. From then on, the appearance of computer s totally changed our lives. They can not only download information from the w et when connected by the network or mobile phone signals, but also solve diff erent types of logical problems. With operators as their coaches, they can eve n control rockets to explore the moon and instruct androids with the human ra ce’s characters to mop floors and watch over your naughty niece. Anyhow, co mputers are so helpful that they do bring happiness. However, computers are easily attacked by viruses. This reality has becom e a hard-to-deal with-problem. As a result, computers are dangerous in a way. So, personally, I worry about their universal applications in some fields, such as finance. 早期计算机器的目的是简化比较难的计算。但是在新技术的帮助下,电子芯片代 替了电子管,一场人工智能革命由此掀起。从那时起,电脑的出现完全改变了我 们的生活, 它们不仅能在网络或移动电话信号的连接下从网上下载信息,而且可

以解决各种类型的逻辑问题。 在操作员的教练下,它们甚至还可以控制火箭探索 月球,指导具有人类性格的机器人擦洗地板和照顾你调皮的侄女。不管怎么说, 电脑都是如此的有用,以致的确给人们带来了快乐。 然而,电脑很容易受到病毒的攻击,这一现实已经成为一个难以处理的难题,结 果,电脑在某种程度上是很危险的。因此,就个人而言,我很担心电脑在某些领 域,例如金融方面的广泛应用。

9.保护野生动植物 Wildlife Protection Dinosaurs died out because of an unexpected incident. But wildlife today disa ppears or is in danger just because humans do harm to it. For example, tigers are hunted for fur to make carpets so that they can only live in secure reserves ; grassland is destroyed without mercy so that dust storms come into being aff ecting distant cities. Last year, scientists saw some monkeys rubbing themselves with a certain kind of insects to protect themselves from fierce mosquitoes biting. According to the result of the inspection, they found that the insect contains a powerful dr ug, so local farmers were employed to catch the insects. The ending was that t he insects disappeared from the whole zone. When told that it was a loss to h umans, the farmers burst into laughter and responded, ―Our real loss is our de creasing income.‖ We should appreciate the natural balance and pay more attention to the imp ortance of wildlife protection. Not until we succeed in letting wildlife live in pea ce, can we smile in relief. 恐龙因一次意外事件而灭绝, 但是今天的野生动植物却是因为人类的伤害而消 失或处在危险中。例如,老虎被猎杀以获取做地毯的皮毛,以致它们只能生活在 安全的保护区里;草地被毫不怜悯地破坏,以致沙尘暴开始影响遥远的城市。 去年,科学家观察到猴子在身上擦某种昆虫来保护自己不受凶猛的蚊子的叮 咬。根据检查的结果,他们发现这种昆虫含有一种具有强大效力的药物,于是, 当地的农民都被雇来抓虫子。结果是,这种昆虫从这整个地区都消失了。当被告 知说这是整个人类的损失时,农民们都突然大笑着回应道:―我们减少的收入才 是我们真正的损失呢!‖ 我们应该意识到自然平衡的重要, 更加注意野生动植物的保护。 直到我们成功 让野生动植物安详平静地生活,我们自己才能如释重负地笑开颜。 10.My First Band 我的第一支乐队 I was very sensitive to music. Just dipping into the music books briefly, I cou ld sing or play well. To be honest, I always dreamt of becoming a famous folk actor. I was so confident that I never decreased my devotion. I formed my first band called ―Rolling Frog‖. At the beginning, we relied on p

erforming on instruments in pubs or to passers –by to earn extra money in cas h. Then we wore false beards to pretend to be the musicians whom people we re familiar with. In addition, we attached humorous acts to our performances a nd played jokes on each other. Soon, our ―funny jazz‖ became famous and inv itations to perform for broadcast stations began to come. Afterwards, we sorte d out attractive music and made a record in a studio. A million or so copies we re sold and we became millionaires. It was painful that the band broke up finally. But above all, I realized my dre am to be a musician. 我对音乐很敏感, 只要简要地浏览一下乐谱, 我就能演唱或演奏得很好。 说实话, 我一直都梦想着能成为出名的民间演员,自信的我从未减少过热爱。 我组成的第一支乐队叫做―摇滚蛙‖。开始,我们依靠在酒吧里或向路人表演乐 器来挣些零花的现金。然后我们带上假胡子假扮人们熟悉的音乐家,除此之外, 我们在表演中加上幽默的动作,互相开着玩笑。很快,我们的―滑稽爵士乐‖出了 名,到广播电台表演的邀请开始多起来。随后,我们把我们吸引人的音乐做了分 类,在一间音乐工作室录制了 1 张唱片,大约卖出了 100 万张,这使我们都成 了百万富翁。 乐队最终的解散让我很心痛,但最重要的是,我实现了自己当音乐家的梦想。

11.An Interesting Festival 有趣的节日 The Agricultural Feast takes place after the Independence Day. It is not a worl dwide celebration. Only Christians in Mexico look forward to its arrival for its re ligious origin: Long ago, humans’ ancestors were bad. They fooled and played tricks on eac h other and never kept their word. So God turned up and drowned all their cro ps. Humans starved day and night, weeping. In order to gain God’s forgivenes s, a woman poet set off to see God. She admired God and kept apologizing. G od was moved. With his permission, humans finally had good harvests again. So, to wipe sadness and remind themselves of the belief in God, people bega n the festival. On the festival, people gather in open air, such as playgrounds or parking lots, and energetically have fun with each other all night long, as though they were never tired. When a beauty dressed up in lovely clothing reads poems in me mory of the poet, everyone holds their breath. Then, it is the custom that the b one of a rooster head is given to her as an award. Obviously, the story is not true, but the festival is interesting. 农业盛会在独立日后举行。它不是一个世界性的庆典,由于它的宗教起源,只有 墨西哥的基督徒才盼着节日的到来: 很久以前,人类的祖先很坏,他们互相欺骗,耍诡计,从不遵守诺言。于是,上

帝出现了,淹死了他们所有的作物。人们日夜挨饿,哭泣着。为了获得上帝的原 谅,一位女诗人出发去见上帝。她对上帝的赞美和怀有的歉意感动了上帝,有了 他的允许,人类终于又获得了丰收。因此,为了抹去忧伤并提醒自己对上帝的信 仰,人们开始举办这个节日。 在节日那天,人们聚集在露天场所,例如操场或停车场,通宵达旦地玩得非常开 心, 精力充沛的人们似乎不知疲倦。当一位用可爱的衣服盛装打扮的美女朗读诗 歌以纪念那位诗人时,在场的每个人都屏住了呼吸,然后,按照风俗,将奖励给 她一只公鸡的头骨。 很明显,这个故事不是真的,但是节日却很有趣。 12.Balanced Diet 平衡膳食 Wang Peng earned his living by running a barbecue restaurant, which serve d delicious bacon, fried chicken breast and mutton roasted with pepper and ga rlic. But his food and discount attracted fewer and fewer customers. Finally, he was in debt. Yong Hui’s slimming restaurant served fresh peas, carrots, eggpl ants, and raw cucumbers with vinegar. As the hostess, she said fibres benefit ed customers’ digestion the most. In order not to let Yong Hui get away with te lling lies, Wang Peng spied on Yong Hui despite her glare. But he was surprised th at she was losing her customers, too. Curiosity drove Wang Peng to consult an expert. The expert sighed and sai d, ―Both of your menus have weakness and limited strength. Your customers p ut on weight too easily, while Yong Hui’s lose weight too quickly. So, Wang Pe ng, cut down the fat of your food and increase vegetables and fruits, like nuts, beans, mushrooms, peaches and lemons. You ought to combine the two men us and provide a balanced diet.‖ Before long, Wang Peng won his customers back. 王鹏经营一家烧烤餐厅来谋生,他的餐厅供应美味的腊肉、油炸的鸡胸,还 有用辣椒和大蒜一起烤制的羊肉。但是,他的食物和折扣吸引的顾客越来越少, 最后是他负债累累。永慧的减肥餐厅供应的是新鲜的豌豆、红萝卜、茄子和醋腌 的生黄瓜。作为老板娘(女主人),她总是说食物纤维才最有利于顾客的消化。 为了不让永慧说了谎不受惩罚,王鹏不顾她的怒视,前去探查个究竟。但是让他 惊奇的是,永慧的顾客也在严重地流失。 好奇心驱使王鹏去咨询专家。那位专家叹息着说:―你们俩的菜单都缺点明显、 优点有限。你的顾客很容易就发胖,而永慧的顾客体重却减轻得太快。所以嘛, 王鹏,你要减少你的食物中的脂肪含量,增加蔬菜和水果,例如坚果、豆类、蘑 菇、桃子和柠檬之类。你应该把两份菜单结合起来,给顾客提供平衡的膳食。‖ 不久,王鹏就赢回了他的顾客。 13.Sailing Home 划船回家 This novel was about an unbelievable but genuine adventure. Its author was a black businessman who was brought up in America. In 1956, he visited Africa , his birthplace. One day, when he was wandering on the pavement near the b

ay enjoying the sea scenes, he lost his money and passport that he kept in an envelope. So he went to the embassy to seek help, but the ambassador with r ude manners didn’t permit his staff to help though he bowed to him. Staring at his impatient face, he understood that it was the fault of his skin colour that ac counted for their refection. So he decided to take a chance to sail on a small boat home. He met a large amount of difficulty but was never stopped. On the contrary, dif ficulty pushed him to go ahead harder. Three months later, he was spotted by a ship by accident. He was in rags indeed. A maid even screamed when bringi ng him a steak and pineapple dessert. Aboard, he earned his passage by wor king as a barber and got home finally. As for the name of his novel, he couldn’t think of a better one than the phrase ―Go Ahead‖. 这部小说写的是一次令人难以置信而又真实的历险。 其作者是一位在美国被抚养 长大的黑人商人。1956 年,他回到他的出生地非洲。有一天,当他在海湾边的 人行道上漫步欣赏海景时, 他丢失了一个装着钱和护照的信封,于是向当地的大 使馆寻求帮助。 但是大使态度非常粗鲁, 即使向他鞠躬, 也不允许他的职员帮忙。 盯着他那不耐烦的脸,他知道是他皮肤颜色的错才导致了他们的拒绝。于是,他 决定冒险驾驶一只小船回家。 他遇到了许多困难, 但是从未停止, 相反, 困难推动他更努力地前进。 三个月后, 当他被一艘船偶然发现时, 真的是衣衫褴褛。给他端来牛排和菠萝甜品的女仆甚 至被吓得尖叫起来。在船上,他当一名理发师来挣取船费,最后终于回到了家。 至于这部小说的名字,他再也不能想到一个比―前进‖更好的短语了。

14.Explore MKII 探测 MKII 行星 MKII, a planet billions of kilometers away, is the origin of life in many religions. Physicists have proved the theory that its gentle climate and the pull of its gra vity are similar to the earth’s. And astronomers have found that oxygen atoms and carbon dioxide, which are fundamental to life, exist in its atmosphere thro ugh satellites. Cheered up by this news, biologists, in their turn, began to do s ome research to remove people’s puzzles—Now that there are some suitable c onditions, does life really exist on this globe? Do they multiply by laying eggs o r giving birth to babies? Last month, a spaceship was sent there. It’s a pity that this mission failed. Unli ke the earth, MKII is a much younger planet. Thus, masses of harmful acid clo uds float everywhere causing violent chain reactions to break out. These cloud s not only blocked out the pilots’ sight but also damaged the engine system. L uckily, the pilots watched out carefully and prevented the spaceship from cras hing in time. MK 二号是一颗几十亿公里外的行星,它在许多宗教里都是生命起源的地方。 物理学家已经证明了它温和的气候和重力的牵引都和地球相似的理论; 天文学家

也通过卫星, 在它的大气层里发现了氧原子和二氧化碳的存在,这些都是对生命 来说,都是基本的。受到这一消息的鼓舞,生物学家们接着开始了研究以解开人 们的迷惑——既然有了适合的条件,生命真的存在于这个星球吗?他们是通过下 蛋,还是产仔来繁殖后代的呢? 上个月, 一艘太空飞船被派到了那儿。 可惜的是, 这次任务失败了。 不像地球, MK 二号是一颗年轻得多的行星。因此,大团大团的有害酸云到处漂浮,引起猛 烈的连锁反应的爆发。 这些云团不仅阻挡了飞行员的视线,而且还损坏了发动机 系统。幸运的是,飞行员小心注意,才及时阻止了飞船的坠毁。

15.A Journey across Canada 横穿加拿大的旅行 After a quiz last autumn, Kuang crossed the continent eastward to Toronto t o visit his schoolmate, the distance measuring approximately 5,000 kilometers, His train started from Vancouver, a city surrounded by mountains. After conf irming his baggage was aboard the train, Kuang settled down in his seat. Havi ng a gift for communication, he started chatting with another passenger within 5 minutes. Their topics included the Canadian traditions, the Prime Minister, th e mixture of races, and the terrifying Great Fall. After a nice buffet at noon, he was pleased to find that the scenery was impressive. He saw beautiful harbou rs in the distance, wealthy urban areas and maple forest that covered thousan ds of acres. He even managed to catch sight of an eagle flying upward over b ushes. Kuang reached Toronto which lies slightly near the border at a misty dawn. There was frost and the broad downtown streets were very quiet. Though it wa s early, Kuang phoned his schoolmate in a booth nearby at once rather than w aiting for him to come. They had a good time together. 去年秋天的一次考试后,光向东横穿整个大陆,来到多伦多探望他的同学, 这次旅行的距离测量起来大约有五千多公里。 他的火车从群山围绕的温哥华启程。 在证实了自己的行李都在火车上之后, 光 就在座位上安坐下来。 因为在与人交流方面有天赋, 他在 5 分钟内就和另一个乘 客聊起天来。他们的话题包括加拿大的传统、加拿大的总理、种族的混合,还有 让人心惊胆战的大瀑布。 中午吃了一顿美味的自助餐后,他很高兴发现外面的风 景非常让人印象深刻。他看见了远处美丽的海港、富裕的市区,还有延绵几千亩 的枫树林,他甚至还设法看见了一只在灌木丛上空翱翔的鹰。 光在一个薄雾笼罩的黎明到达稍稍接近边境的多伦多, 地上有霜, 宽阔的市区 街道很安静。尽管还很早,光却不愿等待,立刻就在附近电话亭给同学打了个电 话。他们在一起度过了美好的时光。 16.A Woman Doctor-Lina

Unit1 A Woman Doctor——Lina 女医生丽娜 Born in a pigs’ nest, Lina led a poor life in her childhood. She was looked down upon by the children of her generation. But she intended to become a do ctor after she came across Lin Qiaozhi by chance, who was delivering medical courses to an audience crowding around her. Before moving off, Lin inspired her to carry on her study. With Lin’s support, Lina entered an institute and stud ied hard sparing no time for entertainment. Her being outspoken and modest won respect for her. Her excellent arguing skills and observation ability put oth ers into the shade. Now, Lina has become a specialist in human beings’ emergency sickness. Her kindness and considerate behavior to the poor were well known. The orga nization she founded carried out campaigns and welfare projects to help cut th e death rate for the poor. Her job was hard but worthwhile. She often refers to the connection between her achievement and Lin Qiaozhi, and says that her p oor childhood is the bond between her and the poor. 丽娜出生在猪圈里,童年过着贫穷的生活,被和她同辈的孩子看不起。但是在 她偶然遇见了林巧芝之后却打定注意想要成为一名医生, 当时林巧芝正在给拥挤 在她身边的观众传授医疗课程,在离开之前,林巧芝鼓舞她继续坚持学习。在林 的支持下,丽娜进入了一所学院。她努力学习,毫不浪费时间玩闹娱乐。她的坦 诚和谦虚为她赢得了尊敬,她优秀的辩论技巧和观察能力使其他的人都黯然失 色。 现在, 丽娜已经成为一名人类紧急病症专家。 她对穷人的好心和考虑周到的一 举一动都众所周知,她建立的组织开展各种活动和福利项目来为穷人减少死亡 率。她的工作艰苦却很值得。她常常提到她的成就和林巧芝之间的联系,还总是 说她贫穷的童年就是她与穷人之间的纽带。 unit2 A New Farming Way 新的耕种方式 Tuan was a farmer in Vietnam. For decades, he had been struggling to rid his family of hunger. However, it always confused him how to expand the output o f his crops. This disturbing problem led to his regretting being a farmer. He wo uld rather have chosen another job. One day, when skimming through a newspaper, Tuan read a comment on Y uan Longpin. He underlined Yuan’s nationality and occupation, and then focus ed on his discovery and the statistics of his research. He found the knowledge Yuan circulated very practical. Therefore, he made a summary and began to b uild up a new farming method. He planted super grain of rich nutrition and equ ipped himself to keep his crops roots free from bacteria and pests. He also enr iched minerals in the soil while reducing chemical fertilizers. Though it cost hi m more time and freedom, he was full of hope. The next year, Tuan was sunburnt but satisfied with his production very mu ch. Thanks to Yuan Longpin, he not only won the battle against hunger, but he

could also export his crops abroad. 俊是一名越南的农民,几十年来,他都一直在努力使家人摆脱饥饿。然而, 如何扩大他的农作物产量这一问题却一直在困扰着他。 这个恼人的问题导致了他 后悔当一名农民,而宁愿自己当初选择其它的工作。 一天,俊在浏览报纸的时候,读到一篇关于袁隆平的评论。他在袁的国籍和职 业下面划了线, 然后将焦点集中在他的发现和研究数据上。他发现袁传播的知识 非常实用,因此,他做了摘要,并开始建立一种新的耕作方式。他种植营养丰富 的超级谷物, 添置设备以使作物的根部免受细菌害虫的伤害;他还增加土壤所含 的矿物质,同时减少化学肥料的使用。尽管耗费了他更多的时间和自由,他却充 满着希望。 第二年,俊被晒黑了,但是却对自己的生产非常满意。多亏了袁隆平,他不仅 赢得了对抗饥饿的战斗,而且还将自己的作物出口到国外呢。 unit3 Chaplin-A Great Master of Humour 幽默大师卓别林 Chaplin was an extraordinary performer who starred in and directed many out standing comedies. Few were bored watching his moustache, his gestures or his entertaining reactions when chased by detectives. Being drunk, sliding on a banana skin or whispering his own failures to nobody, he made us feel more content with our life without any verbal explanation. His particular sense of hu mor has astonished everybody throughout the world up to now. In a small budget film, he played a badly-off and homeless person wearing worn-out shoes and messy clothes. On one occasion, he was trapped by a sn owstorm in a vast mountainous area. Though he overcame many difficulties, h e wasn’t fortunate enough. With all the porridge eaten up, he picked out a sho e and boiled it to eat. He cut off the leather bottom and chewed it like a pancak e. According to an actress, his acting was so convincing and amusing that eve rybody couldn’t help bursting into laughter. 卓别林是一名非凡的演员, 他主演并导演了多部杰出的喜剧。 看见他可笑的小 胡子、滑稽的手势动作,还有面对警探的追捕时有趣的反应,很少有人会觉得厌 烦。喝醉酒啦,踩到香蕉皮滑倒啦,或者自言自语(低语)自己的糗事啦,他无 需任何语言解释的表演总是使我们对自己的生活感到更加满意。 他独特的幽默感 直到现在依然使世界各地的人们都感到惊讶。 在一部小预算的电影里, 他穿着磨破的鞋子和脏兮兮的衣服, 扮演了一名贫穷 又无家可归的人。在一幕场景中,他被一场暴风雪困在一片多山的区里。尽管他 克服了许多困难,但是他还是运气不好的。粥都吃完了,他只好挑出一只鞋子煮 来吃。他切下皮革的鞋底,像烙饼一样地咀嚼起来。据一名女演员所说,他的表 演是如此地令人信服而又逗人发笑的,以致在场的所有人都忍不住大笑起来。 unit4.A Misunderstanding 一场误会 In general, spoken statements are the major way of communication, but body l anguage and facial expressions also have such kinds of function. For example

, yawning means being not interested and turning one’s back to someone or s winging your fist shows your anger. But what those gestures really mean is su bjective in different cultures. Thus, misunderstandings happen now and then i n today’s world of cultural crossroads. Once, representing the Adults’ Education Association, I went to the airport to meet an official of high rank from Columbia and take him to his dormitory and t hen to the canteen. After the flight arrived, I saw a man looking around curious ly. So I approached to greet him. He suddenly dashed to hug me and kissed m e on both cheeks. As a young girl, I felt truly embarrassed and put up my hand s to defend myself. His false smile told me that he had lost face. Later, I received a cassette from him, in which he recorded his apology. On he aring that Columbians were more likely to kiss others, I soon felt at ease. 通常说来, 口头表达是人们交流的主要方法,但是肢体语言和面部表情也有这种 功能。例如,打哈欠意味着不感兴趣,背对别人或向其挥舞拳头表达的是愤怒。 但是在不同的文化中那些手势表达的真正意思是很主观的。由此,误会就时不时 地发生在今天这个文化交叉碰撞的世界里。 有一回, 我代表成人教育协会到机场去接一位从哥伦比亚来的高级官员,我得带 他到宿舍和食堂。当他的航班到达时,我看见一名男子好奇地东张西望,于是走 上前去和他打招呼。他突然猛冲过来拥抱我,还亲了我的脸颊。还是个年轻姑娘 的我感到真尴尬, 不由自主举起手来保护自己。 他的假笑告诉我他感到丢了面子。 后来,我收到他送来的一盒磁带,里面录了他的道歉。当听到这只是因为哥伦比 亚人更倾向于见面时互相亲吻时,我很快就感到轻松安心了。 unit5.A Unique Theme Park 独一无二的主题公园 As soon as our shuttle got close to the theme park by the freeway, everyone c ame to life and put on cloth sneakers in advance for an outing. Our translator paid for the admission, and we started enjoying the various attractions in the s unlight. According to the travel brochure, this unique park is famous for its well preserv ed minority culture. We experienced many deeds of the early settlers, such as swinging across rivers, hunting creatures in the jungle, or taking part in swords fighting tournaments. This park is also famous for its wooden souvenirs. Whichever we bought in t he central shop was made of wood, and wherever we went we could see mino rity carpenters working. They made wooden tools, wooden cartoon figures, wo oden athletic products and so on. They even built a huge wooden engine with a length of 20 metres, which was modeled after a real one. This theme park is really a fantasy amusement park. No wonder it has beco me the brand of local tourism. 我们走高速公路的来往穿梭巴士一接近主题公园,大家都活跃了起来,并且 提前穿上了布鞋,做好这趟外出旅游的准备。翻译付了入场费后,我们就开始在 阳光下欣赏各种各样吸引人的东西。 根据旅行手册的介绍, 这个独一无二的公园因其得到良好保护的少数名族文化

而闻名。我们体验了许多早期定居者所做的事,如荡过河啦,在丛林中猎杀动物 啦,或者参加剑术比赛啦等等。 这个公园还因为它的木制纪念品而闻名,我们在中心商场购买的任何一件物 品,都是用木头制作的,无论我们走到哪里,都可以看见少数名族的木匠们在忙 碌。 他们制作的有木制工具、 木制的卡通人物、 木制的运动用的产品, 等等等等。 他们甚至还根据一台真实发动机仿造了一台长度有 20 米的木制发动机。 这个主题公园真是个充满幻想的娱乐公园, 怪不得它成为当地旅游业的一个品 牌。 unit1A Strange Disease 奇怪的疾病 When the construction of the firework factory came to the stage of painting, a pump was put in. Then, all the painters in the neighbourhood were defeated b y a severe disease whose characteristic was alike to that of a bad burn. An expert physician was instructed to attend to the victims and handle this cas e. He was enthusiastic, but he didn’t foresee that it was a hard challenge. After simple enquiry, he announced that the polluted paint was to blame. But witho ut positive evidence, people suspected and rejected his view, saying the theor y he put forward made no sense. Being much more strict with himself, he contr ibuted himself to the case. Apart from making enquiries, he made detailed cha rts and analysed the data cautiously. Finally, he drew a scientific conclusion, li nking the disease to the radium in the pump. Exposed to radium, a kind of radi oactive material in the universe, people absorbed radiation and got sick imme diately. Spinning the pump backward, he took away the radium. This simple movemen t cured all the victims. 当那座烟花工厂的建设到了油漆阶段时,一个水泵被安装进来,接着,在它附近 的油漆 工都得了一种严重的疾病(疾病击败油漆工),其特征与烧伤相似。 一位经验丰富的内科医生被指定去照顾受害者并负责处理这一案例。 他热情地投 入到工作中,但是却没有预见到这是一次艰难的挑战。在简单的询问后,他就宣 布说罪魁祸首是受污染的油漆(油漆应受责备)。但是没有确实的证据,人们很 怀疑并拒绝他的观点, 大家都说他提出的理论毫无道理。 他对自己要求更加严格, 全身心地投入。 除了询问, 他还制作了详细的图表, 谨慎地分析各项数据, 最后, 他终于得出了一个科学的结论, 把疾病和水泵中的镭联系起来。镭是宇宙中的一 种放射性物质,当暴露在镭的辐射中时,人体吸收其射线,立刻染上疾病。 他把水泵向后旋转,拿走了里面的镭,这个简单的动作治愈了所有的受害者。 unit2.Sightseeing in the United Kingdom 观光联合王国 After the wedding, my cousin and his wife went to the United Kingdom for nati onwide sightseeing. He faxed a letter to me in English yesterday. To my deligh t, he no longer made any tense error. And his description roughly clarified my

questions about the UK--its currency, its administration, the institution which di vides it into four provinces, and the historical conflicts and quarrels when Sout hern Ireland broke away from the UK. Unwilling to leave out any attraction, my cousin arranged his enjoyable journe y carefully. One attractive place he visited was a castle in the countryside of Scotland, which lies near a port. It used to be the headquarters of the Communism Union but broke down during the war. Finding nothing could take the place of this splendid architecture, people accomplished rebuilding it in 19 52. It was to their credit that all furnished rooms are consistent with what they used to be. My cousin was thrilled by its collections consisting of statues Plus royal uniforms folded in glass tanks. Though there was no possibility to buy so me of these exhibits, it was convenient to take photos, which he sent me along with his fax. 我的表弟和他妻子在举办了婚礼后到联合王国做全国旅游观光去了。 他昨天传真 了一封英文信给我,让我高兴的是,他再也不犯时态错误了,而且他的描述也粗 略地向我阐明了关于英国的一些问题——它的货币啦,行政管理啦,把它分成四 个行政区的制度啦, 还有在南爱尔兰脱离联合王国时发生的一些历史上的冲突和 争拗。 因为不愿意漏掉任何一个景点, 我表弟仔细地安排了他愉快的旅程。他参观的其 中一个吸引人的地方是苏格兰乡村的一个城堡。城堡靠近一座港口,曾经是共产 主义联盟会的总部, 但是在战争中倒塌了。人们发现没有任何东西可以取代这座 辉煌的建筑,于是在 1952 年完成了重建。值得赞扬的是,所有配备家具的房间 都和它们过去一致的。 由雕像加折叠在玻璃柜里的皇家制服组成的收藏品使我表 弟震撼不已。尽管没有可能购买这些展览品,拍照却很方便,他在传真中一起发 给了我。 23.An Air Crash 飞机失事 I was a previous typist in a post office. Because I couldn’t tolerate typing any more postage bills or postcodes on a typewriter every day, I resigned. With a g reedy motivation of making big money, I took up working as a business repres entative for the G.E Ecology Company, which produced goods by recycling us eful materials from our dustbins. My new job left me good impressions in man y aspects except that the working timetable was full of traveling by jets. Once, when speeding up, our jet was swallowed by a thunderstorm, which d estroyed our GPS receiver and made us lose sight of the directions. A constan tly flashing light showed that our jet was in danger. A steward instantly asked us to put on masks and fasten the safety belts, and then pressed a button to s witch on the escaping capsule. It slid sideways out of the opening at once and landed in a desert area safely. Lacking food and tablets, we were nervous and uncertain at first. But we all kept optimistic and made good adjustment to the situation. We swept up the surrounding mud to make our settlement and were back on our feet soon. Finally, guided by the smoke of our crashing jet, some l

ocal citizens came by carriages and saved us. 我以前是一家邮局的打字员, 因为忍受够了每天在打字机上打邮资账单或邮政编 码,我辞了职。带着想挣大钱的贪婪动机,我开始给一家叫 G.E 生态公司的企 业当商务代表, 这家公司通过回收我们垃圾箱里的有用材料生产商品。我的新工 作在多方面都给了我很好的印象, 除了一点: 乘飞机旅行挤满了我的工作时间表。 有一次,我们的喷气飞机在加速时被一场雷暴吞没,不仅损坏了 GPS 信号接收 器,还使我们看不见方向。一盏持续闪亮的灯说明我们的飞机正处在危险中。一 名乘务员立刻让我们戴上面罩、系牢安全带,接着按下一枚按钮 打开逃生仓电 源,逃生仓马上侧着滑出出口,安全降落在一片荒凉的地区。因为缺少食品和药 品,我们一开始都又紧张又心里没底,但是我们都保持乐观,做好调整适应这一 新境况。我们打扫干净周围的泥土,安顿下来,很快就恢复过来。最后,在我们 坠机烟雾的指引下,一些当地的居民搭乘马车到来,我们都获救了。 24.An Amateur Journalist 业余记者 Jane is a housewife, but delighted to work as an amateur journalist. It is a dile mma for her to rush between family and work, and it is also unusual for the Ne ws Department to depend on an amateur to cover crimes. But Jane is really gif ted. It is admirable that she is seldom accused of making mistakes. And, eage r to become more professional, she concentrates on her job and updates hers elf now and then. Once she is informed of a new case, her normal working process is as follows: first, she makes appointments with guilty people for interviews. So as to acqui re accurate stories, she usually demands to record what they say. Meanwhile, a technically good colleague will assist her in taking photographs. Second, sh e assesses whether they are deliberately hiding the truth. If she is skeptical ab out their words, she will look into the case herself. Third, she writes thorough s tories ahead of the deadline and submits it to the senior chief editor, who polis hes and approves every section. Finally, her stories will be published in differe nt editions of their magazine. 简是一名家庭主妇, 但却非常乐意做一名业余记者。在家和工作之间奔波总是使 她左右为难, 而且对于新闻部来说,依靠一名业余人员来报道罪案也是不同寻常 的,但是简真的很有天赋,让人钦佩的是她极少因为犯错而受到责备。因为渴望 做得更加专业,她全神贯注于工作,且时不时地就提升自身的业务水平。 一旦接到新案子的通知,她通常的工作程序如下:首先,她和有罪的人约了作采 访。为了获得准确的新闻,她通常要求做录音,同时,一位技术上好的同事会协 助她拍照;接着,她对受采访的人是否有故意隐瞒真相作出评估。如果她怀疑他 们的话,就会亲自调查案件;然后,她在截稿期限前写出详尽的报道,呈交给高 级主编,由他对每个部分做润色和批准;最后,她的新闻就发表在杂志的各个版 本中了。 25.First Aid 急救

A boy fell ill. His organs were damaged by the radiation of an infrared ray stov e. But before the ambulance arrived, a number of other injuries happened to t his unlucky boy over and over again. First, he was choked by some poisonous liquid from the kettle on the cupboard. Then his wrist skin was burnt by electri c shock. Finally, his ankle was cut by a pan. Fortunately, the boy’s nurse gave him proper temporary treatments according to his complex symptoms. She mildly squeezed the poisonous liquid out of his throat and put bandages firmly in place to apply pressure to the ankle wound t o stop bleeding. As for the burn, she used scissors to remove his sleeve, pour ed a basin of cold water over the burn to cool it and put her hands on a damp blouse to cover his swollen tissue tightly. She also inspired his bravery to fight against the unbearable pain. Her first aid made a vital difference in saving his l ife. A ceremony was held to honour the nurse who overcame a variety of barri ers to save the boy. 有个孩子病倒了, 他的体内器官被一台红外线烤炉的放射线灼伤了。但是在救护 车到来前,这个不幸的孩子身上还一而再、再而三地发生了许多别的伤害。开始 是被橱柜上水壶里的有毒液体噎住,然后是手腕的皮肤被电击烧伤,最后,一只 平底锅还割伤了他的脚踝。 幸运的是, 男孩的保姆根据他的复杂症状给予了适当的临时治疗。她轻轻地从他 喉咙里把有毒液体挤了出来; 并在脚踝合适的位置紧紧扎上绷带,施加压力使伤 口的流血止住;对于烧伤,她用剪刀剪去他的袖子,倒了一盆凉水给烧伤位置降 温,并找来一件湿的女式衬衫紧紧盖住他肿胀的皮肤组织。此外,她还激发起他 的勇敢和难以忍受的疼痛做斗争。她的急救在挽救他性命中起了至关重要的作 用。人们举办了一场典礼来表彰这位克服各种障碍挽救了男孩的小保姆。

26.Abstract Art 抽象艺术 Abstract art used to be controversial. On one hand, the artists stopped paintin g delicate figures but attempted to adopt special techniques to give people diff erent visual impacts. On the other hand, their works, including sculptures carv ed out of marble or fragile clay, were all with a specific aim of showing feelings . Some conventional scholars who were allergic to abstract art said it was evid ently ridiculous and neither art nor geometry. Their Traditional Art Committee predicted its soon disappearing. But nowadays, abstract art has become part of the permanent possessions of contemporary civilization. Galleries along the Madison Avenue give scores of superb exhibitions on typical abstract works, appealing to many who have a pr eference for abstract art. The Shadow of Egypt, a café in this district, has beco me the home to those aggressive abstract artists. Consequently, it is not a coi ncidence for you to meet one of these artists of great reputation in the flesh. T hey are asked for signatures and given bunches of fragrant flowers plus they a re given a great deal of praise by their faithful fans.

抽象艺术曾经颇受争议,一方面,抽象艺术家们不再画精致的画像,而是试图采 用特别的技巧给人们以不同的视觉冲击;另一方面,他们的作品,包括用大理石 和易碎的粘土雕刻出来的雕像, 都以表达感情为其明确的目的。有些对抽象艺术 反感的传统学者说抽象艺术是极其明显地荒谬可笑,说它既不是艺术,又不是几 何学,他们的传统艺术委员会还预言了它的迅速消失。 但是到了今天, 抽象艺术已经成为当代文明永久财产的一部分,麦蒂逊大道的画 廊为典型的抽象艺术作品举办了许多出色的展览, 吸引了许多对抽象艺术有偏爱 的人。 这区有家叫埃及之影的咖啡馆已经成为那些有进取精神的抽象艺术家们活 动的根据地,所以,亲眼见到一位名声极大的艺术家本人并不是什么巧合的事, 他们被忠实的崇拜者索取签名,并被给予成束的芬芳花朵和大量的赞扬。 27.A Russian Poem 俄国童谣 Since childhood, Anton had often recited poems, accompanied by pianists and violinists, at wedding ceremonies before brides and bridegrooms exchanged r ings. Gradually, he found writing poems the most appropriate way to convey hi s joy and sorrow. When his poem Contradictory Blank won him a national cha mpionship and a scholarship to the Moscow University from a sponsor, he wa s just an unknown librarian. After getting his diploma, he devoted his life to writ ing poems. Using concrete but flexible language and the minimum of words is his style. He tried out different patterns and preferred nursery rhyme in particul ar. The following is a translation of one of his works made up of 3 sections: Little sparrow with heavy load,Ran out of energy and very cold;No compass a nd all sweat salty,Can you go through the endless darkness?Little balloon let out by the thread,Flew over cottages and was very glad;With warmth transfor med from sunlight,He said he could forever fly;Take it easy, little balloon;Don’t tease the sparrow with his wound;On the bare branch and have a rest;This di amond heart will eventually get success. 从童年时起, 安东就常常在钢琴师或小提琴师的伴奏下在婚礼上朗诵诗歌,为新 郎新娘交换戒指前的仪式助兴。 渐渐地,他发现写诗是表达他的欢乐和悲伤的最 合适方式。在他还是个寂寞无闻的图书管理员时,他的诗《矛盾的空白》就获得 了全国诗歌创作冠军, 并为他赢得一位赞助人提供的奖学金, 到莫斯科大学深造。 获得文凭后, 他将一生都投入到诗歌创作中。使用具体而灵活的语言和最少的词 语数量是他的风格,他还喜欢尝试不同的诗歌形式,特别是童谣。下面由三部分 组成的译文就是他的作品中的一首: 小麻雀,负重担, 小气球,脱绳系, 别紧张,小气球 筋疲力尽挡风寒, 飞越农舍真高兴, 别笑麻雀伤口留, 汗水成盐无指引, 阳光给予它温暖, 光光的树梢歇片刻, 能否穿越无边暗? 永远高飞不费力; 恒(钻石)心终把成功求。 28.Let’s Help Adolescents 帮助青少年 Whether they are male or female, adolescents feel like deciding on everything themselves in spite of parents’ instruction, especially when they face problems like sex, mental stress, etc., which make them feel ashamed and embarrasse

d. Thus they often automatically get into troubles due to their imperfect compr ehension and judgement. Some are addicted to cigarettes, only several packe ts of which will hurt their lungs and make them breathless quickly. Others can’t quit drinking alcohol, whose harmful effects include causing young pregnant women to abort or give birth to abnormal babies. The worst is drug abuse, for t he withdrawal is tough once their bodies are accustomed to the drugs. Meanw hile, those who share needles bought from illegal chemists are at great risk of being infected with desperate AIDS. If so, neither injecting nor taking pills can guarantee their survival. However, don’t be disappointed at or have prejudice against our children so e asily. After all, being awkward is an appendix of youth. As long as we strength en communication with them instead of only banning this or banning that, we will surely help them avoid anything unfit. 不论男女,青少年们都喜欢不顾家长的指导,自己对一切作决定,特别是当他们 面对如性、心理压力等等一些使他们觉得羞愧和尴尬的问题时更是如此。因此, 由于他们理解力和判断力的不足,他们常常会无意识地陷入困境中。有的对香烟 上瘾,只要几包就会对他们的肺造成损害,使他们很容易就气喘吁吁;有的没法 戒除酒精带来的不良后果,包括造成年轻的怀孕女性流产或生下不正常的婴儿; 最糟糕的是滥用毒品, 因为一旦他们的身体对毒品习惯了,要想戒毒就相当困难 了。 同时, 那些共用从非法药剂师处购买的注射器的青少年冒着感染令人绝望的 艾滋病的极大风险, 一旦感染上, 不管是打针还是吃药都没法保证他们的生存了。 然而,请不要轻易就对我们的孩子失望或抱有偏见,毕竟,不成熟是年轻的必然 附属品。只要我们加强和他们的沟通,而不是仅仅禁止这样,不准那样,我们一 定能帮助他们避开不健康的东西。 29.Refresh Our Environment 恢复环境生机 As the director stated on behalf of his researching group, the data of this grap h makes a clear presentation of the future environmental tendency. On one ha nd, the quantity of fuel keeps on decreasing by 9% per year while the growth o f a wide range of pollution has been a global trend. On the other hand, the mil dly but steadily going up of the average temperature is resulting in catastrophe s like widespread floods. Without disagreement, they subscribe to the view tha t it is humans’ existence and their randomly consuming energy that result in thi s phenomenon. Many people have a commitment that developing nuclear power or energy fro m outer space will stop bad consequences coming about. However, scientists and educators are opposed to this view even if our needs may be met on the whole. They tend to advocate refreshing our circumstances by saving energy and recycling waste. It is suggested that we use energy-saving appliances suc h as electrical motors, microwaves and so on and not be casual about little thi ngs like recycling a can. So please glance around and see what you can do. S o long as everybody makes contribution, we will not have to put up with this pr

oblem anymore. 正如那位主任代表他的研究小组所说明的那样, 这张图表的数据清楚地描述了未 来环境的趋势:一方面,燃料的数量以每年 9%的速度持续减少,同时,大范围 污染的增长已经成为一种全球趋势;另一反面,平均气温轻微却稳定地升高正在 造成像广泛的洪涝那样的灾难。 无不同意地,他们一致赞成是人类的存在和任意 的消耗能源才造成了这一现象。 许多人都信奉开发核能和外太空能源会防止糟糕的后果发生的理论,然而,即使 这样可以基本上满足我们的需要,科学家和教育家们仍然反对这一观点。他们更 倾向于拥护用节省能源和回收废料的方法恢复环境生机, 并建议我们要使用节省 能源的器具,如电力发动机、微波炉等,还建议我们不要对如回收罐子这种小事 漫不经心。因此,看看你身边是否有你能做的事,只要每个人都作出贡献,我们 就不必再忍受这个问题的困扰了。 30.A Volcano Eruption 火山爆发 As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons or th understorms. Sometimes I did this by giving out questionnaires to those who went through them. But sometimes I had to go through actual disasters myself . The Musaki Volcano was one of them. At that time, I lived in a bungalow alongside the volcano with a novelist, who c ame for the appreciation of its eruption. One day, when I was drawing diagram s on the balcony and he was bathing inside, the volcano erupted unexpectedly . The ash and lava fountains shooting highly in the sky varied from 50 to 100 meters in height. It was absolutely fantastic! I even noticed a rainbow appear i n the fog caused by a heat wave. But, glancing through our surroundings, I foresaw the potential danger and fou nd no guarantee of our safety. The uncomfortable gas almost made us uncons cious. Sweats of anxiety began to drop. Managing to stop panicking and tremb ling, we quickly put on our protective suits, helmets and boots and eventually made our way to a safe place. How lucky we were even though my precious e quipment and documents were all burnt to the ground! 作为最好的候选人, 我被委派为一个数据库收集和评估各种自然灾害的信息,例 如飓风、 台风或雷暴等。 有时我通过向经历过这些灾害的人分发调查问卷来收集 信息,有时却得亲自经历实际的灾害。Musaki 火山就是其中之一。 那时, 我和一名来欣赏火山爆发的小说家同住在火山边上的一座平房里。 有一天, 当我正在阳台上画图表而他在屋里洗澡时,火山突然爆发了,喷射到天空中的火 山灰和岩浆喷泉从 50 米到 100 米不等,这一情景绝对地奇异,我甚至还注意到 一条彩虹出现在热浪造成的雾里。 然而,我向四周看了一下,马上预见到了潜在的危险,也发现了我们的安全毫无 保障。令人不舒服的气体几乎使我们失去知觉,忧虑的汗水开始流淌下来。我们 努力使自己不要惊慌和颤抖,迅速穿上保护套装、头盔和靴子,最后成功前往安 全的地方。尽管我珍贵的设备和文件都烧得精光,但是我们真的非常幸运。 31.Defeat Disability 战胜残疾 Yang’s ambition was to get an architect certificate or become a bowling maste

r. But when he was conducting experiments with a microscope in the baseme nt, a tank on the bench exploded, sending him flying outwards through the exit . He was out of breath while knowing he lost his eyesight as well as 70% of his hearing. In other words, he was disabled. 阳的雄心是,要么获得一张建筑师证 书,要么成为一名保龄球高手。但是在地下室里的显微镜下进行试验时,放在长 凳上的一只大桶突然爆炸, 把他从出口处炸飞了出去。 当知道自己除了失去 70% 的听力之外,还失去了视力时,他完全喘不过气来。换句话说,他残疾了。 Feeling clumsy, he was annoyed at first though nobody made fun of him. He c ut out going outdoors and just sat around at home talking to his parrot or tortoi se silently. His sister resigned to help him in many ways. Her assistance and e ncouragement were so beneficial to his psychology that he adapted to his disa bility soon and became outgoing again. In a college accessible to him, he stud ied politics and literature. He always sat in the front row near the entry without any absence and, with the help of his handy laptop, he studied well by means of dictation. His thesis, Abolishing Slavery, met with all professors’ approval. A fter class, he and his companions often played drum music, which was noisy b ut suitable for his hearing. After graduation, he made high profits by designing software for a firm. All in all, in his community, he won his dignity and people’s congratulations. He always wished all the best to his disabled fellows and encouraged them, ―Never mind! All you have is adequate to get your achievement.‖ 最初,尽管没人取笑他,他还是非常气恼于自己的笨拙。他取消了外出,总是在 家里闲坐,和他的鹦鹉和乌龟默默相对。他的姐姐辞了职,用许多方式帮助他。 她的帮助和鼓励对他的心理是如此地有益,以致他很快就适应了自己的残疾,再 次变得外向起来。 他在一所接受他就读的学校里学习政治和文学,总是坐在靠近 入口的前排,从不缺席。在他轻便好用的手提电脑的帮助下,他用听写的方式学 习得很好。他的论文《废除奴隶制》受到所有教授的一致认可。课后,他和伙伴 们还常常演奏大声却适合他听觉的鼓乐。毕业后,他通过设计软件为一家公司获 得很高的利润。总之,在他的社区里,他赢得了自己的尊严和人们的祝贺。他一 直都把所有最好祝愿给予他残疾的同伴,并鼓励他们:―没关系,你拥有的一切 一定足够你取得自己的成就!‖ 32.Happy Marriage Needs Fighting For 幸福的婚姻需要争取 As a talented navy officer, he was bound to be busy. When his wife rang him u p to declare her divorce alarm, he was still scanning a digital counter to check the data so as to give an assessment of the theoretical framework for a bioche mical weapon. His junior staff’s sympathy made him feel embarrassed. His wife was a part-time clerk. With his high bonus, she lived in a grand house with elegant cushions and bedding. Her favour was reading stars’ biographies or absurd fictions with endless chapters in her armchair. People envied her lei sure life very much. But in fact, she was tired of being left alone. She sent ema ils to his mailbox every week to state her thinking and ask for his accompanim ent, but never received reply of satisfaction. Tired of his explanation that he m ust obey the orders, she filed for divorce.

Because he desired to get their holy affection back, he set other affairs aside. He trimmed his fingernails short and changed his overweight figure as well as his awful haircut. He wore an apron to prepare delicious cuisine for her. He als o bought her a necklace and piles of flowers hoping that their receiver could tu rn around. After being tested out for 3 months in all, he eventually succeeded. 作为一名才华出众的海军军官, 他注定是要忙碌的。当他的妻子打来电话宣布和 他离婚的警告时, 他还在查看一台数码计数器核对数据,以对一种生物化学武器 的理论框架做出评估。他的下级职员表现出的同情使他很尴尬。 他的妻子是一位非全日性工作的职员,有了他的高津贴,她住在一所装饰有优雅 垫子和寝具的富丽堂皇的屋子里。 她的爱好是坐在扶手椅上读读明星们的传记或 一些有没完没了章节的荒谬小说。别人都很妒忌她安逸的生活,但是实际上,她 厌透了被独自丢下。 她每周都给他的邮箱发电子邮件陈述她的想法,要求他的陪 伴, 但却从未收到满意答复。 受够了他总是必须服从命令的解释, 她提出了离婚。 因为渴望重新获得这份神圣的爱,他把别的事务都放在一边。他剪短了指甲,改 变了超重的身材和糟糕的发型, 还穿上围裙为她做可口的菜肴,他甚至还给她买 了项链和成堆的鲜花,希望它们的接受者能够回心转意。 在被考验了总共 3 个月后,他最终成功了。

33.Mark and a Seal 马克和海豹 Mark rented an accommodation with his pension near the shore. He paid annu al visits there to enjoy the vivid beauty in the depths of the pure sea. Once, with his underwater telescope and flashlight, Mark dived along the boun dary between the steep reef and the area of seaweed conservation. Suddenly, an awesome Antarctic seal with sharp teeth appeared opposite him. Every cel l in his body was scared to death. But soon, he was aware that he wasn’t the t arget of an attack. With a neat wound in its lip caused by a shark, this grey se al was washed upside down by the tides time after time. But it tried to jog Mark as if to urge him to help it. So Mark abandoned fleeing away. With its teamwo rk, Mark used a net to drag the seal to the shallow water. Without pausing he helped it out after a simple operation and settled it in a narrow cave by the sea side. Every time he brought it tasty fish, it would yell and suck his hands happil y. Witnesses said their anecdotes reflected a magic dimension of the relations hip between humans and animals. 马克用他的退休金在海岸边租了一间住所, 每年都去那儿欣赏纯净的大海深处那 生动的美丽。 有一次, 马克带着他的水下望远镜和手电筒,潜到陡峭的暗礁和海草保护区间的 分界线。突然,一只长着尖利牙齿、使人畏惧的南极海豹出现在他对面。马克吓 坏了,但是很快,他就意识到,他不是攻击的目标。这只灰色海豹的唇上有道鲨 鱼咬出的整齐伤口,还时不时地被潮水冲得头上脚下。尽管如此,它却总是努力 轻轻碰撞马克,似乎在催促他帮助它。于是马克放弃了逃跑。在这只海豹的合作 下,马克用一张网把它拖到浅水区,并毫不停歇给它动了一个简单的手术,帮助

它解决了问题, 然后将它安置在海边一个狭窄的洞里。每次当马克给它带来鲜美 可口的鱼时,它就会高兴地大声叫唤,还吮吸他的手。目击者都说他们的轶事映 射出人与动物关系中奇妙的一个方面。

34.Helping the Remote Village 援助山村 A year ago, the famous astronaut received an invitation by airmail from a remo te village. Intending to sniff some fresh air, he and his interpreter paid a fortnig ht visit there. It was a privilege for them to be there, but they were shocked by what they saw. The tracks were muddy. The river was drying up. Most villager s only possessed one broom, a few tins and several jars and their rectangular grass huts with round angles were surrounded by weeds. Besides, their schoo l had no roof and platform, and the students had no concept of clicking a comp uter at all. They were badly in need. Soon, the astronaut made a generous voluntary donation to the village. There were textbooks for students, sewing machines for tailors and tractors for farme rs. His distribution catalogue also included operating a clinic and a trunk librar y, as well as giving weekly lessons to teach relevant farming knowledge like h ow to dry out seeds or raise oxen. He himself not only helped do some paperw ork but also purchased grills for boys to toast potatoes and combs for girls wh o were dying to get one. The other day, he heard from the villagers again inviti ng him to participate in the donation anniversary. For political and security rea sons, he couldn’t adjust his outgoing arrangement-otherwise he would go. But his deeds were remembered forever. 一年前,那位著名的宇航员收到一份由一个偏远村庄通过航空邮件寄来的邀请。 因为想要呼吸一下新鲜空气, 他和翻译到那儿做了一次两周的访问。当地之行使 他们倍感荣幸,但却震惊于所见所闻。泥泞的道路、河流干枯,大部分的村民拥 有的财产只不过是一只扫帚、 几个瓶瓶罐罐而已,圆角的矩形草屋四周长满了杂 草,学校也没有屋顶和讲台,学生们更对点击操作电脑毫无概念。他们生活确实 相当困难。 很快,宇航员就向村庄做了慷慨的自愿捐赠。捐赠品中有给学生的课本,给裁缝 的缝纫机, 还有给农民的拖拉机。捐赠金的分配目录中还包括一间诊所和一间书 箱图书馆的运作, 并有传授像怎么使种子干透,或者怎么养牛这种相关农业知识 的每周课程。 他自己不仅亲自帮助做一些文书工作,还给男孩子们购买了烤马铃 薯的烤架、给渴望得到梳子的女孩子们买了梳子。前几天,他又收到了村民们邀 请他参加捐赠周年会的来信。出于政治和安全原因,他无法调整外出时间安排, 否则他就会去了。不过他所做的一切村民们都永远记得。 35.Study in America 留学美国 Nannan’s father runs an enterprise near the Ming Tombs selling batteries and drills to the Daqing Oilfield. Hoping to get the qualification to help govern it, Na nnan made much preparation and then left her motherland with her visa to stu dy in America. Having reached her destination, she settled in an inn recomme nded by the travel agent.

As far as Nannan was concerned, she always kept it up in China. But she had to acknowledge it was not easy to adjust herself to the new academic require ments, which were not parallel with China’s. Though she was occupied with le ctures and seminars day in and day out, the essays she drafted were still contr adicted by her tutors. As for her routine life, she felt that it was hard to fit in, to o. For example, she found English idioms difficult to understand. And it was ou t of the question to eat delicious Chinese foods though many optional cafeteria s served abundant substitutes. In addition, she had to wait in a queue early for the minibus that took her to school and it was usually so cold that she felt nu mb. What bothered her most was that she received no apology when her slee ping was disturbed by a barking dog in a shopkeeper’s cage. Luckily, with her parents comforting her by videophone, she became autonom ous soon and eventually got her bachelor’s degree successfully. 楠楠的父亲在明陵附近经营一家企业,销售电池和钻机到大庆油田。抱着获得相 应资格帮助管理的希望, 楠楠做了大量准备, 然后带着签证离开祖国去美国留学。 抵达目的地后,她在一间旅行代理推荐的旅馆安顿下来。 就楠楠而言,她在国内一直保持着良好的状态,但是在国外,她却不得不承认, 要适应新学院的要求不容易, 它们和国内的要求不相同。尽管她整天都忙着听讲 座、参加研讨会努力学习,她起草的论文还是被导师驳了回来。至于日常生活, 她也感觉难于适应,例如,她发觉英语成语很难理解,而且不可能吃到地道的中 国食品,尽管可选的许多餐馆都有提供丰富的替代品。此外,她还得冒着把人冻 得麻木的寒冷早起排队等小型巴士去学校。最使她烦恼的是,一名店主笼子里的 狗的吠叫闹得她睡不好觉,但却没有任何人向她道歉。 幸运的是,在她父母通过可视电话的安慰下,她很快就锻炼得自主独立起来,并 最终成功获得了学士学位。 36.Immigrate to America 移民美国 Attracted by the boom in America, my nephew teamed up with a Korean to ille gally cross the Bearing Strait in the Arctic to America. To avoid the Customs’ p unishment, they hid in a small ferry called the North Pole Seagull, sitting back to back without sleeping, showering and shaving for 3 days, and had no chanc e to mourn their lost luggage when landing. The hardship of this crossing was apparent. At first, he made a living by means of raising cattle and then was hired in aircr aft industries. He lived in a Catholic district. Taking in a small percentage of P akistani immigrants, the majority of the residents were from Italy and Denmark , who all kept up their customs and cultures. Different blocks here were distinc tly marked out and indicated from the racial angle. It was unfair and needed re forming. But with nowhere else to go, my nephew lived on and managed to ma ke a life for himself. My nephew’s fortune came when he bravely helped a conductor brake a ream to stop it from slipping out of the rails. The man was elected vice chairman of t he Socialist Party later. It occurred to my nephew that he could grasp this opp

ortunity to ask for his help. The man who was thankful helped him apply to the civil authority for the right to live in America by inserting his brave deed into his documents. Unlike a great many other applicants, his application was approv ed by the Federal Justice Ministry. Before long, he started his own bakery and lived a better life. 因为受到美国繁荣的吸引, 我的侄子与一名韩国人合作,从北极的白令海峡偷渡 到美国。为了避开海关的惩处,他们躲在一艘叫―北极海鸥‖的渡轮里,背靠背坐 着,整整 3 天没有睡觉、洗澡和刮胡子,上岸的时候也没有机会心痛他们丢失的 行李,这次横渡的艰辛是显而易见的。 起初,他借助饲养牲畜谋生,后来受雇于飞机制造工业。他住的地方是一个天主 教区,除了包括一小部分(百分比)的巴基斯坦移民,大部分的居民都来自于意 大利和丹麦, 他们都保持着自己的风俗和文化,使这里的街区都从种族的角度清 楚地划出界线, 明确标示。 这很不公平, 极需改革, 但我的侄子没别的地方可去, 只好继续居住下去,想法设法开始新的生活。 我侄子的好运在他勇敢地帮助一名列车员刹停一列电车以防止其滑出轨道时到 来了。 那个人后来被选为社会党的副主席,我侄子就想到应该抓住机会请求他的 帮助。这个人充满感激,立即把我侄子的勇敢事迹插入到申请文件中,帮助我侄 子向美国国内政权当局申请美国居住权。不像别的许多申请人,我侄子的申请很 快被联邦司法部批准了。 不久, 他就开了自己的面包店, 过上了稍好一点的生活。 37.Be Careful about Cloning 谨慎对待克隆 After a series of initial experiments and corrections, the scientist’s hard work p aid off when the twin clone turkeys were hatched with normal feather and claw s. This breakthrough possibly enabled people to bring their adored pets back t o life. However, it bothered him from time to time that their health was in poor condition because they were unable to resist illnesses. This drawback cast hi m down. Merely 2 weeks later, the clones and their carrier died, which struck fr ustration into his heart. He retired before he attained his ambition and became a member of an opera chorus to relieve his depression. Shortly afterwards, the media published a conservative argument objecting to cloning owing to moral problems, and suggested the constitution include comp ulsory regulations to forbid obtaining commercial profits from cloning. When interviewed, the scientist stared at the decorations on the ceiling, thinki ng for a while, and then said, ―I’m not in favour of any arbitrary assumption, bu t undertaking cloning does differ from the straightforward procedure of making loafs out of flour. Until we accumulate enough exact knowledge, any practice i s in vain and is bound to fail. Altogether, being more careful is reasonable or w e may walk into a side road.‖ 在最初一系列的实验和修正之后,科学家的辛苦工作终于取得了成功,一对双生 的克隆火鸡孵化出来, 羽毛和爪子都很正常。这一突破或许能让人们使他们喜爱 的宠物死而复生。然而,使他不时地烦恼的是,因为它们无法抵抗疾病,使得它 们的健康状况极差。这个缺点让他很沮丧。仅仅过了 2 个星期,克隆体和母体都

死亡了,这使他内心里充满了挫折,他也因此在达到自己目标前就退休了,并选 择加入歌剧合唱团来减轻消沉的感觉。 之后不久, 媒体就因为道德问题而发表了反对克隆的保守论点,并且建议宪法应 该包括强制性的法规禁止通过克隆获得商业利益。 当被采访时,科学家盯着天花板上的装饰物思考了一会儿,说:―我不赞成任何 任意的假设, 但是从事克隆与用面粉制作面包的简单过程确实不大相同。在我们 积累了足够的准确知识前,任何实际操作都是徒劳无功的,注定会失败。总而言 之,更加谨慎地对待克隆是合理的,否则我们或许会误入歧途。‖

38.Strange Patent Applications 奇怪的专利申请 I set about working in the current Patent Office after resigning from the court p ersonnel. Competent and dynamic, I never feel passive while diving into the id entifications of whether applications are valid and practical according to the ne w version of the criteria. 从法院人事部辞职后,我开始在现在的专利局工作。我 工作起来既称职又有活力, 在投身于根据新版的申请标准鉴定专利申请,以防他 们无效或不实用时,我从未感觉到消极没劲。 With the expectation of distinguishing their own importance, some people leav e the beaten track and file strange products with us now and then, for example , lantern that can be attached on your forehead, cubic walnuts, refrigerator ma de of straw and glue, perfume that nobody can bear to smell, and so on. 为了 显示与众不同,时不时就有人违反常规,向我们提交一些奇怪的产品申请,例如 固定在前额的信号灯、立方体的胡桃、用稻草和胶水制作的冰箱、没人能受得了 的香水等 Once, a man made a triangle helicopter out of stainless wires and string. He c alled us up and merrily claimed it was stable and convenient to use, and never out of order. I asked him to hang on, but this innocent man just rang off and s et out to fly from his courtyard. I dialed his number in the directory trying to rin g him back, but never got through. 有一次,有个人用不锈钢丝和绳子制作了一 架三角形的直升飞机。他致电给我们,高兴地声称其确实牢固,而且方便使用, 从不发生故障。我请他稍等,但这个天真的人挂了电话就开始从院子里起飞。我 拨打他在电话簿上的号码试图回电给他,却无法接通。 Merciful God blessing, an abrupt freezing rainfall made his powder wet. Luckil y, the trouble was without any extension except that he crashed into a greengr ocer’s making all the ripe fruits become messy jam. When people seized this c razy man with caution and sobered him by tapping his face, he complained ab out the bad weather instead of associating his failure with his unscientific desi gn. 仁慈的上帝保佑, 一场突然降临的冻雨打湿了他的火药,使他造成的麻烦没有扩 大,只是撞入一间水果店,把所有成熟的水果都压成一塌糊涂的果酱。当人们小 心地抓住这个失去理智的人, 轻轻拍打他的脸使他清醒过来时,他还在抱怨糟糕 的坏天气,却没有将他的失败与他不科学的设计联系起来。

39. Pronunciation and Status 口音与身份 An ambassador and a referee were consulting a professor on the caption of a Buddhistic alphabet when a sobbing woman stopped them to sell an antique musical bathtub. Her dirty garment and the handkerchief around her waist wer e badly in need of sending to a laundry. The ambassador uncomfortably gave her a handful of pence from his wallet and said, ―Take this fortune away, troubl esome woman.‖ When her figure faded away, the brilliant professor said, ―You are mistaken an d your improper remark on her should be condemned. In terms of this extraord inary woman, you can’t classify her status by her horrible clothes or disgusting nails. Her clean woolen vest and stockings, especially her classic pronunciati on, all suggested her upper status.‖ The ambassador gave a whistle in amaze ment, and advised making her acquaintance. The professor hesitated for a wh ile, then compromised. The outcome was that she was an authentic superior police officer. When they were shown in her office and saw her once more, she brought them a teapot of tea and some cookies, laughing and saying, ―I rubbed some cream and wax on my garment and passed myself off as a shabby woman among thieves an d robbers to investigate a plot. Generally speaking, your overlooking me and my adaptation are the best help. But my pronunciation seemed to have betray ed me.‖ 一位大使和一位裁判正在就一张佛教符号表的文字说明请教教授,这时,一名哭 哭啼啼的女人把他们拦住, 要卖给他们一个古董音乐澡盆,她肮脏的衣服和腰间 的手帕都急需送到洗衣店清洗。大使很不舒服地从钱包里掏出一把便士说:―把 这大笔钱拿走,麻烦的女人!‖ 等她的身影渐渐远去,那位才华横溢的教授说:―你错了,你对她不适当的评论 语应该受到谴责。 就这个不同寻常的女人来说,你不能根据她糟糕的衣服或令人 恶心的指甲给她的身份地位分类。她干净的羊毛背心和袜子,尤其是她一流的发 音,都暗示着她的上层身份。‖大使惊奇地吹了声口哨,建议去认识她。教授犹 豫了一会儿,最后妥协了。 结果呢,她真的是一位高级警官。当他们被带进她的办公室再次见到她时,她给 他们拿来一壶茶和一些饼干,笑着说:―我把奶油和蜡涂在大衣上假扮成寒酸肮 脏的女人混进在小偷和抢劫犯中间,是为了调查一宗阴谋。通常说来,你们对我 的忽视和我对此的适应就是最好的帮助。但是我的发音似乎暴露了我啊。‖ 40. A Sly Murder 一宗狡猾的谋杀案 When giving a lecture about the significance of punctuation, the academic prof essor was interrupted and arrested by the police for murdering his wife, a rece ptionist of a kindergarten. The police found some photos he deleted from their e-album showing that they used to have a gay life. But, fed up with her wrinkle d face, he murdered her instead of divorcing her to avoid fortune division. He c

ut up a kind of seashell with a sharpened knife, and hammered it into powder on a skateboard, and made at most one gram, which was enough to accelerat e one’s pulse until he or she dies. This kind of poison can date back to 10,000 BC when people rubbed it on spears to kill beasts. The professor mixed the po ison with onion, watermelon and yogurt for his wife. Howling and scratching he r chest, she felt dizzy and died soon. 那位学院的教授在发表关于标点符号重要 意义的演讲时被警察打断了,他因谋杀自己的妻子——一位幼儿园的接待员——而 被逮捕。警察找到了一些被他从电子相册里删除的照片,照片表明,他们曾经有 过快乐的生活,但是,因为厌烦了妻子起皱的脸,他杀死她而不是和她离婚以避 免离婚时的财产分割。 他用一把磨利的小刀切碎一种贝壳,然后在滑板上锤打成 粉末,最多 1 克就足以加速人的脉搏直到其死亡。这种毒药可以追溯到公元前 10,000 年,当时它就被涂抹在长予上杀死野兽。教授把这种毒药混合在洋葱、 西瓜和酸奶里给他的妻子,后者叫喊、抓挠胸口、头晕目眩,很快就死了。 After tentative examination, the police assumed she died of heart disease. But systematic botanical analyses showed that the watermelon spit on the messy mat and the quilt was poisonous.&nbs, p;Regardless of exhaustion and starvation, the acute and skilful policemen us ed radioactive equipment to make sure the category of the poison. Primitive a nd not ample as their alternative equipment was, they got perfect accuracy so mehow. 在初步检查之后,警察设想她是死于心脏病。但是系统的植物学分析却 表明, 吐在凌乱的席子和被子上的西瓜有毒。敏锐而又技术娴熟的警察不顾疲劳 和饥饿,用放射性的设备确定了毒素的种类。尽管可供选择的设备原始,且数量 不足,他们还是设法取得了完美的准确度。 People applauded the police and the woman’s family can look ahead with relie f now. 人们都为警察欢呼鼓掌,而那位女人的家人现在也可以带着欣慰为将来打算了。



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